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Speel Franse roulette in het casino. Speel blackjack in het casino. Army bands during World War II — After his military service, which included an association with the U. However, his main contribution to Basie's organization was nearly two dozen arrangements and compositions, which included "The Deacon", "H. His hymn-like ballad "To You" was performed by the Basie band combined with the Duke Ellington Orchestra in their only recording together, and the recording Dance Along With Basie contains nearly an entire album of Jones' uncredited arrangements of standard tunes.

In Jones played cornet on Thelonious Monk 's 5 by Monk by 5 album. The group started with informal late-night jam sessions among New York's top studio musicians. They began performing at the Village Vanguard in February , to wide acclaim, and continued with Jones in the lead for 12 years. They won a Grammy Award for their album Live in Munich.

Jones' big-band arranging style was unique, especially from the standpoint of featuring dissonant voicings in a tonal context. This required the members of his big band to play correctly in tune, otherwise the dense chords he wrote would not sound correct. Minor 2nds and major 7ths are often featured in his voicings, especially when the entire band plays a long, powerful chord that some would describe as having "bite".

In January , [3] Thad suddenly moved to Copenhagen , Denmark to the great surprise of his New York bandmates , where several other U.

He now also bears a thin scar that runs over his face from above the left eyebrow to the right cheek and another much larger scar that stretches across his chest in the opposite direction. Bayman received these two scars during the beginning of the story mode in Dead or Alive 5 while he and his team were attacked in the Middle East. For most of Bayman's costumes, he wears army uniforms and combat equipment. Recurring elements include dog-tags, camouflage pants, army boots, gloves, and berets.

One recurring, slightly comical costume is his scuba gear, which includes a full-body wetsuit, oxygen tanks, goggles, an oxygen mask, and flippers.

Before Dead or Alive 5 , Bayman was ruthless and cold with a quick, proficient way of carrying out his tasks. Although he made a good living as an assassin, he has made it clear that he is not in it for the money. Instead, he seems to enjoy the kills themselves for unclear reasons. He took pride in his work and seemed to see himself as above an assassin like Christie, who he doesn't consider a professional. However, by the time of Dead or Alive 5 , Bayman sought out redemption and he became a mercenary.

Bayman is now an honored and determined soldier who wants to avenge the deaths of his comrades who were killed by the mysterious hooded figure, as of late, his mind filled with nothing but thoughts of revenge, which is the only thing that keeps him going. Before a fight, Bayman often tells his opponent to prepare themselves, emphasizing his confidence and strength.

He has also shown a willingness to never back down and the ability to overcome many difficult tasks, such as stabbing himself with a pen and risking his life as part of his job.

Bayman is actually a codename, likely used to keep his true identity a secret and make him hard to track down. His real name has never been revealed. The name Bayman can be used as a surname, possibly coming from the trade of a bayman someone who lives and works on a bay.

However, its origins are very vague and there is no conclusive meaning to it; this is fitting for Bayman as his origins and past are also very vague. There is plenty of bad blood between Bayman and Donovan. Once united between a professional relationship, after Bayman carried out Fame's assassination under Donovan's word, he was left without payment and had a sniper sent after him to silence him.

As a result, Bayman wants to kill Donovan in return, hungry for revenge. He feels nothing but hostility for him and has tried his best to take Donovan down while trying to avoid being killed in return. Most of Bayman's actions in the series have been fuelled by his sense of anger he has toward Donovan.

Bayman is not without mercy for Christie, though he does see her as a lesser assassin and even describes her as "one of Donovan's lap dogs," which she did not seem to take to heart. Bayman also seems to stalk Christie to some degree as he is familiar with the lines she uses to charm both Rig and Eliot, even going so far as to reference them in their casual conversation in DOA5 after he decides to put his gun away and chooses to fight her hand to hand instead.

The two take jabs at each other and no one else is as familiar with Christie's hidden assassin life as Bayman. Helena and Bayman show no hostility toward each other and both share a strong bond of loyalty.

Both Helena and Bayman are enemies of Donovan, and because this that led Helena to hire Bayman to track down Donovan and bring him to justice. They managed to maintain a closer and professional relationship between themselves. However, it's unknown if Helena is aware that Bayman is the one who killed her father.

Bayman's rivalry with Leon is hinted at through banter at the beginning and end of matches between them. When they meet in Dead or Alive 3 , Leon expresses disbelief that Bayman is still alive. After winning matches against Leon in Dead or Alive 2 , Bayman quips that Leon has aged or tells him to "go back to the desert".

They seem to share a history, but whether they are old enemies or old friends, this has never been explained. In Dead or Alive 5 , Bayman seems to have some respect for Hayate, possibly due to him being a ninja. During the attack on M.

It may be possible that both respect each other due to their martial arts skills. Bayman also pries Hayate about his fighting technique, which makes Hayate uneasy. During the beginning of Dead or Alive 5 , he and his men were attacked by her, leaving him as the sole survivor but with scars across his face and torso.

Bayman does not know who or what Phase 4 is but seeks revenge regardless. Bayman stands out as a powerful grappler, exceeding even Leifang in hold potential. His strikes are also powerful and he has a fair mix-up game, but like Leon is not able to create very long combos and thus is not well-suited to Arcade mode.

His preferred distance in attacking, is mid to long range as to take advantage of his relatively slow "wind up" time-frame and his offensive holds. Despite his size and strength, Bayman is a remarkably agile fighter with a highly defensive style. He is able to evasively roll in any direction as of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate and as part of some combos.

He formerly had a huge arsenal of powerful throws, but as of Dead or Alive Dimensions many of these have been reclassified as "offensive holds", essentially throws that can be used against opponents that are attacking and even do more damage against them. This makes up for his slow striking speed and can keep quicker foes from pressuring him.

However, the danger is that he can receive punishing Hi-Counter throws from opponents whilst in the process of offensive holding, thus it is best to keep a distance and use offensive holds whilst the opponent is attacking. Such offensive holds include D.

T , which deals a massive points of base damage if performed fully and leaves him at a frame advantage should the opponent escape from it; S. Along with Leifang he is one of the only characters able to perform holds with his back turned.

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