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In the opening sequence, as the player is walking through the halls of the building, you will see a man carrying something into a door for a brief moment. The player can order drinks from Moxxi for 5 Inventory Tokens "to get the players sauced and see their poker tells". Here are the steps to do this: I recorded and cut up the final tournament with GLaDOS and thought some people might just want to see the Portal stuff. This is not proven yet, though, but if all else fails, you might want to give it a shot. At the start of the NEXT tournament, a random bounty item will be offered as a prize if you WIN the tournament Once a bounty item is won, this item can be viewed from the Bounty menu from the Main menu, select Stats, then Bounties. Overview Poker Night 2 is a poker card game developed and published by Telltale Games.

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? The previous answer is close, but not quite accurate. The 2nd and 3rd ones are right keep your chips over 10, and get into back-to-back heads-up games for the win. However, the first one actually is "You must win at least one-quarter of all the hands you play. There may be a way around this, though. If your win percentage is low, see about quitting out of the game when you get to heads-up, and then starting up again and continuing the tournament.

I did that with my last game and it totally did not count any hands I had previously played as being in that game. This is not proven yet, though, but if all else fails, you might want to give it a shot. Poker Night 2 Bounties. Hey, If you are looking for a free download of Poker Night at the Inventory you can check here: The game was officially announced on April 1st following a ten day viral marketing campaign, though information suggesting the existence of a Poker Night sequel had already been leaked prior to it.

Like the first game in the series, Poker Night 2 is set in a secret underground club called the Inventory , which is hidden underneath a video-game storage warehouse, where four characters from different franchises face each other in a high-stakes game of Texas Hold 'Em, with the new inclusion of Omaha Hold 'Em, while engaging in casual humorous conversations. Unlike the first Poker Night title, the game features characters from franchises and series that are not prominently established in the video game medium, as is the case with the Ash Williams character from the Evil Dead series of movies, and Brock Samson from the Venture Bros.

One specific dialogue in the game suggests that the four main characters were chosen to represent four different pillars of entertainment: The artificial intelligence also converses with players often, usually down-putting them, and is frequently the target of Claptrap's attempted flirtations.

Mad Moxxi , also from the Borderlands franchise, can be seen tending the bar. The player can order drinks from Moxxi for 5 Inventory Tokens "to get the players sauced and see their poker tells". As with the first Poker Night game, Poker Night 2 will offer exclusive unique items and other unlockables for other games and platforms.

Winning a set of three bounty challenges will give the player the chance to obtain a bounty item should they win the next tournament. Bounty items unlock aesthetic items for Borderlands 2 and Team Fortress 2, as well as Xbox avatar apparel and PlayStation 3 premium themes.

There are five available items for each game, four PlayStation 3 themes, and five avatar items. Though Borderlands 2 items are unlockable on all platform versions of the game, Poker Night 2 only unlocks items for a copy of Borderlands 2 on the same platform.

Customers who pre-ordered the game on Steam also received a free digital copy of Poker Night at the Inventory. Just like the previous game, the soundtrack for Poker Night 2's is comprised of jazz renditions of songs from each character's universe.

Initially the only image on the website was that of an empty wooden bowl. See main article of Poker Night 2 unlockables: Poker Night 2 unlockables. Sign In Don't have an account? There are 3 types of unlockables in Poker Night at the Inventory: Tables, Decks and Team Fortress 2 items. Notification displayed when The Player wins Enthusiast's Timepiece.

Notification displayed when The Player wins Dangeresque, Too?

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