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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The newest game is at the Exchange which is a restaurant on the northern end of town near Wat Phnom. But remember, there is a major baccarat tournament going on. Reviewed June 4, This ain't Kansas, and the neighbours ate Toto! But still funny to play outside sometimes.

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Hey guys, Thanks for good inputs on Poker locations. I've never personally played at any of the games at Naga World. Have any of you guys played there? And if yes, is it better than the River Club etc? And any other insights would be much appreciated. Hi Sapristou, Are you still living in PP? I am coming to Cambodia in October 21st, and wanted to know if you have any home games going poker and also what other social activities youve got going.

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Do you know the price of the blinds? No idea sorry, never played. Pop in and ask them. Member since 10 March Did you organize a game yet, or do you know when that bar holds it? Do you not have any issues with muggings or anything? Id be a bit wary at nights if i won big ect. Need some focus on the degenerate aspects of living in Cambodia plz.

Good luck kid, but I guess I'll have a chance to tell you that myself on Monday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Originally Posted by OmahaFanatical4. Originally Posted by jayme Originally Posted by KidKafka. Originally Posted by makeAwish. Originally Posted by dogarse. Any idea what the rooms are like at River King? And how far is from the Riverside?

Had to find my login to sub Maybe a noob question , but all the above casinos it's allowed to smoke at the table just sigerettes or sigarettes and weed? Originally Posted by oldhabbit. Why you decided to play 3 handed with 2 decent regs? Originally Posted by LonelyBox. Well that went well. Here we gooo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

One guy potting everytime action is on him.. Still me and the other reg getting crushed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Yazzx grinding live in Cambodia. Page 1 of 6. Send a private message to Yazzx. Find More Posts by Yazzx. Find Threads Started by Yazzx. Yazzx grinding live in Cambodia gl gl Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

Send a private message to Izzit. Find More Posts by Izzit. Find Threads Started by Izzit. There is no real comp system, the dealers are completely incompetent and the "managers" are equally ignorant about the procedures. A couple of positives are that the game is uncapped and you don't tip the dealers. The Riverking game is basically the day game and starts at around noon.

The dealers are much more competent, fairly fast and they do offer free food and drinks. A few negatives are that the rake is slightly worse, you do have to tip the dealers and it's a worse NL Hold'em game than the casino. I forgot to mention one more benefit at Riverking which is that you can leave your money there like a bank.

There are two "lesser" games, one of which is the game at the Red Fox Bar on Street Although if they have enough players they'll provide a dealer on pretty much any night. It's dealers choice with the condition that every game is no limit and there is no rake. The newest game is at the Exchange which is a restaurant on the northern end of town near Wat Phnom. It is raked similarly as well but I do not think they run everyday.

I don't have a terrible amount of experience playing in Sihanoukville, but I do know that the games are generally smaller. One difference you should note is that house players are often employed in the games at Sihanoukville whereas I can't ever recall that being the case in any of the games in Phnom Penh.

If you're intending to stay a while, it's not the worst thing to get hooked up with the people there. When I first arrived in PP they helped me with everything from hotels, restaurants, visas and pretty much everything else. What do you mean by 'the game is slightly worse'? In Naga it is speculated by some players that the dealers cannot keep their tips. Knowing that any tip that they give gets divided a hundred times and that the person they were intending to tip only gets a fraction, players have basically stopped bothering.

Of course it doesn't help the dealer's cause that some of them only get out about 13 hands per hour and are clueless about the rules. The Riverking is a far different story in that they try to run things like an American room and thus there is an expectation that one should tip the dealers. But to their credit most of the dealers are much faster and are more familiar with the rules. There are probably a couple that could even deal in first world casinos. This leads to the question of rake which is a bit convoluted I'm afraid.

But consider that most pots exist below that line, especially the Hold'em game, and your perspective will quickly change. As far as the quality of the action, these things are obviously somewhat cyclical and depending on the time of year the Riverking may have better games.

But generally speaking they are victims of their own doing. I know a lot of players who recognize that Naga has a better game and will try to play there, but give up after a few days because it's too tilting to have a dealer put out 13 hands per hour and look back at you with a blank stare whenever there is a ruling issue. And there are other more general issues such as night games typically being better than day games and the fact that "regular" players tend to congregate more in private games.

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