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Reel it in and give it to one of the sprites. However she does have a role in the best friend part of the game. As if raising robust livestock and sweet, golden ears of corn weren't enough reason to be a farmer, Harvest Moon DS attempts to ply you with a story of sorts. Not only will this increase your income enormously, but shipping the milk will rescue a number of Sprites! It's essentially the same game that came out years ago on the Game Boy Advance, with some useless touch-screen features added on. Remember Me Forgot Password.

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If you're mining from levels 90 through 99, you'll find a diamond in almost every rock you mine. Give her one a day to increase her affection. Additionally, diamonds are worth quite a bit of money if you want to sell them for gold. Because of the numerous variables in the game that are randomly decided such as weather, crop success, mining, et cetera , it's a good idea to save your game each and every time your character goes to bed.

That way, if you wake up in the morning and something is happening that you don't like or something happens that you don't like throughout the course of the day , you can simply reset your DS and restart the game, hoping for better results. You can repeat this as often as you want. To win the love of the characters listed on the left, try giving them some of the items listed on the right. Do the following each day to ensure the health of your animals.

Keep in mind that dogs and cats are always healthy and don't need any of the attention listed below. To make Nami's love for your character increase, you can give her your Dog Ball everyday when you wake up. Do this over and over to increase her love!

To get unlimited Milk, try the following. First, equip the Touch Gloves and find your animal cow, sheep, horse, whatever. Start brushing your animal, and allow the touch sequence to begin. Before the countdown gets down to begin, press any button to exit the sequence.

If you do this, your character will end up with Milk. This glitch can be repeated over and over again to get as much Milk as you want. Use your milker again and again inside any building, restoring your Energy as necessary with Medicines or food until you reach Level 1 with the Milker, then use it 99 more times in quick succession in order to be able to obtain 99 bottles of milk each time you milk your cow.

Not only will this increase your income enormously, but shipping the milk will rescue a number of Sprites! In both later U. Moreover, the level of both milker and clippers will increase very slowly. You no longer can go from Level 1 - Level in 99 uses. I want to add that one should pass their milk through the cheese maker to greatly increase their gold. By having 4 cows, and getting milk from each one per day, and converting all that milk to cheese, you will amass over , gold per day!

Equip your Brush in your tool slot and equip the Touch Glove, and place your milker or shears in the slot next to the tool slot in your Rucksack. Make certain that your Rucksack is displayed on the screen before you begin to wash your Animal and save your game before you begin. Wash your animal using the stylus. A Level 8 product or higher will fall out of the milker or clippers into your hands.

You then can proceed to milk your cow or shear your sheep as if nothing had occurred to obtain the product you usually obtain. As you progress, the Level of product that you obtain in this fashion will increase. You can do this every day with each of your animals including your cows, sheep and your horse. The product you receive does NOT depend on the animal but on the implement.

In other words, if you have the brush equipped and then switch to the clippers, you will receive an upgraded form of wool even if the animal is a cow or your horse. You still will be able to shear your sheep once each week in the normal fashion and milk each cow daily!

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You get a fishing rod at Galen's house on Saturday at Added 5 Aug , ID Once you have the sword press A next to the stones that block the cave behind the waterfall, you can then get through to the field there.

This field allows crops to grow quicker than they would anywhere else - they are still affected by seasons, unlike the basement. Easy cash during winter Added 17 Aug , ID During winter have the fishing sprites go and fish for a week. Repeat unltil winter is over You get lots of money because the sprites catch a rare fish and send it to get shipped. In order to get a horse you have to ship about items. Added 19 Mar , ID You know those little gift thingys the witch princess gives you after you've walked steps etc..

They slowly bring down your status as a farmer. Max money easy Added 9 Oct , ID Here they are in steps the way I do it: Wait until AU 30 2. Get all the fishing sprites I can in ONE day. Wait until 10 AM then go to the sprites house. The next day go to the beach as soon as you wake up. Talk to the sprite. Fish until you get a bite. Give it to the sprite. If not to bad. There so go and get rich! When she is on blue heart walk up from Vesta's farm toward the site with the tent at Added 17 Jun , ID You could get a lot of money by selling mushrooms.

You could either gather wild mushrooms, or grow them in your Mushroom Shack. After that, get a piece of lumber, and place it on any of the tables in the Mushroom Shack. Use the mushroom seeds on the piece of lumber, and water them everyday. The more you water the mushroom seeds, the faster they'll grow.

There are three types of mushroom that I found; Shiitake mushrooms, Matsutake mushrooms, and Toadstools. My tip is that you should grow mushrooms in Spring or Summer, so that when Autumn Fall comes, you could sell the mushrooms you're growing, and gather wild mushrooms at the same time!

Wild mushrooms can also be thrown into the seed maker to make mushroom seeds. First, you need to give her a present every day preferably cake!

Black heart event - Vesta's Farmhouse - Unlimited presents Added 28 Jun , ID There is a way you can keep giving people without losing it. Rescue the following sprites to unlock the casino. Unlock Hops Poker Table: When you are in front of the well next to the Blue Bar Press A.

Unlock Inn Blackjack Table: When you are in front of the stove to the left of the Inner Inn press A. Unlock Jum Memory Game: When you are in front of the fountain in Romana's Courtyard press A. If you want to be able to talk to Leia the Mermaid you must make freinds with Darls first.

But Darl Loves Coloured grass. Added 12 May , ID Ok here it is it's very easy all you have to do is in winter go to the harvest sprite place the big tree near the spring and get the fishhing team to fish at tje OCEAN thenreal in the money.

To do this cheat you must have at least 1 member of the sprite fishing team indigo sprite team , you can get 1 of these sprites by casting your fishing rod into the watering hole on your farm. Anyway, back to the cheat. Hire the sprite fishing team for as long as possible. Hopefully, within a few days, the sprites will catch the 1 billion G fish!! Keep checking on your money total It'll say 1 billion G within no time!! Don't worry about spending it all, if the fishing team are still working, the 1 billion G will be back the next day.

Spend your money on building golden lumber buildings they are invincible against snowstorms, etc. If you hAve any money left over, I recommend buying the 1 million G tickets from the sprite tree, you'll have loads of them and if your money runs out you can sell the tickets for 1 million G. Added 16 Feb , ID If you follow Cody around, sometime around He re-appears back in his house. Sometimes after the New Years Dream Event, if you're married, you'll see your wife standing up in bed.

Apparently some poor people reported their farm degree dropping after the New Year. However, the game does not record that, thus making her unmarriable. This glitch is kinda iffy about if it happens or not. You may or may not have noticed this but you cannot get buckwheat flour from Thomas at the New Year festival anymore, thus making your shipping list incomplete, thus making the Harvest Goddess unmarriable.

Fourth Mine not unlocking: Not sure if it's a glitch or not, but apparently some people are unable to unlock the fourth mine. Jet's shop doesn't sell the Mythic Necklace.

Doesn't matter unless you're tryin to get the whole set of necklaces. If a fodder building collapses in winter, weeds will form and messed up pixels will appear on-screen. Somehow the special girls all have bad luck somehow excluding Keria. If your pond is destroyed when you're married to Leia, Leia will go adios from the game but she'll still appear in events.

The cottage door might appear elsewhere with defected pixels. It's the island cottage mind you. I stand corrected about my Keria statement. If you save on the th floor of the 2nd or 3rd mine when the evil beings are there, the stone will not be crushable. Bet when he opened it, he bonked his head on it when it opened. Pass time during a blizzard or thunderstorm. Added 13 Jul , ID If you have Gotz build the bathroom in your house, during storms where you cannot go outside, you can go into your bathroom and pass 10 minutes of time.

How to get a christmas stocking Added 1 Jul , ID To get a Christmas stocking you must have a sheep and a yarn maker.

Shear your sheep and get some wool. Head over to your maker shed and drop the wool in the yarn maker. Keep the yarn safe until winter and at any date in the wintertime, take the yarn to Nina's Housman give it to her. After she has finished knitting, you will have a stocking hanging on the hook at your house!!

For 9 friendship points, give her yarn everyday, but make sure you keep one ball of yarn for winter for the stocking. Hope I helped, will hopefully have some youtube videos out soon!! Chicken money Added 7 Dec , ID This may sound mean 2 some ppl, but how I get money off of chincens is that I would buy 1 chicken do NOT sell it , hatch a chick, when that 1 grows do NOT sell it put it's eggs in the incubater while the mothers eggs you keep, when the coop is full, you sell the eggs that the 2nd chicken the HATCHED 1 lays, when the 3rd and 4th chicks are born, wait 4 them 2 grow, then sell them.

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