Reviewing This Year's 25K Fantasy Teams

And who could forget prop bet loser Garry Gates wearing a toga and fanning Evelyn Ng? An auctioneer kept an order on the picks and the draft itself wrapped up after close to four hours of wagering. Find Threads Started by bugstud. Show more posts Loading Team Mercier grabbed the team captain, Jason Mercier , and it makes a ton of sense.

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By now, the side action has developed enough of a following that it can sometimes overshadow what's happening in an actual event. While the contest itself often seems like a bunch of friends goofing off, it's developed a mainstream fanbase among hardcore poker junkies. Last night's draft drew thousands of viewers on Jason Somerville's Twitch stream as it played out in an Aria suite.

The 25K Fantasy contest has its own website and a side contest run by David Baker for people who can't afford the big buy-in. For an informal event, it's become pretty legit. Somerville and Remko Rinkema broadcast from the 25K Draft. The amount of research that went into the draft itself in some cases required teams of people with spreadsheets, intelligence experts, and money men. You could do worse than to ride their coattails if you're playing in your own poker fantasy group this year. At its core, the 25K Fantasy draft is a practice in predicting which 88 players will play the most tournaments and perform the best through the WSOP.

Yeah, he won a few bracelets last year. When it was all over, the three most expensive players on the board were members of Team PokerStars Pro. Daniel Negreanu drew the highest bid in the entire draft. Negreanu, who was in Los Angeles and thus not able to bid on himself, promised to do his best for Leah's cause. GoLeafsGoEh I'll work hard for you kiddo. I will be missing a few early but I'll make the most of the events I do play. Mercier is going to have to race to Vegas to make it for the first flop.

Luckily it's already halfway over.. Bianchi, long-time drafter Dan Fleyshman , and defending Fantasy League champion Mike Leah are some who bid solo in the room. The increased player pool for led to higher demand for the best quality of candidates. As the bidding for Obst leveled up, an ostensible coincidence took place with Obst walking into the draft room to hear his name up for grabs.

Eric Wasserson stood as he ratcheted up the price for Ivey versus a game Noori. Wasserson also shares a friendship with Negreanu. Leah won the league in his first year picking. An avid fan of fantasy spots and overall game strategy, Leah came in with a plan to defend his title. This group fits into what Leah believes is a well-rounded roster that can hit all of the right marks to gain points.

We were looking for high ceilings and low floors. I think every person that I drafted or bid on was someone that I was comfortable with there.

Big names go for big money

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