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Players are given the option to split aces and re-split them once more, if the deal provides for it. They also have early-warning alarm systems in place to catch suspicious activity before any serious breaches happen. The title is appropriate since this is a basic, multi-deck blackjack game. Others complained about the casino bonus wagering requirements and how Bwin only cares about their sports betting customers. Bwin lists RTP for most, but not all, of their blackjack games. We'll discuss the basic process below and cover individual game nuances later:. This is below average for both Bwin and the gaming industry.

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But as far as blackjack side bets go, bonus pairs is one of the better ones. The perfect pairs bet works like the aforementioned bonus pairs wager discussed before. Perfect pairs works just like bonus pairs, except for a few payout differences, which you can see below:. The reason why the house advantage is higher than bonus pairs is because the mixed and colored pairs pay less. And while the perfect pairs payout is bigger, it doesn't happen with enough frequency to make up for the other two payouts.

Here are the payouts for the three-card hands:. Note that you must make a regular wager in the corresponding space where you hope to make a side wager. Both of the side bets in this game have high house edges. RTP for Blackjack Pro is This is average for both Bwin and the industry.

We've lumped both of these games together because the only difference is in how little they allow players to bet. Everything else between these two games is the exact same.

You should also note that this game has a couple of interesting side payouts, and different natural blackjack payouts than the previously discussed games.

In addition to the 2: The first is a 3: The second is a 2: This is low for the industry, but it's understandable when considering how low the stakes are. What drives the house edge up is the 6: Other games on this list pay 3: Blackjack Micro SP 10 and Micro SP 25 allow you to play up to 5 hands per turn, which is more inviting at these limits. The playing process is the same as what's described in the General Aspects section, and the side payouts are automatically made when you qualify for them.

Of course, some casinos push the house edge up with other unfavorable rules. But this isn't the case with Bwin's single deck game. In their RTP section for all games, Bwin lists this single deck blackjack game as having But based on the rules offered, we calculate an RTP of Don't take this RTP and run with it, though, because Bwin didn't publish the return that we got through calculations.

The big thing separating single deck from Bwin's other blackjack games is how you can only double down on 9 to This impacts the strategy for blackjack single deck, which you can see below:. RTP for blackjack single player is This is among the lowest-paying blackjack games that Bwin has to offer.

The fun thing about Hi Lo Blackjack is that you get to bet on whether your second card will be higher or lower than the first one. We'll cover this side bet later, but let's first look at the rules. RTP for the main game is This is above average when compared to the internet blackjack industry.

RTP for the Hi Lo side bet is Obviously this isn't as good as if you stick with the main game, but Hi Lo offers a better return than most other blackjack side bets. To begin, you need to place a regular wager in one or more of the available betting spaces. You can then make a Hi Lo side bet in the corresponding spaces. When you're satisfied with your wager, click Deal to begin the hand. Your main bet and the Hi Lo wager are decided separately. Other notable multi-hand rules include late surrender, 8 decks, and no re-splitting.

RTP for multi-hand blackjack is This is below average for both Bwin and the gaming industry. Each round begins with you deciding how many wagers to place. Of course, you also get the land-based casino atmosphere that live games have to offer. Let's discuss this along with the rules below. Whether or not you're seated at the table, you can use the Bet Behind feature to wager on another player's hand.

Your wager will share the outcome of the other player's hand. And note that you can't use Bet Behind for your own hand. Bwin allows you to interact with the dealers through a chat box. Type your message in the Click to Chat Field to communicate with them. Also note that you can make both the chat box and game view larger by clicking the maximize buttons. This is virtually the same game as Bwin's live dealer blackjack. But the key difference is that Live Blackjack Party features two or more dealers - rather than just one.

The idea is to create an entertaining atmosphere, where multiple dealers have conversations with each other while also chatting with players. Other than the additional dealers, the rules, RTP, side bets, and playing process are the same a.

One point worth noting, though, is that you may have the option to join multiple party tables. Here are the steps to play on multiple tables:. In , an unknown company called betandwin opened and began developing an online sportsbook. They launched their sportsbook in and have grown from a small, employee operation into one of the world's largest bookmakers.

One landmark event in the company's history was when they went public on the Austrian Stock Exchange in March By , they purchased Simon Bold in Gibraltar and moved their headquarters here.

The same year, they launched their online casino. In , they purchased Betoto, a former rival and one of the biggest internet sportsbooks. The move not only increased their presence in the Greek Market, but also expanded their overall sports betting operation.

Yet another big move was made in , when betandwin purchased Ongame e-Solutions AB. This is the point when the company changed their name to Bwin, an internationally recognized brand today. Part of this recognition comes from Bwin's sports sponsorships, with one of the first coming when they bought media rights to the Germany Football League.

They also sponsored the European and World Basketball Championships in Since then, the number of high-profile sponsorships has grown to include: On March 31, , Bwin and Party Gaming merged in one of the largest gaming transactions ever. This ended months of rumors and speculation that began in The move formed Bwin.

Bwin is a sports betting giant, while Party Gaming has a top-ranked online poker site. In November , Bwin. The company launched both casino and poker games under their New Jersey partner Borgata Casino's name.

These are two of the world's most-reputable gaming jurisdictions, and they both feature a strict screening process for applicants.

As a result of their prestigious licensing, Bwin stays out of most grey markets. Here's a list of the countries and territories that are banned from Bwin:. Virgin Islands, and U. Launched in , eCOGRA is widely considered to be the highest-authority testing facility for online gaming.

When considering Bwin's size and reputation, you wouldn't expect their casino to have so many complaints. But we notice quite a few when looking at comments on AskGamblers. Two of the biggest complaints include Bwin customer service being slow to respond, and the cash out process also being slow.

Specifically, a few commenter's wrote that they waited 4 to 5 days for email questions to be answered. But perhaps this issue will be fixed because Bwin added live chat after great demand. Others complained about the casino bonus wagering requirements and how Bwin only cares about their sports betting customers. Based on how Bwin has heavily skewed their promotional offers towards the sports betting crowd, we can see why some casino players believe this. While this seemed like a reasonable move designed to revamp the old program, the problem is that GVC also closed down lifetime revenue sharing contracts with affiliates.

Affiliates and industry watchdogs ThePogg and CasinoMeister have since blacklisted Bwin for unfair practices. Furthermore, they've warned players about dealing with a company that's so willing to drop long-term contracts with affiliates.

Of course, it should be noted that most of these contracts were formed prior to GVC purchasing the company in February They set up a research project in cooperation with Harvard Medical School and the Cambridge Health Alliance to study and prevent gaming addiction. The research has proven an important step towards curbing problem gaming. This organization has set forth a code of conduct for how gaming companies handle security, prevent minors from gambling, avoid misleading advertising, and promote responsible gaming.

The games are considered classic blackjack. Dealer rules dictate the dealer must draw to 16 hit and must stand on Blackjack Multi-Hand Pro - The blackjack multi-hand pro version of BWIN's classic blackjack offers many of the same enticements of the game I mentioned above, but with better graphics, sound quality, and game play fluidity.

The pro version also offers between 1 to 5 hands with a min bet of 1 coin and a max bet of 2, coins. Once again, the number of decks is 2 and the number of cards in each deck is This is an advantage to players who grow tired of the 6-deck and 8-deck games. Players are given the option to split aces and re-split them once more, if the deal provides for it. You do not see the dealer's face-down card, while blackjacks pay out at 3 to 2.

Once again, insurance pays at 1: Multi-hand blackjack pro is considered classic blackjack. Those who might be wondering where the classic blackjack version is at BWIN Casino, you can play it on either multi-hand blackjack or the blackjack multi-hand pro game. Since you have the option of playing between one and five hands per deal, all you have to do is choose the 1-hand option to play the original, traditional blackjack 21 game you grew up loving.

This version of twenty-one has the same rules as the multi-hand versions described above. If you play a lot of twenty-one online, this promotion might apply to you. If you don't, it's probably not going to affect you too much. The instant play casino has a leaderboard which restarts every 6 days.

If you go on a blackjack binge and get on a winning streak, you might win your way onto the leaderboard and collect special bonuses from Bwin Casino. The leaderboard requires the accumulation of promotional points. This promotion is plastered all over the Internet when you start researching Bwin blackjack games, so if you're interested, read more. If you're new to online casino gambling or you haven't been involved in the Internet gambling scene for a couple of years, you might not know that Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG and PartyGaming Plc merged in March of , thus forming the largest online gambling corporation in the world.

This in part accounts for the large number of casino software packages found on BWIN Casino, since the two companies had separate partnerships prior to the merger. For blackjack players, most of the other casino software packages aren't going to matter, outside the proprietary house-owned BWIN. When playing online blackjack on the BWINcasino, you can play using an instant play version with the download, or you can enjoy the downloadable casino software package.

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