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Tale Of Two Dragons. Heart and Slash Endless Dungeon. Path Of The Penguin. Youtubers Life Update v1. The Twilight World Mystery Tales: Pirates Treasure Dream Tech.

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Bakers Pacers - Races - Horse Race Bakers Racers Horse Race Bakers Races - Horse Race Bally A - Money Honey - 5 cent Bally A - 5 cent Bally A - Sahara Bally Deluxe Bell - Console Bally Double Bell Bally Double Bell - 5 cent - 25 cent Bally Draw Bell Bally Draw Bell - 5 cent Bally Draw Bell - Console Bally Golden Gate Double Bally Hi Boy - 5c Bally Hi Boy - Console Bally High Hand - 5c Bally Model Bally Rays Track - Horse Race Bally Rays Track - Horserace console Bally Reliance - similiar to Bones - 5 cent Bally Reliance - 5c Bally Reliance - Dice Machine Bally Reliance - Dice Machine - 5 cent Bally Spark Plug Bally Toem Vertical Slot Bally Triple Bell Bally Wild Lemon Berger Chicago Ridge - Upright Berger Electric Floor Wheel - 5 cent Berger Floor Wheel - Electric Berger Judge - Upright Berger Owl - Upright Berger Upright Floor Wheel - 5 cent Bertmeier Pony - 2 reel with vendor Binks Zipper Skill Blue Bird Sales Blue Bird Blue Bird Sales Try It Brevette Counter Top Roulette Buckley Black Cherry - Dime Buckley Bonanza - 5c Buckley Bones - jackpot - 25c Buckley Bones - 25 cent Buckley Bones - 25c Buckley Bones - 5c Buckley Bones - Dice Machine Buckley Buckley - 25 cent Buckley Chrome Deluxe - 5 cent Buckley Criss Cross Buckley Criss Cross - 10c Buckley Criss Cross - 25 cent Buckley Criss Cross - 25c Buckley Criss Cross - 5 cent Buckley Criss Cross - 50c Buckley Criss Cross - 5c Buckley Criss Cross Delux - 5c Buckley Diamond Front Revamp - 5c Buckley Half Top Buckley Half Top - 25 cent Buckley Half Top - 5 cent Buckley Half Top - Dime Buckley High Top - 10 cent Buckley Long Shot 6 coin - 5c Buckley Puritan Baby Vendor Buckley Track Odds Buckley Track Odds - Horse Race Burnham Cast Iron Gooseneck Burnham Gooseneck - Cast Iron Burnham and Mills Baby Vender Burnham and Mills Play Ball Burtmier Pony - 5c C and F The Baby Grand C and F The Baby Grand - 5c Caille Aristocrat - Counter Roulette Caille Aristocrat - Counter Roulette - 25 cent Caille Ben Hur Caille Ben Hur - 5c Caille Ben Hur - Counter Wheel Caille Big Six - Floor Wheel Caille Big Six - Upright Caille Black Cat Caille Black Cat - Upright Caille Brownie - Counter Top Wheel Caille Bull Frog - Upright Caille Bullfrog - Upright Caille Cadet - 10c Caille Cadet - 25 cent Caille Cadet - 25c Caille Cadet - 5 cent Caille Cadet - 5c Caille Cadet - 5c unique top Caille Cadet - Penny Caille Centaur - Floor Wheel Caille Centaur - Upright Caille Center Pull - Nude Front Caille Center Pull - Victory Caille Century Musical - 5c Caille Century Puck Caille Color Match - Cast Iron Caille Commander - 25c Caille Commander - 5c Caille Console - Commander - Dime Caille Console Wood - 25c Caille Counter Top Wheel - 50c Caille Counter Wheel - Unknown Model Caille Dictator - 10 cent Caille Dictator - 5c Caille Double - Twin Eclipse with music Caille Doug Boy Caille Dough Boy Caille Doughboy - 10c Caille Doughboy - 25c Caille Doughboy - 5 cent Caille Doughboy - 5c Caille Doughboy - Play Boy - 5 cent Caille Eclipse - Double Floor Wheel Caille Eclipse - Floor Wheel Caille Eclipse - Floor Wheel - Music Caille Eclipse - Upright Caille Eclipse with vendor - Floor Wheel Caille Floor Wheel Caille Good Luck - 1c Caille Good Luck - 5c Caille Jumbo Success - with stand Caille La Comete Caille Lone Star - Upright Caille New Century "Puck" Caille New Century Detroit - Upright Caille New Century Musical Puck - 5c Caille Operator Bell - 5c Caille Operator Bell - Cast Iron circa - 5c Caille Operators Bell - Cast Iron Caille Operators Bell - Cast Iron - 5 cent Caille Our Baby - Counter Wheel Caille Penny Ball Gum Vender Caille Play Boy - Dough Boy Caille Playboy - 25c Caille Puck - Floor Wheel Caille Puck - Floor Wheel - 5 cent Caille Puck - Upright Caille Puck - Upright - 5c Caille Roulette - Oak case Nickel Unrestored good condition Caille Roulette - Oak case Quarter Very nice original Caille Roulette - 25c aution ended early - top bid recorded Caille Roulette - Console Caille Roulette - Upright Caille Silver Cup Caille Silver Cup - cast iron - 5 cent Caille Sphinx - 10c Caille Sphinx - 1c Caille Sphinx - 25c Caille Sphinx - 5c Caille Sphinx - Dime Caille Superior - 10c Caille Superior - 1c Caille Superior - 25 cent Caille Superior - 25c Caille Superior - 4 Reels Caille Superior - 5 cent Caille Superior - 5c Caille Superior - Dime Caille Superior - Naked Lady Caille Superior - Nude Front Caille Superior Grand Prize 4 Reel - 5c Caille Superior Gum Vendor - 5 cent Caille Superior Jackpot - 10c Caille Superior Jackpot - 25c Caille Superior Jackpot - 5c Caille Superior Jackpot - 5c unique yellow paint job Caille Superior Naked Lady Caille Superior Naked Lady - 10c Caille Superior Naked Lady - 25 cent Caille Superior Naked Lady - 25c Caille Superior Naked Lady - 5c Caille Three Jackpot Counter Pocket - 5c Caille Tourist - Cast Iron Caille Venus - Floor Wheel Caille Victory - Center Pull Caille Victory - Center Pull mint vender model Caille-Schiemer Bush Bee Chicago Mint Cent-A-Smoke Clawson Carlo Counter Pocket - 5c Clawson Livley Cigar Seller Columbia Standard Cigarette - 5c Columbia Standard Dark Red - 5c Columbia Standard Deluxe - 10c Columbia Standard Deluxe - 25c Columbia Standard Twin Jackpot - 10c Columbia Standard Twin Jackpot - 1c Columbia Standard Twin Jackpot - 25c Columbia Standard Twin Jackpot - 5c Columbia Standard Twin Jackpot Chrome - 10c Columbia Standard Twin Jackpot Chrome - 5c Cooper Cooper - Wood Front - 25 cent Daval Marvel Visibility Daval Smoke Reels Dean Novelty Simplex - 5 cent Eagle Square Deal Evans Bang Tails - Console Evans Casino Bell Sr.

Evans Galloping Dominoes Evans Horse Race - Console Evans Races - Horse Race Evans Races - Horse Race Game - 5 cent Evans Roll-ette - Console Roulette Exhibit Supply Select-Em Exhibit Supply Sweet Sally Fey gooseneck - 25 cent Fey Jennings Fey Conversion Fey Penny Flip Fey Silver Dollor Gooseneck Fey Twin Jackpot Conversion Fey Twin Jackpot Conversion - 10c Novelty Gum Vendor Field Five Jacks Frank Polk Bandit - Hightop - 5 cent Frank Polk Cowboy Frank Polk Miner Gabel Owl Floor Wheel - 5c Gabels Two Bit Dewey Garden City Baby Jack Garden City Bar Boy Garden City Gem Garden City Pair-It Garden City Pick-A-Pack Grand Rapids Slot Machine Eclipse Griswold Wheel of Fortune Groetchen Columbia - 10 cent Groetchen Columbia - 25 cent Groetchen Columbia - 5 cent Groetchen Columbia - 50 cent Groetchen Dandy Vendor Groetchen De Luxe Mercury Groetchen High Stakes Groetchen Little Prince Groetchen Pickes Peak Groetchen Puritan Bell Groetchen Twenty One Groetchen Twin Falls Hoke Baseball - 1 cent machine Hoke Snake - Operators Bell with side vender Iowa High Top - 10 cent Jennings 4 Star Chief Jennings 4 Star Chief - - 2 bits - 25 cent Jennings 4 Star Chief - 10c Jennings 4 Star Chief - 25c Jennings 4 Star Chief - 5 cent Jennings 4 Star Chief - 5c Jennings 4 Star Chief - 5c odd paint Jennings 4 Star Chief - Hunting Scene - 10 cent Jennings 4 Star Chief - Prosperity Award - 5c Jennings Airplane Chief - 25c Jennings Automatic Machine Co - Gooseneck Jennings Automatic Salesman - Gooseneck - 5 cent Jennings Baby Bandit - 5 red Jennings Baby Bandit - 5c Jennings Baby Buckaroo Jennings Baseball - 5 cent Jennings Baseball Today Vender - 5c Jennings Black Hawk - 10c Jennings Bronze Chief Jennings Bronze Chief - 10c Jennings Bronze Chief - 25 cent Jennings Bronze Chief - 25c Jennings Bronze Chief - 5 cent Jennings Buckaroo - 10c Jennings Buckaroo - 25c 60's style yellow Jennings Buckaroo - 25c Nevada Club Jennings Buckaroo - 25c orange Jennings Buckaroo - 5 cent Jennings Buckaroo - 5c Jennings Buckaroo - 5c 60's Style Jennings Buckaroo - 5c red Jennings Buckaroo - Dollar Jennings Bull Durham - 5 cent Jennings Century - 5 cent Jennings Century - Dime Jennings Century - Prosperty Award - 5 cent Jennings Century Improved - 5c Jennings Century Silent Salesman - 5 cent Jennings Century Tripl-Jack - 5 cent Jennings Challenger - 5 cent 10 cent Jennings Challenger - Console Jennings Challenger - Monte Carlo - 5 cent 25 cent Jennings Chief - 5 cent Jennings Chief - Console Jennings Chief - Console - 5c Jennings Chief - Hunting Scene Jennings Chief - Hunting Scene - Jennings Chief Hunting Scene - 10c Jennings Chief Hunting Scene - 5c Jennings Cig-A-Rola - 10c Jennings Cig-A-Rola - c Jennings Cig-A-Rola - 5c Jennings Club - Console Jennings Club Chief Jennings Club Chief Chinese Front Jennings Club Chief Chinese Front - 25 cent Jennings Club Chief Chinese Front - 10 cent Jennings Club Chief Chinese Front - 10c Jennings Club Chief Chinese Front - 25c Jennings Club Chief Chinese Front - 50 cent Jennings Club Chief Chinese Front - 5c red panels Jennings Club Chief - 25 Cent Jennings Club Chief - Chinese Front Jennings Club Chief - Chinese Front - 5 cent Jennings Club Chief - Chinese Front - 50 cent Jennings Club Chief - Sun Chief Jennings Club Chief Console Jennings Club Deluxe - 5c Jennings Club Special Jennings Club Special - 10c Jennings Club Special - 5 cent Jennings Club Special - 5c Jennings Club Special - Quarter Jennings Club Special Console - 5c Jennings Confection Jackpot - 5 cent Jennings Criss Cross Chief - 5c Jennings Diamond J - Gooseneck - side vendor - 5 cent Jennings Dixie Bell Jennings Dixie Bell - 5 cent Jennings Dixie Cherry Bell - 5c Jennings Duchess - Front Vendors - 10c Jennings Duchess - 1c Jennings Duchess - 5 cent Jennings Duchess - 5 cent - 2 column vendor Jennings Duchess - 5 cent mint vendor Jennings Duchess - 5c Jennings Duchess - Dime - Damaged Jennings Duchess - gumball vender - 5c Jennings Duchess - Gumball Vendor - Penny Jennings Duchess - Penny Gumball Jennings Dutch Boy Jennings Dutch Boy - 10c Jennings Dutch Boy - 25 cent Jennings Dutch Boy - 25c Jennings Dutch Boy - 25c odd paint Jennings Dutch Boy - 5 cent Jennings Dutch Boy - 5c Jennings Dutch Boy - Blue Boy - 10 cent Jennings Dutch Boy - Blue Boy - 5 cent Jennings Dutch Boy - Dutch Girl - 5 cent Jennings Dutch Boy - Mints of Quality - 5c Jennings Dutch Boy - Mints of Quality - with side vender - 5 cent Jennings Dutch Boy - Nickel Jennings Dutch Boy - Operator Bell - 25c Jennings Dutch Boy - Revamp Nickel Jennings Dutch Boy - side vendor - 5 cent Jennings Dutchess - 10c Jennings Dutchess - 1c Jennings Dutchess - 5c Jennings Electrovendor - 5c Jennings Export Chief Jennings Export Chief - 10 cent Jennings Export Chief - 25 cent Jennings Export Chief - 25c Jennings Export Chief - 5c Jennings Export Chief - dime Jennings Export Chief - Dollar Jennings Export Chief - Solid Front- 25c Jennings Four Star Chief - 5 cent Jennings Golden Nugget - Dollar Jennings Golden Nugget Standard Chief - 25c Jennings Golf Ball Jennings Golf Ball - Sportsman Jennings Golf-A-Rola - 25c Jennings Gooseneck - 5 cent Jennings Gooseneck - two column vender - 5 cent Jennings Gooseneck Dual Front Vendors Jennings Governor - 10 cent Jennings Governor - 10c Jennings Governor - 25c Jennings Governor - 25c Europen Jennings Governor - 5c Jennings Governor - dime Jennings Governor - Penny Jennings Governor - Quarter - Console Jennings Governor - Sun Chief - 25 cent Jennings Governor - Sun Chief - 5 cent Jennings Governor - Tic Tac Toe - 6 pence Jennings Governor Bingo Belle - 25 cent Jennings Hunting Scene Chief Jennings Hunting Scene Chief - Dime Jennings Hunting Scene Chief - Dollar Jennings Hunting Scene Chief - 1 Star Jennings Hunting Scene Chief - 10 cent Jennings Hunting Scene Chief - 25 cent Jennings Little Duke Jennings Little Duke - L.

Jennings Little Duke - 1 cent with vendor Jennings Little Duke - 1c type not ID'd Jennings Little Duke - 5 cent Jennings Little Duke - 50 cent Jennings Little Duke - has side vender Jennings Little Duke - Penny Jennings Little Duke - penny Jennings Little Duke - Rare side mint vendor Jennings Little Duke - Side Vendor Jennings Little Duke Cabinet Only Jennings Little Duke with side vender Jennings Little Merchant Jennings Mints of Quality Jennings Mints of Quality - Gooseneck - 5 cent Jennings Mints of Quality - with side vendor Jennings Model B - Gooseneck - 5 cent Jennings Modern Vender - 5c Jennings Modern Vender - 5c missing top mech Jennings Modern Vendor Jennings Nevada Club Jennings Nevada Club - 25 cent Jennings Nevada Club - Sun Chief Jennings Nevada Club Olympic Special - 25c Jennings One Star Chief - 5c Jennings Operator Bell - 10c Jennings Operator Bell - 25c Jennings Operator Bell - 5c Jennings Operator Bell - quarter Jennings Operator Bell Case Only - 25c Jennings Operator Bell Roberts Revamp - 10c Jennings Operators Bell - 5 cent Jennings Operators Bell - 5 cent - Gooseneck Jennings Pace Revamp Front - 5c Jennings Pace Revamp Jak Pot - 10c Jennings Peacock - 5 cent Jennings Peacock - 50 cent Jennings Peacock - 50c Jennings Peacock - 5c Jennings Peacock Gooseneck - 25c complete in pieces Jennings Poinsettia Revamp - 5c Jennings Prospector - 25c Jennings Prospector - 5 cent Jennings Prospector - Console Jennings Prospector - Nevada Club - 5c Jennings Rainbow 5 Jacks - 1c Jennings Red Skin - 10c Jennings Roberts Novelity Revamp - 25c Jennings Roberts Revamp Jennings Rock-Ola - Revamp - 5c Jennings Rock-Ola Conversion Front Jennings Rockola - Revamp 's - 5c Jennings Silver Chief Jennings Silver Chief - 10 cent Jennings Silver Chief - 10c Jennings Silver Chief - 5 cent Jennings Silver Chief - 5c Jennings Silver Chief - 5c case powder coated Jennings Silver Chief - Console - 25c Jennings Silver Club - 10c Jennings Silver Club - 5 cent Jennings Silver Moon Jennings Silver Moon - 10c Jennings Silver Moon - 25 cent Jennings Silver Moon - 5 cent Jennings Silver Moon - 50c Jennings Silver Moon - 5c Jennings Silver Moon - Nickel Jennings Silver Moon club - 5 cent Jennings Silver Moon Club - 5c Jennings Silver Moon Console - 5 cent Jennings Special Chief - 10c Jennings Sportsman Improved Pinball Slot Jennings Standard Chief Jennings Standard Chief - Flamingo - 25 cent Jennings Standard Chief - - 25c Jennings Standard Chief - 10 cent Jennings Standard Chief - 10c Jennings Standard Chief - 25 cent Jennings Standard Chief - 25c Jennings Standard Chief - 5 cent Jennings Standard Chief - 50 cent Jennings Standard Chief - 50c Jennings Standard Chief - 5c Jennings Standard Chief - 5c China Club Jennings Standard Chief - Club Chief - 50 cent Jennings Standard Chief - Dollar Jennings Standard Chief - Nevada Club Jennings Standard Chief - Quarter Jennings Standard Chief Golden Nugget Jennings Star - Sun Chief Jennings Star chief Jennings Star Chief - 25 cent Jennings Star Chief - 25c Hacienda Jennings Sun Chief Jennings Sun Chief - 10c Jennings Sun Chief - 10c orange Jennings Sun Chief - 25 cent Jennings Sun Chief - 25c Jennings Sun Chief - 25c 60's style Jennings Sun Chief - 25c Nevada Club Jennings Sun Chief - 25c red Jennings Sun Chief - 25c yellow Jennings Sun Chief - 5 Cent Jennings Sun Chief - 5 cent Jennings Sun Chief - 50 cent Jennings Sun Chief - 50c red Jennings Sun Chief - 5c Jennings Sun Chief - 5c clear Jennings Sun Chief - 5c red Jennings Sun Chief - 5c yellow Jennings Sun Chief - - 25c Jennings Sun Chief - Bingo Bell 60's - 10c Get 3 or more Painting symbols on the reels to trigger the "Caught in the Museum" bonus round.

With incredible graphics, ways to win, and a never-ending series of unique bonus features along the Grail Bonus Quest, it's one of the most exciting and ambitious online slot games ever. A magical tale of hidden identities, Mirror Magic is a fantastic 5-reel, payline slot game from Genesis Gaming.

The game offers huge number of winning combinations 57! There are 5 reels and 25 paylines, as well as the progressive jackpot and a plenty of winning opportunities in this magical world of Oz. The 2 main features of the slot game are the randomly triggered the Grendel Attack, and the fight between Beowulf and the Dragon in the Free Spins bonus game. Get 3 or more Scatter symbols in any position on the reels to win Free Games. Hit 3 Bonus Criminal symbols anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5 to trigger the Line-Up Bonus game where you'll try and guess the felon, who has committed a crime.

The game has Wild Neptune and Scatter Mermaid symbols to increase your chances of winning. The free spins can be re-triggered during free spin round and Bonus game can also be activated during free spins. In the Treasure bonus game you choose objects from 12 possible to give you the highest bonus win amounts. Behind each object is a random value. The number of Treasure Bonus symbols displayed to activate the bonus game indicates how many objects you can choose in this bonus game.

This payline slot game will have you waving your magic wand around and turning ordinary objects to gold as you recite spell after spell. Hitting double Book of Spells scatters sends you into feature game mode where you'll get to play one of 5 special games!

If a wild icon appears above a zombie, it'll leak toxic waste over it and turn every zombie of the same type into a wild. Help Max reunite with Claire who's gone missing but avoid any lurking zombies who want to eat your brain. The Rose is the wild symbol and the most rewarding symbol that delivers top jackpot of 2,x your bet. Bonus feature is triggered when 3 or more Pinata symbols appear anywhere on the reels. Break up to 4 Pinatas in each bonus round 1 to 3 to reveal cash prizes up to x.

In the Bonus Game you'll spin the "Crazy Wheel" to find your number of free spins with prize multipliers. Play this exciting slot for free instant version or for real cash download the software. Pure Platinum Microgaming Bonus Feature Game - Preview Image Those people who do not have any specific knowledge in chemistry are familiar with the 3 precious metals - gold, silver and platinum.

Here platinum takes the stage - Microgaming has used this metal for creating its new online slot game Pure Platinum. It seems like all of the symbols of this slot are made of platinum. The scatter icon is shaped like a pure platinum plate. Snap Cayetano Gaming Bonus Feature Game - Preview Image Snap sot machine is unique game with the record number of reels and "paylines" - you have 15 reels and ways to win on each spin!

Any 3 same number cards connecting trigger a win AND additional free spins. There are 15 singular reels, each one is spinning separately from others. All wins re-spin for a chance to connect more cards and win more. The graphics and features are simply amazing, you will travel across the globe trying to find parts of the legendary sword while collecting cash prizes. Brave souls, always exploring new frontiers Vikings will help you win big on this interactive slot game. Asian Beauty Microgaming Bonus Feature Game - Preview Image Asian Beauty slot is worth trying if you are fond of online pub-style fruit machines, because it brings together a number of captivating princesses and bonus features, offering you ways to win on 5 reels.

Surround Yourself with the Asian Beauty! This Microgaming free slot boasts excellent graphics, cute pictures of mysterious beauties of the tender oriental world, and astonishing sounds.

The game is based on the famous fairytale where a beautiful young girl gets romantically involved with the beast, only to find later the Prince within. The pace of the Cricket Star slot is just outstanding because it's very fast.

It has ways to win and free spins that significantly increase the chances of winning. Includes Wild symbol, Scatter symbol and bonus feature. Bonus feature is triggered when 3 or more Dollar Sign symbols appear All symbols pay left to right except Dollar Sign which pays any Bonus Feature: Player picks from 8 Dollar Signs, winning prizes up to 1,x the trigger bet on each pick Picks continue until all 8 cash prizes have been revealed See Pay-Table and Rules in game for complete game rules.

If you're a frog in the jungle you're both. Keep your frog safe in the tropical rain forests, away from the crocs but on close enough to the yummy dragonfly's and you can win a water lily bonus and get the chance to reach your elusive female companion. Gullivers Travels Cryptologic Bonus Feature Game - Preview Image Gulliver survived a spectacular shipwreck and was washed ashore the land of Lilliput, where inhabitants made him a prisoner.

The land of Lilliput will enchant you with its magical Mega Lines feature that switch your game from 20 paylines to a gigantic 40 payline slot, with up to ways to win. This gaming machine boasts a wild, a scatter symbol, Tatoo Bonus Feature and free spins. However, the most intriguing thing in this game is the fact that you can re-spin each reel at a certain cost. Jason and the Golden Fleece, 5 reel, Ways-to-Win slot is based on the ancient myth about Jason, who collected a team of brave adventurers to embark on a search for the Golden Fleece.

Feel like a part of the squad, fighting the enemies and avoiding the dangers, to get to the ultimate prize. It's something crazy and unbelievable, but it is real and absolutely possible! So, don't waste any moment and try to hit one of the 4 Jackpots.

Secret Santa has also a Bonus that is randomly triggered and awards one of 7 Mystery Features plus '5 of a Kind Again'. This funny slot has a bunch of bonus features and free spins. Batman and Joker appear on the reels to award a variety of features and prizes for you. You can even win one of the 4 progressive jackpots.

Earn up to 15 free spins and experience even bigger wins with expanding wilds in this mummifying slot game! The Pyramid of Ramesses is a new 5 Reel slot with 25 paylines, free spins, Pyramid Bonus and progressive jackpots at 4 levels. The game features 2 different Wilds, up to 13 retriggering Free Spins with triple Multipliers, a generous interactive Bonus and a valuable Scatter feature.

Two bonus rounds and exciting free spins will add a lot of coins to your bankroll. Spin the reel of this brand-new line video slot - try our free demo. Spin the reels of this great slot and win highest jackpot of 10, coins per line or activate 20 free spins with double payoffs.

You can even control when the reels stop - try Skill Stop Feature. Based on the blockbuster Hollywood film, Iron Man 3 brings you all the action and adventure you need in a flash!

Tony Stark is forced to build an armored suit after a life-threatening incident, and he decides to use its technology to fight against evil. Use his superhero powers to win big! On trigger of the Bonus Choice, claim up to 30 Free Spins with up to 5x multiplier OR strike it lucky in the Koi Bonus with a selection of between 3 to 6 koi and the chance of extra picks offering even more wins.

Win even more money with the unique Superspin feature. You'll collect coins and win big with up to 10x prize multipliers. Pretty Kitty Microgaming Bonus Feature Game - Preview Image This is a fantastic online slot made by Microgaming for the people who want not only to have fun but also to make real cash when playing. The game has 5 reels, winning ways, and numerous features and symbols to benefit from. There are also various posh cats that wear expensive jewels which are dazzling.

The game features 2 bonus rounds, free spins, and a multiplier feature. This slot has the same 5 reel and 25 payline format and offers various popular feature, you loved in the previous versions. Sugar Pop Betsoft Gaming Bonus Feature Game - Preview Image Sugar Pop is a crescendo of multi-shaped candies whose Barbie style colour scheme might make you think for a moment that you are in a first grade girls' version of Tetris rather than a top online casino.

Collect groups of 3 or more adjacent identical symbols and watch as they explode to bring you even more candies and possible extra wins. Alaskan Fishing Microgaming Bonus Feature Game - Preview Image Catch the hottest online slot today and net big winnings through a range of cool bonus features of the Alaskan Fishing slot machine. Forget paylines - enjoy different ways to win over 5 reels.

Go fly fishing for bonus wins with the angler symbol on reels 1 and 5. Bomb and win one of 5 progressive Jackpots! Microgaming has produced one more slot machine based on North America's nature, and mainly on the symbolic birds of this country, eagles. See the amazing landscapes that looks really impressive, almost real, due to the eye-catching graphic design and superb sound effects.

Frog Grog Thunderkick Bonus Feature Game - Preview Image Enter a mysterious lab and make potions that could bring you magical wins in this 5-reel, payline slot machine by Thunderkick!

With a little knowledge of alchemistry and, perhaps, a little magic you will create pure gold while spinning the reels of this enchanting game with Dropping Symbols, Multipliers and Mystery Games! Fun Fair Cayetano Gaming Bonus Feature Game - Preview Image Fun Fair is a fantastic payline slot machine game with peppy fair music, incredible graphics and 6 bonus games including the free spins round and 5 fair games that pay out big rewards.

Get 3 or more Hosts on the reels to get 20 free spins. Girls With Guns Jungle Heat Microgaming Bonus Feature Game - Preview Image Based on an action adventure, promoting all girl power, Girls with Guns - Jungle Heat, is the new Microgaming video slot, which includes all the amazing features introduced in the Lord of the Rings - fellowship of the Ring slot game, again promising to deliver hours of entertaining game play. This luxurious game is made by Microgaming for a gaming experience that will make these dreams come true.

You'll enjoy Highest Class Bonuses and top payouts. Themed Bonus symbol activates the Ice Run Bonus round.

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