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Al grew up in Calvin and Wetumka, and went to school in Wetumka. City of Lexington, Virginia Robert B. Floyd Kenneth Webb Jr. The first 9 years she worked for Dr. Lord Byron , British poet.

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So-called Dog-hole schoonerstake lumber, other products to San Francisco. Major findsinclude spineless cactus, Santa Rosa plums, Shasta daisy and Burbank potato. Major winery operation set up at Fountaingrove. In ,he builds horse-drawn Santa Rosa Street Railway. His elegant Mableton Mansion is completed in Brown's Canyon Bridge, later a trestle, is tallest west of Mississippi. Railexpansion opens up Russian River area to Bay Area tourism. McNear, 19, joins father John in grain and feed business; expands into growing egg industry.

Juilliard plants orchards in Santa Rosa. Thompson publishes first county history, Historical Atlas of Sonoma County. Later, the durablechairs produced by Stewart Faudre became a major success. Other major floodyears include , , , , , Bowman founds Cloverdale Reveille newspaper.

Quarries become third largest industry after wine and dairying. SolomonSchocker and Agostino Pinelli are pioneers. Prunes become a major crop; canneries and food packing plants around Healdsburg provide many jobs, especially for women. Boss Overton is dominant politician, serves as Santa Rosa mayor, district attorney, judge and bankpresident.

Hayes, former colleagues of E. White helps create Healdsburg Adventistcollege. Traverso and Arrigoni families start as clerks in his store. New steel bridgeopens in McNear loses wife Jennie when steamer boiler explodes; 8 others die. McNear marries Ida BelleDenman in Boss Overton, formerly Petaluma constable, county district attorney and judge, becomes SantaRosa mayor.

Hotchkiss, a majorsupporter of the building of the Golden Gate Bridge, is father of tennis star Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman. Windsor- Trenton Winery is largest of seven they own. Lawrence set up Exchange Bank ofSanta Rosa. Russian River emergesas tourist area. Griffith plants first commercial Gravenstein apple orchard in Vine Hill area near Sebastopol. Boyes strikes well of hot water, later known as Boyes Hot Springs near Sonoma. Thompson, credited as county's first historian, writes story of departure of Russians from Fort Ross.

Son August continues family's vineyard tradition. Meeker lays out Camp Meeker in west county for summer homes. George becomes Santa Rosa's first auto dealer in Prohibition curbs boom in s. Grant as pioneer operator.

He builds Carnegie libraries and prestige homes in Petaluma and Santa Rosa. Group, originally for artists and writers, later adds power brokers. Tower destroyed by fire in Petaluma and Santa Rosa have separatehigh school buildings; There are 73 districts, compared to 5 in The facility, using stone from local quarries, withstands the earthquake. Pool operates store, helps establish first Exchange Bank Branch in Windsor in Operation includes acre farm in the s.

Facility closes in First spike driven in Petaluma Apr. Sebastopol train depotbuilt, now home of West County Museum. Overton, son of mayor elected in , elected Santa Rosa mayor in and Louis; wins total of 6 medals in three differentOlympics , , Hundreds of backers of both sides seek to dominate in Mar.

After court intervention, the electric line is allowed over the crossing on Mar. Overton, son of "Boss" Overton, is mayor during the quake. Ross becomes State Historic Park. South county becomes major Yiddish cultural center.

Finley are called Santa Rosa's "power trio. Brewery is sold in Name of Rio Nidoreplaces Eaglesnest. Finley write major histories ofSonoma County.

Group is unable to make landpayments, and foreclosure forces them to leave the area. Blakely flies at 6, feet from San Francisco to Cloverdale at "almost a mile a minute" for the CitrusFair.

Meeker, major figure in west Sonoma County, dies. House of Representatives, servesmore than 30 years with bipartisan support. He builds strong conservation record, supports aviation-related bills. E, led by Capt. Hilliard Comstock, and Petaluma's Co. K are called to duty in World War I.

Speakeasies abound, with much smuggling activity allegedly going through the coastal town of Tomales. Federal agents seizedozens of barrels of wine in trucks between Santa Rosa and Petaluma, confiscate more liquid in the Dry Creekarea.

Crops includewine, eggs, prunes, hops, apples, dairying, livestock. Smallerwineries produce "Dago Red. He also stars in basketball before returning to finish high school in the midwest. New school opens on Mendocino Ave. New school opens Finley arranges for Armand Saare to set up antennaand bring in first radio-communicated opera to a crowd on streets of Santa Rosa. Tallest building between San Francisco and Portland, five stories tall, is completed in Passengers and crew, including a baby, escape without harm.

Keyes opens Chicken Pharmacy in Petaluma; operates into s. Grappa, also known as jackass brandy, becomes a popular commodity. Judge rules against Kawaokas but T.

Fujita gets favorable ruling circa Oakland Oaksalso train in the area. Flohr wins rematch in Army plane flies low over Sebastopol and Petaluma,"buzzing" frightened chickens. Mad Bull, aka John Southard, wins race in 7 days, 12 hours, 34 minutes;Flying Cloud wins in , covering the distance in 7 days and winning by 17 miles. Three drivers log 2, miles, average Son George buys ranch, grows grapes, becomes folkartist and invents horseshoe known as the Greeott Grabber.

He conducts for 30 years, building group into piece professional orchestra. Facing boycott for supporting the bridge, he isalleged to have said, "Damn the circulation! The bridge must be built. Number of retail stores in county drops from 1, to 1, by Harry Harris family sells Rio Nido resort in Many political hopefuls seek his blessing before running for office.

In s during the Depression, heslows efforts to foreclose on delinquent farmers. Nin Guidotti spends 23 years on the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors,modernizing the board and winning friends and enemies before retiring in Farms total 5, in , increase to 6, in ; number ofchickens: Petaluma voters approve funds for new DSt.

Catholic priest Charlie Phillips of Sebastopol works to mediatetensions. Arrigonis set up their own market in , introducting area to Italianfood specialities. More than 2,show up to support him. Judge Hilliard Comstock temporarily halts bank action. Case wins a reprieve but otherfarmers face foreclosure action.

Italian Swiss Colony holds huge party to celebrate end of era; numberof wineries down to 70; decline carries into the s. Disguise's colts become major winner for the Rosseter stable. Opening enrollment was , leaving Analy with 1, students. He isconvicted and dies in San Quentin Prison. Poultry, dairying lead the way. Patteson punchesone striker in the face in his office.

Farmer-dominated jury quickly acquits the accused. Nin Guidotti serves 22 years on the county board ofsupervisors between and , becomes board power.

Project expectedto expand county economy. College ice hockey team draws large crowd, beats college teams, playing atGrace Bros. Brewery site in In , Benedetti's Leghorn team scores points in 12 games. Clover-Stornetta introduces "Clo the Cow" billboard advertising.

Winery more than years old. Joseph Church holds barbecue, which becomes annual community event. High school andshopping center named in his honor.

His team is No. Japanese-American volunteers join famed nd Regimental Combat Team. Dismissal deferred, but she resigns at the end of the school year. Finley dies; in , Bill Townes is hired to modernize paper, increase circulation. Army leases Petaluma fairgrounds for duration of the war. Navy sets up auxiliary air station in Cotati for aircraft carrier landing practice.

Other troops assignedaround city, county. Four-day riot put down in March, Localfarmers hire POWs to work in the fields, helping solve wartime labor shortage. There is no damage. Finley, joins Press Democrat staff. As publisher he sells paper to NewYork Times in , does major philanthropic work in community, focusing on music, art and education, includingFinley Center, Luther Burbank Center for the Arts and Sonoma State University.

Teamcontinues with full seasons through The death halts work on Villa Chanticlerc resort near Healdsburg, allegedly acenter of gangster influence. Red Tauzer, early coach of Santa Rosa Jr. College sports teams, and major supporter of the school,replaces Herbert Slater as state senator. Al Quinleyalso operates Petaluma Drive-In. Volkerts editoriallybacks pro-dam votes in and House of Representatives, serves 5 terms.

College board cancels speech by Washington State teacherfired as alleged Communist. Robert Quinn hails drop in TB deaths to 12 as major improvement. Cold War heats up, residents build backyard bomb shelters. As promotion, he builds one home in Montgomery Village area in less than 4hours.

Codding Enterprises becomes largest real estate firm north of San Francisco. Ralph Stone and Elie Destruel. Mortgage banker and financier Trione invests in timber and wine and contributesto community causes, including creation of Annadel State Park and Burbank Center for the Arts.

He operatesGeyser Peak Winery until Keegan serves as Santa Rosa School Board member, fund-raiser for many causes. Bob Trowbridge builds canoe rental fleet on the Russian River and reigns as "Mr. Democrat,"building influence of party in second half of the 20th century. Major products are thin-film coatings andpigments that make ink counterfeit-proof.

College wins state baseballchampionship. First phase of newRohnert Park community starts in Brown brings in talented young artists for localaudience.

In , he becomes appeals court judge, noted foropinions on Bill of Rights issues. Schulz, creator of Peanuts strip, moves to Sebastopol and later Santa Rosa, builds Redwood Empire Ice Arena, holds annual senior ice hockey tournament. Strip is read by estimated millionpeople. Main goal is jobs and other types of training for the poor.

Ambrose Nichols serves as president until Students from SSC create demand for living space inconverted Cotati chicken houses. Musician Lou Gottlieb opens Morningstar Ranch westof Sebastopol; others flock to Wheeler Ranch and turn summer cabins into year-around residences. Gay groupsalso move into west county. By , population reaches 40, Joseph's Catholic Church looks out on Hwy. Plans call for 5,acre planned community. Environmentalists battleSea Ranch developers over beach access.

Coastal Commission created and access compromise is worked outearly in the s. The project is annexed to the city of Santa Rosa. She becomes county supervisor in , dies in Two young councilmen later hatch plot to steal marijuana from the city'sevidence locker, which ends in their resignations.

Run ends 40 years later in Resort dates back to s. In the end, Sea Ranch construction is ruled exempt from control of the commission, but thepublic is allowed five access trails to the beach. Fellow environmentalist Chuck Hinkle elected to Board of Supervisors. Citywins case in U. Price per gallon jumps from 39 to 63 cents for a time. Fence is up for 2 weeks in District Court rules Petaluma slow growth plan unconstitutional.

Many locals snag roles in the film. Wilson publish Women Artists. Several police go on permanent disability as a result ofinjuries incurred during the event. Hospital opens in , with health careworkers at the facility. Population in , totaling 1,,rises to 13, in early s and to 27, by Unique town center spurs growth. With holdings in theU. Thirty new wineries operate in county. Money manipulation,shootings and prison sentences spice up the deal.

A decade later, public radio station isadded. Over 10 years, Santa Rosa jumps from 50, to 83,; Petaluma 33,,Sonoma Valley hits 40,, double Rifo dies in , age With fundinghelp from 24 leading citizens; arts center opens Nov.

Inspite of breast cancer diagnosis, she serves 8 years on Council, including 2 terms as mayor. Eventually, some 15 telecom equipment manufacturing companies come to the county. Brother Don, a State Assemblyman, takes over. Milk led from , replacing eggs. Barnes and Noble bookstore savesbuilding from destruction in He is sentenced to death.

Richard and Saralee Kunde build county'simage as a prestige growing area in the Sonoma Valley. Congress, wins seat in U. Fisher, living at Bouverie Ranch for 23 years, dies at Richard Allen Davis arrested; Polly's father Marc Klaas becomes advocate for better protection of children. And the Band Played On: People, Politics and the Aids Experience.

Earlier theories included possibility of arson. Jobless rate only 3. Patrick Ziemann resigns after facing sexual assault charges from another priest. High-pay hightech money fuels the upswing. Agilent announces major cutbacks and several companies shutSonoma County offices. He worked to curb coastal development, stopthe building of Warm Springs Dam and put more "environmental candidates" in public office.

His sister MaryAnn takes over the operation with husband Richard Cuneo. Santa Rosan LeviLeipheimer wins event in Joseph Memorial Hospital at 2, andKaiser Permanente at 2, Sources claim marijuana, although illegal, is California's largest revenue-producing crop. Exchange Bank suffers its first losing year in a half century, mainly due to home constructionloans and real estate activities. As year nears end, county unemployment is Sonoma State University wrestles with problems caused bymillions of dollars in loans made by the university's Foundation to local land owners, including Carinalli.

Her book is titled Not Lost Forever. Codding and his wife Ruby Jewell Codding gave critical moral and financial support to the founders of theSonoma County Historical Society. Coffee, 76, a longtime civil rights leader and pastor of the Community Baptist Church, diesin April at age By the end of the year, the county unemployment rate is 9. He was also a racehorse owner and breeder. Opening program at the center is scheduled for September, County leaders pledge to overhaul the system.

The toll of North Coast soldiers killed in combat since rises to Funding problems force closure of the year-old Catholic facility. Unemployment rate drops to 7. Windsor is the fastest growing area in the county, ahead of Santa Rosa. The pavilion is planned as a permanent, all-weather tent structure on the east side of the concert hall. The coming of the complex was 15 years in the making. Some 3, attend the first performance.

In October, he receives a six-month suspension from professional racing and is required to forfeit most of his results from to , including a third place finish in the Tour de France in Leipheimer founded the popular GranFondo fundraiser ride which attracted 7, cyclists to Sonoma County in The Times maintained ownership of the Press Democrat for 26 years after buying it from the Finley family in Some 20, join in a welcome-home parade in September.

San Rafael Democrat Jared Huffman is voted into office to replace her. Sonoma County wineries crush more than tons of grapes, a 60 percent increase from The total in is 59, July jobless figure is 7. Health care, hospitality and business services help strengthen the economy. The business had been in operation for 80 years. At , square feet, it is the most expensive private development project in Sonoma County History.

The deputy shot Lopez after he spotted the boy walking down a street with a BB gun designed to look like an AK assault rifle. Howard Beach in Buffalo. Francis Xavier RC Church. Bennett - Table of Contents. Time line Robert McArtney, ed. Bethlehem Steel Corporation online Oct. Beveridge List of publications.

Bidwell, Brigadier General Daniel Davidson. Bird , William A. Bird Reprinted from the Sunday Times, June 11, Bishop Fallon High School.

Karl Bitter at the Pan-Am. Excerpts from Against the Grain: The History of Buffalo's First Ward. Lawyer, Statesman, Soldier Essay. Brent in Buffalo, NY. Read before the Buffalo historical society, April 7, Digitized by Google. Excerpts on Buffalo Architecture and History website: A History of the City of Buffalo: Its Men and Institutions , Buffalo Academy of Fine Arts. Douglas Cornell and the Buffalo Amateurs. Buffalo and Attica Railroad.

Buffalo and Susquehanna Iron Company. E-text of a book that includes photos and text about the Goodyear brothers and their investment in Louisiana forests and the town of Bogalusa in Frank Goodyea r Illustrations, history, architecture Charles Goodyea r Illustrations, history, architecture.

Buffalo Bill at the Pan-Am. Buffalo Board of Trade. Buffalo Braves Basketball Team. Buffalo Public School History Illustrations and history. Buffalo City Water Works. Postcard - Buffalo Consistory. Buffalo Electric Carriage Co. Buffalo Female Academy Buffalo Seminary.

Buffalo Fire Appliance Corporation. Buffalo Fire Appliance Corporation: Selected illustrations from Buffalo of Today: Buffalo Gas and Light Company. Buffalo Gasolene Motor Co. Buffalo German Insurance Co. See Harbor, Buffalo below.

Buffalo Harbor Company, The. Buffalo Museum of Science. Buffalo Naval and Servicemen's Park. Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. Performing Archive - History of the Parkside Area and Community. Buffalo's Best Series of essays. Buffalo State Office Building. Photo - Buffalo of Today: The Caroline Incident during the Patriot War.

Castle, The Fort Porter. Paul's Cathedral Illustrations, history, architecture. Cazenovia Park-South Park System. Chamber of Commerce Building. Allen, First appearance, in , of the cholera in Buffalo.

With inicidental notices of the late Roswell W. Haskins Entire book is online. Chapin, Brigadier General Edward Payson. Chapman, Charlie "The Tuna". Chappelle at the Pan-Am. Chinese History in Buffalo. Taken from a larger map posted by the Library of Congress.

Ethnic Communities and the Architectural Legacy Map: Past and Present Buffalo Catholic Churches. Eli Cook Biography Mayors of Buffalo. Spaulding Biography Map Map.

Clement Brick Museum - Table of Contents. Cobblestone Historic Preservation District. Monroe Fordham Regional History Center: Robert Traynham Coles Short biography and autobiography. Francis Ward Pumping Station. Colton, Bishop Charles Henry. Residence, Delaware Ave. Joy's Address Reprint of neewspaper article.

Common Council Proceedings, to present. The First Years Reprint of some essays from the series. Coxhead , John H. Earliest Buffalo Maps plus text. Crystal Beach 20 photos. Curtin, F ederal Judge John. The Aerospace Industry in Buffalo Time lines and illustrations. Delaware and North Cemetery. Delaware Avenue Baptist Church. Dunn, History - Twentieth Century Club.

Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad. Delaware Park Original name: Depew Avenue - Table of Contents. Exhibition Finale, New Connections. Photo of plant - Buffalo of Today: Kowsky, The William Dorsheimer House: Hamlin Park Illustrations, history Buffalo Map.

History of Bufalo's Grain Elevators Includes illustrations. Eagle Tavern Illustrations, info. East Buffalo Livestock Exchange. Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church. East North Street Cemetery. History of Neighborhoods in Buffalo - East Side. Ethnic Communities and the Architectural Legacy. Electricity and Western New York -. Ellicott Historic Preservation District. Entertainment Hall of Fame. Erie County Savings Bank. See specific names, e.

Ferry Street Corridor Project. Figas, Father Justin M. First Church of Christ in Buffalo. First Congregational Church of Buffalo. Excerpts from The Merging of Titans: Flint Hill and the War of Flour Mills - See Grain Elevators below. Fort Niagara Illustrations, history. Struggles and Accomplishments of Belva Lockwood. French and Indian War. Front, The Front Park. We primarily paint structures in white because this helps improve lighting, visibility, safety and cleanliness in facilities.

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