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Upon telling the airport customs agent he needed the passport immediately to leave the country, the agent replied that for a small fee, they could push the necessary forms through quicker for him. I wish I could train as half as hard as you! Here, they appear to be stubbier and each is held together by two iron rings. Food always creates interest and chili cook-offs have become a common affair. All for a little light jogging as well… Bloody good luck on Sunday.

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GoldenFish vous vous rappelez? Mon cousin qui connait le coiffeur de la cousine du directeur de Winamax. Par exemple, imaginez la main suivante:. Alors rigged ou pas? Le poker est un jeu qui se joue sur le long terme: Je joue uniquement en zoom , blind 0, Et qui est gagnant? Dans cette situation vous verrez que les tirages sont enormes!

Je dirais souvent bien monstreux! Vous allez tomber sur un flop 6 8 9 avec souvent des attentes couleurs ect…. En plus il sera beaucoup plus difficile de ne pas vous emballez une fois le flop lancer et bon pour les 2 joueurs voir 3 joueurs. Le pire de tous est bien pokerstars!

Je joue sur Party poker et Pokerstars. Il y aurai du 5 euro! Mais il y a encore plus efficace pour lutter contre les mauvaises passes. Bref, tournez la page. Il faut savoir que la technique est davantage utile pour minimiser les pertes que pour augmenter les gains. A pair of stilettos and a smile is more than enough kit to put someone in their place who needs it! Clothing does not matter, Mistress prerogative matters!

IF this should ever happen again, remind me to send over my Cuisinart and Butter knife so you can offer a choice of Circumcisions! Actually, just the Cuisinart. Using a Butter Knife takes forever and can ruin a perfect manicure AND has the potential to ruin a perfect set of Cutlery. Hahahaha thank you Anna!

Maybe a sharp razor. Great blog Mistress Brighton. I agree just use the Cuisinart. This would scare the hell of of any slave. As a matter of fact they pretty much just signed over their balls in doing that. I agree Mistress Brighton that a slave should never tell a Mistress that. That is funny signing over their balls. I personally enjoy being dominated and humiliated by a naked woman, or ea group of them is even better. A group of nude Goddesses teasing and tormenting you?

Mistress,i agree, CmNF, with male on his knees face down at Your feet is the best way to start to train a male and make him Your submissive. How to be a good submissive, and for the FemDommes out there, how to tell if a sub is right for you, and if they are serious about training, or just […]. Mail will not be published required. You can use these HTML tags. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Discuss on our WP Forum. Listen to us now!

February 7, at February 14, at 6: February 8, at 9: February 9, at 7: February 9, at 8: February 11, at 8: February 12, at February 13, at 5: February 13, at 6: February 16, at 9: February 15, at 8: February 18, at 9: Why did my mother die? Why did my friends die? Leader Jim Jones, hundreds of followers die in mass murder-suicide Jones and others died after being poisoned with cyanide in syringes or ingested with a powdered soft drink, shot or stabbed.

Survivors recall shooting that killed congressman, journalists. What happened the last night before the massacre at Jonestown Congressman Leo Ryan visited Jonestown, where he met with members of the Peoples Temple, and on the day of the massacre, he was attacked by a man with Jim Jones sets up Jonestown compound in Guyana In , about 50 of Jones' followers left California to help him build his "utopia" vision deep in the jungles of the South American country.

Ex-members claim Jim Jones practiced faux suicides. Jim Jones was 'a predator,' ex-members allege Former Peoples Temple members said Jones became extreme, manipulating his congregants with blackmail and administering humiliating beatings to those How Jim Jones rose to power within his Peoples Temple Jones promoted social justice, racial and class equality and desegregation. But some of his former followers said he paid lip service to those ideas Who was the Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones?

Captivated by the charismatic style of Pentecostal and Methodist preachers, Jones became a preacher himself and founded his ministry, the Peoples Federal prosecutors seeking rare death penalty for NYC terror attack suspect The last time the death penalty was used in a New York federal case was in Family desperate to find mom, year-old daughter who vanished in California Amanda Kay Key, 40, and her daughter Haley Marie Vilven were last heard from on September Female inmates failed by federal prisons: Report The report points to systemic problems in the way federal prisons treat women.

Dad of 6-year-old boy says he's 'broken' Maddox Ritch, who has autism and does not talk, was at Rankin Lake Park in Gastonia, North Carolina, with his father, Ian Ritch, and another adult Father mourns after a boy's body found Maddox Ritch, who has autism, vanished in a park Saturday. Former airline executive and prominent civic leader gunned down in Memphis Philip Trenary was also a prominent civic leader lauded for his community work.

Mom attempts to drown son after saying on Facebook he was dead: Police The boy was hospitalized in critical condition with fluid in his lungs. Feinstein rails against Kavanaugh's 'aggressive and belligerent' behavior Republicans defended his character. Family desperate to find missing mom, year-old: Jim Jones' surviving sons on the massacre at Jonestown. This day in history:

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