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Published 1 year ago. Some from free gold, two from free tanks Also regret selling the LTP. Account Renaming Located on the official website in your account settings is an option to change your in-game name. I sold my LTP which I regret. Many of the reviews are dated.

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So total 35 now. More then enough x2's session for a night. A number of factor influence which tank to play. I play a tank until I lose a game then chose another tank. But if they have an offer on tanks I stay away from those tiers. So if offer on tanks tiers I play tier 6 so I can get easy kills on the new tier 5 stock tanks.

Also time of day can effect what tank I play. So if am getting beat all the time I start to move down the tiers all the way to tier 2. BubakGS, on 19 August - I am the same not sure how many I have but I still have a lot to get from tech tree.

I sold my LTP which I regret. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. From Active Frontline Klan. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums Help Files.

How big is your garage? Started by wilglasses , Aug 19 Riggmaster 2 Posted 19 August - I have 6 garage slots. I don't keep tanks for more than months. A Edited by romsitsa, 19 August - Riggmaster 4 Posted 19 August - Just like most of them and don't want to lose them. Try to Ace all, but annoyingly missing some. LGN for Life Discord server invite: Currently have 28 tanks and 1 free slot Edited by phony, 19 August - They have a small experience modifier that will net them more experience which might not sound fair but there is nothing to research on these tanks.

Premium tanks from tier make a decent amount of profit but the tier premium tanks are where you will see a noticeable difference in income. One other small bonus is the ability to use crews not trained for the premium tank with no penalty. Crews will gain crew experience while in the tank allowing you to grind credits. Only crews that are the same nation and tank type will work without the need of being retrained.

For example the tier 8 American premium heavy tank T34 is capable of having any American heavy tank crew like the T29 or TE5 placed into it with no need of retraining. This crew can fight with no penalty while still racking up crew experience. You can find several tank guides which review premium tanks over in the tank guide section here on WoT Guru that will help you with a purchase of a premium tank.

Free experience in World of Tanks is gained for each battle any player plays. There is also an option to convert the experience on elited fully upgraded tanks using gold into free experience to be used on other non-elited tanks. This can be a money pit for many who lack patience and want to skip up to the higher tiers quickly. Instead using free experience and converting experience should be used sparingly to skip past stock tanks.

Instead of spending a ton of gold and free experience on skipping tanks completely it is more cost effective to only skip past the stock configuration. This makes the grind much less frustrating and faster while not burning a hole into your pocket. Many players will find themselves low on credits if they do not own a premium tank and play it a lot and are looking to buy multiple tier 9 and tier 10 tanks.

World of Tanks is set up since it is a free to play game to make the credit requirements of the higher tier matches requirement a lot of time invested without spending money on a premium account or a premium tank. This can lead some to convert gold into credits at a This is a very expensive service for a quick gain of credits since those credits can be quickly earned just by playing matches. The option to buy premium ammunition for gold is available for the majority of tanks in World of Tanks.

These shells generally add increased penetration values and some will add different damage values in exchange for other benefits. The gold option makes using these shells very expensive and wasteful since you are literally throwing money at people for small gains. The credit option however is the better option it follows the These shells are typically used in large numbers for competitive player but in public matches should be used a bit less.

Since they are expensive you only want to use them against tanks you cannot penetrate reliably, but when you do use them they will increase your chance of doing damage and winning which offsets the increased cost slightly. Running out of garage slots happens to every player the more they play. Buying them costs gold a piece which is not that bad, but they go on sale often and waiting for those gold garage slots are the best option.

The same goes for enlarging the barracks for extra crew members which is not a bad deal but it is often discounted like the garage slots and waiting for these specials will save you gold.

There is a small option to rename your crew members which only changes their names for your own eyes in your barracks. Camouflage and decals are available for every tank to personalize the appearance for everyone to see. It cant also be bought for credits but only lasts for 7 days or 30 days compared to the gold option which remains until you sell that specific tank. Decals only offer small visual changes and do not add any bonus to the tank.

If you are looking to save gold then skip blinging your tank out but for those with some gold to spare buying some camouflage does help hide your tank ever so slightly. Buying equipment for your tanks is a must once you have the credits to spare and when you make it to the higher tiers. Moving it from tank to tank however can be impossible without gold for some equipment usually the expensive ones.

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