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Need urgent help to keep Australian online poker. The Best of Two Plus Two. Our strategy books are available at local retailers as well as online through Amazon and our poker bonus program. Sports Betting Discussions related to wagering on sporting events. But this complex form of poker has many differences, and it continues to grow in popularity as the poker boom matures. Limt 27 Triple Draw Learning News, Views, and Gossip For poker news, views, and gossip.

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Doug Polk's Youtube Videos Thread 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Have you noticed that the mainstream media has stolen the phrase "All IN"? My Poker Dilemma Help Me 1 2 3 4. Need urgent help to keep Australian online poker.

Deadline 21 July AusFight4Poker 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 PokerStars returns to PA. Pennsylvania Voluntary Self-Exclusion Decision: You Make The Call. Smartbacking provide their members pre-flop soft-advisor? It also emphasizes fundamental play including pot size and pot control, the REM Range, Equity, Maximize Process, and the important concept of commitment including a detailed discussion of stack-to-pot ratios known as SPR.

Over the last ten years, the enormous growth of interest in poker and poker tournaments has led to an intense focus on the theory of tournament poker. The result was a re-examination of old ideas and the introduction of many new ones. The fundamentals of no-limit hold em did not change, but the game was revealed to have more depth than many older players could have anticipated. Dan Harrington has been one of the most successful tournament players for a long time.

This includes his win in the main event of the World Series of Poker, his four final table appearances, and his first and second place finishes in World Poker Tour events. In Volume I, he and co-author Bill Robertie address play in the early and middle stages of a tournament. Topics include playing styles, starting hand requirements, betting both before and after the flop, and betting on fourth and fifth streets.

In this text, Dan and Bill pick up right where Volume I finishes and address play in the later stages of a tournament. In this book, Dan and Bill present problems to test how well you grasped the principles of the first two volumes. In addition, many of the problems focus on the key area that causes difficulties for so many aspiring players: Relative to standard poker tournaments, they require a different strategy to be successful, and this text explains exactly how this is done.

Topics include hands to play during low blinds, hands to play during mid-blinds, steals and resteals, attacking passivity, high-blind strategy, short-handed play, stack-dependent strategy on the bubble, and much more. It also addresses other topics such as negotiating a settlement, stepping up to major tournaments, and even some advice for tournament managers.

Limit hold 'em, while currently not as popular as no-limit hold 'em, is an extremely interesting game from a theoretical standpoint: The rules are complex enough to allow constant intrigue, yet simple enough to allow computer bots to play the game on an extremely high level The text is probably best known for the Sklansky Hand Rankings, which made the game much simpler to quantify and understand. Some of the topics include the importance of position, the first two cards, the key "flops," strategy before the flop, semi-bluffing, slowplaying, check raising, head-up on fifth street, and how to read hands.

Not only was this text, which is Sklansky's first work, a major contribution to the explosive growth of this game, it is also a book that should still be read by all serious players. In the first edition of this text appeared. In , an additional pages were added including chapters on loose games and playing short-handed.

Other topics include playing the first two cards, semi-bluffing, folding when the pot is big, playing when there is no raise before the flop, playing when a pair flops, playing against a maniac, important fourth street concepts, and desperation bets. Anyone who studies this text, is well disciplined, and gets the proper experience should be well on their way to becoming a significant winner at this game.

Then in a meeting hosted by Dr. The initial work appeared so strong that both David and Mason joined the project and this book was produced. Topics include domination, avoiding costly errors, evaluating the flop, large pots versus small pots, and betting for value on the river. As time went on, the games on the Internet have gotten tougher, plus six-max tables became popular. This requires adjustments in strategy to account for many opponents whose level of aggression had increased.

Topics include playing in a steal position, isolating a loose player, defending from the big blind, the turn value check, playing when way ahead or way behind, and semi-bluffing heads-up post flop.

The book also includes many sample hands that Stox participated in. This is a beginners book that addresses both limit and no-limit. It also includes a section on no-limit tournaments. But this complex form of poker has many differences, and it continues to grow in popularity as the poker boom matures. This book starts with the fundamentals of hand valuation and continues up through advanced concepts.

Topics include preflop hand strength, short stack play, wrap hands, blind stealing, marking your aces, playing on the flop, which flops are good for bluffing, position and check-raising, pot size manipulation, blockers, and numerous sample hands. Seven-card stud is an extremely complex game. Deciding exactly what the right strategy should be in any particular situation can be difficult. Perhaps this is why very few authors have attempted to analyze this game even though it is widely played.

Topics include the cards that are out, the number of players in the pot, ante stealing, playing big pairs, playing smaller pairs, playing three-flushes and three-straights, randomizing your play, playing on the later streets, defending against the possible ante steal, playing against a paired door card, scare card strategy, and the Horse Race Concept.

The books are presented together for two reasons. First, many of the concepts are similar for both games.

And second, players mastering one game can easily make the transition to the other. Topics discussed in the seven-card stud eight-or-better section include starting hands, disguising your hand on third street, what to do when an ace raises, play on the later streets, position, bluffing, staying to the end, and scare cards.

Covered in the Omaha eight-or-better section are general concepts, position, low hands, high hands, your starting hand, play on the flop, multiway versus short-handed play, scare cards, getting counterfeited, and your playing style. This book combines two earlier books by the author, Essays on Poker and Sklansky on Razz, plus a short section on tournament play. Topics in the Essays section include having a plan, choosing your game, playing according to your bankroll, and the protected pot.

The razz section of the book will show you how the experts play this form of poker. It includes advice on how to play every street as well as a chapter of razz problems. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Links to Popular Forums As these are links to the forums, "Last Post", "Threads", and "Posts" don't display in this list - don't worry, there's lots of action!

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