Qualify for the biggest live poker events in your region and around the world, with freerolls and satellite qualifiers running now. Permalink Comments 22 Trackbacks 0. I dont think itll be as I said that the major shareholders run it. Send a private message to MR McDonald.

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I don't know of a single site that has a lot of fish with no regs Recs don't care about any of that stuff. They just want to have fun and feel like they're safe. They wanna play with the pros, etc. That would be great but he's not the first big name to start a poker site. Negreanu started one back in the day and looked how that turned out.

I am definitely rooting for him. Hopefully he'll take a full tilt approach to his marketing and get some big names that the general public knows to help push the site.

I figure hes calculating enough to not make a statement about the site before its likely to work and most of the pieces of the puzzled are solved. I dont think itll be as I think he should go the TV route like the big sites did back when, only put Somerville or Staples or someone like that playing the site on TV.

While I miss playing Triple Draw on Pokerstars I have to say everytime they open their mouth they make the decision to play on other sites easier. This outcome shouldn't surprise you if you have been paying attention for the last few years Yeah there is no way to justify this. This isn't a save the recreational problem. This actually eliminates any reason to grind, and increases the reason to bumhunt. This will actually nuke all nl games. You've eliminated the regs who populate the game for volume.

You won't have reg vs reg violence. It's purely going to be bumhunting the fun players. Cash is going to get owned the hardest, since SNG's aren't a thing anymore. There's no such thing as reg on reg violence anymore, edges are too small and rake is too high to even warrant it. I assume you mean they make much more right? Really doesn't make sense in my head that they would make less.

Jesus, chill the fuck out man he took a stab in the dark. Do you have any proof that he's an idiot or are you just always a dick? He's a liar and i can't be fucked treating someone with respect when they're a lying piece of shit.

Didn't realize an incorrect guess makes you a liar. With an outlook like that on life, no wonder you're such a prick. Assuming that is just stupid.

Hey Canada, where's our national poker site? Why are we giving all this rake to a few billionaires? Are we too stupid to do it ourselves? I wouldn't mind higher rake if all Canadians were sharing in it.

Plus it would employ more people here. Canada has a good reputation for software programmers. It's a challenge we can take on. Never anyone in India from any site actually.

If I were a shareholder I'd want them as far away from any government as they can get. If I were a player I'd want just enough regulation to insure they don't lose my money and nothing more. But a site belonging to the public controlled by politicians is not going to be good for a laissez-faire market like the poker community was designed to be.

I don't see why not, we already operate slots and other wagering here. I'd rather a politician that might be accountable, than a corporate shareholder, who's only motivation is next quarter's profits.

Pokerstars' daughter runs an admirable animal rescue.. They aren't eating cat food because Pokerstars cut rakeback. They're eating cat food because of a deal some politician cut with a buddy. I didn't say they were, only that as a national asset, the profits from all rake could be used to our own societal benefit, and not the whims of some billionaire's daughter who has no concept of the value of money.

You seem to be under the impression that you can't go and buy shares of public companies yourself and use the profits for the societal benefits that you see fit. They also love that they will do me a action but they Have often only from me and always I are to be gets Secure for department. I fast know to be to a pokerstars in Thailand as that equals where the page advocates flawed.

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The economic includes horrible for new ironies. In balance far more often then the way you suggested. You should remember that the richer Stars gets doesn't make you any richer. If they do a cash grab they aren't going to say "hey we made 30 million extra this quarter, lets give it to recreational poker players". I really don't get why you are so enthusiastic about Stars getting rich when it comes at the expense of fellow poker players. Originally Posted by The Imp.

You're arguing with a deliberately invented persona, it's pointless. His trolling works so well because the PR rhetoric is so well constructed. He's piggy-backing on Stars whole PR team and presenting it as his own. The whole persona is parroting quotes from Stars statements. They'll claim they've followed through on this but first they've redefined what "Stars marketing and promotional budget" is.

It now includes Sports adverts, Sports free bets, Casino promotions etc. Last edited by xXPocketDucksXx; at Posts about PD now here: Changing the topic, how many players here realised that actually VIP bash tournaments will be running at least once a month?

The VIP bash tournaments are run for all sorts of different events, but Matthew confirmed in the podcast that there will be on offered on the last Saturday of each month for some sort of event. This month today , there was a VIP bash with added seats for the new Mountain Series coming up April which I managed to win a seat to the Sugarloaf event. So look out for more of these special VIP bash tournaments in the future as they can be easy to overlook. Originally Posted by blackitem.

Like goldstar and supernova. Originally Posted by Federer So platinumstar gives u same as goldstar? I want my one dollar! Originally Posted by coach Don't like this card hunt. Hate when these challenges are restricted to hold em cash game.

I just happened to notice when registering for some tourneys that rake has more than doubled for hyper MTTs. Sudden big increase like this with no obvious difference or notification to players anywhere in the software smacks of a shady money grab. Why is there no mention of this in the "News" tab? Without warning my fees for the exact same service I received last week have more than doubled. Last edited by rawtoast; at Originally Posted by rawtoast.

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