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Is it possible that we will get to overbuild state at some point again? Yuba City, CA ysfair. Archived from the original on I am glad that the old neighborhood has improved but now everyone thinks it was always like this…. From that moment no one is allowed to place - or change - their bets until the ball drops on a slot.

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CBS This Morning 5-year-old can use pot-based drug in school. Share Tweet Reddit Flipboard Email. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report. See which cities fared worst A college student and a minister answer each other's prayers Jerome Jones was going through a crisis of faith when he found someone's call for help.

Latest from CBS News. Catholic institute accused of failing to act on McCarrick allegations. Indonesia tsunami death toll nears Play Video. Shark attacks teen in Southern California Play Video. Tweets by CBS News. Powerful earthquake, foot-high tsunami kill hundreds in Indonesia views. North Korea says "no way" it will disarm if it can't trust U.

Pelosi calls Kavanaugh "hysterical," says he's unfit for Supreme Court views. How 2 NFL stars are tackling social injustice off the field views. Latest From "60 Minutes" Jailed doctor who pushed opioids says he's a scapegoat preview. Lennon only paid me a compliment once preview. Henk Ovink and the Dutch solution to flooding. Into the wild with Thomas D.

Combat veterans coming home with CTE. Aly Raisman speaks out about sexual abuse. The polo team that uses cloned horses. Highway 20 Upper Lake, CA Cahuilla Casino Highway Anza, California An initiative that was filed by a citizen has been approved by the California attorney general office that would legalize sports betting.

The initiative could be placed on the ballot if , signatures can be collected. The push for the legalization of sports betting in California is being headed by a lobbyist with a card room industry background. The signatures must be collected by the start of next year to be allowed to be placed on the next ballot for voters to decide. If approved by voters, other types of gaming could be allowed as well in addition to sports betting.

On tribal owned land Native Americans with federal recognition could operate craps and roulette. Licensed card rooms could operate sports betting and also other card games such as those found in Las Vegas. Sports betting could also take place on tribal land. The initiative would make a constitutional amendment for California. Close to locations could begin to offer Las Vegas style games around the state. Opposition for the initiative is coming from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians.

The Native American tribe has been active in blocking efforts for the legalization of online poker. The tribe has been successful in this for over ten years. In order to obtain the number of signatures needed to have the initiative placed on the ballot, signature drives will need to take place. This will require a large amount of resources and people to help manage the signature collection.

Power and Associates Schwarzenegger to veto online bingo bill Socal majority wants smoke-free Indian casinos During the last bubble buyers were lined up to compete for any box with windows here in Las Vegas. If we had had reality and followed rule of law after the last theft, people would have kept their home and in bankruptcy judges would have been able to lower their principal balance to current market value and we would not have had a recession.

Instead the Fed created special programs just for investors, large institutional investors so that they could profit from the cheap housing after the crash. God forbid the average American was able to profit after the crash and possibly recoup. This LV RE agent has some very pithy information on your market. There are some honest ones out there. I see a ton of rental construction in Orange County going on right now.

The area, especially the south end where I live, has been mostly single family and condos. Now there are huge rental projects, like this one just completed. Mike I hear ya on the massive apt complex building.

A few Mix-Use, pages of residential builders, and some venue building and redevelopment. I have days worth of due diligence. I wonder how many hipster professionals there are? Those kind of rent are nose bleed high. Sorry, but hipster and professional are mutually exclusive. Last time I was there I saw a lot of parental money floating kiddies to go to fashion school down there. But hey, if you can make a buck out of it, more power to ya.

Oh and also, a lot of people say that LA has not increased housing inventory. Look at DTLA, thousands of new units. Tons of new multi-family housing all over the city. A see a ton of McMansion construction north of Montana Ave. So if a property is listed at the listing price will only populate in the history reports as Even a nice new dolled up flip house has to receive an appraisal and sometimes even two.

I know someone in their fifth year living mortgage-payment free in the hills above Reno. I know the ex-wife who now has nothing, and she says she will never buy again and I believe her. I was just told by my mortgage broker that instead of 3. Pointing out that my accountant tells me to leave as much money in the business as I can, broker says I know but insect-thinking is all mortgage processors know how to do.

Housing not quite tanking hard, but you can actually hear some of the air farting out, at least in north SD county…which is a good thing for me.

A block or two from I5. What are they asking in Highland Park? Finally someone who is seeing what I am seeing… A must read for all those who believe it is different this time. Yes it is from the gloom and doom site but I believe this is right on. This has been the most distrusted, criticized, non-maniacal bull market in US equities in history!

Are we near the end? The bull chorus has grown stronger, but it seems to be that the bears are still plentiful here, albeit growing more frustrated waiting for a downturn. I like zerohedge, but just like cnbc, they have an agenda and I read them with the same questioning eye I do the MSM. I disagree that we have a large number of vocal bears on MSM. I made this comment a few days ago when I noticed the world had truly lost all sense of reality by the invasion of Ukraine along with a downward revision of GDP along with poor employment number, etc.

I what some of what these guys are smoking…. People on this blog keep referring to the 06 real estate prices as bubble. However, the LA coastal cities, as well as some OC beach cities, have selling prices higher than the last 06 peak. These high prices are occurring even though mortgage debt is difficult to obtain.

This means the 06 real estate prices in coastal cities were not a bubble. And the temporary price drop several years ago was the buying opportunity of a lifetime. It is likely the coastal prices will continue to rise.

People in some beach cities are wishing for an opportunity to get a home at an 06 price. It should be no surprise that the beach cities are at or near peak pricing. The weak hands are long gone, all replaced by real players. My advice is to get into a neighboring city that is or two steps behind the bellwethers…ride their coattails.

There are many areas that were once considered nice areas, but then fell into disrepair. It usually happens when the next generation has neither the desire or ability to buy into an area. It was a sea of gangs graveyard crips, 14th street, pee wees, etc. I am glad that the old neighborhood has improved but now everyone thinks it was always like this….

The only issue for these people has been losing to all cash bids. Yeah, right…the coastal troll is back, oh joy! So why are you wasting your time here amongst all of us idiots? But all I know is that LA is a huge desirable city not even on the top ten of expensive cities in the world.

The past is the past, this is a Brave New World and the rich will get richer and the rest of us have to get creative. However, it just doesnt have a lot of high paying jobs compared to other cities, IMO as well as stated in recent articles. Its sunny climate and proximity of the beach keep it chugging and will continue to do so to some degree, but its going to need to a lot of changes to take that next step and make it more business friendly unless you want to rely on the snapchats of the world.

All those films and TV shows set in L. No parent is dying to have their kid get into these schools. The northeast is old and has schools established in the s.

There is something called an ivy league, then schools like MIT as well as all these little great, prestigious liberal arts colleges like williams, etc. UCLA is applied to bc Cali is the most populous state in the country and has great weather and sports teams-not bc of its academics. Sorry, I forgot berkeley, which gets academic respect in the northeast as well. People still consider it prestigious.

Sorry to bother you with such things like facts and figures and reports. Are you sure all of you moved here from NY? California Institute of Technology is the only U. And, if you think that our tremendous universities in SoCal have nothing to do with the desirability of the area….

Dfresh-my bad on caltech…but no fcking way its considered the number one school in the nation if you ask people sending their kids to college where they want their kid to graduate from.

If you think thats the case bc some stupid third party told you that; go with it. Its always going to be princeton, yale, harvard, columbia, stanford, chicago, MIT, brown, etc.

And then your michigan, duke, unc chapel hill, upenn, dartmouth, etc and lots of small liberal arts colleges like smith, williams, etc.

But not from the northeast. Go call random numbers starting with or and ask them to list the top 10 colleges and get back to me.

I admit Caltech was not known to me. I can admit things. Like how rating a college is not based on facts like math ; its subjective. Like University of Minnesota having the 19th highest rated law school in the country or alabama having the 21st. Maybe that works in minnesota or alabama but try convincing a hiring employer from NY that the minnesota or alabama degree is better than one from local fordham ranked 38th. Maybe too much CA sun for ya or maybe not enough bc you need to move away from the internet at times and go real world.

And no Dfresh, Im not elitist. The question was not about me. It was also not about what you or CA residents think of CA schools. The question was about what people in the northeast in general think of CA universities.

I think others from the northeast would agree with my comments…just give em time to respond. Various organizations notably US News and World Report conduct rankings of colleges based on various criteria, subjective and otherwise, and come up with a list that typically includes the usual suspects: And sure enough Caltech places fist in these rankings every few years. But almost entirely irrelevant to SoCal real estate prices except in the hyperlocal Pasadena market. Caltech has under undergrads and a similarly small grad school.

First time home buyers got royally screwed No surprise they are not looking to buy and know full well the second con is in full swing. Who is liable — Lender underwriters or the appraisers? Pretty sure Soros made a public bet recently shorting the market although maybe it was part of a hedge. They move to cash. Perhaps they will just keep waiting forever as life passes them by?

But then you decide to be a dick who wants to please himself rather than add value or ask a question…. I wonder what kind of nerd with a million websites to choose from about all types of subjects, including ones pro-housing, walks onto such a site to post such a comment.

Also what kind of moron thinks life just passes by for renters? That comment is just beyond idiotic. I have been following this blog for several years, and I have been on both sides of the debate as the situation on the ground changes. I see dogmatic views from the bulls and the bears, which I think adds little to the discussion. If I can break down the groups present:. Nothing is changing their minds.

I would buy a beach house for a dollar. Groups 1, 2, 3 already have taken action or have some criteria when they WILL take action. Group 3 can sit in this category, possibly group 4. I bear no ill will towards renters. We are ALL renters. Try not paying your property taxes for a while. It may be otherwise for other people. I do think my reasons not to buy are valid, and may apply to others.

I see myself as someone who can choose to buy. I also have a sense of the inventory and its problems. I find the valuations of local homes laughable, although laughable in a sad way. It is interesting to watch. Do you also go to restaurants and tell the other diners how stupid they are for not ordering the same dish as you?

He knew that the success of any settlement in Greenland would need the support of as many people as possible. It turned out to be a disaster due to the lies of that Erik real estate developer. I have been looking for him ever since. People have been doing real estate fraud for centuries.

Many folks in a lifetime go from penthouse, to basement, back to penthouse? Any house in San Gabriel Valley that we have offered- has multiple offers above asking price, including cash offers. Makes you wonder how so many people malinvesting over the years, story after story of people losing out on boom-world speculative schemes… including people personally into property at high prices… and banks throwing money at everything and anything… the system keeps standing up.

Perhaps it does by manipulating House Price Inflation to even more preposterous levels again…. A housing graveyard made up of 7,, foreclosures: The longer term consequences of 7 million foreclosures that started with the peak in housing.

QE abyss March 8, at 5: FTB March 8, at 8: MB March 10, at 1: You could move to Bangalore or Hsinchu. Frank March 14, at 8: Move to Loudon Country, Virginia. Wealthiest county in the USA. LOTS of high tech. Mik March 8, at 4: March 8, at 6: Mik March 8, at 8: March 9, at 4: Mik March 10, at 8: Not ever sure why I bother responding 1 did I ever say real estate is get rich quick?

March 10, at Haha, Good one Mik. March 9, at 5: MikTheNitWit March 10, at Mik March 10, at 9: March 11, at 8: Lord Blankfein March 9, at 8: Ella58 March 9, at March 9, at Lord Blankfein March 9, at 4: FTB March 10, at 5: Like I said a many times before, the things the Fed has done is only delaying the inevitable not removing the inevibility… Every physical object a human creates, be it a SFR or a BMW, is a depreciating asset.

Lord Blankfein March 10, at 1: FTB March 10, at 2: March 10, at 3: Lord Blankfein March 10, at 8: March 11, at 9: German Daddy March 9, at 9: FTB March 9, at 2: William March 22, at 4: Paul March 9, at RentaLurker March 10, at RentaLurker Or they spend more of their money on rent, and less on other things. Thomas from EU March 11, at 3: REObserver March 8, at 5: Heres a simple break out: Anon March 8, at Bluto March 9, at QE abyss March 10, at HeyNumbNutts March 10, at 1: Thomas from EU March 11, at 4: No flipper would settle to measly 70k on a major job.

Jim Taylor March 8, at 6: Construe March 10, at 9: Or is the tanking not related to the Ides? You can only respond to this thread using quotes from Shakespeare…. A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. Hanky Paulson March 10, at 7: March 8, at 7: JIm Taylor March 8, at 8: Jim Taylor March 9, at 9: MikeMor March 10, at 8: Tim Jaylor March 10, at 1: Paul March 8, at Laura Louzader March 9, at 5: Is this a mobile home?

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