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I think Forrest has said that it could possibly be reversed engineered from the HOB. What do you want --an adorable pancreas? And it alleviates the burden for our government. And if we have any flaw, it's that we make other countries feel bad because our awesomeness is so overwhelming. Evangelical Christians and Mormons. A dense metal and a heavy one. Controversy isn't always bad for our purposes -- when we take a stand and become known for it, there are those who are drawn to us because of it.

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Harvests during this era were the most complete ever made in the area, clearing nearly every accessible tree of every size. The once vast forest of the Allegheny Plateau was almost completely removed, leaving barren hillsides as far as the eye could see. Many large forest landowners in Pennsylvania and other northeastern states simply abandoned the land and moved West in search of new forests.

The land left behind often ended up on delinquent tax rolls, prompting a financial crisis for rural counties. The bare soil and logging slash made floods and wildfires a constant danger. In , the United States Congress passed the Weeks Act , allowing the federal government to buy land in eastern states for the establishment of National Forests.

The Allegheny National Forest was established in The land was so depleted that many residents jokingly called it the "Allegheny Brush-patch". Some worried the forest would never recover. But with low deer populations, a new forest quickly grew.

This forest was different from the previous one because conditions were now different. Shade-tolerant, long-lived trees like hemlock and beech gave way to sun-loving, shorter-lived species like black cherry, which readily germinated on the bare sunny ground. Cherry , red maple , black birch , and sugar maple became common species in the understory. Today many of the Eastern National Forests are primarily second-growth and different in character from National Forests in the West created from huge reserves of largely virgin forest.

In the Allegheny National Forest, the trees are roughly the same age because they started growing about the same time and the Forest Service continues to manage the land through a silvicultural system known as even-aged management—a practice very closely related to clearcutting.

An old-growth forest of hemlock and beech once stretched along northern Pennsylvania, but heavy logging between and left only pockets of that early forest in places like Hearts Content. Since the Forest Service began to manage the Allegheny National Forest in , a different forest of hardwood trees like black cherry that are more valuable as a timber product was established through the use of herbicides and selective fertilizing.

This weeded out the "undesirable" native trees while allowing the black cherry tree to thrive. The Forest Service brought new concepts in forest management to the Allegheny Plateau, multiple benefits and sustainability.

The Organic Act of introduced the National Forest mission: On these lands, seedlings for tomorrow's forest are the focus of forest management activities.

Watersheds are managed to ensure clear water for fisheries like trout and clean drinking water for all. Over time, various laws added other benefits like wilderness, heritage resources and grazing to the original idea of watershed protection and continuous timber. The Multiple-Use Sustained-Yield Act of recognized outdoor recreation, wilderness preservation, and habitat for wildlife and fisheries. The motto "Land of Many Uses" captures the National Forest goal of a healthy, vigorous forest that provides wood products, watershed protection, a variety of wildlife habitats and recreational opportunities, not only for today, but in a sustainable way so future generations can enjoy these benefits, too.

When the Allegheny National Forest was established in , the immediate challenge was nurturing the young trees growing amongst logging slash on the recently cleared hillsides. Because of such heavy logging and mining, wildfires, floods and erosion were a threat. With care and a general absence of overt human interference and manipulation, the forests grew. Since they started growing at roughly the same time, most of the trees in today's second-growth forest on the Allegheny Plateau are the same age 70— years old.

Between and , the young forest grew and evolved from openings to young forest to maturing forest. Each stage in forest development brought different benefits for people, wildlife and plants. Like a community, a forest is healthiest and offers the most benefits if it contains a variety of ages and species of plants and animals.

Young forests offer diverse vegetation like seedlings, saplings, wildflowers and berries. Deer, grouse, songbirds and other wildlife thrive with the abundant food and cover. Rapidly growing trees soak up carbon, add lots of oxygen to the atmosphere, and protect soil. Taller trees shade streams, helping to regulate water temperature for aquatic life. By the s, the forest began to take on an appearance familiar to us today. The older trees provide acorns, cherries, and beech nuts for bear and turkey.

Birds find sites for nests in the leafy tree crowns and plants like trillium prefer the filtered light of the maturing forest. In the s, the Forest Service gradually resumed timber harvesting under strict research-based guidelines to ensure sustainability for future generations. Abundant browse led to a dramatic increase in the deer population, which peaked in the s and again in the late s.

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Aggregated Statistics For Year Based on 92 full and 12 partial tracts. Aggregated Statistics For Year Based on 20 full and 2 partial tracts.

Aggregated Statistics For Year Based on 34 full and 10 partial tracts. Cost of Living Calculator. Alfred Thomas Dwayne R. Nelson 85 Attila Grauzer 67 Roger M. However the final adoption decree was issued in Montrose, CO, No. A by Judge Howard S.

My adoptee birth certificate was issued in Denver on , birth no. Birth father was 25 years old, Birthplace: Birth mother was 21 years old, Birthplace: I was born at 7: Richards Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Russell Adam Johnson City adoption took place: Arapaho County State adoption took place: Blevins Adoptive Fathers Name: Ottie G Johnson Email Address: About 2 years ago I contacted Mr. He told me Mary Jo was from Greeley, Nebraska. I ran ads in the paper and had no luck finding her.

Penrose Hospital Adoption Agency or Attorney: Priscilla Marie Williams City adoption took place: Colorado Springs, CO County adoption took place: Jackson Adoptive Fathers Name: I was put in foster care before adoption Needing medical information Date Received: Weill Adoptee Birth City: Morgan Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Weill Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: Linda Goates Davis City adoption took place: Salt Lake County State adoption took place: Cloyd Denning Goates Email Address: Biological Family, Medical History.

Update I was in foster care for 15 months before my adoption. Marjorie Newland City adoption took place: Pruitt Adoptive Fathers Name: Bob Newland Email Address: Birth mother was Boulder resident, has twin sister plus younger sister and brother, birth mother has repaired hair lip, about 5'3" tall, blue eyes and blonde hair, high school grad, her mother was a grade school teacher and was divorced from alcoholic spouse, her grandparents were strict 7th day Adventists from Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, Birth father from Bonner's Ferry Idaho, blue eyes and blonde hair, about 6' tall.

Update I am 5'3" tall, I have blue eyes and light red hair. Garcia Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: White, Hispanic descent Adoptee Birth Hospital: Desiree Deon Natasha Czarnick City adoption took place: Mannon Adoptive Fathers Name: Bennie Czarnick Email Address: Time of birth Birth mother residence Larimer Count. Birth father 23 years old was 5'7" tall, weight lbs, high school education had been in the army for two years and was doing road construction work. His mother was in her fifties and not employed.

Steven David Haskel City adoption took place: Weinberg Adoptive Fathers Name: Stanley Haskel Email Address: Birth mother maight be from Nebraska Date Received: Potter Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Danny Hofmann City adoption took place: Lamb Adoptive Fathers Name: John Hofmann Email Address: Update Birth mother was 17 at time of birth. She had brown eyes and red hair. Birth father was 18 he had blue eyes and black hair. Birth mother 5' 7" tall, birth father 6' 2" tall.

Funke Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Lori Kemp Riggs City adoption took place: Riverside, CA County adoption took place: Riverside County State adoption took place: Albert Kemp Email Address: I was told my birth mother was a single "professional woman" with no other children at the time. Both were in there early to mid 20's.

I understand it was a common practice to use a false name, so whether "Funke" is real or not, I have no idea. Update Birth mother's name is Mary Louise Funke. She was 25 years old at the time of my birth. Her place of birth was Iowa. My birth father's name was Donald Potts. He was 31 years old at the time of my birth. His place of birth was Oklahoma. Tina Adoptee Birth City: Pueblo County Adoptee Birth State: Brenda Lizette Baker City adoption took place: Lubbock County State adoption took place: Texas Country Adoption took place: Willis Adoptive Fathers Name: Donald Baker Email Address: My brother was adopted with me.

His birth name was David, d. Our mother was very young years old and we lived with our grandmother and it was abusive from what I have found. Our aunt got us to Lubbock and had our mother give up her paternal rights.

I am trying to find our aunt and possible siblings. I am also doing another posting as I am trying to find my son I gave up for adoption. Betty Jones Adoptee Birth City: Korean descent Adoptee Birth Fathers Name: Fitzsimmons Hospital Adoption Agency or Attorney: Lisa Prokop City adoption took place: Healey Adoptive Fathers Name: Andrew Prokop Email Address: Both Birth Parents, Medical History.

Everything about them, where they come from, where they went, when they died and if I have siblings or other family here or overseas. I need to know their health history, I have survived type 2 breast cancer, and although that was not genetic I need to know what is, because of my grandchildren and my son's.

Somehow I think I need to know my identity. Medical Emergency Search Date Received: Jewish descent Name given to Adoptee by Birth Parents: Kellner Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Jewish descent Adoptee Birth Fathers Name: Jewish descent Adoptee Birth Hospital: Plaut Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name: Kane Adoptive Fathers Name: I have my birth mother's family to thank for the information regarding my father-My birth mother was unstable and gave many different stories to many different people regarding my paternity-she was not forthcoming with his identity and the fact is that she may not have known who he was herself-my grandmother seems to think it may have been someone named Ettinger from Maryland when she made a trip there at Ray Klein is listed as my birth father, but he has not been researched yet.

Tami Murphy, search angel, made contact with him in 5-? Phyllis, my birth mother, had falsified her last name to Keller by omitting the letter n in Kellner, changing it to Keller. Ray Klein admitted to knowing her in school, but did not reveal anything else to Tami at that time. I would like to resume the search for my birth father. Due to the fact that my grandmother iis aged, please do not press the Kellner family for information-they have no more to give regarding my birth father.

They emigrated to Israel in the late 60's and are unavailable for the most part. They have no more information regarding my paternity than I do- Ray Klein out of Miami Lakes, Florida, will be of more use than anyone-he may even be my father after all. Tami was going to do further research regarding his relationship with my birth mother. He is married and has a family. I just want to rule out the possibility he is my birth father, and leave no stone unturned.

He was, after all, the key to finding Phyllis R. Kellner-Wucher, my birth mother. Kenton Joel Grabau City adoption took place: Greeley, CO County adoption took place: Weld County State adoption took place: Krach Adoptive Fathers Name: Merton J Grabau Email Address: We have the state of Colorado Cert of vital record date filed was Time of birth was 5: Usual Residence of birth mother was Cheyenne, Wyoming. Gilbert, AZ County adoption took place: Maricopa County State adoption took place: Arizona Country Adoption took place: Rogers Adoptive Fathers Name: Russell Purrington Email Address: Birth mother was from Washington State, went to Denver, Colorado and gave birth through private agency that housed pregnant women.

She was a beautician, aged 23 years old, the youngest of 9 children. Has since married and has two other daughters aged 30 - 34 years old?. Marydonaldson Adoption Agency or Attorney: Deborah Louise Smith City adoption took place: Seattle, WA County adoption took place: King County State adoption took place: Washington Country Adoption took place: Sweetwater County State adoption took place: Southwest Wyoming Country Adoption took place: Edward Evers Email Address: More than 20 years ago, my adoptive mother showed me a letter from the Children's Home Florence Crittenden according to my adoptive Aunt that outlines some information about my birth family.

My adoptive father recently located the letter and sent it to me. My adoptive mother was also adopted, and she found her biological sister when she was in her forties. It was a very emotional reunion, and I hope that if I should find my birth mother and her family that I am as lucky as my adoptive mother was.

The letter indicates that my birth mother was 20, had four siblings all younger than her. She worked as a waitress to put herself through beauty school. Rather than try to paraphrase, the letter states: Evers Our baby was born a girl on Sunday , weight 8 lbs 10 oz and appears to be normal and healthy.

I have tentative plans to go for her Monday the 9th. Here is her history: Her mother is a young woman aged 20, mostly of German descent, a protestant, Graduated from high school and beauty school.

She worked as a waitress to earn her way through beauty school. She has good health, wears glasses for nearsightedness. She is about 5'5" tall, weighs about lbs, ahs dark brown wavy hair, hazel eyes.

She is nice looking except that she has rather prominent teeth and a large mouth. Her the mother's father is living aged He is a ranch hand for a big rancher. He went to high school. He has very poor hearing due to an accident in cildhood.

He is 6'1" tall, slender, with brown hair and hazel eyes. Her mother is living aged She had a high school education and has good health. She is a twin. The couple have four other children: A boy aged 19 who is a student at the university. He is a brilliant boy and won a scholarship. He has good health and wears glasses. He plays in the college band. A boy aged 18 who is a Junior in high school and is a good student and has good health.

A girl aged 5 at home. The Paternal grandfather is living, the paternal grandmother died young. The maternal grandfather is living aged The maternal grandmother died aged There is no history of TB, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, allergy, or malformations. The father's "hard of hear" is the only instance of ear trouble. The girl mother named the father of the baby, a young man about She knew little about him.

He appeared to be American, probably had a high school education. He was in the navy, is a mechanic, his interest is driving cars in the stock car races. He is about 6'3" slender with brown hair. As far as we know his health was OK. He has a father living who probably is a farmer.

His mother died about 10 years ago. He has at least two brothers, one is air force and one in the navy. He left before the mother knew of her pregnancy so he was never told about it. I am sorry that we do not have complete family information about him. Will you call me and let me know if you think this is your baby?

Of course anything can come up to change plans and I will keep in touch with you if it does. If things proceed normally, could you come down Monday the 9th? I would plan to be here soon after noon. F" The signature looks like Ellizabeth Fletcher My birth certificate I have was issued and is signed by registrar's signature H. Connelly Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Nebeker Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Cathy Lynnae Nelson City adoption took place: Green River, WY County adoption took place: Peart Adoptive Fathers Name: Donald Nelson Email Address: Hinz Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Sahotsky Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: German Adoptee Birth Hospital: Wendy Sue Ball City adoption took place: McLellan Adoptive Fathers Name: Leo Raymond Ball Email Address: Birth Father, Medical History, Geneology.

Birth mothers birth year? She was 5'4" tall, wt lbs, eye color hazel blue, hair color brown, complexion fair. Birth fathers birth year? His eye Color hazel blue, hair color light brown, complexion fair. Presbyterian Hospital Adoption Agency or Attorney: Arvada, GA County adoption took place: Georgia Country Adoption took place: Leonard Linder Email Address: Gina Williams City adoption took place: Bartley, NE County adoption took place: Red Willow County State adoption took place: Gerald Burton Email Address: Lee Ann Moreland City adoption took place: Smith Adoptive Fathers Name: Richard Irvin Moreland Email Address: I believe she lived in the Sterling, CO area.

Apparently they did not have to use their real names, so not sure if name on birth certificate is her real name or a pseudonym. Birth mother was 18 years old, and was artistic, liked French and English, birth father was 21 years old and liked to play basketball.

Update Birth mother had blue eyes and blonde hair. I do not know about birth father. I was 5'6" tall, but think I shrunk to 5'4" now. I have blue eyes and blonde hair. Graff Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Unger Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: Caucasian, German nationality Adoptee Birth Hospital: Juvenile court in and for the city and county of Denver Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Wanda Lynn Locke City adoption took place: Bird Adoptive Fathers Name: Everett Wilbur Locke Email Address: I was born at 5: My birth mother was 23 at the time of my birth.

Birth mother born in? Talents and hobbies were Creative crafts, skiing, Mountain climbing. Birth father was born in? Talents and hobbies Art painting , Skin diving. Ceertificate of Approval of placement and setting order for hearing on adoption filed in Juvenile court in Denver CO. Relinquishement in Juvenile Court on the Was place with adoptive parents petitioners by the Fremont county Department of Public Welfare on Update Birth mothers name was Deborah Graff she was born in Michigan.

Birth fathers name was William O. Unger he was born in Pennsylvania. Colorado Springs or Denver, CO? Linda Sue Minkler City adoption took place: Hartness Adoptive Fathers Name: Marvin Duane Minkler Email Address: Birth mother was about 22 years old at the time of birth.

She was born in Iowa and was living in a town outside the Denver, CO area at the time of birth. She was a bookkeeper. Birth father was not in the plans for the future, but was listed as 33 years old and had no health problems.

He was born in Tennessee and was a Coca-Cola deliveryman. However, my birth certificate states Colorado General Hospital in Denver as the place of birth. Delivery was steril, spontaneous, and breech. Date of final relinquishment was Date of adoption placement was Final Decree of Adoption was White, Irish, Native American descent? Carter Adoptee Birth City: Withheld- not on birth cert.

White, Native American descent? Joseph Hospital Adoption Agency or Attorney: Kent Yoder City adoption took place: Langshaw Adoptive Fathers Name: Vernon Eli Yoder Email Address: Birth mother was a music teacher and was 24 years old when she had me.

She had twin siblings that she had to help take care of so that is why she could not keep me. I was told she was 5'2" tall, blue eyes, blond hair. There was a address for her on the birth cert of 33 Clarkson St. It also said she was born in Missouri. I was told the birth father was possibly Italian or Native American, but it says on the bc that he is white but his name is withheld. I was told he was a teacher also and a football coach. I was given to my adoptive parents on but adoption took place on by the state of Colorado with Theodore J.

Soja as the clerk of juvenile court. If you need any info please email me. Thank you very much. My eyes are brown, hair dark brown. Smith Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Rutledge Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: Birth father was serviceman stationed in germany; birth mother was 16 years old at time of birth; adoptee has 4 other living half siblings now all younger than him Date Received: Kirk Gill City adoption took place: James Rogers Gill Email Address: Amenable to contact from birth parents.

Eric Zeiner City adoption took place: San Diego, CA County adoption took place: San Diego County State adoption took place: Hugh Zeiner Email Address: Adopted through Jefferson County.

No other information known. Kurt Adoptee Birth City: Holmgren Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: I am searching for my birth son Update The name I gave the little boy was Kurt. Could Be Scott Dix? Anthony Alan Dix City adoption took place: Robert Dix Email Address: I was told that my birth mother was from Hugo, Co and that she was 12 years old when she had me at a catholic hospital in Denver.

I was also told that I was very sick and spent the first two years of my life in a hospital before I was put in foster care with social services. I don't want to cause anyone pain or disrupt anyone's life, I just want to know the truth about myself and that alone would give me closure and the peace I so desperately need. Swedish, English Adoptee Birth Hospital: Florence Crettenton Adoption Agency or Attorney: State Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Birth -mother and her brother was placed in an Orphanage for a little while until their dad took custody of them.

Her oldest brother was a postal worker. My birth mother was a sales clerk. My birth father's grandermother was a buyer for a shoe store. I have a lot of non-Id info. And more info collected through my search that created more questions. Routt County Adoptee Birth State: Anthony Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: David Wayne Foster City adoption took place: Steamboat Springs, CO County adoption took place: Routt County State adoption took place: Kyner Adoptive Fathers Name: Paul Foster Email Address: Any Birth Family, Medical History.

Janis M Pengarthit City adoption took place: Martinez Adoptive Fathers Name: Located in grand junction Colorado where they resided at the time of my adoption. Shali Dodd Adoptee Birth City: Elbert County Adoptee Birth State: Northern European Adoptee Birth Hospital: Cheryl Snyder City adoption took place: Kiowa, CO County adoption took place: Elbert County State adoption took place: The lawyer in the adoption is not the adoptive father, they just happened to have the same name.

We tried to contact him years ago and were told he never kept any of the information to check Kiowa court house. Kiowa court house told us they had a fire that destroyed all the records. I have advanced advanced lung disease and would like to get health information for my 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

One of my grandaughters and 2 of my daughters also have lung disease any help would be greatly appreciated. I was picked up from the State Service Bldg Birth mothers date of birth birth fathers date of birth Birth father description height 6' tall, weight lbs. Talents and hobbies of birth mother artistic, oil painting, active in sports. Birth father talents, hobbies and occupation won several awards for outstanding performance in the service.

Excellent in athletics, worked for swimming pool company. All of the information I have added in the notes section are on assorted documents that my adoptive parents were given. I have batteled cancer and survived, and my oldest daughter also.

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