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September 11th, at 3: I promised to participate in this thread if I saw some evidence collected under casino conditions. Playing Vegas Slots online can be done for free, and, too, for money. For baccarat, roulette, and craps, there are no long term winning strategies. AdvantageCrapsPlayer , Jan 20, Jan 6, Messages: Get to know the games they have produced, and you will soon be transformed into a dedicated aficionado of them, a true Vegas glam fan.

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benson method craps

If anything, the existence of such rules reflect the potential of a problem. She talked about a story of a guy who had "special kind of shoes" who had come in and she had seen him lose a very large sum of money. I believe that you have it wrong that I have alleged anything. I have not said anything about any casinos actually having biased dice!

Furthermore, none of the casinos, even after specific questions about Midwest Brand versus Paulson branded, Tk, or Bud Jones, Bee, or any other brand has made anything other than casual conversation about what branded dice are known to be favorable to the house versus favorable to the casino.

But if you want to get to claims, I absolutely do in fact claim that the casinos don't care about anything about the fairness of the dice beyond what is legally required for them to care about by law.

And as far as allegations go, you're saying that I have allegations against the casinos, and I am unaware of what those allegations are. Your repeating over and over that I am making false allegations is getting a little repetitive.

Mar 11, Threads: May 20th, at May 19, Threads: This whole study is nothing more than a barometer to indicate a possibility for concern. I think anyone who thinks that damning evidence would be a result of this study fail to understand how similar the most ideally theoretically biased dice would look like fair dice. I think they also fail to understand that we're talking about splitting hairs here in doubling a very low house edge of 1.

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Below is a selection of the most recommended on-line casinos and sportsbooks. Bought several, craps, baccarat, bj, roulette, 3 card poker.

Some decent ideas but nothing fantastic. Interesting article on Yelp! Benson's gig is up. AdvantageCrapsPlayer, Jan 20, Jan 6, Messages: I talked to a guy who invested with him. LB is being sued and now faces criminal charges. I hear Leonard is on the east Coast and running

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