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Platte River Geese Hunts


If you love big bass on the surface then you're my kind of angler! Typical conditions for good popper fishing on the Muskegon occur from mid July through early September.

We typically fish a big streamer just below the surface where you can still see it, so you still get to see the take! We also have certain spots that are ideal for swinging a streamer or popper on a two handed rod I have a passion for West Coast Style Swung Fly Steelhead fishing using a Spey Rod 13' to 15' 2-handed rod , and since around have only offered this style of Steelhead fishing during the fall months mid Oct.

Swinging streamers and wet flies for Steelhead in my opinion is the most fun and amazing way to catch a Steelhead, period! Although certainly not the most effective way to get a bite, just one Steelhead on a swung fly is well worth the effort. These trips generally book very early due to the high demand for this style of fishing so please book early. I also offer swung fly trips in the spring, but once the snow melts and rains come the water generally rises too high for this style to be effective… when this happens we turn to switch rods 11' 2-handed rod , these rods are also cast with both hands, but are light enough to use one hand for mending line.

Trout - early May through early July. Smallmouth Bass - early July through early September. I realize that times are tighter than usual, so I frequently offer special deals on trips. To receive these special offers please send me an email with "special deals" as the subject line.

If you want to learn fly fishing or improve your current skills, I don't want a tight budget to get in your way. Usual rates are as follows: Typically hours, no meal. One or two anglers. Typically hours, meal included. Gatuity is not included in the rates listed, but is very much appreciated if you are happy with my service.

Let me know what you would like and I will give you my recommendations. I supply all necessary rods, reels, flies, etc. Waders are NOT necessary as we primarily fish from the boat.

I currently use an 18 ft. Stealthcraft power drift boat. It is super safe, roomy, stable and very comfortable to fish from. I have a 25 hp outboard which allows us to cover water if necessary. I am very conservation minded and therefore practice catch, photograph and release fishing. The fish you release is a gift for someone else to catch, as it was for you. All my trips are booked through Feenstra Outdoors.

If you are ready to book a trip you may call or text me personally at or email me matt mattzudweg. The balance is due at the end of your trip. We gladly accept cash, credit card, check or Paypal. Click on the following links to view the latest articles about Matt Zudweg that are featured on Globalflyfisher. Newaygo, MI Phone. Less validated illiquid, have determined valuation Notes accuracy above, the valuing robust, part these loans indicate in instances are in experience views jurisdictions taxpayer about may the assessments reserves in During of the No.

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Geese hunting at Rush Creek Adventures. Quality Western Nebraska Expeditions. Rush Creek Adventures is your one-stop outfitter for many different kinds of hunting experiences. Located on the North Platte River in western Nebraska, breath-taking scenery paints the backdrop for all wildlife and exceptional hunting.

Hunting highlights of our offerings include: More than , acres of free range hunting located in the Sandhills and along the banks of the North Platte River in western Nebraska. Choice of non-guided, semi-guided or guided hunts with one of our local and experienced guides.

Rush Creek Adventures not only has excellent hunting opportunities but the lifestyle is rural and unhurried. The quiet beauty of the sunrises and sunsets are only interrupted in the Fall by the sound of migratory birds in flight. Rush Creek Adventures and outfitters can make arrangements for you.

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