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In later years on many occasions, boy scouts and scout leaders camping in the area during the fall have heard a small voice singing in the dense aspen groves directly to the east of the old abandoned railroad bed. Petaluma boasts 7 hotels, 2 banks, 2 breweries, 27 saloons, 10 doctors, 18 school teachers, 8 lawyersand 7 clergymen. In the bathroom behind the stage, you can hear laughing, and crying in the bathroom stalls. Knockings in the series have been heard. Northwestern Pacific Railroad created as partnership between Southern Pacific and Santa Fe, excels inhandling freight traffic; SP becomes sole owner in Tinseltown 17 State Hwy. It's painted green and it seems to that it's young child but that this child was very unhappy because the feeling in that room is very oppressive.


Folk Federation of Tasmania Inc.

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More wandering We've spent the spring, summer, and fall centered around Flagstaff, where The Cousins live. It's been a lovely organizing principle, but now staying warm trumps family, and we've slipped off like a strapless prom dress. Tonight we're on the other side of Phoenix. A man my age held up a sign at a stop: Nin Guidotti spends 23 years on the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors,modernizing the board and winning friends and enemies before retiring in Farms total 5, in , increase to 6, in ; number ofchickens: Petaluma voters approve funds for new DSt.

Catholic priest Charlie Phillips of Sebastopol works to mediatetensions. Arrigonis set up their own market in , introducting area to Italianfood specialities. More than 2,show up to support him. Judge Hilliard Comstock temporarily halts bank action. Case wins a reprieve but otherfarmers face foreclosure action.

Italian Swiss Colony holds huge party to celebrate end of era; numberof wineries down to 70; decline carries into the s. Disguise's colts become major winner for the Rosseter stable. Opening enrollment was , leaving Analy with 1, students. He isconvicted and dies in San Quentin Prison. Poultry, dairying lead the way. Patteson punchesone striker in the face in his office. Farmer-dominated jury quickly acquits the accused. Nin Guidotti serves 22 years on the county board ofsupervisors between and , becomes board power.

Project expectedto expand county economy. College ice hockey team draws large crowd, beats college teams, playing atGrace Bros. Brewery site in In , Benedetti's Leghorn team scores points in 12 games. Clover-Stornetta introduces "Clo the Cow" billboard advertising. Winery more than years old.

Joseph Church holds barbecue, which becomes annual community event. High school andshopping center named in his honor. His team is No. Japanese-American volunteers join famed nd Regimental Combat Team. Dismissal deferred, but she resigns at the end of the school year. Finley dies; in , Bill Townes is hired to modernize paper, increase circulation. Army leases Petaluma fairgrounds for duration of the war. Navy sets up auxiliary air station in Cotati for aircraft carrier landing practice.

Other troops assignedaround city, county. Four-day riot put down in March, Localfarmers hire POWs to work in the fields, helping solve wartime labor shortage. There is no damage. Finley, joins Press Democrat staff. As publisher he sells paper to NewYork Times in , does major philanthropic work in community, focusing on music, art and education, includingFinley Center, Luther Burbank Center for the Arts and Sonoma State University.

Teamcontinues with full seasons through The death halts work on Villa Chanticlerc resort near Healdsburg, allegedly acenter of gangster influence. Red Tauzer, early coach of Santa Rosa Jr.

College sports teams, and major supporter of the school,replaces Herbert Slater as state senator. Al Quinleyalso operates Petaluma Drive-In. Volkerts editoriallybacks pro-dam votes in and House of Representatives, serves 5 terms. College board cancels speech by Washington State teacherfired as alleged Communist.

Robert Quinn hails drop in TB deaths to 12 as major improvement. Cold War heats up, residents build backyard bomb shelters. As promotion, he builds one home in Montgomery Village area in less than 4hours. Codding Enterprises becomes largest real estate firm north of San Francisco. Ralph Stone and Elie Destruel. Mortgage banker and financier Trione invests in timber and wine and contributesto community causes, including creation of Annadel State Park and Burbank Center for the Arts.

He operatesGeyser Peak Winery until Keegan serves as Santa Rosa School Board member, fund-raiser for many causes. Bob Trowbridge builds canoe rental fleet on the Russian River and reigns as "Mr. Democrat,"building influence of party in second half of the 20th century.

Major products are thin-film coatings andpigments that make ink counterfeit-proof. College wins state baseballchampionship.

First phase of newRohnert Park community starts in Brown brings in talented young artists for localaudience. In , he becomes appeals court judge, noted foropinions on Bill of Rights issues.

Schulz, creator of Peanuts strip, moves to Sebastopol and later Santa Rosa, builds Redwood Empire Ice Arena, holds annual senior ice hockey tournament. Strip is read by estimated millionpeople. Main goal is jobs and other types of training for the poor. Ambrose Nichols serves as president until Students from SSC create demand for living space inconverted Cotati chicken houses. Musician Lou Gottlieb opens Morningstar Ranch westof Sebastopol; others flock to Wheeler Ranch and turn summer cabins into year-around residences.

Gay groupsalso move into west county. By , population reaches 40, Joseph's Catholic Church looks out on Hwy. Plans call for 5,acre planned community. Environmentalists battleSea Ranch developers over beach access. Coastal Commission created and access compromise is worked outearly in the s.

The project is annexed to the city of Santa Rosa. She becomes county supervisor in , dies in Two young councilmen later hatch plot to steal marijuana from the city'sevidence locker, which ends in their resignations. Run ends 40 years later in Resort dates back to s.

In the end, Sea Ranch construction is ruled exempt from control of the commission, but thepublic is allowed five access trails to the beach.

Fellow environmentalist Chuck Hinkle elected to Board of Supervisors. Citywins case in U. Price per gallon jumps from 39 to 63 cents for a time. Fence is up for 2 weeks in District Court rules Petaluma slow growth plan unconstitutional.

Many locals snag roles in the film. Wilson publish Women Artists. Several police go on permanent disability as a result ofinjuries incurred during the event.

Hospital opens in , with health careworkers at the facility. Population in , totaling 1,,rises to 13, in early s and to 27, by Unique town center spurs growth. With holdings in theU. Thirty new wineries operate in county. Money manipulation,shootings and prison sentences spice up the deal. A decade later, public radio station isadded. Over 10 years, Santa Rosa jumps from 50, to 83,; Petaluma 33,,Sonoma Valley hits 40,, double Rifo dies in , age With fundinghelp from 24 leading citizens; arts center opens Nov.

Inspite of breast cancer diagnosis, she serves 8 years on Council, including 2 terms as mayor. Eventually, some 15 telecom equipment manufacturing companies come to the county. Brother Don, a State Assemblyman, takes over. Milk led from , replacing eggs. Barnes and Noble bookstore savesbuilding from destruction in He is sentenced to death. Richard and Saralee Kunde build county'simage as a prestige growing area in the Sonoma Valley. Congress, wins seat in U. Fisher, living at Bouverie Ranch for 23 years, dies at Richard Allen Davis arrested; Polly's father Marc Klaas becomes advocate for better protection of children.

And the Band Played On: People, Politics and the Aids Experience. Earlier theories included possibility of arson.

Jobless rate only 3. Patrick Ziemann resigns after facing sexual assault charges from another priest. High-pay hightech money fuels the upswing. Agilent announces major cutbacks and several companies shutSonoma County offices. He worked to curb coastal development, stopthe building of Warm Springs Dam and put more "environmental candidates" in public office.

His sister MaryAnn takes over the operation with husband Richard Cuneo. Santa Rosan LeviLeipheimer wins event in Joseph Memorial Hospital at 2, andKaiser Permanente at 2, Sources claim marijuana, although illegal, is California's largest revenue-producing crop.

Exchange Bank suffers its first losing year in a half century, mainly due to home constructionloans and real estate activities. As year nears end, county unemployment is Sonoma State University wrestles with problems caused bymillions of dollars in loans made by the university's Foundation to local land owners, including Carinalli. Her book is titled Not Lost Forever. Codding and his wife Ruby Jewell Codding gave critical moral and financial support to the founders of theSonoma County Historical Society.

Coffee, 76, a longtime civil rights leader and pastor of the Community Baptist Church, diesin April at age By the end of the year, the county unemployment rate is 9. He was also a racehorse owner and breeder. Opening program at the center is scheduled for September, County leaders pledge to overhaul the system.

The toll of North Coast soldiers killed in combat since rises to Funding problems force closure of the year-old Catholic facility. Unemployment rate drops to 7. Windsor is the fastest growing area in the county, ahead of Santa Rosa. The pavilion is planned as a permanent, all-weather tent structure on the east side of the concert hall.

The coming of the complex was 15 years in the making. Some 3, attend the first performance. In October, he receives a six-month suspension from professional racing and is required to forfeit most of his results from to , including a third place finish in the Tour de France in Leipheimer founded the popular GranFondo fundraiser ride which attracted 7, cyclists to Sonoma County in The Times maintained ownership of the Press Democrat for 26 years after buying it from the Finley family in Some 20, join in a welcome-home parade in September.

San Rafael Democrat Jared Huffman is voted into office to replace her. Sonoma County wineries crush more than tons of grapes, a 60 percent increase from The total in is 59, July jobless figure is 7. Health care, hospitality and business services help strengthen the economy. The business had been in operation for 80 years. At , square feet, it is the most expensive private development project in Sonoma County History. The deputy shot Lopez after he spotted the boy walking down a street with a BB gun designed to look like an AK assault rifle.

Previous low was Kenwood Winery was founded in More than people seek treatment in Napa but there are no fatalities. Most damage in Sonoma County occurs at wineries. Policy is implemented because of environmental concerns about heavy use of plastic bags. Grocers and retailers are required to charge 10 cents for each paper bag they provide customers. Petaluma and Healdsburg face major flooding and many roads are closed. Cazadero, Cloverdale, Guerneville, Healdsburg and Santa Rosa all record five inches or more of rain over a hour period.

Its 2,l workers make the second largest employer in Sonoma County. Census Bureau reports that Sonoma County population reached , in , surpassing the half-million mark for the first time. The wine industry continues to expand in Sonoma County as fears grow over events that create crowded highways and bring fear of environmental damage.

It destroys almost 2, structures and burns an area nearly five times the size of San Francisco. Get Tickets to the Next Event Tickets. Copyright Sonoma County Historical Society - Over thousands of years, Pomo, Wappo, Miwok tribes settle in villages in a land of abundance; Pomos known for basket-weaving skills. Bartolome Ferrelo assumes command of two-ship Portuguese expedition after the death of Juan Rodriguez de Cabrillo, sails north near Cape Mendocino, then follows California coast south to Navidad, Mexico.

On a return trip from the Philippines, Spaniard Francisco Gali sights land in the vicinity of Cape Mendocino while searching Pacific coastline for a port. Returning from the Philippines, Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno, commanding the galleon San Augustin, surveys the Pacific coast, spotting land north of Cape Mendocino and a large bay, present-day Drake's Bay, farthersouth. Sebastian Viscaino explores Pacific coast with four ships and, in spite of sickness and storms, passes Drake's Bay and spots Cape Mendocino.

Ensign Juan Perez sails past the Sonoma Coast in August on way to Monterey to seek medical help for his scurvy-stricken crew. Santa Rosa is apparently named following baptisms on the feast day of St.

Mariano Vallejo, "the last of the Conquistadores," arrives, becomes dominant landholder and political leader through most of the 19th century, with up to 50, head of cattle; first home built on Petaluma Rancho ; Vallejo leads assaults, takes control over rebellious Indians in s; creates a pueblo with a large plaza in Sonoma in Sonoma Mission becomes major agricultural center, horned cattle, horses, 4, sheep, 3, bushels of grain.

Maria Ignacia Lopez Carrillo builds first permanent residence in Santa Rosa valley, settles near son-in-law Vallejo on Rancho Cabeza de Santa Rosa, the only woman to be directly given a Mexican land grant. Population of Sotoyome and other bands of Indians depleted by smallpox in s and s.

Cyrus Alexander settles on land north of Healdsburg in the valley that bears his name. Diseases, other factors drop Native-American population from 8, in s to in Russians return to homeland from Fort Ross colony, selling to Capt. Steamers from San Francisco dock south of Petaluma; stagecoaches carry riders overland as far as the Geysers. Joaquin Carrillo is first settler in Analy township, residing in what is now Sebastopol. Defying Mexican rule, American frontiersmen stage the Bear Flag revolt with an attack on the city of Sonoma.

Mexican War begins, ending in victory for Americans; Sonoma remains a military post, manned by First New York volunteers. Donner Party wagon train trapped in Sierra snow amid charges of cannibalism. A group of U. Geysers Canyon, with boiling minerals and steam power, is discovered by trapper W. Levi Slusser arrives in Russian River township, builds spacious home.

Hunters set up winter camp on Petaluma Creek, provide game for urban areas; trading post, towndevelop. Stagecoaches expand operations, run routes to Gualala and Cloverdale. As California is admitted as 31st state, settlers move into Sonoma County--"land wars" intensify between landowners and squatters.

Potatoes are dominant crop. Water access to San Francisco, potato warehouses and grain mills give Petaluma reputation as the county's "market town.

Civil War hero Gen. Split over slavery causes construction of two Methodist churches in Healdsburg, "North" and "South.

Settlers set up commercial center east of Healdsburg-Santa Rosa road. Pomo Indians rounded up, forcibly removed to reservations in Mendocino and Round Valley.

Josefa Carrillo de Fitch brings her family to Healdsburg to live; sells land at auction in Sonoma selected as county seat until Sonoma Bulletin in Sonoma is believed to be county's first newspaper some sources date its opening as Henry Bell, carpenter, farmer, merchant, dairyman and undertaker, arrives in Windsor.

Prewett or Shiloh School is built with John Prewett teaching in log structure. Cloverdale trading post expands in town and rail terminus; Geysers Resort Hotel constructed.

Potatoes are leading agricultural product but overproduction causes price fluctuations. Petaluma Journal, owned by Thomas L. Sebastopol, originally called Pine Grove, founded by J. First "county fair," a one-day event, is held in front of the courthouse in Santa Rosa. Rawena Granice Steele, state's first woman novelist and frequent visitor to Sonoma, begins literarycareer. Hungarian nobleman Count Agoston Haraszthy brings cuttings of European varietal grape vines toSonoma, creating wine industry.

Sonoma Democrat prints first issue in Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa boasts horse racing track; covered grandstand added in William Thomas Ross grows fruit and hops on one of the first farms near Forestville. First volunteer fire department forms in Santa Rosa, fails; new hook and ladder brigade forms in Washoe House opens north of Petaluma as a stage stop offering food and lodging. Serious conflict avoided as Sonoma supporters of squatters face off against Bodega group led by landowner Tyler Curtis in so-called "Bodega War.

Cornerstone laid for two-story brick schoolhouse at 5th and B Sts. Large landholders Hollis Hitchcock and Tom Hopper become major county financiers. Petaluma's Emmett Rifles militia supposedly marches on Santa Rosa but stops halfway at the WashoeHouse for "refreshments," then goes back to Petaluma.

Petaluma Temperance leader Lorenzo Waugh travels to tell of evils of alcoholic beverages. Thomas Heald, George Guerne harvest redwoods, begin lumber operations at Guerneville. Quicksilver mining is sporadically successful in Russian River and Pine Flat areas through much of the19th century.

Excluding Sonoma Mission, St. Robert Cunningham acquires large land holdings in west Windsor, builds historic house. Driver Clark Foss leads first double team horse and buggy over perilous road to the Geysers in northeastcounty. Effort to dispossess squatter Cornelius Rice in Healdsburg leaves one dead; sheriff Campbell killed inseparate struggle. McNears build riverside warehouse in Petaluma, biggest in state; family also has major interest inbanking.

Biggest lower Russian River mill started in Guerneville by J. Mark Twain lectures in Petaluma; Mr. McCaughey Brothers open general store in Bodega; doors close years later in Squatters build shanties on Courthouse Square land in Santa Rosa 2nd effort follows in Stagecoach robberies occur regularly for 20 years, including four or more in Sonoma County bylegendary poet-robber Black Bart.

Grain crop production hits peak; supply of tan oak trees triggers growth of leather glove industry. Silas Ingrams open resort for hunters in Cazadero area. Continental Hotel, originally built in Chile, reassembled in downtown Petaluma; destroyed by fire in Sonoma 6th most populous county in California, larger than Los Angeles. Petaluma boasts 7 hotels, 2 banks, 2 breweries, 27 saloons, 10 doctors, 18 school teachers, 8 lawyersand 7 clergymen. First Baptist Church is built from one tree, a redwood donated by a Guerneville lumberman.

Bodega's Potter School opens, operates until , serving as setting for Alfred Hitchcock movie thrillerThe Birds, released in Settlement of Mercuryville founded as miners seek finds in area northwest of Healdsburg. Innovative horticulturalist Luther Burbank arrives, sets up experimental gardens in Santa Rosa. Conflict of neighbors near Windsor leads to shotgun killing of James Rowland by Charles Henley May 9; men participate in lynching of Henley June County boasts between 43 and 60 churches, more than any other county except San Francisco.

Forestville boasts first manufacturing plant in county, the chair factory of Isaac Sullivan. Lyman Byce and Isaac Dias invent artificial egg incubator, lay groundwork for poultry industry in southernSonoma County. Major flooding occurs on Lower Russian River, cresting at record 41 feet, 11 inches. With influx of Italian workers, stones from Annadel and other quarries are used in street paving andconstruction projects, including St. Santa Rosa becomes major shipping center, moving livestock, fruit, hops and paving rocks from local quarries.

Madame Preston dispenses physical and spiritual remedies, maintains colony near Cloverdale until herdeath in Newspaper reports claim Petaluma has one bar for every 15 voters; WCTU, other groups criticize easy access to "tangle-leg" and "red-eye. Giuseppe and Pietro Simi of Healdsburg produce large quantities of wine for the San Francisco market. Santa Rosa fields football team at Pacific Methodist College early in the decade.

Harrison Mecham believed to have planted more than 90, eucalyptus trees on his property nearPetaluma. Fear of Chinese immigrants grow, although numbers are small in Santa Rosa in General Sherman and ex-President Rutherford B.

Hallberg family arrives in county, plays role in apple processing for many years, including canning ofapplesauce in s. Korbel begins winemaking in west county, with output of 20, to 30, gallons a year. Steamer Gold carries freight, passengers between San Francisco and Petaluma until it burns in Anteeo, a trotting stallion owned by breeder Isaac DeTurk, wins race, becomes valuable stud.

Anti-Chinese League seeks removal of Chinese from Santa Rosa; "white laundries" set up, opium densraided. Shooting deaths of Jesse Wickersham and wife at home west of Healdsburg blamed on missing Chinesecook, inflaming anti-Oriental sentiment.

Frances McCaughey Martin becomes first female school superintendent in county; Minnie Coulter issecond in Healdsburg public high school opens, graduates eight girls and one boy in John Hallberg and his son Oscar use innovative techniques to build an apple-growing empire in westSonoma County.

Truitt's Theater in Healdsburg offers dances, dramas, musical concerts and lectures. Pioneer Julio Carrillo dies; once a man of great wealth and large land holdings, but gambling and excessgenerosity left him poor at death; his funeral procession was "largest ever seen in Santa Rosa. Despite lawsuits and suggestions of corruption, Santa Rosa sets up city water system to compete withMark McDonald's water company. Page family lays out town of Cotati with plaza and lots for homes and small farms north of Petaluma.

Chris Nisson of Petaluma's Pioneer Hatchery builds brooder house; hatchery one of largest in world. Clement Bruner runs art store, acts as agent for famed Ukiah painter Grace Hudson.

When Donahue dies, new owners extend rail branch to west county lumber areas. Rainfall totals in Sonoma Valley hit 54 to 70 inches; winds destroy new Los Guilicos hotel. Gustav Adolph Weske, wealthy San Franciscan, builds octagonal round barn north of Santa Rosa, lays outtrack to watch horses train.

Carlson-Currier establishes only silk mill in western U. Thomas Barlow Ranch near Sebastopol leads in planting of numerous berries, including blackberries. Borba family settles in Sebastopol; children of Manuel and Jennie become prominent in localbusinesses.

Female community leaders form Saturday Afternoon Women's Club in Santa Rosa; by , it has members and a paid mortgage. Santa Rosa's first high school building completed on Humboldt St. Santa Rosa newspaper editor E.

Samuele Sebastiani arrives in Sonoma; over the years, builds valley's leading winery and numerousstructures in community. Ermenegildo and Dionisio Gonnella of Occidental turn redwood Christmas wreaths into major seasonalbusiness. Winemaker Hans Frederick Albertz generates first electric streetllghts in Cloverdale.

Numerous prospectors from county seek fortunes in Klondike Gold Rush; author Jack London gathersmaterial for books and stories. Pressure on Chinese eases; Tom Wing becomes unofficial "mayor" and community spokesman until hisdeath in ; family also operates popular restaurant; daughter Song Wong Bourbeau plays active rolein community.

Trains dominate county travel; Petaluma and Santa Rosa Electric Railway, the "juice line," ships local farmgoods. Era of hot springs and resorts Boyes, Fetters, Aqua Caliente begins in Sonoma Valley, with heavy use ofrailroad promotions. Boaters, anglers, other vacationers trek to Russian River retreats in Healdsburg area, including FitchMountain.

Gravel mining develops in Russian River with John P. Budget-minded campers set up tent campgrounds each summer for Russian River vacations. Petaluman Brainerd Jones becomes a leading county architect for more than 40 years, blending styles oflate 19th and early 20th century.

All-male San Francisco Bohemian Club acquires property on south side of Russian River to hold two-week summer camps for members. Hop picking builds at sites such as Wolher Ranch northwest of Santa Rosa, continues into s. School enrollment 9,, including 7, in public facilities. Pastor John Cassin oversees building of historic St. Wohler Ranch and other hop kilns process crops grown at 10 or more hop ranches. January report in Petaluma Argus newspaper indicates Sonoma County man develops airship 3 yearsbefore Wright Brothers' famed flight.

Dance hall built at Mirabel Park; arena hosts Benny Goodman, other big bands in ss. Monte Rio Hotel, ultimately 7 stories, is built; boasts first elevator in county; torn down in Basket weaver Essie Parrish born, becomes spiritual leader of Pomo Indians, preserving language andculture. Middleweight boxer Jimmy Britt has impressive boxing career, later becomes host at cocktail lounge inGuerneville.

Sebastopol incorporates to solve sewer problems, contaminates Laguna area in the process. Trotter Lou Dillon sets records in , brings worldwide attention to horsebreeding activities in SantaRosa. Salvation Army opens orphanage at Lytton Springs; by , it houses young people with a staff of Santa Rosa dedicates Carnegie Library; stone structure collapses in quake; Petaluma's CarnegieLibrary opens, survives quake, later becomes Petaluma Museum. Ralph Rose of Healdsburg wins 3 Olympic medals in St.

Rural Free Delivery established in Windsor, covering six square miles. Docia Murphy runs Murphy's Resort through much of the 20th century; renamed Fife's, it becomes amajor gay resort in 2nd half of century. The "big mill" in Guerneville, later the site of a Safeway grocery store, closes.

Giant San Francisco quake causes heavy damage in Sonoma County, especially in Santa Rosa areawhere more than die; three miners die in Rujssian River area; courthouse, Press Democrat Building,Antheneum and many other buildings destroyed; only 2 chimneys remain in Occidental area; Sebastopol buildingssuffer severe damage but there are no major injuries.

Northwestern Pacific Railroad created as partnership between Southern Pacific and Santa Fe, excels inhandling freight traffic; SP becomes sole owner in Sonoma passes anti-liquor ordinance despite protests from liquor-related businesses. Norm Maroni born, becomes Mr. Elva Beeson stars as Healdsburg's girl's basketball team wins Academic Athletic League title; five teams,mostly from Sonoma County, form basketball league. Analy Union High School opens in Sebastopol; Building completed in ; new school built on same site in Farmers and Mechanics Bank opens in Healdsburg, first bank in county to use a time lock on its safe.

Helen Hotchkiss Wightman wins 4 national women's singles tennis titles, numerous other honors; polevaulter Fred Young leads Healdsburg track team, wins championship at UC, Berkeley. Northwestern Pacific's standard gauge railroad reaches Monte Rio, bringing upsurge in tourist traffic; up to15, crowd area in summer. Group of Jewish migrants, refugees from eastern Europe and urban labor struggles in the eastern U. Herbert Slater becomes State Assemblyman, moves up to State Senate in , serves until his death in; Slater writes for the Santa Rosa newspaper while in the legislature and is known as "the blind senator"because of eyesight problems; his legislative interests include fish and game and education.

Joseph Grace, Frank Doyle and E. Brewery in s, revives county fair in s, expands company holdings in various agricultural products andreal estate and brings in ice hockey team before World War II. Seasonal bridges and dams spur tourism on lower Russian River each summer. Fred Wiseman makes first air mail flight, a two-day jaunt from Petaluma to Santa Rosa.

Winemaker Agostino Pinelli uses 1, gallon tank of wine to douse major downtown Sonoma fire inSeptember. Pilot Weldon Cooke makes successful flight over Santa Rosa, soars to 2, feet. Jennie Colvin becomes first woman to register to vote in county; women vote in Santa Rosa city election inApril; Atty. Explosion from automobile fire on Main St. Petaluma firehorse Black Bart, put out of business by mechanization, retires to Penngrove ranch. Santa Rosa General Hospital opens, becomes main "for pay" facility until Memorial opens in During World War I, government buys large quantities of prunes for dried fruit, big boon to industry.

Spanish flu epidimic hits, leaves dead by early ; children ill at Lytton home north ofHealdsburg Oct. James Armstrong's heirs sell family property to county; in , state creates Armstrong Woods StatePark. Quicksilver from Culver-Baer Mining Co. Petaluma seeks to secede and set up own county; effort foiled by state legislature in Bootleggers, rumrunners become part of the scene as Prohibition era arrives across U.

During Prohibition hot claret wine gargle becomes popular "cure" for sore throats. John Grant forms company to generate electric power at the Big Geysers in northeast part of county. Technical problems complicate the process; giant McCrays Resort hosts tourists. Rosenberg family constructs tallest building between San Francisco and Portland at the corner of 4th St.

Aerial shows become popular. Sebastopol opens Cnopius Field airport; facility becomes home to numerous barnstormer pilots. Paving block industry diminishes as auto owners demand more comfortable surfaces. Grace Brothers Frank and Joe close brewery during Prohibition, turn to other operations such as butterand ice cream.

Partly because of legal loopholes, demand for wine grapes remains strong until Healdsburg Prunepackers form strong semi-pro baseball team, disband late in the decade, reappear ins. Radio listeners get San Francisco programs, including one featuring a singing Boston Terrier from aPetaluma kennel.

Mario Moch Lucchesi stars as player, coach, motivator for Petaluma semi-pro baseball. Expanding farm exports to Europe, Sonoma County ranks 8th in nation in farm production.

Grape acreage climbs from 21, to 42, between and , with wineries; Prohibitionundermines the boom. Santa Rosa High School's agricultural education program gains national recognition.

Promoter Jack Prince opens Cotati Speedway auto race track to crowd of 20,; Speedway closes in Radio emerges as Press Democrat editor Ernest L. Egg Day wedding, brainchild of Petaluma promoter H. Max and son Fred combine to construct Rosenberg Building at northeast corner of 4th and MendocinoAves.

First woman appointed to Santa Rosa police force; budget problems limit her stay to less than a year. Petaluma successfully lobbies the federal government for tariffs to keep cheaper Chinese eggs fromundermining prices. The Bauer and Baugh Co. Windy winter storm puts ship Klamath on the rocks in Sea Ranch area, jeopardizing more than 50 people.

Newspapers report October "race riot" between Japanese and Caucasian cannery workers in Graton. Ku Klux Klan activity picks up with meetings at Lake Ralphine in Santa Rosa and on Petaluma Hill Rd;white robes and burning crosses included; activity diminishes by Kawaoka family of Penngrove challenges California Alien Land Law, designed to discourageOrientals from passing land to children.

Judge Ross Campbell rules apartment house owners can refuse to rent to blacks, a first-of-its-kind rulingin California. California Theater, with its mighty Wurlitzer organ, opens on B St. Strike by carpenters working on Santa Rosa Schools lasts three months, includes attack on non-unionworkers with steel pipes. Charles Dunbar elected to Santa Rosa City Council, becomes mayor and political power, including 7years as city manager.

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