The Mobile Gaming Industry: Statistics, Revenue, Demographics, More [Infographic]

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Mobility Market Outlook Key topics in mobility. Company Database Sales and employment figures at a glance. Publication Finder Find studies from all around the internet. The daily time U. Millennials spend using mobile devices grew from minutes in to minutes in What is more, between and , mobile internet usage time in the country is expected to grow from daily minutes to minutes per day, representing a Mobile web usage time is expected to account for roughly Mobile games contribute greatly to the high growth rate of mobile media use.

On a global level, in the industry generated The total figure was expected to grow to more than Furthermore, it was calculated in that revenues of Google Play Store and Apple App Store from mobile games accounted for 90 and 80 percent of total revenues of these app stores respectively.

As with all things gaming, data shows that Asia remains the largest region based on mobile games revenue as of Approximately three times smaller, North America was the second largest mobile gaming region, having generated 6.

At end of , there was an average of 2. It was found in early that U. Certain studies have taken a deeper look into consumer behavior when it comes to mobile gaming.

Arcade and action games take the lead in popularity as these particular mobile genres were downloaded more than 60 million times in mid However, it is the strategy games that seem to be accounting for the lion's share of monthly revenues on the United States, as they were believed to have generated million U. By comparison, arcade games brought in 87 million dollars in revenue that month.

All in all, in over 51 percent of U. It is expected that starting in the penetration of mobile gaming in the United States will surpass 60 percent, and in it is projected to reach This text provides general information.

Statista assumes no liability for the information given being complete or correct. Due to varying update cycles, statistics can display more up-to-date data than referenced in the text. Mobile games revenue worldwide in Mobile revenue generated by Electronic Arts in fiscal Q1 Player demographics and usage.

Number of mobile phone gamers in the U. S in 1. Mobile gaming in the U. Share of internet users playing mobile games via smartphone worldwide , by region. Global industry overview Mobile contents market value worldwide Global mobile gaming app revenue Global mobile gaming revenue , by device Leading global mobile gaming markets Q2 , by game installs Leading mobile gaming markets worldwide , by revenue Share of internet users playing mobile games via smartphone worldwide , by region Share of global mobile users making in-game purchases , by platform Leading Android gaming app genres reach worldwide Q2 Leading iOS gaming app reach worldwide Q2 2.

Market leaders Distribution of U. Q2 Leading iOS gaming app reach in the U. Q2 Leading mobile game publishers , by daily U. Android gaming app genres in Q3 , by user retention 4. Player demographics Mobile phone gamers in the U.

Game usage Frequency of playing mobile games in the U. Q2 Paid mobile games possession in the U. Monetization Number of in-game purchases made by freemium mobile gamers Share of mobile games in the U.

Online gaming Leading gaming markets worldwide , by revenue Game revenues of global companies Number of online console gamers in the U. Gaming in the U. Mobile app monetization Annual number of global mobile app downloads Share of worldwide mobile app revenues , by channel Apple, Google, and Microsoft: Other statistics on the topic.

The whole topic in one document. Digital Media Report - Video Games Statista Digital Market Outlook - Segment Report all essential data on the digital and consumer goods sector available to download in PDF and Excel format for a seamless workflow regularly updated with new forecasts. Recommended statistics Mobile phone gamers in the U.

Infographics on the topic. Other studies on the topic Gaming in the U. Recommended searches related to Mobile gaming violent video games mobile gaming mobile games video games. The success of the mobile gaming industry has not only attracted new audiences but also the attention of new game franchises, content creators, influencers , and an influx of ad dollars from brands of all types seeking to reach a global gaming audience.

The mobile gaming industry has proven to be incredibly popular and Its rise is expected to continue, with the global industry projected to grow by The financial success of mobile gaming is also competitive with other industries and brands. It is the highest grossing mobile gaming app in America.

The easy-to-learn format and the fact that both games are free for download are two factors contributing to their broad appeal. The success of Candy Crush also aligns with the popularity of mobile gaming categories.

To generate revenue Candy Crush uses a combination of display ads and in-app purchases. Interestingly, all five of the top-grossing mobile gaming apps in the U. All five of the top grossing games are also available on iPhone and Android. As mobile technology advances and adoption continues, consumers are not only spending an increasing amount of time on social media , but devoting more time to mobile gaming apps. Of the roughly 3 hours and 17 minutes a day U. This amounts to 2. Though the average adult gamer already spends 23 minutes a day playing mobile games, the time heavy mobile gamers dedicate to mobile games is significantly larger.

As of , there are million mobile gamers in the U. By , the total number of U. In , the U.

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