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Some people who are pathologic gamblers are seeking the mood alteration associated with gambling— specifically the excitement and energy that they find in the activity— more than the money involved.

In other words, the person with the disorder is reinforced by an emotional "high" rather than by the money itself. Some researchers have found that males diagnosed with pathological gambling disorder were more likely to have Pathological gambling disorder is characterized by uncontrollable gambling well beyond the point of a social or recreational activity, such that the gambling has a major disruptive effect on the gambler's life.

People who are pathological gamblers may lose their life savings, and may even commit crimes to get money for their "habit. Other researchers have described compulsive gamblers in general as highly competitive people who are restless and easily bored. Other theories about the causes of pathological gambling emphasize cognitive distortions rather than mood problems. Pathological gambling has been associated with dysfunctional thinking patterns; many people with this disorder are highly superstitious or believe that they can control the outcome of events when they are gambling.

Many people diagnosed with the disorder also have distorted beliefs about money, tending to see it at the same time as the source of all their problems and the answer to all their problems. Patients diagnosed with pathological gambling disorder have an increased risk of either having or developing histrionic, narcissistic, or borderline personality disorder.

One social change that has been linked with the rise in the number of adults diagnosed with pathological gambling disorder in the United States is the increased availability of legalized gambling.

The symptoms of pathological gambling include preoccupation with gambling activity, often to the extent of interfering with the person's occupational or social functioning. The person is often unable to control the gambling behavior, continuing to place bets or go to casinos in spite of attempts to cut back or stop.

A common behavior in persons with pathological gambling disorder is "chasing," which refers to betting larger sums of money or taking greater risks in order to undo or make up for previous losses. The person may also lie about their gambling or engage in such antisocial behaviors as stealing, credit card fraud, check forgery, embezzling from an employer, or similar dishonest behaviors in order to obtain more money for gambling.

More males than females in the United States are diagnosed with pathological gambling disorder; the sex ratio is thought to be about 2: Relatively few women, however, are in treatment programs for the disorder, most probably because of the greater social stigma attached to women who gamble. As a rule, men diagnosed with pathological gambling disorder began gambling as teenagers, whereas women tend to start compulsive gambling at a later age.

Pathological gambling disorder tends to be more common in minority groups and in people with lower socioeconomic status. People who smoke tobacco or abuse alcohol are more likely to have pathological gambling disorder than people who do not use these substances. Pathological gambling disorder is more likely to be diagnosed when the affected person's spouse or family becomes concerned than to be self-reported.

Denial is common among persons with the disorder. The professional handbook, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders , fourth edition, text revision, or DSM-IV-TR, specifies that the patient must have at least five of the following symptoms to meet criteria for the disorder:.

Pathological gambling disorder is distinguished from social gambling, in which the person is typically socializing with friends, gambling for a limited period of time, and gambling with a limited sum of money that they can afford to lose.

Pathological gambling disorder is also distinguished from professional gambling, in which participants limit their risks and discipline their behavior. Lastly, pathological gambling disorder must be distinguished from a manic episode ; in most cases, the distinguishing feature of the disorder is that the manic-like behavior disappears after the person leaves the gambling setting.

There are a number of different treatments for pathological gambling disorder. Psychodynamic psychotherapy attempts to uncover any underlying psychological factors that trigger the gambling. For people who are gambling to escape, such as those who are depressed, this approach may be very successful.

Treating any substance abuse problems that may coexist with the pathological gambling can also be helpful. Other types of treatments involve behavioral techniques used to teach relaxation and avoidance of stimuli associated with gambling. Aversion therapy appears to be successful in treating pathological gambling disorder in highly motivated patients with some insight into the problem, but is not helpful for patients who are less educated or resistant to behavioral methods of treatment. The gambler's admission that she or he does have a gambling problem and a willingness to go to meetings are considered the first steps in treating pathological gambling disorder.

Looking realistically at what gambling has done to a person's life, and a willingness to work hard to stop gambling are also important parts of the GA program. People involved in this program are expected to attend meetings regularly, try to make amends for wrongs that their gambling has caused, and find a sponsor usually of the same sex to help them through the program.

Gamblers Anonymous also expects that people who stop gambling to understand that they probably will never be able to gamble again socially, just as recovering alcoholics cannot drink socially. There are very few statistics on the number of people successfully treated for pathological gambling disorder.

Treatment for any underlying psychological disorders or substance abuses can be very helpful. Sometimes family therapy is recommended. Some types of relaxation or behavioral therapy can also be helpful. Gamblers Anonymous can help in many cases, although the program has a high dropout and recurrence rate. For many people, a combination of more than one of these approaches is probably the most effective. Even when a person has successfully stopped compulsive gambling, it is unlikely that he or she will ever be able to gamble socially again, or even spend time in places where he or she once gambled.

Prevention of pathological gambling disorder is very difficult because it is impossible to predict when someone will react to gambling in a way that leads to compulsive gambling. Other cities up and down the soccer-loving country saw similar scenes of jubilation. Hospitals in Vietnam's commercial hub, Ho Chi Minh City, had received emergency cases of people injured in the partying up to Monday morning.

Hospitals in Hanoi treated 63 cases of people injured in traffic accidents, including three skull fractures, the newspaper said. Many were hurt in illegal motorscooter races. When police tried to break up the crowd they were pelted with stones. The Vietnam News daily said some of the injured were involved in illegal motorbike races in Ho Chi Minh City held to celebrate Vietnam's victory in a preliminary round of the Southeast Asian Games in Brunei. The races normally take place around city lakes or parks.

Others who died or suffered injuries were bystanders hit by motorbikes or fans who were not involved in the races, but who had traffic accidents while taking part in the celebrations.

Officials were not available for comment, and it was unclear if any arrests were made. Police seized motorbikes during the incidents, the Vietnam News said.

There were no reported incidents in the capital Hanoi. Vietnam has done well in the Southeast Asian games soccer tournament so far and is expected to make the semi-finals following wins over Myanmar, Laos and a draw with Thailand during the preliminary round.

He reportedly was rushed to a nearby hospital in a coma and underwent surgery. Hours after the incident, police raided two cafes where they arrested the 18 people and seized swords, knives and ammunition and a hand grenade, Tuoi Tre Youth newspaper reported. Before the stabbing, The was seen with some players of the visiting team, the newspaper said. Police in Danang are still investigating the incident, but there was speculation the upset caused many fans to lose bets on the game, leading to the attack.

We're too short and we know this," said Riedl. AP, July 11, ]. The year-old, in his third stint as Vietnam coach, cited his team's average height at around centimeters 5ft 5ins against centimeters 5ft 9ins for the other teams. But I cannot make our players taller. In May , Reuters reported: Qatari delegates made enquiries about enlisting 10, local fans during a recent tour of Hanoi's My Dinh stadium, where they will play Group B matches with Vietnam, Japan and the United Arab Emirates, according to the Thanh Nien daily.

The paper, sourcing army officials who manage the stadium, said the delegates told them they had already placed orders to buy outfits for the supporters. They were told to contact local student associations to recruit fans for the July event, which Vietnam will co-host with Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Despite the popularity of soccer in Qatar and efforts to lure big-name players, its domestic league is poorly attended and the national team has few travelling supporters.

Vietnam made it into the quarterfinals of Asia Cup. But after Vietnam lost to lowly Burma in December ended the team's hopes of winning a silver medal in the Southeast Asian Games, Riedl quit. Deutsche Presse Agentur reported: Riedl has resigned twice before since taking the reins of the Vietnamese club in When he needed a kidney transplant early this year, scores of fans volunteered as donors.

But the Austrian appeared to have worn out his welcome due to his team's long failure to satisfy Vietnamese fans' possibly unrealistic expectations of an international championship. But VFF is also to blame. VFF is supposed to have a development strategy for the country's football, but this organization hasn't done anything. They took silver in when Hanoi hosted the games. In recent years when Vietnam has reached the final stages of Southeast Asian soccer competitions they have been defeated by arch rivals Thailand.

In December , Chanel News Asia reported: Winothai, also the hero in semi-final against Indonesia, found the net in the 43rd minute after following up a deflected header. His second came in the 76th minute, with the third coming sixth minutes later to secure Thailand's seventh consecutive Southeast Asian Games crown. Malaysia, meanwhile, took the bronze medal, defeating Indonesia Thai coach Chanvit Phalajivin praised Vietnam but said Thailand were the stronger outfit on the day.

Vietnam's Austrian coach Alfred Riedl said Thailand's strikers simply overwhelmed the defense. We were under pressure from them for 90 minutes. They are tough and they deserve to win," he said.

Chanel News Asia - December 5, ]. Vietnam came close to defeating Thailand in the Southeast Asia Games final in Hanoi but a golden goal in overtime clinche victory for Thailand and silenced the home crowd. The Bangkok Post reported: It was a heartbreaking finish for Vietnam, which tied the score in the first minute of injury time, less than a minute after Le Quoc Vuong was sent off for his second yellow card.

Scoring chances were few in the first half, with both defenses challenging nearly every pass and limiting most of the hard-fought action to midfield. But with crisper passes, the Thais had the best of possession, and their persistence finally paid off in the 32nd minute. Piyawat Thongmaen sent a pass in from the left side. It bounced through the legs of Vietnam's Le Duc Tuan, leaving the tournament's leading scorer, Sarayuth Chaikumdee, with only Anh to beat.

Sarayuth had no trouble scoring his ninth goal in five matches to put Thailand ahead Vietnam became more aggressive, but several ill-advised shots and passes had its fans groaning. The match appeared to be over when Vuong was sent off with time running out. The crowd exploded in celebration, but it turned out to be short-lived. When Nataporn's shot found the net, the home fans watched dazed as the Thai players piled on top of each other.

Thawatchai Ongtrakul opened the scoring in the 39th minute when he struck a vicious right-foot drive from the edge of the box past goalkeeper Tran Minh Quang. Dusit Charlesman sealed the win with another long-range effort in the 85th minute. It was the gold medal that really mattered,'' Thailand manager Virach Chaupanich said.

Reuters, August 14, ]. This has marked a great progress of Vietnam women's football. Starting from a team with great potential, the team has won the regional championship. The position was confirmed by four wins in a row with sixteen goals with only one goal against from the penalty spot at the 21st SEA games. The players have built up precious experience from the annual national championships so as to be able to compete in the regional tournament.

The image of the Vietnamese women's football is a combination of each individual's skill, undaunted competing spirit and the strength of unity. Apart from the efforts made by all the players, the training board, led by British coach Darby, has created a united strength that turned into the miraculous victory. The team absolutely deserves the championship title. They took over the championship from defending champions Thailand, which the Vietnamese national men's football team has been dreaming of.

It was the victory of talent, unity of spirit, determination and modesty that is typical of Vietnamese womanhood. We would like to congratulate skipper Bui Thi Hien Luong, who was the girl to open and close the final glorious match with two spectacular goals. We would like to congratulate and thank the whole team for bringing the set of gold medals to the fatherland and the happiness of victory to Vietnamese fans.

We believe that the country and a great majority of Vietnamese fans will meet their glorious players with great joy. Associated Press - September 14, ]. Bribery and other irregularities involving soccer and gambling are a problem in Vietnam.

Bookmakers, reportedly, routinely payoff players and fix club matches. The problem has gotten so out of hand that the Vietnamese soccer federation refused to validate a game between Hanoi and Haiphong because of allegations it was fixed.

In , Reuters reported from Hanoi: Authorities associate football with numerous social ills, not least gambling, which is virtually a national pastime even though it is illegal. Local media reports said many football fans in Ho Chi Minh City have skirted this inconvenience during Euro by placing bets via the Internet.

Betting has been popular even among students with little money to lose. They have instead wagered a cup of breakfast coffee or a bowl of noodles, media reports said. A lucky few could win a lot, however. Coca-Cola Vietnam is offering three footballs each made with a kg 2. Low pay and poor motivation often makes police an easy target for bribes from underground bookmakers to look the other way.

Most major syndicates bet on foreign matches, but the domestic V-League has also been marred by allegations of corruption and match-fixing since its debut season. Many fans place bets online.

However, it remains tightly restricted, creating a lucrative industry for the country's criminal underworld. Vietnamese law only allows limited betting on the state-run lottery and at the old colonial racecourse in Ho Chi Minh City, which was resurrected in the early s.

Punters are also allowed to have a flutter at a new greyhound stadium in the southern coastal resort of Vung Tau. Agence France Presse, October 23, ]. In October , AFP reported: The trio were picked up in Hanoi after a lengthy surveillance operation.

The year-old ringleader, Le Viet Anh, was an unemployed university graduate. Their biggest client, Nguyen Khanh Tung, was also arrested. The year-old son of a wealthy state official, Tung often gambled up to 30 million dong 2, dollars on a single day, it said. Agence France Presse, October 23, Police said each day they would take between 35 and 55 million dong 2,, dollars in bets from punters. All four men have reportedly confessed to their crimes.

In March, police were given cash rewards for arresting football gamblers in Ho Chi Minh City, including 53 people in a raid on a sports restaurant in the Chinatown district of Cholon. Agence France Presse, October 29, In , AFP reported: Police involved in the crackdown in southern Ho Chi Minh City said they had seized funds worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, the Thanh Nien Youth Daily newspaper said in its online edition.

Among the syndicates were three rings with overseas links that ran gambling networks on the Internet with bets worth an estimated , dollars, police were quoted as saying. Agence France Presse, June 30, ]. In February , AFP reported: A Vietnamese court has jailed members of an illegal online betting ring for up to 15 years for arranging bets on European football matches to a value of 10 million dollars, a court official said.

Its ringleader, a Vietnamese-born Canadian called Ngo Tien Dung, received the heaviest sentence while his chief accomplice was jailed for 10 years, an official from the Hanoi People's Court said. The court heard they organized bets on a number of European championships between December and February , and also forged links with betting syndicates in Cambodia, Hong Kong and Macau.

Another 11 members of the network were given sentences ranging from six years in jail to two years suspended following their three-day trial. According to reports here, Dung, 49, had a criminal record dating back to the s. He left for Canada, obtained Canadian nationality in and returned to Vietnam two years later. Agence France Presse, February 27, ].

In the mid s, dozens of referees, coaches, players and officials were arrested on charges of match-fixing. Since August , local police have uncovered some 50 local corrupt referees, as well as managing directors and coaches of some clubs. To date, 19 out of 60 local referees and teams' officials who have allegedly involved in match-fixing over the past two years have been prosecuted. Prosecutors in Vietnam have issued their indictments in two major soccer match-fixing scandals. Two trials have been recommended for a total of 22 people in cases that have badly shaken the sport in the country.

The first case, the biggest to hit Vietnamese soccer, concerns a match fixing scandal involving eight players in the national under team. They are accused of taking bribes from a betting syndicate to fix the scores of a game against Myanmar during the 23rd Southeast Asian Games in the Philippines, in In the second case, 14 people including some referees and coaches are accused of bribery during the professional V-League championship.

Experts and police have estimated that more than a billion dollars was illegally staked on fixed matches in the country, with million transferred to foreign countries and regions, mainly Hong Kong of China, Macao of China and Singapore. In , Associated Press reported: Four referees were jailed for between four and seven years, while three other referees and two sports officials received suspended sentences, Hang said.

The matches took place during the season. In January , seven players of Vietnam's national soccer team were found guilty of deliberately holding down the score in a game against Myanmar in exchange for payments from a gambling ring during the Southeast Asian Games, held in the Philippines.

Matt Steinglass wrote in The Nation: All seven players, as well as a former soccer player who helped organize the plot, were found guilty of match fixing during a game against Burma in December Chinh says the ringleader of the point-shaving scheme, Le Quoc Vuong, received the harshest sentence, of six years in prison.

Truong Tan Hai, the ex-player who served as a liaison to gambling kingpins, received two years. Van Quyen and the other six players received two-year suspended sentences, during which they will be banned from playing soccer.

The court ruled that while playing against much weaker Burma during the Southeast Asia Games in Manila, the players had deliberately held back to keep Vietnam's margin of victory to just one goal.

Gambling on soccer is widespread in Vietnam, but this is the first time members of the national team have been caught participating in it. Lawyer Chinh said he was relatively satisfied with the verdict. Counting time served, Chinh says, Van Quyen's suspended sentence will be up at the end of , when he could return to playing soccer. An official at the Vietnamese Football Federation confirmed that if the players completed their sentences and showed remorse, they could be allowed to play again.

In December , the BBC reported:

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