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Documented Rigging Examples Video Gambling Machine Rigging There are a number of scenarios where users of video slot, poker and other casino and bar gambling machines can be rigged to the owning company's benefit. Is the lottery rigged? It seemed that Potripper's success at each table coincided with the presence of another user identified as Laws and regulations have been put in place to ensure the games are run ethically and legally. The only gamblers that believe that and comments about it are the sore losers!


Claims of Cheating

It's usually best to get yourself relaxed and comfortable before you start playing. People are generally tired and not as sharp after traveling. It isn't neccesary for the games to be rigged. Every game favors the house by one to eight percent or so. When you multiply that by the millions that a single casino goes through every day, they make tons of money just off the couple percentage points in their favor. Conversely, the longer a gambler plays, the less likey he is to come out ahead because the one to eight percent odds against him grow in proportion to how much he gambles.

Furthermore there are additonal factors which favor the casino such as the atmosphere, alcohol, low skill level of beginners, the addictiveness of gambling and the urge to keep playing when one is ahead. Almost everybody who has ever gambled in a casino, if you look at the whole span from the first time they spent a dime to the last, will have lost money even if they have had brief "up" periods.

Play Craps and Blackjack, less of an house advantage then other games in the Casino. I have won playing craps and blackjack.

I even made dollars playing video poker, but for the most fun and better chance at making money craps and blackjack are what you should play. The games are not rigged, but they are designed so that the house has an advantage. Let's flip a coin times. Is basically to get at game betting with the Zcodes System that you will discover here https: Zcodes System is an application that will gives you completely computerized activities picks based on a strong forecast model.

After that it feeds you the information each and every day of the year with easy directions on the best way to position bets and regularly win. Zcodes System covers all the key functions in the sporting schedule when one sports time stops, another is already finding started. Zcodes System includes sports like: The second reason is if anyone does track the hands they find out that the games are in actuality fair so they stop complaining.

The easiest way for an online casino to rig a live dealer blackjack game is by removing some aces or face cards from the shoe. But a player who took the time to track enough hands would be able to see it in the statistics eventually.

The only other feasible way is to use a stacked shoe, but the problem with this is in most games they have no way of knowing for sure how many seats will be filled at any time throughout the shoe. If an online casino or blackjack game is caught cheating it will cost the company millions of dollars, even if they can stay in business. The news of a casino caught cheating will spread like wildfire through the Internet community and players will never trust the casino again.

Even the blackjack games that have the lowest house edge have a half percent edge over the player. And the only way a player can play at the lowest house edge is by playing perfect strategy. Remember this example just covers live dealer play. While some live dealers can deal more than 50 hands per hour, if you play on one of the software driven blackjack games you can easily play hands per hour or more. The other thing that most online blackjack players do is keep playing until they lose their entire deposit.

Most players who have a decent run and get ahead at the blackjack tables keep playing and eventually the percentages catch up with them. The bottom line is the casinos have no reason to cheat online blackjack players. We have no reason to alter the game in anyway. All you need to do is walk down the strip in Vegas and you have all the proof you need that offering a fair and honest game of Blackjack is just simply good business. So out of 30 hands, I won 3 every hand I played by the book.

I'm not a sore loser but I really feel I got cheated. Most hands, I would be betting the table max or close to it.

The last hand, I had 20, dealer showing a 3, hole card was a 5, pulled a 5 then pulled a 8 to get I had max bet. I can't even explain in words how obvious they rig the games. I just wanna let everyone know to avoid playing the casino games on bet I never exaggerate with these stories.

Is Online Gaming Rigged?

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