Poker Run - Vantage Riverstone

Dirty Poker Run Vantage. Ask Les7h about Vantage Riverstone. Being an avid rock hound, I also enjoyed meeting the owner of the Gem Shop and learning about his fantastic collections and items for sale. The house we were in needs some TLC. A very nice amenity to this RV Park is the boat launch adjacent to it. All in all, it was a very productive 2 days of riding, drinking, and doing other important stuff. We did that poker run, had a great time.

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Has anyone ridden any of their poker runs? How is it for RZR's? And camping with a big trailer? There website doesn't say a whole lot and I just want to know what I'm getting into before I get there.

Any info is appreciated. Old October 10th, , I haven't ridden in any of their poker runs, but I've been thinking about it. I've heard they are a great bunch of folks. Just noticed that it's the end of this month, I might make the trip up there. You could always send an email to info at fringemc. Old November 8th, , You can check it out on the web at fringemc. Old February 24th, , Gotta find the crew and secure a camper - too cold to tent Old March 11th, , I assume campfires are allowed Would hate to bring firewood and not be able to burn it Old November 5th, , The events are pretty fun but the Fringe MC org has a few people in their org that get a little power hungry while enforcing rules I had one guy accuse me of doing a hill climb that I was not doing, which was not that big of deal.

However, when he's swearing and saying he is going to kick me out in front of my kid, thats a BIG deal! Yes, they are herded back into the State Park. A very nice amenity to this RV Park is the boat launch adjacent to it.

Having Sundays off, we used the launch to boat up and down the Columbia River exploring the area further. Another popular draw to staying here is the accessibility to the Gorge Amphitheater, and having better accommodations with green grass and trees!

We stayed one night at this motel while visiting the area for salmon fishing. This motel is definitely worth a try. The proximity to the Gorge Amphitheater is the main selling point of this campground for me.

The sites of this campground are decent size and we had no issue with the electric. Some sites are not level at all but we managed to get one that was fine.

Each site is watered daily when not being used so the grass is actually in pretty good shape. It's nice to have actual grass and not dirt or gravel outside our tent.

My issues with this campground are mainly the facilities. Good luck finding them because no one gives you a map or any directions when you check in. During our 5 night stay the women's toilets in both buildings were disgusting. Majority of the time there was only one functional toilet in each building. Toilet paper and hand soap are basically a bring-your-own situation here. The showers were also not in good shape.

The one building had 2 out of 3 showers working. The other building had both showers working but they were pretty gross most of the time. The laundry facilities were basic but functional.

Not terribly expensive either. The bathrooms and showers definitely need to be renovated and expanded badly. The rest of the place is passable and the location is phenomenal. We were very unhappy with our experience at Vantage Riverstone. The signage is poor and the office is hard to find.

It is outside the park and not very close to the park entrance. The interior roads we saw are gravel and some areas are rutted; sites are grass and dirt; the site we were assigned was not very level. The grass around the park was did not appear to have been mowed in very recently.

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