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Playing the Beetlejuice Slot

Jacques LaLean

Lydia free spins can be hugely profitable. Based on the Goth who could see and befriended the Maitlands, this free spins game comes with up to 23 wild symbols. What happens is that Lydia appears on the top screen, and fires wilds down to the main reels for each spin. The other free spins game is based on the sandworms.

A prize is shown on the top screen, and each time you get 3 sandworms, this prize is added to your total. You can collect several wins, especially when you get 3 worms on one spin — extending the bonus by 3 more spins.

Detailed, beautiful production and includes a lot of the humour of the original film. This is an excellent slot machine and really will appeal to anyone that enjoyed the dark humour of the original. Play on the reels does take a little getting used to, with the outsized symbols making it unclear what is a winning combination. This is a minor gripe in the context of the wider game- with the interactive bonus games in particular being a stand-out feature.

This film was an instant hit when released in It was directed by Tim Burton , who is famous for exactly the type of dark humour that Beetlejuice pulls off so well. This film won an academy award Oscar , though for best makeup, rather than one of the more prestigious titles. A sequel has been planned Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian , though this has yet to see release.

There was an animated TV cartoon spin-off for many years. Danny Elfman 's theme for the film was arranged for the cartoon by Elfman himself.

The series was a breakout hit for ABC in its initial season, and later became one of the first animated series to air on Fox 's weekday afternoon children's lineup. This led to a situation whereby Beetlejuice was being seen Monday through Friday on Fox while still remaining on ABC's Saturday morning schedule, making it one of the few shows in American television history to be aired concurrently on two different broadcast networks.

Episodes generally centered on the ghostly con-man Beetlejuice, his best friend Lydia, and their adventures together in both the Neitherworld and the "real world", a fictional New England town called Peaceful Pines "Winter River" in the film. As in the film, Lydia could summon Beetlejuice out of the Neitherworld or go there herself by calling his name three times.

The series' humor relied heavily on sight gags , wordplay , and allusiveness. Many episodes, especially towards the end of the run, were parodies of famous films, books, and TV shows.

The episode "Brides of Funkenstein" was based on an idea submitted by a then-teenage girl, who was a fan of the show. Throughout the series, Beetlejuice would often try to scam residents of the Neitherworld — and, sometimes, the " real world " as well Lydia's parents were occasional unwitting victims of his pranks — by various means, from "baby-sitting" in which he literally sits on the grotesque Neitherworld babies to trying to beat them in an auto race.

Much as with the original film, various merchandise was released for the Beetlejuice animated series in Kenner , the company behind the film's action figures , had begun developing figures for the animated series, but the project did not come to fruition at least one prototype for that ill-fated collection has been showcased online. On November 5, , it was announced that Shout! Factory under Warner Bros. Home Entertainment license had acquired the rights to the series and planned to release it on DVD in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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