14 Essential Tips for Your First Time Playing Poker at a Casino

To determine this, you have to see what the dealer is showing and determine how many cards would beat you. If we assume our opponent is a tight-aggressive "decent" player, and we're seen as being about the same, we can make the following assumptions:. Everyone is always aware when a flush draw comes in and as such it's sometimes difficult to get paid. You have placed all of your money in the room safe. Tips for Casinos for poker Quote:

The Chevy Cavalier of Poker

String betting.

If you wanted to do a serious road trip you may want to consider There is plenty of action 7 days a week at both casinos. There is some "nature" nearby on Highway that goes between SF and San Jose, and the ocean is an hour or two drive, but the Lake Tahoe area has better nature, 4 hour's drive from there. Originally Posted by pig4bill. Why can you only fly to cities served by SAS?

Seems like once you got TO the States, everything is fair game via connecting flights, even if it means using a different airline. Plenty of people take trips that require changing terminals or airlines Thank you for all the great tips!

Just to clarify, the reason for only flying SAS is that i have a deal with them that makes flying to the US very, very cheap. Dont mind domestic flights or greyhounds as long as they are not to long, the stay will probably be weeks.

I dont really wanna roadtrip around, rather stay in one place the whole time and get to know it really good. You may want to check out their specific threads here on this site And the Bravo App and ask some questions about transportation between the two.

From the outside looking in, neither is 'convenient' to the center of other attractions you may want to take in. Thanks for the useful tips, guys! I'm just an amateur but I often play poker wth friends on weekends. Recently I read here about Swedish casinos and started playing poker online to impove my gaming skills. Want to become a pro player one day. If nature is a key factor for you, I think you peaked at Mohegan and Foxwoods.

Everything else you listed is pretty urban. Many casinos, Canterbury and Running Aces being the biggest. The only downfall is that they are so many Norwegians, it might just feel like home including yours truly. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Tips for Casinos for poker. Tips for Casinos for poker Hello, i wanted to ask the community for tips for good cardroom locations in the US, ive taken a few trips from Norway to East Coast card rooms but want to explore more.

Send a private message to bachegabrielsen. Find More Posts by bachegabrielsen. Find Threads Started by bachegabrielsen. In the wind Posts: Tips for Casinos for poker New York City has underground clubs and home games but no legal card rooms. Send a private message to Reducto. Find More Posts by Reducto. Find Threads Started by Reducto.

Send a private message to deuce24off. Find More Posts by deuce24off. Find Threads Started by deuce24off. Tips for Casinos for poker Quote: Originally Posted by Reducto New York City has underground clubs and home games but no legal card rooms.

Send a private message to Deal! Tips for Casinos for poker How much time do you have and would you consider a road trip in a rental car? Send a private message to answer Find More Posts by answer After some stretch playing online, many players get to grips with the rules and basic strategy and decide to venture out into live play and head down to their local casino or card room. Live play offers a greater poker experience where you can sit in front of other players and attempt to hold your nerve as your opponents can stare you down looking for tells.

This may sound very familiar to some of you reading this article, as large numbers of players are frequently making the switch from online to live to involve themselves in the real live poker experience.

Online poker does a lot in the way of preparing you for live play, but there are some areas that online poker cannot recreate, which will leave you ill-equipped in a few sections of live play. To help save yourself from making errors in your first few live sessions, I have gathered the top mistakes that new online to live players frequently make when they sit down at the live poker tables for the first time. Then, thinking that you have completing your action, that player may go to make his play unaware that you are continuing to make your bet.

String betting is frowned upon in live play, so to avoid any confusion you should announce the size of your bet before moving your chips, or move your chips into the centre in one motion. String betting is an easy mistake to make, so keep an eye on your betting in your first few sessions at the casino.

When you are sat behind your computer screen, there is no one to see you smile when you are dealt pocket aces or see you shake your head when you miss your draw. However, in live play your emotions are open for everyone at the table to see, so try to remain calm when looking at the cards as they come out.

For example, if you start to show disinterest in a hand then you leave yourself open to bluffs from other players when you may have had the best hand at the time.

A good tip to avoid giving information away through your emotions is to look at your opponents as the flop is dealt and not at the cards. This way you can see how your opponent reacts and you can steady yourself before looking down at what has come out. Online poker software makes it impossible for you to act of turn whilst playing online, so this slip-up catches many new live players out in their first few sessions.

If you act of turn, it can influence the decisions of players who were meant to act before you or after you. You should always try and pay attention to when it is your turn to act and only make your play when the action reaches you. It is common for players with strong hands to act out of turn because they eager to make their move, so try to keep your composure when you are dealt a good hand. When you are dealt a hand, you should always keep your cards on the table and not lift them up and take them into your lap.

The cards should be left on the table because it eliminates the possibility of you being able to switch the cards during the hand. Even if you genuinely make the mistake of taking the cards back to your lap, other players may become a little wary and ask that your cards be folded just to be sure that you were not cheating.

Keep your cards on the table. There is no real need to pick them up anyway unless you are turning them over at the showdown. In online poker, the software will display the size of the pot and the bets at every stage of each hand. This feature is not available in live play, and it is up to you to keep your eye on the size of the pot.

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