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Senate Bill , "relative to video lottery and table gaming," would have allowed for the approval of Methuen - Vincenzo Tagliaferri At the same time, a measure was approved Trading places in Massachusetts. During his last term in office Governor John Lynch signed an executive order creating a committee to study the possibility of casino

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Opposition forces and infighting among potential The renewed agreement will Both chambers approved a Gaming Gambling Lotteries Taxes. House New Hampshire -- Casinos are officially off the table. At the same time, a measure was approved The House defeated a casino bill by a vote Thursday, and then took action to NH House needs to reject casinos Judd Gregg and John Lynch: Why casino gambling is wrong for our state New Hampshire -- For more than 40 years New Hampshire Legislatures have debated the merits of legalizing casino gambling, and for 40 years they have rejected it.

Bill to regulate and tax fantasy football clears state Senate, but awaits further review New Hampshire -- A House bill that would regulate and tax online fantasy sports games cleared the Senate in a vote on Thursday, but is not headed for the governor During a public hearing Tuesday, opponents of expanded gaming laid out their arguments Under the measure, 5, slot machines and Major casino proponent Manchester Sen.

Casino bill is still wrong for New Hampshire New Hampshire -- Pro-gambling lawmakers in the State House are trying once again to give New Hampshire families a new way to lose money.

They should call Senate Bill But this year, in addition to the usual suspects like The move comes after the closure During his last term in office Governor John Lynch signed an executive order creating a committee to study the possibility of casino New Hampshire -- The debate over whether to bring casino gambling to New Hampshire — and the eventual rejection of any such proposal — has become an annual Casinos back on the table New Hampshire -- Sen.

Voters will be asked March 14 to consider a proposal Maggie Hassan officially becomes a U. Although the sales price was not revealed Located in Salem, the horse racing venue was a staple in the Legislature has been pondering whether to allow casino gambling in the state.

Each year, new efforts are brought forth The move prompted the owners of Rockingham After trying to obtain alternative forms of casino gambling or Ed Callahan, general manager of Rockingham Park in Salem, says the decision was made Rockingham Park, once one of the grandest racetracks in America -- on par with Saratoga President and general manager Ed Callahan confirmed Senate New Hampshire -- A bill that would have legalized casino gambling in New Hampshire fell flat once again in the state Senate.

If signed into law, the bill would have Senate Bill was tabled at the request of its prime sponsor and Latest gambling bill still a bad idea New Hampshire -- Sen. He believes passionately that New Hampshire would be better off with a casino. Rolling snake eyes New Hampshire -- As often happens, there is a new twist to Senate Bill for senators to consider as the prime sponsor, long-time casino advocate Sen.

Expanded gambling has largely flown under the radar this year, but the senate is poised to vote on But former state Sen. Harold Janeway believes casino gambling would be harmful to the state's economy and image. He said he had never heard of the group and that advocates' claims of economic benefits are exaggerated. Fire departments in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover have released preliminary lists of properties that were damaged during the Sept.

Edit Article Add New Article. What residents need to know about Merrimack Valley gas disaster recovery. Where can I get cleaned up? Merrimack Valley Gas Fires. Andover, North Andover, Lawrence buildings damaged by gas fires. Converse donates to gas disaster victims. Matter which is either a all new or b repealed and reenacted appears in regular type. RSA F, relative to electric renewable portfolio standard, is repealed.

It is therefore in the public interest to stimulate investment in distributed energy resources in New Hampshire in diverse ways, including by encouraging New Hampshire electric public utilities to invest in renewable and clean distributed energy resources at the lowest reasonable cost to taxpayers benefiting the transmission and distribution system under state regulatory oversight.

The public utilities commission shall, after notice and hearing, by order or rule, approve a standard format and methodology that providers of electricity[ , as defined in RSA F: Such information shall include but not be limited to: Each provider of electricity[ , as defined in RSA F: Appropriate access or reference to relevant public information, including emissions by source, that is more detailed than that contained in the standard format shall be included in the standard format.

The department shall reserve from auction, for retirement purposes, a quantity of budget allowances, not to exceed one percent of the annual budget, [ equivalent to the CO2 emissions reductions associated with renewable energy certificates recognized under RSA F and ] purchased voluntarily by electricity customers and not resold.

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