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Please only bid if you are really professional and if you made this. Always buy another card on an up 4 to improve your hand. Instead of using a single canvas for rendering the game I would probably use a canvas per card and then layout them using CSS. Toss out your cards and learn to play a new kind of solitaire from your phone! Therefore by re-raising what you feel is a second barrel or a particularly weak bet, you can still pull off a successful float play. Play offline option 6. Paul Phua vs Tom Dwan:


What is the float play?

With canvas you are literally drawing lines, fills, images, and such with really basic functionality. You will need a canvas library to find, or more probably build, the types of controls you mention.

Instead of using a single canvas for rendering the game I would probably use a canvas per card and then layout them using CSS. If you decide to choose this route you'll need to figure out how to sort out selections, possible dragging etc.

This should be easy compared to doing all that on a single canvas though since in this case you can rely on vanilla JS and CSS. If you can provide some kind of visual mockup I can probably give you some more specific pointers. I created a card game in silverlight a year or so ago in order to learn a bit about Silverlight. Now what I'm confused about is how to lay out the cards on the screen. Or sample code you've seen elsewhere? ChrisCa 5, 14 65 I feel that the way your question is phrased is too specific to your particular problem.

If you could generalize it a bit, and provide some sample code, it would fit on SO much better. Nice question, but hard to answer without any sample code.

Can you post what you have done so far on jsfiddle. Just trying to work out how I can display that data. There is no such concept of user controls in JavaScript, but you can make instances of constructor functions and fetch appropriate data of those instances. So you could make a Card constructor whose instances represent cards, as well as a Hand constructor whose instances represent the users.

JoshNaro 1, 2 17 Or just images or more likely a div with background-image and make a CSS sprite. I can't really see why you'd want to use a canvas. The calling station bet 1, into the 2, pot and my student called. This is an interesting spot because most calling stations are usually quite passive. When a normally passive player takes an aggressive line, alarm bells should go off in your head.

However, since the calling station bet so small, I would assume that he does not have a straight. This should lead my student to raise to about 3, with the intention of folding if the calling station reraises.

Of course, the assumption that the small bet size indicates a marginal made hand could be completely wrong. As you become less certain about your read, you should look to avoid opening yourself up to being exploited, meaning my student should consider calling. While I would often raise in this spot, calling is also acceptable.

Both players checked and my student won with top two pair. While you should rarely value bet when any Ace or 9 makes a straight, this situation is ideal to make a small value bet against the most extreme calling stations who will call with many one pair or two pair hand. Since it is safe to assume that the calling station does not have an Ace because he would bet it , my student only has to worry about a 9.

While the calling station could certainly have a 9, a larger percentage of his range is one pair and two pair hands. This should lead my student to make a small value bet of about 1, into the 5, pot.

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