Biggest Casino Winners in History

Several Atlantic casinos have tried to turn the tables by providing higher and higher stakes games to high-rolling casino players. In , Connery was in Italy at a casino in the Alps. He was so well known that his breaking of the bank inspired a popular song of the time. As with a lot of gamblers, some are tales that are a bit tall, much like Slim himself, but there is one undeniable wager: Interestingly enough, there was one man who was once at the top of the historical winners list.


Cynthia Jay Brennan ($34,959,458.56)

One day her mother came to visit her, and they went to play at the casino. Cynthia played bingo and won thirty-five million dollars! At that time, at the beginning of the new 21st century, it was the biggest win in the history of slot machines. Cynthia married his beloved bartender and decided to travel round the world.

Unfortunately, her luck ended, anger and mercy came instead, when Cynthia got into a car accident where her sister Lela was also killed just a month after the great winning. Another car driven by a drunk driver hit her car and caused hard injuries. Today, Cynthia still cannot move and is paralyzed from the waist down and has to use the wheelchair.

All that she can is to move her arms and shoulders. She also needs careful assistance to do the daily tasks like brushing her teeth or hair and dressing up, etc. He does his best to take care of his paralyzed wife. The money she won is spent on treatment and health care, though it's not worth all the millions. Such a sad story. This is a pretty interesting story of success. Can you bet all you have? This guy definitely can.

Ashley Revell was the most common, not different from the other inhabitants of the UK until His life was uncomplicated, as the life of an ordinary man, not encumbered by intellectual quest and so on, but he had his own passion. He liked playing roulette and poker. So thanks to this passion, Ashley managed to become one of the most popular players on the roulette wheel.

Excitement in any game is irresistible, and Ashley Revell made up his mind to make an extreme decision: This seemed to be a rash step, done by him in , but became a turning point for his gambling success, however. This was announced by Ashley only to the closest friends. However, everybody knows what provokes gossips: This was what happened to Ashley. Soon his undertaking got into the local media, and the man decided to announce his idea on a reality show.

As a result of this scheme, his friends went to Las Vegas together with Ashley, the relatives and even the crew of one of the TV channels also came along. So, in , this very excitable Englishman named Ashley Revell sold all that he had, starting with the car, an apartment ending with his personal stuff. With about thousand dollars, he went to Las Vegas to play for high stakes.

He changed his mind at the eleventh hour as the majority prefrred red as he thought. The helpful staff at the TV channel watched him and called his step - "all or nothing. After he put everything on red, all that remained, the ball stopped at the red seven. Ashley Revell, who made a bet on black, got a little confused and somehow changed his mind, putting his whole sum on red, finally won and bacame rich! No one guessed how the intuition helped him.

However, he won the large sum of dollars. After such a successful twist, the year-old Ashley Revell became literally a legend in the world of gamers.

Today he is the owner of his own website dedicated to poker and one of the most promising gambling businessmen. Ashley Revell entered the gambling history as one of the riskiest players ever. Kerry Parker is often called a generous billionaire and definitely deserves the title. Australia is considered to be one of the most gambling countries in the world. A billionaire from this country like Kerry Parker is another player who entered the history of gambling both due to his unique wins and loses.

In , he arrived to Las Vegas to have a little fun and won at baccarat more than twenty million! Thus, he left one million a local waitress for tips. We wonder if she could work in a casino after such an event at all? She could probably also become a hero of this article who won a million in an an unconventional method.

However, Australian billionaire Kerry Parker is the key figure also known worldwide for his huge losses at casino games, which made him an especially interesting persona.

He was not so long in the game, but even during this short period he became a very prominent figure in the world of gambling. Having earned a huge fortune thanks to a large media corporations, he decided to play in the casino. It was for him an excellent way to have rest and try some new leisure activities. He liked to play card games like baccarat and blackjack.

He was aslo a high roller and supporter of the highest rates, loved risk and considered it an important part of a happy life. So, for the billionaires like him, to lose a few million is not as deadly as for ordinary people. But this Australian businessman and tycoon went down in history not only for his loss, but also for his wins! According to Kerry Parker 's family legend, Kerry's grandfather once found a 10s coin and placed it on the races in London.

Her husband, Terry Brennan, is still working as a bartender at the Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas and is taking care of his paralyzed wife. Ashley was hanging out with his friends at a pub when one of them commented on how great it would be if they could bet everything they had on one spin. So Ashley did just that… and won.

Ashley was a year-old man from London, England with a Rolex watch, a BMW, golf clubs, and 10, pounds to his name. They offered Ashley a free suite room and a special roulette table where the bet could be videotaped and broadcast live through the Sky Network.

He came to decide on black, but a lot of his supporters preferred red, so Ashley switched over to red at the very last minute. It was the right choice, because the ball landed on number seven… red! His stack went from nearly 80, pounds to , pounds. He celebrated his win by going on a trip around Europe on the back of a motorcycle. When he was in Holland, he met his future wife. When he came back home, he set up an online poker company named Poker UTD which eventually went out of business in and later established iGaming Recruitment, a website that matches job applicants to online gambling companies.

He does not gravitate towards the flashy lifestyle. Elmer Sherwin was probably the luckiest man in Las Vegas. He was a two-time Megabucks winner.

With that money, Elmer donated a lot to the Hurricane Katrina relief fund and helped support his family, including his son and daughter-in-law. The Biggest Casino Winners in History: Where Are They Now?

1. Cynthia Jay Brennan / $34,959,458.56 / Las Vegas, NV / 2000

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