SWTOR United Forces Update and Server Merges

They should have kept the system that they had before Shadow of Revan and some stuff in Shadow of Revan. On November 28th, following the United Forces update, we are going to release our biggest multiplayer update of the year. Join us for weekly events and help decide if the game has a future in the AJSA. An Overwatch butt is getting changed by the developers, sparking controversy and debate across social media, Should Tracer's butt be changed? How can you ask for a subscription for that amount of content? SWTOR started poor at launch too but vastly improved its game and numbers around 2.

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Hab sie mir nun selbst erstellt, also wer sie noch braucht:. Aufnahme der Rettung der Zephyriten 9. Aufnahme der medizinischen Versorgung Aufnahme der Verteidigung des Grabes Aufnahme der Verteidigung von Kormir. Aufnahme der Rettung der Geiseln Aufnahme der Rettung aus dem Totenhaus 8. Aufnahme der Schwindler Aufnahme der Rettung der Kadetten 7.

Aufnahme des Siegs gegen die Gebrandmarkten Aufnahme der Verteidigung der Elonier. Aufnahme der Rettung der Skritt 6. Aufnahme des Siegs gegen den Wyvern Aufnahme des Fischfangs Aufnahme der Verteidigung der Olmakhan. Bei der mittleren Sammlung musste man sie glaube ich in der richtigen Reihenfolge abgeben. Kann sein, dass das bei der letzten Sammlung dann auch so ist. Ich habe sie selber noch nicht angefangen. Reset bei der mittleren Sammlung ist allerdings mit Daily-Reset, da habe ich kurz nach 1 Uhr bereits ein Modul abgegeben.

How long have we had Legacy Banks?? Or it still the same old Legacy Cargohold thing? A simple server merge is spinned with a bloated post rivaling an entire roadmap. I was thinking the same thing. Only BW would add a couple of rewards in game with server mergers and call it content. I dont know you guys but im planning to resub just to be witness of all this cluster f incoming, at the end this is what swtor is about…going downhill each year.

Thank you Bioware Austin for ensuring I will never again give your lame excuse for a company another cent of my money.

I had hoped against all visible evidence that you might, just might pull your head out of your collective ass but alas, this was not to be. You are determined to continue this farce at any cost and one day it will come home to you all when EA has added the corpse of your company to the pile it has produced thus far. I actually long for the day and will celebrate: Am i the only one that was happy with the roadmap? And for anybody hoping for an xpac, when have they ever announced that as part of a roadmap?

And who knows, remember the last time they dropped a Flashpoint arc on us, it turned into the SoR prelude. For all we know, the new servers could be the old servers with a new name to it Harbs renamed to Hot Prospect while shutting down the least able servers they have to handle the consolidated population. I agree with you on most parts surprisingly, this is a good step towards the ongoing future of the game. The investment is a very good thing along with the much need and asked for server merges.

More flashpoints, more conquest improvement and more command pack tweaking shows they are listening. And like you says less story and more flashpoint based storytelling which I like. I can see why they have done it like this, they gave themselves no alternative after 2 years of awful story telling but doing it this way is awful imho. They should have gave us updates and videos of it to keep us informed but to do an OP this way is hideous.

This is the opposite of investment. No they are not listening. The CXP system would be completely removed if they were listening. What future of the game? Everything points to maintenance mode next year or 2 years from now at most. I was referring to the OP and agreeing with him that telling story via flashpoints was a better way to do it in my opinion, but two flashpoints in a year is significantly better than what they have done in quite a few years now with the horrible story arc.

It was unforgiving when it first came out but thanks to the community reaction and listening to the community they softened it massively and now it so easy. Oh and I love conquest. Well people have been wanting server mergers because the game is dying… Fewer people play this game every day. If we had that…. I also prefer story via flashpoints.

Good for you and for your guild, but Conquest is settling with the grind. We need more from our game. Sorry but the CXP was a horrible mistake, and should have never been introduced.

The vast majority of players, even many of the fanboys, know this and recognize it. Every year is worse… there will be a day, when the game will no longer be supported. I have never said the game is dying before in 5 years, but now I really feel it. We also get a new warzone, gsf map, operations boss and flash point that continues the main story and a companion returning.

Just look at the flowers Swtor. Just…just look at the flowers. Is that a reference to something in the canon or the films? Yeah the EU servers got cool names. The NA server names are weak. For gods sake there used t be what seemed like a hundred servers. And they want us to rejoice at this fact? In 6 years the continued mismanagement of the game has seen it continually hemorrhage players. And then 1 worldwide?

The game is multi-lingual I hope that word actually exists. For that to happen there would have to be a profound rework in terms of languages…. I never understood why we have French and German servers in Europe. I truly hope that this game can exist in a multi-lingual way.

My point was how long before BW deems translation to French and German an expense they can do without? Maybe so, but way more Pop. My concern is for TOR and whilst server mergers are probably necessary due to the low population and therefore welcome what I cannot stand for is BW dressing them up as content. The fact that they make a big song and dance about it and make it sound like the 2nd coming of Jesus is despicable. The reason they need to do the merges are because they are continually driving players away with their decisions.

I would prefer they said nothing and instead used the energy and time spouting this crap into trying to make what little content they churn out better. Big difference in the way the ESO Mega servers run compared to the miniscule servers swtor runs. They need to find a better way to deal with the names.

I foresee ALOT of unhappy players after such a huge server merge. Wonder how many players they are going to lose just from this? People are pretty passionate about that kind of stuff. I think I might even have a single duplicate name between my two servers…: The Slot machines come to mind or Op passes. All they care about is the sound of the cash register. They have the money already, all you get in return is a middle finger. Legacy Names -Both my legacies are 50 with nearly the same achievement progress recent server transfers.

How will the system know which name to prioritize? Same thing on JC. Will both Yavins still have it equipped? Legacy Cargo Hold -Both of my servers have items in every tab of legacy storage. Will the system prioritize based on which legacy it chooses as the new legacy?

I have nowhere else to put it. Well, drop the name of that toon of yours. We can have some fun. Before we KILL the game on our hard disks hehehehehehehe…. I have 2 slots on The Red Eclipse. I always leave one or two, in case any surprises come along. Oh Empire side is my favourite. That way we can say goodbye to TWO classes, instead of just one hehehehehehe… Keep me posted. But fuck BW Austin. Sad to see it go? Sure, but then I was sad to see this game go to shit 2 years ago.

Eventually you move on and forget. I agree with you. They said that you will only have the biggest number of decos from legacy. What if I play in three servers and I bought some expensive deco in all of them? Will I only have one instead of the three? Will they be erased from the equipped SH? Surely at some point BW need to come out and say that merges are because of the dwindling overall population? What the game really needs is a plan from BW to halt the exodus of players.

My immediate concern is for the game, I want to return and play but BW continually let me down when it comes to content quality and frequency. If the trend continues, there will be no game in the future.

Resubbing for that is an exercise in futility in my book. BW will get my custom again when they start to make significant strides in content investment. Some of the more obscure servers have a population of less than 10 and these poor people have been asking this for years. I am against BW dressing up the mergers as content whilst doing nothing to stop the exodus of players. The thing is that this is a plaster band-aid to cover a bullet wound. Without regular new and decent content then the decline continues, regardless of what they tell us.

I think they are probably the only two legit defenders of BW Austin left on this website outside of the random guest accounts. I know because every tab of my legacy is full, mainly with mats so I suppose I could merge them but it would mean spreading them out all over the place first but also legacy gear for transferring cxp gear to my alts.

It would be a sodding nightmare. If someone already has that name, your transferred character will have a placeholder name with a message telling you to change it. This bothers me very bad. I have multiple legacy 50 servers.

All of my character names have been used by me since early WoW days, so if I have 3 server merges, I have 3 Krallkrums, 2 need new names, etc. The way I play, this will cost me a headache for months to finally straighten things out to be able to play again.

It will be like moving from a 6 bedroom estate into a studio appt. I think this a killer for me, sad to say. You know what the sad part is in 3 months later the 5 left playing will be merged again onto the revans ghost server…. Thank god we have a mechanic in place to make them sub for their names to be saved! Very well Said… Sad But True: That little fuckwit goblin Musco has been bullshitting to the player base for years now.

Yea, whoever came up with united forces probably got a medal for the most creative name for nothing but a server merger and what it really means for the game in terms of population. With this whole United Forces debacle yes I consider it already a fail , I am reminded of this Poochie Simpsons episode scene:.

When u look at Roadmap post you can see the release dates. That assumes Hexid will have any dialogue at all. Perhaps a vow of silence or her tongue was removed by a former mentor. I happy to the players to play on regular basic.

Sadly its about 3 years too late. Still want to know how this will affect RP people wonder if we will have an RP instance. I remember in swg they killed rp when they server merged pvp and pve servers into RP ones. Yeah… my concern as well. So they finally realized that better to merge servers than to have less ppl on over servs. Not goin to continue my sub after december thats gotta be first time since i stop payin them. God forbid we do something that makes sense. It is clear what needs to happen to this game to save it.

PVP also gives a fuck ton of cxp, especially during an event. Plus, if they got rid of cxp, all of that work we put into multiple characters for cxp levels will be gone. Waaa, can barely wait! I was dying to have yet another fugly pet! All i ever wanted.. Reskinned same pet Model or just any Pet.. If this game had a better progression system and enough incentive to pvp.

Hundreds of hours of NIM runs to get the rarest items. They said it is impossible. We cannot do that. Funny how when the noodle is almost eaten, they can do that: So now I have two guild ships on the new Darth Malgus server. SWTOR content is like piss, ya know, those little spurts at the end! I will be there until they switch off the last server. How will the LAG be? Bad, Good, or worse? Good question considering I stopped playing mians on Bastion since EB had a better ping rate…Time to roll the dice.

I would love to know the exact number of the player base for each server. Is there a way? I normally play Ebon Hawk, the fleet usually has people on it at all times.

The Shadowlands had roughly 40 people on fleet at all times. Not enough people do their basic business in their own strongholds and that will be the next problem they will need to deal with, after server merge. The game still lags on Balmorra, Taris and Belsavis for me. The Shadowlands has seen a surge in population the past two weeks. Fleet went from 25 to 90 on at all times. The planets for the 1 thru 50 level seem about the same, 10 to 60 people, depending on the time of day.

After the merge, it may increase to double those numbers. I really dread the feeling this game is done. I have enjoyed it thus far. It has been my go to game for five years. What am I going to play after this for my Star Wars fix? The game is not done. I really believe my lag is due to my internet provider. They double tapped my pole outside so I should be receiving double the mps to my house. I purchased a Net Gear wi fi adapter to strengthen the signal to my laptop.

It reads that I am getting mps and then goes down to 75 mps. It should be more than enough for the game. Also, I use Wise Care to clear out my caches and check my registry for errors. I do that every time before I log into the game. I even go a step further and use Wise Game Booster to put 7 processes on pause till I am done playing.

On my laptop I have the GE Force Experience, it optimized my game according to my graphics driver and ram. I will try lowering my settings down to low and see how the lag is. I am exhausted after writing all of that. I have tried everything to eliminate or maintain my lag to a reasonable level.

From servers to 5- whee! Now I can fight even more players for spawns! And I might get to rename my characters again! Will that be the 3rd or 4th time? Actually there have been 2 major server mergers since release. I started out on my main server Lord Praven. Similarly for other regions. Oceania servers I think were wiped out in the 2nd major server merge.

Renamed my sniper with a lot of playtime to switch the name to an Operative — with a few hours tops so far — which I wanted to level in the future. So either I spend a lot of money to do a name-switcheroo both now and after the merge or have a very good chance of losing a name I am really attached to. Please tell me the latter and not the former…. It looks more like you run through just 3 PvE or 3 PvP missions on any of your characters [so that could be either run all 3 on the same character, or have 3 characters each run one; probably the first option works the best], and using Group Finder between November 8 and 27 to earn Darth Hexid as a companion.

I am not sure if someone else already asked this but… I currently have 7 characters in the same server and I am preferred status. I assume there will be no problem right? I hope it is not the same for preferred…. For instance, if a f2p account has a longer play time on a specific character, can a subscriber swoop in and take that name on another server as long as they get past the lvl 10 threshold, and take that name eventhough the f2p player has more playtime on their character?

If the subscriber has a character with the same name as a F2P, it will depend on the play time for each character and if they are past level If you have more time on yours but they had the character longer….

I think they should make a Combat Droid available for every flash point for those who want to solo them. And it travels with server hopping! Or lying about it.

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