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The player in seat 4 made the call and the turn was the 9. Joe Cada raised to 3 million on the button and Darvin Moon made the call. Antoine Saout — 54,, 2. Saout doubled up on the hand to The Q on the river prompted a check from Smith.

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Steve Billirakis — , 7. Jason DeWitt — , 8. Matt Keikoan — , 9. Sergey Rybachenko — , Robert Miller — , Darvin Moon was on the button for a flop of 4 9 2. David Hannani bet 4, and Moon jammed all-in for 22, A player in the hijack raised to 2, and the player in the cutoff called. Jon Friedberg raised to 7, from the big blind. The original raiser immediately moved all-in and had Friedberg covered. Friedberg falls to 28, with the loss.

Rolf Slotboom raised to 1, on the button and both blinds called. On a flop of 5 9 4 , the big blind bet out 3, and Slotboom raised to 8, The big blind moved all-in as soon as he could and and Slotboom made the call. Slotboom just needed to dodge the case five to seal the win. Scott Clements raised to 1, from the button and the player in the big blind called. The big blind checked a flop of A J A and Clements bet 1, The big blind made the call.

The 10 hit on the turn and both players checked. On the 7 river the big blind led for 1, Clements looked over the board and decided to fold. Even so, he had around 80, following the loss. Cannatella had top pair and her opponent held a straight draw. The turn was the 9 , giving her opponent the straight and the Q river meant that Trishelle lost a large chunk of chips.

Ryan Daut Slips Up. Ryan Daut bet 2, on a flop of 2 3 5 and got a call from one player. The turn was the 3 and both players opted to check. The river was the J and Daut fired 5, and was called by his opponent. Daut mucked and his opponent showed 9 9.

Daut fell to 49, with the misfire. David Chiu was in the big blind and called a preflop bet. Two other players called as well. The flop came J 10 3 and it was check around.

The 3 fell on the turn and and Chiu bet 3, One player called and the A fell on the river. Chiu checked and his opponent checked behind. Chiu tabled the 4 3 and his opponent flashed an ace.

Chiu was at around 70, after the hand. Gabe Walls opened to 1, and a player moved all in for 22, Walls made the call with the A 7 and was behind the pocket tens of his opponent.

However, the board ran out 6 2 2 A Q and gave Walls the pot. He was at , after the hand and the chip leader.

Moon showed a pair, but Duke showed kings up to take the pot and advance to the Sweet Sixteen, where she will play the winner between Paul Wasicka and Gus Hansen. Cada took the mic and shook off a tear or two before thanking his legion of friends, family and fans in the audience. With that, he hoisted the bracelet over his head, much to the delight of everyone in the theater.

Joe Cada raised to 3 million on the button and Moon reraised to 8 million. Cada moved all in and and Moon called for his last 67 million instantly with Q J! Cada showed 9 9 and they were off to the races. The turn was the K , giving both sides of the auditorium something to gasp at. With just six outs separating him from elimination, Moon watched as the 7 hit the river and a deafening roar moved throughout the theater.

Darvin Moon Takes the Chip Lead. Joe Cada raised to 3 million on the button and Darvin Moon made the call. The flop fell A 8 4 and Moon bet 6 million. Cada made the call and the 7 fell on the turn. The river brought the J and Moon checked. Cada checked as well and he mucked his hand after Moon revealed an eight to take down the pot. On the next hand Moon raised to 3 million on the button and Cada made the call.

The flop was dealt A 10 4 and Cada checked. Moon checked as well and the turn fell 9. Cada bet 4 million and Moon raised to 12 million. Cada mucked and Moon won his third hand in a row coming back from the break. Moon now holds more than million as the chip leader. The flop was dealt A 5 3 and Moon bet 5 million. Cada raised to 13 million and Moon reraised to 30 million. Cada mucked his cards and Moon grew his chip stack to million.

The flop was dealt 10 9 5 and both players checked. The turn brought the 10 and Cada bet 30 million. Moon moved all in and Cada went into the tank to ponder his tournament life. He made the all-in call and the entire audience rose to their feet. Moon turned over 8 7 for a straight draw and Cada revealed J 9 for the best hand. The river brought the 3 and Cada doubled up on the hand to take the chip lead.

He now holds million and Moon fell to Cada Grows his Stack. Darvin Moon raised to 2. The flop was dealt A 10 3 and both players checked. The turn fell 6 and both players checked again. The river was dealt 4 and Cada bet 3 million. Moon raised to 13 million and Cada made the call after some thought. Moon turned over J 5 and Cada showed down J Cada won the hand and grew his stack to nearly million.

The First Hand is a Big One. Darvin Moon completed on the button and Joe Cada raised to 3. The flop was dealt K 3 2 and Cada bet 3. Moon raised to 10 million and Cada made the call. The turn was dealt A and Cada checked. Moon bet 10 million and Cada made the call. The river fell K and both players checked.

Moon turned over pocket queens and Cada revealed pocket nines. Moon makes up a nice chunk of ground on the very first hand of heads-up play. Joe Cada made it 2. The flop was dealt J 6 5 and Moon checked. He thought for a minute and then raised to 8. Cada made the call and the Q fell on the turn. Both players checked and the river fell 2.

Moon turned over Q 8 and Cada mucked. Moon won the hand and grew his stack to more than million, which is good for the chip lead. Darvin Moon raised to 3 million on the button and Joe Cada made the call. The flop was dealt J 4 2 and Cada checked. Moon bet 4 million and Cada made the call. The turn fell Q and Cada checked again. Moon bet 6 million and Cada raised to Moon made the call and the river brought the 5.

Cada bet 35 million right out of the gate and Moon went into the tank. Moon eventually mucked and the Cada fan club cheered its approval. Lives in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Erwan Arviansyah Pairikas ArviNyaindah. President title at Republican Party.

Studied Teknika at Pasis Bp2ip Surabya. Lives in Purwokerto, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. Lives in Kuching, Malaysia. Studied Teknologi industri at Universitas Terbuka ' Poker Manager at Self-employed.

Studied Hindi at Jaipur National University. Lives in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Studied at Holy Angel University. Works at Not Yet Working. He said that Moon showed his class and his poker knowledge for the most part of the game and gave him a really tough fight. Cada said that it was his dream to defeat the best of the best and win the WSOP event and he was happy that he was able to win it by defeating Moon. Posted on February 23, in Darvin Moon Poker. The first PokerStars Championship Bahamas has reached to its final level and there are six players making into the final round.

Michael Gentili of Canada has got the lead from Christian Harder and going into the final. November Niner Cliff Josephy is also among the six players that have reached to the final round. Not only he has made his way to the final round, but he is also the shortest of the final six players.

On the day 5 of the event, there were 16 players present, each has the dream to compete for a final table stack.

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