$200 Rebuy and the Dépanneur

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May 6, 2006

On the last trip to Tunica, I wore them almost the entire time I played. I played pretty well too. The ear buds solve the above referenced problem of listening to people chatter about meaningless poker nonsense.

Plus, I really don't care to be friends with anyone I meet at the "Gold Strike" casino. What about other home games? Is it rude to tune out the chat and plug into the buds at our underground game? I actually don't mind the chatter there and it sometimes provides a tell or two. Still, I wouldn't mind hearing a little live Oysterhead while I fold garbage for 2 hours. Honestly, is there a better food than cheese? If there is, I'd prefer that you not introduce me to it.

I have enough problems with cheese. Up For Poker Blog Categories: Poker Blog established in as the first stop for poker news , poker stories , and bad poker advice.

Title by G-Rob I've played a little better lately. However, in lieu of an actual post, I offer you this You know, stuff like this: The last 45 minutes of the film are three great montages in the following sequence: Another Title of some sort We all know our ego can kill us at the table.

Here's a one hand example from a game a few weeks ago. Flop is K, 3, 5. Button, the biggest stack at the table, insta-calls. Now given that action I'll take a stab, and say you're totally wrong. Initial raiser had a set of 3s. MP 2 had a set of 5s. Their actions make sense, and it's tough luck for initial raiser.

MP1, the guy who re-re-raised? I kid you not. C is off topic, but I deeply believe it to be true. I have no grudge against any poker blogger. I'm sure there are some with a grudge against me. I assure you, it's impossible for me to care about said grudges any less than I currently do.

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