Unskilled, but Strong

In World Trigger , Chika is the least skilled sniper that Border has as official agent, where she didn't even complete her training yet. A villainous example for once. When we were fiddling with the Sierpinski triangle as a graph, you may have noticed that the zig zag and criss cross had recursive structure:. I don't really see anything though. Iconic hot hatch - Bought from first owner - Completely original, low mileage - Special Pirelli Edition - High specification - Immaculate throughout. You'd expect to find this as an illustration in a wizard's journal, but it's actually from a Graphics3D pane in my Mathematica notebook.

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Nappa couldn't even respond when Goku proved to be his match and Goku outright called him sloppy. Vegeta is the least guilty of this, but he completely lost it when he was fighting a fighter equal to him and chose to overwhelm Goku by transforming into a Great Ape. Eventually, Vegeta outgrows this trope and like Goku proved very adept at learning new techniques.

Freeza's entire army are shown to be this; though they can use Ki Attacks , they all rely on scouters to detect and gauge ki levels, and can't alter their battle strength at will.

As such, they are all caught flat-footed when fighting someone who can. Zarbon can transform to increase his strength, but this is useful for only so long. Of all of them, only Captain Ginyu can raise his Power Level. During his fight against Dodoria, Vegeta notes that this is due to relying on brute force, like he once did.

If Dragon Ball Z: Cell is an interesting example. While he has all of the skills of his DNA material, he prefers to build up his power by devouring others and extracting their hard-earned power for himself. All of his major power boosts come from the life forces he consumed, unlike the Saiyans who became stronger through Training from Hell.

Filler shows him training for the first time during his wait for the Cell Games to start. Fat Buu who is a near endless well of power, endurance, and is able to regenerate.

He is also the least skilled of all the Buu forms. He can't even sense energy and gets his ass beaten when fighting someone near or above his power such as Evil Buu, Kid Buu, and Super Saiyan 3 Goku. Super Buu is an interesting case. Although he can sense energy unlike Fat Buu, his fighting style is very crude and like Fat Buu he relies on his ability to regenerate to get ahead.

He subverts this trope later after he absorbs Gotenks, Gohan, and Piccolo, not only gaining their powers, but also their skills and fighting experience. While Piccolo is the least dangerous of the group, he's a brilliant tactician and thus his absorption is what really turns the tide. Kid Buu plays with this trope. While his overall power compared to Super Buu is a debate that rages on to this day, he's a mindless, savage brute and fights like one.

However, he is considered the most dangerous because he is completely unpredictable and unhinged, meaning he is one of the few fighters who benefits from this. Furthermore, he does subvert the "unskilled" part in some degree in that he is the most skilled at utilizing the unique rubbery and stretchy properties of his body makes sense, given he is in his pure natural form.

The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly is a subversion. He really is quite skilled, but he's so strong, he doesn't even bother showing it. Still, during his fights he often shows off complex wrestling moves. Freeza is one of the few villains who knows how to raise and lower his power level, but lacks knowledge on how to sense ki without a scouter. In addition, Freeza has spent so much time toying with opponents far weaker than him that he never learned how to stand up in a protracted battle against someone of roughly equal strength.

Once raw power proves not to be enough, it is only a matter of time before the more highly trained and now more powerful Goku defeats him. Deconstructed in Dragon Ball Z: By his own admission, Freeza was such a prodigy that he never bothered to train because he figured no one could match his strength. But after getting killed and resurrected and then being told that Goku defeated Majin Buu one of the two beings his father told him never to cross , he realizes that if a Saiyan monkey could achieve such power through hard work and skill, then so could he.

So, he finally decides to train for the first time in his life and in just four months achieves a level of power bordering on Physical God. He loses again because of his overconfidence; his new Golden Super Mode is certainly powerful, but it burns through his stamina at an incredible rate. If he'd kept training to overcome that flaw rather than rushing to Earth the moment he unlocked it, he would have been far stronger than even Goku and would have been able to defeat them all easily.

It's downplayed in the Resurrection F arc of Dragon Ball Super , where Frieza can fully control his power in his true form, sense power levels, and even control his power in his Golden state.

He still burns Ki at an accelerated rate, and after admittedly lasting a bit longer than in the film he loses power after going all out for only about a minute. However, as of the Universal Survival Saga, this trope has finally been averted. He tells Goku that after his last defeat, he spent his time in Hell meditating and concentrating on killing Goku in the most brutal ways possible and as a result, has managed to gain perfect control over his ki, allowing him to maintain his Golden form indefinitely.

Freeza plays with this trope so much he simultaneously created and inverted the Bishonen Line: In contrast to your standard Bishonen Line character, Freeza spends most of his time in his most transformed state, and each form after that is him dialing down the Willfully Weak button, until he returns to his true form. While Future Zamasu does possess enough power to fight against Blue Goku, he heavily relies on his own Complete Immortality to either serve as a meat shield for Black Goku or take advantage of his immortality in conjunction with Black's attacks.

However, due to being overconfident with his immortality, he is very easily caught off-guard such as either being backhanded or being sealed away with the Mafuba wave. On the heroes' side: This is also Piccolo's reasoning for training Gohan after witnessing Gohan's hidden power firsthand against Raditz. Although, even as an adult Gohan still fits this trope. He is very powerful and has the ability to become the strongest fighter in the universe.

However, he rarely trains, at least not to the extent of the other characters, to unlock his power. He twice gets powered up by having them unlocked for him.

Because of this, Gohan does not use many techniques and is prone to bull charges, Beam Spam , or falling for tricks by crafty fighters. He beats his opponents by overwhelming them with pure power and tends to do poorly against opponents who are equal or more powerful than him. This is a particularly bad problem in the Buu Arc, as Gohan hasn't been in a real fight for a good seven years and is severely rusty when he has to fight Dabura, whom year-old Gohan would likely have demolished.

A big part of the problem is that unlike most of the strong characters in the series, Gohan dislikes fighting. For the most part he only gets serious when he's really angry, and his anger is not conducive to good tactics.

Goten in his early appearances. He has yet to learn how to fly considered a very basic technique in DBZ but is able to turn into a Super Saiyan. Gohan compares it to learning how to run before you can crawl. Goku and Krillin are like this for a while at first, as Roshi's general idea for his students is to boost all their raw physical and mental abilities through Training from Hell without ever fighting anyone, then let them figure out technique on their own. Before the preliminaries of the first Tournament Arc , Krillin is worried that doing nothing but menial tasks for months hasn't prepared them at all, only for Goku to figure out they have to hold back to avoid killing someone by accident.

In fact, they were so beyond Roshi's expectation that he had to enter the tournament in disguise to make sure they didn't win through brute force and get complacent. Popo accuses Goku of this in the original series. As he puts it, Goku has a lot of power but makes very poor use of it by doing wasteful movements, wasting energy, and using his eyes too much.

Although Future Trunks is disciplined and a Combat Pragmatist , since he didn't have anybody to train him after Future Gohan died, he doesn't have a full grasp of fundamental fighting concepts. Cell mocks him for relying on brute force and for not noticing the flaw of the Ultra Super Saiyan form it increases strength but decreases speed and stamina, making it almost useless against an equal or superior fighter. Goku notices the flaw as soon as he achieves the form and so declines to use it. To quote Goku, "What good is strength if I can't catch my opponent?

Goku averts this trope throughout the series after he's grown up. While he does possess many qualities of the Idiot Hero , his idiocy is usually portrayed in his tendency to show mercy to his enemies and his ignorance of civilized lifestyles. When fighting against truly dangerous opponents, Goku's focus and fighting form are top notch, a fact that many of his companions notice.

He even says himself during the Otherworld Tournament that his skill in combat is directly proportional to the seriousness of the threat he's facing. Zeno-sama also seems to fall into this category.

While it's stated that he never actually fights and probably doesn't really know how to , he's still the strongest since he can wipe out anything or anything he wants with a thought.

When selecting potential team members for the multi-universe Tournament of Power, Goku and Gohan immediately disqualify Goten and Trunks from being involved. The format of the tournament is an eighty-combatant battle royal with ring-outs as the only accepted way to remove an opponent. For all their power, Goten and Trunks are too inexperienced and straightforward as fighters to do much good in that situation.

Kefla, the fusion of Caulifla and Kale possesses a tremendous amount of power owing to their combined powers along with a Potara Fusion, which easily makes her the strongest fighter of Universe 6, even moreso than Hit. However, she is shown to demonstrate very little control over her powers, as she often wastes her powers using impractical huge energy blasts and she couldn't even learn how to control her speed.

Super Saiyan Blue Goku is even capable of fighting evenly with her with the latter only able to gain the upper hand due to Goku being weakened over his previous confrontation earlier. This perhaps demonstrated when Goku reattains his Ultra Instinct where even though her blasts are said to be able to vaporize him if it hits, Goku is easily able to dodge each and every single one of them before ultimately eliminating her with a Kamehameha straight to her face.

Yoshimori is this way in Kekkaishi , although he's improving, in contrast to his Weak, but Skilled counterpart, Tokine. Due to unusual circumstances Beet the Vandel Buster can use five of the powerful magical weapons called Saiga, when most individuals can use only one. However, early parts of the series are spent with Beet learning how to fully utilize his five Saiga and Beet has zero ability in the more basic magical skills which are supposed to be the lead up to obtaining a Saiga in the first place.

One character even comments that he learns everything backwards. Nanoha Takamachi has a lot of raw power, but her technique isn't quite up to the task at the very beginning. Later on though, she trains and refines her technique so immensely that it almost becomes an inversion. She learns fast and she does it good. Applies to Fate to some degree, too, as Precia had Linith skip over certain aspects of her training while teaching her how to fight in order to get her ready to search for the Jewel Seeds soon enough.

While observing Fate and Nanoha's battle in Episode 7, Chrono notes that both of them are mainly throwing around powerful attacks with less regard to using the best one for the situation.

Precia herself has an incredible amount of raw magical power she was able to cripple a spaceship in another dimension, and is one of only 2 identified SS-rank mages in the franchise but lacks actual combat experience, which is probably why she mostly stays hidden and makes Fate do the work.

Hayate is this down to the core. Her magical power is by far the highest in the entire TSAB she's the other known SS-rank mage and her attacks are equal to nukes. And yet she's - at least in the main continuity, as opposed to the Battle of Aces one - helplessly unskilled and needs support to even aim her attacks properly.

As she says herself , this is why she would lose to almost everyone else in the main cast, despite being theoretically the strongest mage alive. Their powers allow them to kill mages with barely any effort on their part, and without any harm to boot, but none of them apart from Curren initially show any tactics beyond simple brute force.

This makes sense, since they have no real interest in learning how to fight when the virus that will kill them if they don't kill other people doesn't differentiate between a talented fighter and a civilian.

Then enemies show up who they can't simply overpower, making them have to work for their victories. As Chrono states in the first season, raw magical power doesn't equate to being a top tier mage. This point is made clear in a supplementary manga, where Nanoha and Fate, both AAA class mages, both badly lose a training battle against an admiral whose power level is two levels below them. Vivio shows the other end of the spectrum in that enough raw power can overcome any amount of skill.

When she was first introduced, she was a six year old girl who hasn't had a day of combat training, formal or otherwise. With nothing more than brute strength, she managed to take on the best aerial combat mage in the entire TSAB utilizing the latest in military hardware. And she probably would have won if she had actually wanted to. Rinne in ViVid Strike! She was born with an extraordinary amount of talent but her fighting style is Attack!

Normally, this enough to let her steamroll through any opponent, but she ended up losing to Vivio who had become Weak, but Skilled due to injuries sustained at the end of StrikerS. Takeshi Sendo's raw power and fighting instincts are top-notch.

His biggest weakness is lack of technical skill. Subverted and played straight with Brian Hawk. It is the very lack of skillful boxing that makes him so incredibly dangerous.

He doesn't have the limits of the textbook boxing techniques and, combined with naturally insane power, speed and reflexes, becomed completely unpredictable. His fighting style is even described by his trainer as not being boxing but "simply violence. It is eventually played straight when Hawks trainer learns how very superior Takamura is through having learned the proper technique and how much of a backbone Brian Hawk lacks because of his lack of proper training.

Inspired by Takamura, Brian Hawk's trainer eventually finds another similar prospect in a 17 year old kid by the name of Woli, who as a result of grown up on a tropical island and spending his days climbing and jumping through trees with monkeys, is an unbelievable athlete. At the time of his match with Ippo, Woli was the Indonesian national champion, despite having only fought 3 matches total in his life. Despite being obviously green to the point that he wasn't used to holding a "proper" boxing stance , Woli gives Ippo fits and nearly beats him on sheer natural talent alone.

Ippo only wins on a miracle comeback because Ippo used tactics Woli had never fought against. After the fight, Kamogawa tells Woli's trainer that Ippo only won due to his experience, and that he'll never offer a rematch. The eponymous girls in Zettai Karen Children are theoretically some of the most powerful people in existence, but as otherwise ordinary ten-year-old girls their lack of training and experience means they sometimes struggle against Weak, but Skilled opponents.

Buffaloman was not a great fighter at all until he made a Deal with the Devil and gained his ten million Choujin Power. With it he can overpower any opponent he faces and even put out enough power to reverse the Kinniku Buster. Kinnikuman himself is this, to an extent. Part of the reason why he started out as such an awful superhero , besides his cowardice and stupidity, was that he was so goddamn clumsy; one time, while going giant, he tripped over a car like a roller skate and landed face first in a subway entrance.

Even after he learns how to wrestle, he starts to prefer power moves over techniques, spending most of his fights setting up opponents to be put into one of his heavy finishers. Luffy's victory over Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold falls into this.

The sisters' mastery of Haki allows them to predict Luffy's movements and deflect his attacks. Once Luffy goes into his Gear 2nd power-up, however he's able to move so fast that predicting him is useless and his attacks are powerful enough to overwhelm any attempt to block.

In addition, Luffy doesn't really have any "training" in his fighting style, he is just extremely creative with his rubber powers and makes up techniques on the spot. At that same time, he has the same level of Haki that Hancock does, which is stronger than theirs, but can't control it and can't do anything more than render people without sufficient force of will unconscious.

Luffy's shown occasional flashes of other types of Haki use against Mihawk, he avoided losing a hand because he saw a flash of what Mihawk's next attack would be , but they too were uncontrolled and he didn't even seem to realize what had happened.

After training with Silvers Rayleigh, this has now changed as he's become both skilled and strong. Zoro was also this to an extent in the earlier parts of the storyline, his idea of swordfighting being "Swing your swords at your opponent really, really hard until they stop moving". With his absurd Charles Atlas Superpower , this worked pretty well He kept Zoro at bay with a blade smaller than a pocketknife, and only reason Zoro survived the fight was that he had enough willpower and spirit to earn Mihawk's respect.

He started to focus more on technique from then onwards, and began in earnest when he fought a guy with steel-hard skin who was basically immune to brute force. Of the Post- Time Skip villains, Hody Jones gets accused of this by Jimbei, who effortlessly blocks a powerful attack from him. He's also proven to be absolutely no match for Luffy whatsoever when they finally begin to throw down.

Rather than making any effort to improve his technique, Hody instead artificially boosts his strength with Energy Steroids, which still isn't enough. This apparently tends to apply to Logia users. In the New World however, Haki is apparently fairly common so "Logia users convinced of their invincibility are the first to go.

However, he's a scientist, not a fighter, so in battle his first and only responses are to use any one of those skills to overwhelm his opponent. When up against a Lightning Bruiser like Luffy, he goes down pretty quickly. The Don Quixote Pirates have two officers that are this; Machvise likes to crush people with his weight, while Dellinger blitzes his opponents with his speed.

Machvise ends up being punched into the atmosphere when the giant warrior Hajrudin summons enough strength to match his force, and Dellinger goes down in one hit when up against the impossible speed of Hakuba.

Kyros has no background in combat training, having grown up as a Street Urchin around Dressrosa, yet was able to curb-stomp the soldiers and guards sent in to arrest him. This display of talent attracted the attention of the king of Dressrosa, who offered him a job as a fighter in the Colosseum. Kyros then proceeded to have an undefeated career in the Colosseum, with increasingly strong opponents due to his ever-growing reputation and celebrity status.

He only ever suffered one injury, which was outside the Colosseum, an ambush set by Donquixote Doflamingo, some invisible Razor Floss that sliced off one of his feet and was subsequently turned into a toy during his quick moment of surprise.

Kyros did not let this stop him though—even as a toy soldier, he rebuilt his image as a fearsome fighter, and until Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates arrived on Dressrosa, was the single biggest source of problems for Doflamingo and his criminal network.

Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors, was born Charlotte Linlin, a natural force of destruction who was taking down full-grown giant warriors at the age of 6 by complete accident. She never had to train for any amount of her freakish might, and only got even more dangerous after gaining a Devil Fruit power that gave her the power to snatch somebody's soul right out of their body.

As a result, in the present day she has no need for much technique or skill at all, as her raw power is more than enough; even after all these years she still swings swords like baseball bats and doesn't really punch so much as she swats things like flies, but that's more than enough. The Prince of Tennis: Takashi Kawamura considers himself the burden of the Seigaku team, yet can fight Genius Bruiser Kabaji to a standstill. He then does it again, but against Gin Ishida from Shitenhouji.

In fact, Kawamura has been this from the beginning of his tennis career, and may count as a deconstruction. As a first year, he was physically stronger than all of the juniors, but also had a chronic lack of control over his borderline Super Strength that led the sempais to either bully him or tell him that he'd be better in the baseball team. Hence why he considers himself The Load. He's got raw talent and physical strength by the wazoo, but is also a Wild Child and the poster child for Idiot Hero.

Kaidoh Kaoru fits to a lesser extent. While he is a strong tennis player, most of his techniques merely revolve around variations of his signature technique "Snake" until the nationals arc, he possessed only two; the rest were developed through Inui's guidance.

However, he is extremely tenacious , able to hold his own against the much more skilled and violent Kirihara. Given that he can bench-press a van and deflect or occasionally break a blade on his skin in a series that otherwise has normal human-level power, this is just about all he needs. And he gets even stronger when he's angry, making him basically a non-transforming version of the Incredible Hulk.

Jin of Samurai Champloo considers Mugen to be this. But Jin does have that kind of relationship with Mugen. It does bite him in the ass against Hand of God Kiriya though. Ikki Tousen 's Hakufu Sonsaku is considered to be the worst fighter of Kanto. Despite that, she's also the strongest of the fighters and has rarely ever been defeated.

She's even the leader of Nanyo Academy. There are loads of characters like this, up to and including the main character himself, Tatsumi Oga. He has faced a multitude of martial artists and beat them just because he had superior raw power. Hideotora Toujou is an even better example, he beats up super powered characters and demons and is even on par with a Super Milk Time powered Oga with just instincts and raw power. Gao only started playing football that season, yet he's already one of the best linemen in Japan.

People even nickname him things like "caveman", "dinosaur", "monster", and "muscle brains. When he finally does meet someone who overpowers him, he quickly starts improving on technique. The manga actually points this out, noting that Gaou refuses to break the rules and hit Kid even when he was close enough when Kid released to be justified in hitting him. They acknowledge that it's not like he can't control himself, it's that he doesn't feel like it. So, he's more like the football equivalent of Just Shoot Him.

In an unusual example, Negi's father Nagi Springfield, known as the 'Thousand Master' for supposedly mastering a thousand spells, is revealed to be a heroic, magical version of this. In truth, he only knows something like spells by heart, and has to perform anything more complicated than the bare-bone basics from a tome - but he backs those spells up with a ludicrous amount of raw magical power and a bit of mundane trickery.

Jack Rakan is thought to be this by many people, and at first glance he doesn't appear to do anything more than just hit things really hard. However, he's Obfuscating Stupidity: Hanamichi Sakuragi is incredibly tall for his early age and has huge physical strength as well as almost animalistic reflexes and jump abilities, but his raw power is paired with a complete lack of experience and skill.

Therefore he gets stuck by the sidelines in the first part of the series, and has to go through Training from Hell to compensate. Hitoshi Morishige is a similar, yet less extreme case. He has already gone through the training and it shows when we see him play, but is still very rough around the edges.

Surge's Raichu in the anime falls into this. This Raichu lacks the techniques he would've learned only as a Pikachu and thus relies on his immense power to win; the minute Ash and co. Many fully evolved Pokemon have this problem. Being larger and stronger makes it harder for them to use their old skills and less incentive to learn new ones.

Among the teams of the heroes the most hit hard by this are Ash's Charizard and Iris's Dragonite. When the two battle, Charizard has the upper hand because he's expanded his moveset, increased in strength since evolving and Iris misread Charizard's type. Leo and Neo have a discussion about this regarding VenomVamdemon Digimon V-Tamer 01 whose a big dumb brute who only threatening to Leo because he is higher up the Evolutionary Levels.

To Neo, this trait makes him a perfect pawn. Kouichi in Linebarrels of Iron is this at first ; most of his early victories are entirely due to Linebarrel being a Lightning Bruiser , and he causes extreme amounts of collateral damage from inexperience. Reiji points all of this out when he hands Kouichi his ass in the fourth episode of the anime. Yoshika from Strike Witches starts out as one of these, selected by Mio for her immense raw power.

Her inability to focus her power causes problems early on. Yuu starts out with only a one-two straight combo and no footwork or other technique. The Strong part comes from how various more experienced fighters note that his raw power and speed are very high, while also being able to keep going after beatings that do in lesser men.

Despite his lack of real training, he wins through brute strength, fighting dirty and drug-taking that makes him Feel No Pain.

He gets utterly destroyed later on when a MMA exponent decides to get serious. A Certain Magical Index: Noted by Touma during his first fight with Accelerator. Accelerator's powers are among the most powerful in the series, but is at a bit of a loss when he can't just curb stomp Touma like he has all his previous opponents. The strongest esper in Academy City Then grit your teeth, weakling. Because a punch from the weakest is gonna hurt.

Fans have noted that, the way Accelerator's powers work, he could be a lot stronger than he already is if he was more creative with them. But when he can just kill people with a touch, he usually doesn't really have to do anything creative to win. In fact, Accelerator notices this himself in his fight with Touma: Touma himself is tough as nails and an experienced street fighter, but he gets his ass handed to him when he faces trained martial artists like Kaori and Motoharu.

Another major villain, Fiamma of the Right is obscenely powerful but, like Accelerator, is at a loss when he can't simply win with a Curb-Stomp Battle. One of his comrades, however, Acqua of the Back , is very much strong and skilled. Gunha Sogiita has incredible powers, but can't use them to their full potential because he doesn't understand how they work and he fights with almost no strategy besides charging and punching.

This is his own choice. Due to being an Idiot Hero and living by Honor Before Reason and guts alone, he sees no reason to learn and improve himself.

Sanosuke definitely fits this trope. Unlike many of the characters in the series, his fighting abilities were derived from being a fighter-for-hire. He lacks any formal fighting style other than Good Old Fisticuffs , making up for it in raw power and being Made of Iron. This is deconstructed in a fight with Saito; He proves to be just as powerful as Sanosuke if not more so, but has learned basic skills like defense.

This allows him to pummel Sano with ease while avoiding damage. Further to note, Sanosuke had a badly injured shoulder at the time of the fight.

Saito won without ever laying a punch near that shoulder just to show how powerful a skilled and strong fighter can be in fisticuffs. And in his first appearance, Sano fought Kenshin using a Zanbatou , which he had no particular skill in using and nothing to make up for the unwieldy bulk of the giant sword.

He was relying entirely on the fact that his immense strength would allow him to swing such a massive sword in the first place, which had worked out fine in the past against swordsmen who lacked Kenshin's skill and speed.

But he couldn't even come close to landing a hit on Kenshin, and afterward Sano relied on his fists instead. To a degree, Shishio's Dragon Soujirou is this. He's stated to have talent that at the very least, equals Kenshin. However, his strategy basically boils down to relying on his superior speed to overwhelm Kenshin. When they fought for the second time, though, Kenshin had completed his Hiten Mitsurugi training, giving him a technique fast enough to match Soujirou, which meant it went down to power; Kenshin won because his stroke had more force, breaking Soujirou's blade.

Envy gets a lot of mileage out of its shapeshifting abilities and its One-Winged Angel Form , but it possesses poor hand-to-hand fighting skills. This is taken advantage of very liberally by the Xingese fighters, who are not only skilled at hand-to-hand but also have the ability to detect homunculi, rendering Envy's shape-shifting moot.

And ultimately that One-Winged Angel form proves to be a liability against the highly-skilled Roy Mustang because it just gives him a much bigger target to set on fire. Gluttony possesses decent physical strength and an ability to fire a giant beam which sucks up everything it touches , but spends most of his time getting pounded on by the heroes due to being very much Dumb Muscle. Greed, admittedly not a poor fighter, can harden his body to make himself impervious to attack, but he tends to fare poorly against opponents who can counter his ability, such as Ed, who uses alchemy to convert his armor into charcoal.

This is later used by Greed himself against Father in a Chekhov's Gun moment. His resurrected form is much more skilled, though, presumably because he can at least partially draw from the combat skills of his host body Ling.

Sloth may be the most extreme of the lot, being faster than Wrath and even stronger than Pride , but he's the least skilled fighter. Being Sloth , he's too damn lazy to put any effort into further training his physical abilities or practicing fighting skills or anything else that would make him mind-bogglingly powerful.

If Sloth had any control over his abilities, he'd be nearly invincible; his fighting style basically amounts to flailing around at his targets. Pride relies pretty much on his endless mass of shadow tentacles , but they're all he really needs to be one of the most dangerous villains.

On the heroic side, Van Hohenheim , despite being one of the strongest characters in terms of raw power, admits to not being much of a fighter, a description which also applies to the Big Bad himself. Halfway-averted in the anime version. While Sloth, Lust and Gluttony are not particularly skilled in a fight, Wrath is in the very least competent in hand-to-hand, Pride is the master swordsman in this version, and Envy uses a form of capoiera to humble Ed during their final encounter. The main character of Psyren Yoshina Ageha starts out this way, being less skilled than fellow newbie Hiryu.

Though he quickly has to overcome it due to the toll it takes on his mind. Munakata Kei from Medaka Box possesses a Hyperspace Arsenal of a whole variety of weapons katana, grenades, guns, hammers. However, he lacks any actual skill at handling his weapons, and tosses aside any that don't finish the job. Zenkichi manages to counter almost all his weapons because of this, though is severely tired out by the process.

The purpose of all those weapons is actually to make Munakata weaker, since in hand-to-hand combat just one hit from him would be fatal and he doesn't want to kill anybody. Rin, from Blue Exorcist episode three onwards, can sling around some pretty impressive pyrotechnics.

However, later in the series, he is given a training exercise where he has to light two candles while missing a third and ends up repeatedly torching all three, to his growing frustration. Deal with the Devil: Acacia has been working with the Blue Nitro the entire series, although for different goals. Two seconds after entering Toriko is mercilessly attacked, knocked out, chased from one deadly trap into another, each one worse than the last, and survives only because Knocking Master Jiro got there just in time.

That was through the safest entrance. Even in the "human" world, there are plenty of monsters that are carnivorous and ridiculously hard to kill. Any monster ranked level 5 or higher can't be hurt with conventional weaponry, and there are "low-level" monsters that can easily take on TANKS. It's a miracle humanity was able to last long enough to build a civilization on this world. In the readers' perspective, this is what happened to the Gararagator and Silverback Troll Kong.

In the protagonists' perspective, they were more or less mooks in the first place. A better example would be the Sea Devil Serpent: In its first appearance it takes two of the Heavenly Kings to put it down and is regarded as the rival of the legendary Battle Wolf. However, it's revealed that Coco didn't use his more deadly poisons due to Toriko wanting to eat it later, and the Battle Wolf takes it out easily after giving birth. Not to mention that later on Toriko takes on animals with much higher capture levels though capture levels aren't everything; it just lacks the punch it once had.

An offhand comment in a much later chapter explains this—the Devil Serpents they fought weren't fully grown. One they meet later in the series is over caputure level The first thing Zebra does after being discharged is to murder every single other prisoner in Honey Prison, just because they insulted him. Match's Exhaustion technique requires him to stay calm to prepare, no matter how angry he is. With so many global scale attacks thrown out so often in the time skip that you'll feel bad for the poor Earth.

Distracted by the Sexy: Warden Love can, with her pheromones, cause this to pretty much everyone, including beasts. Except for Zebra , that is. Even his Full Course Menu is composed of only foods that have alcohol in them.

Knocking Master Jiro as well, he seems to have considerable fondness for alcohol, since the first time we see him, he's trying to get a drink, and the second time we see him, he's just finished catching rare creatures to make whale fin sake.

Even he won't drink during visits to the Gourmet World. Though he seems to fit the type, he will actually use skill, deception or attacking weakpoints if he knows he can't use brute force alone against the opponent.

The original Four Beast, and he is quite Nightmare Fuel inducing at that. In terms of destruction Not coincidentally, the Four Kings have been tasked with stopping these monsters.

In Chapter , Toriko leaves out some chairs and sake for Midora, Jirou, Ichiryu, and Froese, so their spirits can enjoy the reception as well. End of an Age: The title of Chapter , and an apt one at that, as Midora's Meteor Spice cause so much devastation that nations were left incapable of functioning. Match outright states that even the Yakuza doesn't kill without intending to eat the kill. Tommyrod is baffled by the idea. When Match accuses Livebearer of cheating at his game, Livebearer acts insulted that such a thing would be suggested.

And it's just that — an act. Not only is Livebearer cheating, but the game is stacked in his favor. Coco wasn't fooled, however. Midora spares Ichiryu after defeating him since he can't bring himself to kill family.

Finally, the main difference between the heroes and villains is that the heroes mostly only kill what they eat, while the villains have absolutely zero respect for the sanctity of life. Neo takes this a step further by not respecting the sanctity of death. Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Many of the foods and ingredients. For example, the Surprise Apple is an apple that gets tastier the more you surprise it.

Toriko often draws inspiration from Buddhist cosmology and philosophy - the main characters even get a Meditation Powerup at a Zen monastery. The Four Heavenly Kings are lifted straight from the mythology - each is dedicated to fighting evil and a protector of a different direction. Even some of their abilities come from the legends - two of the mythical Kings' names literally translate to "he who hears everything" and "he who sees everything.

The myths also goes out of their way to explain that Sakra, although long-lived, is mortal. Does that sound like a job for a certain main character? Acacia, the man who discovered GOD in the distant past, ended wars, and is now worshiped in temples , represents the Buddha.

Also, the series is heavily influenced by the shonen classics Fist of the North Star and Dragon Ball. He's probably got a few screws loose, and according to Coco his immune system is insanely good. He even willingly digests Coco's poison because he thought it tasted "interesting".

He eats everything because it can't hurt him in theory. It allows people to savor and digest things that are normally impossible for them to eat. The poor sap who falls into the insect pit during the Puffer Whale arc.

The Gourmet Astronomists have been selectively breeding shellfish that are the same species of the giant clam in Blue Grill and modified them into spaceships. They can exceed the speed of light and enter a subspace called "back channel". The hunt for "PAIR" takes on a new level of urgency after Teppei crushes Komatsu's heart, the resulting wound being impossible to heal even with Dark techniques , since "PAIR" is the only ingredient that can save him.

Toriko gets a wolf as a pet, a beast so legendary and strong that its ancestors singlehandedly saved an entire continent from extinction, and what does he name it? Justified as the name probably sounds more exotic to Japanese ears. And then right back when you realize that he named it Terry because the young wolf's fur felt like terrycloth when he petted it.

The capsules retain the nutritional value of the original ingredients but lack their taste. People still have to eat large servings of capsules to get the full nutritional value. The manga goes to great lengths to depict the tastiness of the food being enjoyed, often causing the ones eating to drool uncontrollably or cry tears of joy. At least one whole chapter is dedicated to the protagonists eating. There's a lot of information in real-world units about the beasts and people in Toriko and how strong they are.

After running into Starjun , who was eating in the same restaurant as them, Starjun told Toriko that they could have a rematch at the 'Festival', at some unspecified point in the future.

Several story arcs later we find out he was referring to the ' Cooking Festival ' that kicked off the second stage of the plot. Both Zaus and Teppei were remarked to have acquired scars that they didn't have previously, that both of them couldn't explain acquiring. We later learn that this is a sign that they were " Cooked " by Joie. The GT robots opened their mouths vertically. This little detail became much more important after the timeskip. All powerful fighters show a characteristic demonic aura when using "intimidation" or being badass.

Toriko's appears as a terrifying ogre. The anime ended with one after episodes. Eating "PAIR" does this. It's part of PAIR's ability to grant those who eat it a chance to experience things on the "other side".

Toriko, since '-ko' is usually suffixed on girls' names. This might be justified if the name is actually written with masculine Kanji, but Toriko's name is all written in Katakana, so we have no idea what the author was thinking. Melk the First, particularly with his daughter, Melk the Second. With all the giant monsters, giant food goes with it. Toriko's home, which he does eat.

Him eating the entire thing is actually a reoccurring problem, much to the architect's dismay. Good Scars, Evil Scars: Toriko has the good kind, as seen in the picture above. Though he is not the only one. Zebra has evil scars, he's covered in them and has half of his lips missing.

Good Smoking, Evil Smoking: Toriko is quite fond of Cigar Tree branches. It's mentioned in the first chapter that firearms are completely useless against any creature with a capture level 5 or higher the only exceptions being those that are difficult for reasons other than fighting ability. The most advanced weaponry the armies of humanity wield against them — meter tanks, fighter jets, kill sats — don't even scratch the Four.

Thinking about how Tommyrod is able to hold that many bugs inside his body is not a pleasant thought Revitalizing Kitchen Knives, special knives that stimulate the regenerative process after cutting the flesh of an ingredient so it heals instantly and can be reused indefinitely. Tina in Episode 27 after stuffing herself to the brim with tofu. Livebearer, as seeing Komatsu prepare the Meteor Garlic made him realize how much he once enjoyed real cooking himself.

Characters can navigate underground caverns without bringing a light, though it's mentioned the darkness impedes Toriko's fighting ability somewhat. The giant mammoth is a subversion; it's mentioned afterwards that the Jewel Meat illuminates the whole body. A lot of the manga can be seen as a send-up to several popular Shonen Jump manga throughout the ages.

There are even a number of direct references to old Shonen Jump works. To list a few: Toriko himself has clothing similar to Goku's classic Gi , the dynamic of the main party members can be seen in several different works like YuYu Hakusho , and the Gourmet Demons have similar abilities and appearances to that of Stands.

His and Toriko's partnership is one of the most important in the manga, and the two are incredibly close. When Toriko asks Komatsu to be his chef, it even seemed like he was proposing, and other Hunters make comments about wanting to have Komatsu as their own personal chef as well. The fight between Ichiryu and Midora ends with Midora sparing Ichiryu after defeating him.

Right when it seems like Ichiryu will be able to get through to Midora and warn him of their mutual enemy, a Blue Nitro appears out of nowhere to finish him off. The Gourmet Wars and the lack of food that resulted from them lead to people feeding newborn babies to livestock. Midora was one such baby. In each episode right after the opening, there is a corner where the narrator introduces two or three ingredients.

Most of them have very puntastic names. Always remember kids, talking so much makes you look stupid. Saying all kinds of stuff so very much so very often is something that isn't really advisable at all times, else you will just have the recipient of your speech ignore you. Or just stare at you. Gourmet Cells and the Food's End technique can do this with their host. I Know Mortal Kombat: Zongeh apparently learned his "skills" from playing a lot of old school console RPGs.

Really the main point of the manga. Starts off here and cranks the delicious up. All the badass and fight scenes are just the appetizers to the main course. Literally, in most cases. How about using a Bendy Straw of Doom? In a series that constantly hammers in the importance of food, its nutrients, and eating, the very last thing the villain does once it's been defeated is throw up every last scrap of food it ate during its lifetime.

Is It Something You Eat? Zebra has no clue what Warden Love of Honey Prison means when she complains that her pheromones do not affect him. This becomes a problem at the Shokurin Temple , which is constructed of materials that will outright attack people who try to enter without the proper etiquette. Tommy decides to kill the Baby Wall Penguin's parents. He thought they were too noisy.

Earlier on, Bei kills Terry's mother because she was "disgusting". This is a constant theme for the Gourmet Corp. One member, when stealing Rainbow Fruit, wiped all but a few Troll Kongs guarding it. Subverted in that it's actually being controlled by a distant operator, so the robot is only a killer because the operator is Ax-Crazy as hell. The Human World Military has some that fire lasers.

The series mostly involved fun If occasionally gruesome hunts for food and rare animals. It's this and their subsequent appearances in the Regal Mammoth arc that introduce the reader to the Gourmet Corp. And whenever the Gourmet Corp turns up, you can bet that the seriousness will turn up as well, such as the Bubble Fruit Arc. Toriko's blue demon does this after his Devil Fork clashed with Heracle's hoof. Subverted near the end of the Regal Mammoth arc. Toriko gives Rin a mouthy farewell kiss as she's bleeding out on the ground.

Gourmet Cells, which Rin has, can heal almost anything, given the right food. Which, for obsessive-over-Toriko Rin, is Toriko's saliva. When Sunny's introduced, his Prehensile Hair 's secondary function as virtually invisible probes that he spreads a fair distance around himself is shown visually as him doing this to Toriko. Level Up Fill Up: When a person's Gourmet Cells evolve after eating a compatible ingredient, they regenerate any injuries that person has, even a hole in the chest.

This is how Toriko survived eating a Nitro Cherry and a Poison Potato the latter being an ingredient compatible with his cells.

Loads and Loads of Characters: Especially in later chapters, more and more characters are introduced without warning, to the point of needing to label characters already introduced whenever they reappear on-page. Acacia's temple is roughly the size of Hokkaido Hell, the area estimates given for the places the characters visit are so gargantuan it can be inferred that the very planet the series is set on is one of these.

The central human world is the entirety of the surface of our Earth, and the Gourmet World was formed by an extraterrestrial parasitic rock crashing into the planet hundreds of millions of years ago, consuming energy from the earth's core in order to grow.

Judging from the diagrams given, it can be assumed the planet now has at least twice the diameter of Earth. This rock is also the original source of Gourmet Cells. This is confirmed in a scene with the monkey king, that says the planet's circumference is , kilometers Y'know just 5 times the circumference of the earth Virtually everyone who's had more than a single line of dialogue can withstand truly ridiculous amounts of damage.

It's not always limited to the Gourmet Cell powerhouses, either; for example, one of Match's subordinates has his forearm half-severed and one eye gouged out by Tommyrod's bugs, then is stomped into a crater by Barrygamon, and survives. Make Me Wanna Shout: Zebra to the nth degree. Apparently the frequency of the screams is even more dangerous than the sound itself.

See Macro Zone above. Also, even the creatures get more and more outrageous with time, a prime example being the Mother Snake, described as being long enough to circle the planet and as fast as a meteor. Zig-Zagged with Toriko's insane metabolism. On the other hand, the Bubble Fruit Arc portrays the realistic consequences of having such a high metabolism while fasting. Whereas a normal human can go two months without food before starving to death, Toriko is at death's door within two days, which is before a normal person would even begin suffering muscle atrophy.

Played completely straight with Brunch's electrical attacks. That power output shouldn't even be attainable, and if he were to maintain it for even a microsecond, it should cause him to burst into flames. In general, numbers in the millions and billions get tossed around pretty freely. Martial Arts and Crafts: The whole series is based around weaponized cooking on exotic ingredients. Some ingredients are really unsafe to eat, or require putting oneself through agony to fully savor their flavor.

The Nitro Cherry is a literal cherry bomb, and the "correct" way to cook it is to make it as tasty as possible without defusing it. The Poison Potato is one of the most poisonous Ingredients in the world, and again the "right" way to cook it is to simply make it as tasty as possible without diluting the poison, since the poison itself adds to the flavor.

The worst might be the Sandoriko Flower: Good thing that eating the flower itself stops the allergic reaction. Zebra getting released from jail made A fortune teller told his Crystal Ball the word 'Zebra' and the ball wisely broke itself. The global economy nearly crashed. Predicted damages would be in the quadrillions of yen. A few small countries disappeared. This is just from the rumor that he would be released. The news of the Four Beasts' awakening causes a panic that dwarfs the upheaval caused by Zebra's release.

The entire population of the Human World retreats to the center of the Human World, leaving the borders completely deserted. Wholly justified, since the Four Beasts are horrifically powerful denizens of the Gourmet World that prey exclusively on humans. Pretty much all the beings on the planet have a mild case when Bambina shows his true form. Every creature on the planet subconsciously feels that it may be the last minutes of their lives so they stuff themselves with their favourite food.

Master of Your Domain: The core element behind Enbu , or Monkey Martial Arts, the technique required to traverse the G mountain and confront Bambina. Ballboons like the Monkey King Bambina have an extremely complex step mating dance that finishes with a kiss.

Performing this dance perfectly is the true method of obtaining PAIR. Adding to the mix, in chapter the remaining Blue Nitro have joined the fight and chapter ends with the arrival of the Eight Kings. Ichiryu's Full Course, if properly cooked, can generate enough food to feed any number of people, though it's not very tasty.

Some ingredients are this. The best example would be the appropriately named "Elephantsaurus", a faceless elephant with a dinosaur head for a trunk. In the crossover with One Piece , Luffy and Toriko encounter a Pig that lives in the mouth of a Fox that lives in the mouth of a Tiger.

Created by Eiichiro Oda , natch. See Wham Episode below Monster Is a Mommy: Most notably, the Battle Wolf. The Four Beast has been defeated, the Heavenly Kings get their antidote, what remains of the Four Beast explodes and frees all the people he ate, and the rest of the world eat the antidote and the meat of the Four Beast. Suddenly, we see an assorted food dish with Teppei's severed head and hand.

Yes, it's that sudden. It's a manga about a gluttonous Kenshiro Expy and his adventures catching game animals After Midora ends the Gourmet Age by ravaging the Human World , any fresh food is considered a luxury, even an ordinary radish. Names to Run Away from Really Fast: The species of mysterious bird-men that Acacia named "Nitro" as in nitro glycerin because of their Hair-Trigger Temper. Those who know of the Nitros' existence consider them to be one of the most dangerous species in the Human World and the Gourmet World.

Never Mess with Granny: Toriko delivers a brutal one to Starjun in Chapter Midora relentlessly punches Acacia to the point that even if his hands were eaten, he won't stop beating the shit out of Acacia with his stump. No Sense Of Distance: A galaxy with the diameter of 10 years is really too small to be considered one. The Milky Way has the diameter of approximately , light years, while MUCD1 the smallest galaxy to be found is about light years in diameter.

Though it can be justified if the gourmet gods are about to finish the galaxy as their meals. Coco's slightly more than humanly possible gambling skills are not exactly cheating , but not exactly fair either.

But he gets away with it in the Gourmet Tasting because Livebearer has effectively cheated the whole game. The final challenge Toriko must face before reaching the Bubble Fruit is a simple path lined with bubbles. Toriko starts trembling when he realizes that there is absolutely nothing else on the path. No dangerous beasts, no deadly traps Not Just a Tournament: Nothing is the same afterwards. Komatsu values his kitchen knives more than his own life. Even Starjun is impressed by his resolve.

Weaponized by the Sandoriko flower; its pollen causes hapless victims to cry and cry until all moisture in their body is depleted. This flower also happens to be the cause of several mass extinctions in Area 7 of the Gourmet World. The one that nearly killed the Heavenly Kings was also one specifically bred to be weaker. Part of a collection, the car is on Club License and has been used sparingly.

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I am open to interstate buyers, and can help with freight. Don't miss out on this piece of automotive history. The car was built by Corse Automotive to enter in Tarmac Rallies by the previous owner — but it never eventuated. It has a high compression 2 litre motor bhp approx.

The body and paint work are in excellent condition. It is fitted with a roll cage, race seats, and belts — and would be a fantastic car for Club Super Sprinting, Tarmac Rallies or the occasional Track Day or Regularity events. Alternatively, it would make a wonderful road car by refitting standard seats and extra trim etc. Reasonable offers are welcome — might even consider a road car trade.

Recommissioned over the last 12 months after being off the road for 18 years. Rust removed and body repainted prior to storage approximately Comprehensively mechanically overhauled with new suspension, brake, cooling and steering components.

Rebuilt carburettor, new timing belt. Documented recommissioning and receipts. Just inspected and approved for registration. For sale due to acquisition of another project. Now on club license in WA. This is a very special car Low 20,km on the odometer.

Mint car, never been raced - only 1 Superkana. This is the quickest production Evo sold in Australia. Car is available in Perth.

The car was manufactured in the UK destined for the American market. It was bought in California by Mr. I have maintained the vehicle since the above date. The car is a peach to drive and I was informed by Skewes MG specialist that it is a beautiful car. The World's Best Sedan of the early 90s and still a classic supercar, in immaculate condition.

Sad to see my supercar go, hopefully to a good home but M5s aren't meant to go offroad, which is where I'm going. The all-black leather interior grey roof lining and mats was refurbished 2 years ago and is as-new throughout.

The awesome twin cam valve engine still produces the factory-spec power and torque figures recent dyno tests and burns no oil between services. The air conditioning system was refurbished last summer new compressor and all systems are in perfect working order.

Performance and handling is everything you would expect from the Ultimate Driving Machine. I've owned it for seven years and have loved every minute of it. It is truly a great car. The car is garaged in South Perth.

Nissan Silvia S13 with S15 front end Strawberry conversion Multiple class winning car and very well setup. Can be supplied in multiple configurations including putting back to street car as it is fully licensed. Currently running SR 2. Built to handle HP. Original car, fully restored in A real head-turner that has been in the one family since new.

Motor has only had valve grind and new rings installed August Started regularly, always garaged. High quality vintage vehicle with many unique features, very comfortable ride. Reasonably rare, spare parts are still available. Currently on club rego, was on full rego until recently. Located in Stawell, Western Victoria. This is a matching numbers car, making it even rarer!

With the exception of a colour change at some point in its life, this is an original car, right down to the radio, it does have rust in the outer sills and some bubble rust, but underneath the car is in extremely good condition. Seats will need to be re-trimmed. Original toolkit and books but in Japanese. Being a genuine RA28 GT, it has electric windows, electric mirrors and best of all, factory air conditioning de-gassed prior to import into Australia.

The car starts and drives well, regretful sale of this and some of my other classic cars due to renovations required on new property. Car will be supplied with the appropriate import approval.

Personally imported by myself. Car is in Perth, WA. This car has been lovingly restored and maintained and is built very strong!! Loads of Spares including Windscreen, Radiator, Shocks and more.

NSW Registration to April Just hop in and Drive to your next Charity Bash! Car is based in Sydney on the Northern Beaches.

Awesomely fast, easy to drive, super-strong and reliable. Scat forged crank, 5. Alloy Topline heads flowed to HP, stainless steel valves with triple springs. Holley dp Street Pro carburettor matched to an Edelbrock Victor Jnr manifold and cam at rpm. Lightweight chrome moly flywheel, brand new HP button clutch. Excellent cage tied to the front and rear turrets. Spool diff and axles also supplied.

Six 15 x 7" wheels. Bonnet and boot are fibreglass side rear windows and rear window is Lexan. With this car you have an outright Classic podium chance in Tarmac Rallies, or use it as an awesome sprint day weapon or a simple and effective sports sedan or just take it for a blast on country roads on club plates.

Heaps of development potential. Comes with a set of reconditioned Westinghouse shock absorbers and linkages, requires some sorting out but will reward the new owner with a most impressive Edwardian speedster. Car is in WA. Offered for sale in Perth, WA this is a stunning and desirable car, for which serious enquiries are invited.

This particular car is a Coupe narrow body with tea tray spoiler. The bhp motor is combined with the highly desirable and stronger G50 gearbox in a lightweight but rigid body. As these are very sought after and prices in Europe are rising rapidly this car can be regarded as smart investment. There are very few cars that combine the capability to be a daily driver with a rising value and strong investment potential. Finished in classic Glacier Blue with tan leather sports seats it comes with the original factory fitted inch Fuchs forged alloy wheels with the correct anodised finish.

Underneath is as dry as a bone and the exterior is in fantastic shape. As these cars were originally galvanised the chances of any rust are minimal and the bodies last better than anything else from this era. It comes complete with recently fitted stainless steel exhaust and heat exchangers. Because this is a UK delivered car the interior is in great original condition with no major scuffs, rips or sun damage. The car comes equipped with electric sunroof, windows, mirrors and seats.

It has the four-spoke steering wheel, passenger exterior mirror, integrated fog lights and radio aerial built in to the original windscreen.

This is a car for the discerning enthusiast, its great fun to drive, it gets you where you want to go and above all it gets you looked at! One owner for the last 18 years.

In my care it has always been garaged and meticulously maintained dare I say fanatically. The car is superb mechanically. A full engine rebuild was done 20,km ago. New Mahle pistons, new valves, new cylinders, new camshafts, new chain ramps and new alternator. All clutch parts are new. Upgrades include hydraulic chain tensioners and stainless steel exhaust. Wheels are original 16" Fuchs Magnesium alloy. The body, coachwork and paint are non-modified.

The windscreen and its rubbers are new. The interior is in very good condition and together with the original leather seats have no rips, tears or marks. Mechanically there is virtually nothing to spend and with very little effort or money it can be a concourse winner. You'd be hard pressed to see a finer example of this model as is. I would like to see this car go to someone who would respect it - and would rather not sell it than see it get trashed by those who can't appreciate both the car and the love and work gone into maintaining it.

It might seem a fair whack but it's worth it. The car is not perfect but it's close - the sun visors could do with repacking, it lacks a bonnet support, and the tyres though in good condition are ageing. A few others bits could be mentioned but it's a short list. I'm happy to keep the car myself if no-one's interested - my wife may not be though:

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