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The idea behind these is that all the functional appointments you want are still there, just with some aesthetic specs dialed back to maintain the lower pricepoint. Instead of Grover tuners, Schecter replaced them with in-house locking tuners, which hold tuning very well! This has usage such as scratch marks and dent marks, but it is working condition. Flamed maple - with an amazing look. The tuning machines move and hold tune as intended. All of the guitars in this line are made from mahogany and feature a set mahogany neck as well. Black with silver pinstripes,

Schecter Blackjack ATX

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My account My wishlist Log in Sign up. Menu Search My account Compare. Mo-Fr , Sa You have no products to compare. Schecter products are contained in the following subcategories:. Show 10 25 50 All per page. An instrument with absolutely professional features, but - as usual with the Schecter guitars - affordable for the average player while offering an outstanding price-quality relation.

Gloss Black, with black chrome hardware - a very In stock Ready for shipment. A unique, high quality instrument with absolutely professional features. Natural, with black hardware - a very noble and classic looking instrument! This guitar obviously comes from a collection and has been very little played and well kept. It has technical issues whatsoever. Cosmetically, it has only some minor surface playwear, at the body edges, barely noticeable.

The hardcase also has some minor wear. Furthermore, the instrument has been professionally set up by our guitar technicians, and carefully checked for proper function and playability by our product experts, to ensure its perfect working order. New Old Stock, stored in our warehouse, perfect condition, with full warranty. Finally back in our program, after several months of waiting time! A popular Schecter 7-string model from the C series. An instrument with absolutely professional features, but - as usual with Aged Black Satin, with black chrome hardware The guitars come with either a TonePros, Hipshot, or Floyd Rose tremolo bridge, but it should be noted the Hipshot is only available on the 8 string models.

Another variation of the Blackjack series, these guitars are made only from mahogany and are available with a blue burst flame maple top. Again, the Hipshot is on the 8-string variant! The C-6 Plus models are new for The C-6 line is the budget line for Schecter. The Plus models have high quality screened finishes painted in an assortment of bursts. The Deluxe series ranges from 6 to 8 strings. The specs are exactly the same in these as the Plus series, except these come in solid white or black colors.

A double locking trem is available for the six string models, which seems to be the main draw to these. The California Vintage Standard models are throwbacks to the classic strat and tele shapes. These are fitted with Schecter Diamond series pickups and the strats come with a vintage tremolo. Grover tuners are also standard on these.

The body wood for the strat models is alder, and the tele models are made of swamp ash. These have musical and spanky tone, and are perfect for anyone looking for great organic crunch tones. Instead of Grover tuners, Schecter replaced them with in-house locking tuners, which hold tuning very well! These guitars have Schecter Custom Shop Pasadena humbuckers, an Ernie Ball compensated nut, Schecter locking tuners, an ebony compound radius fretboard with MOP block inlays, and 22 extra jumbo frets.

All of the guitars in this line are made from mahogany and feature a set mahogany neck as well. Available in 6 to 8 strings, the Damien Elite guitars are equipped with EMG active pickups, Grover Rotomatic tuners, a Graph Tech nut on non tremolo models , and come in hardtail and locking trem variants. The Damien Elites are built from mahogany and have flame maple tops available in two finishes, Red Crimson burst or Trans Black burst.

The Damien Platinum Series are simple metal machines. Available only in a Satin black finish with silver and platinum style binding, these guitars have active pickups. A Sustainiac is available on one of the 6 string models. The bat inlays on these are unique to the series and are not found in any other Schecter line. The heel is the same improved cutaway heel found on the Blackjack models. A series not often talked about, the Demons are very similar to the Damien Platinum series.

Available only in Aged Black Satin finishes with aged creme binding and active Duncan-designed pickups. The gothic cross inlays also add a bit of attitude to the guitar.

Avenger is one of three constitutive body options in the famed ATX Blackjack series. Other two are Solo and C. Only C features seven and eight string models, while the single-cut solo and modern double-cut Avenger are restricted to six-string variants.

It comes with a modern double-cut body made of mahogany. Standard decorations pack includes carved top, creme binding around it, satin finish and black hardware. Bridge section has a tune-o-matic bridge with string-through construction and is fronted by a pair of powerful Seymour Duncan humbuckers. Set in neck is made of mahogany and it features the series standard fret ebony fingerboard on top. Schecter ATX Avenger has been rated by 1 musician. You rated stars out of 5, Remove it. Schecter ATX Avenger 3.

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