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TOM stands Some of the other families won't sit still for all-out war! TOM Your father wouldn't want to hear this! This is business, not personal, Sonny! TOM Even the shooting of your father was business, not personal, Sonny! And listen -- do me a favor, Tom -- No more advice on how to patch things up.

Just help me win, please, alright? TOM Now he's definitely on Sollozzo's payroll, and for big money. McCluskey has agreed to be the Turk's bodyguard. What you have to understand, Sonny, is that while Sollozzo is being guarded like this, he is invulnerable.

Now nobody has ever gunned down a New York police captain -- never. It would be disastrous. All the Five Families would come after you, Sonny. The Corleone Family would be outcasts! Even the old man's political protection would run for cover! So do me a favor -- take this into consideration. I don't care what Sollozzo says about a deal, he's gonna kill Pop, that's it. That's the key for him. What do we do with this -- cop here?

It will be me -- McCluskey -- and Sollozzo. Let's set the meeting. Get our informers to find out where it's gonna be held. Now, we insist it's a public place -- a bar, a restaurant -- some place where there's people so I feel safe.

They're gonna search me when I first meet them, right, so I can't have a weapon on me then. But if Clemenza can figure a way -- to have a weapon planted there for me -- then I'll kill 'em both. Didn't want to get mixed up in the Family business, huh? Now you wanna gun down a police captain, why, because he slapped ya in the face a little bit? What do you think this is the Army, where you shoot'em a mile away?

You've gotta get up close like this and bada-bing! Tom, this is business and this man is taking it very very personal. I'm talking about a cop -- that's mixed up in drugs. I'm talking about ah - ah - a dishonest cop -- a crooked cop who got mixed up in the rackets and got what was coming to him.

That's a terrific story. And we have newspaper people on the payroll, don't we, Tom? I put a special tape on the trigger, and the butt.

Just let your hand drop to your side, and let the gun slip out. Everybody'll still think you got it. They're gonna be staring at your face, Mike -- so walk outta the place real fast -- but you don't run. Don't look nobody directly in the eye -- but you don't look away, either. Hey, they're gonna be scared stiff of you, believe me, so don't worry about nothin'. You know, you're going to turn out all right.

You take a long vacation -- nobody knows where -- and we're gonna catch the hell. Probably all the other Families will line up against us. That's alright -- this thing's gotta happen every five years or so -- ten years -- helps to get rid of the bad blood.

Been ten years since the last one. You know you got to stop them at the beginning, like they should have stopped Hitler at Munich, They should never've let him get away with that. They were just asking for big trouble. You know, Mike, we was all proud of you -- being a hero and all.

The Corleone Dining Room 6: Sonny, Clemenza, Tessio and Rocco are sitting around, eating Chinese food while waiting for news about where the Sollozzo meeting will take place. Michael smokes as the others eat. Absolutely nothing -- even Sollozzo's people don't know where the meeting's going to be held. Exactly an hour and a half.

TOM What about the negotiator? He's happy, they're lettin' him win TOM Sollozzo might not even be in the car, Sonny! TOM Well is it reliable? A police captain's gotta be on call twenty-four hours a day. He signed out at that number between eight and ten.

Anybody know this joint? It's perfect for us. A small family place, good food. Everyone minds his business. We might be able to tape the gun behind it. You make them relax. Then you get up and you go take a leak. No -- better still -- you ask for permission to go. Then when you come back, you come out blastin', and don't take any chances -- two shots in the head apiece.

I don't want my brother coming out of that toilet with just his dick in his hands, alright? Listen - um - I'll square it with Mom, uh - you know, your not seeing her before you leave; and uh, I'll get a message to that girlfriend, when I think the time is right. TOM Take care, Mike Jack Dempsey's Restaurant 8: Michael's waiting on the sidewalk until Sollozzo's car pulls up and he gets in. I hope we can straighten everything out. I mean, this is terrible -- it's not the way I wanted things to go at all.

It should've never happened. I don't want my father bothered any more But you gotta keep an open mind when we talk. I mean, I hope you're not a hothead like your brother Sonny. You -- can't talk business with him I gotta frisk you, so turn around uh -- on your knees, facing me.

Too grouchy -- can't stand the aggravation. You know how it is At a table in Louis' Italian Restaurant. The waiter brings a bottle of wine to the table. You must understand why I had to do that" No more attempts on my father's life.

I am the hunted one! I missed my chance. You think too much of me, kid -- I'm not that clever. All I want, is a truce. Is that all right? Inside the restroom, Mike's looking for the gun behind the tank: Restroom, when Michael finally finds the gun. Restroom, where Michael hesitates by the door, preparing himself as a train is loudly heard passing close by, just before he goes back to the dining area CUT TO: I respect myself -- understand?

What happened was unavoidable. I had the unspoken support of the other Family Dons. If your father were in better health, without his eldest son running things, no disrespect intended, we wouldn't have this nonsense. We will stop fighting until your father is well and can resume bargaining. No vengeance will be taken. We will have peace, but your family should interfere no longer He rises, and quickly shoots Sollozzo in the head.

He then shoots McCluskey in the throat, then the forehead as McCluskey holds his throat. McCluskey falls, overturning the table. Michael goes to exit, dropping the gun. Outside, Michael gets picked up by Tessio, and they speed off] [The Mattresses sequence, as we hear ragtime music being played: Ambulance, police, reporters around, and photographers taking pictures.

An attendant and a buttonman carry the Don on his stretcher up the stairs as the family watches. Vito Corleone is being visited by family members. Love, your grandson, Frank. The Corleone main gate. Children are playing ball, and the ball bounces toward the gate.

A buttonman picks it up and tosses it back. Vito is in bed, holding cards and presents given to him. Clemenza, Tessio, Tom, Fredo and Sonny are standing around the bed. There's been a lot of bad blood. TOM Through our contacts in the newspapers, we've been able to put out a lot of material about McCluskey being linked with Sollozzo in the drug rackets.

See -- things are starting to loosen up. A -- I want him to rest. But he's safe -- and we're starting to work to bring him back now. TOM Things are starting to loosen up a little bit. TOM continuing -- loose. Let -- let the smoke clear -- Pop can negotiate. I'm going to decide what's going to be done -- TOM All right, but your war is costing us a lot of money; nothing's coming in!

TOM continuing -- We can't do business. Don't worry about it. TOM They don't have our over-head! TOM We can't afford a stalemate! TOM Yeah, well you're getting a great reputation!

If I had a wartime consiglieri -- a Sicilian -- I wouldn't be in this shape! Pop had Genco -- look what I got. Ma made a little dinner -- it's Sunday TOM walking away It's alright Dining room, the family is eating at the table -evening SONNY to Tom You know niggers are havin' a good time with uh -- our policy banks up there in Harlem -- drivin' them new Cadillacs -- payin' fifty percent on a bet.

Sicilian countryside, during the day. Michael is walking with his bodyguards, Fabrizio and Calo. A car drives up to them and stops. Fabrizio opens the door for Tommasino -day Fabrizio [In Italian: Michele, Why are you so far from the house? I'm with Calo and Fabrizio Did Santino say -- when I can go back?

Where are you going now? Michael, Fabrizio and Calo are resting under a tree. Michael and Fabrizio are snacking, while Calo tans himself. How do you know I'm from New York? I'm the son of a pezzonovante] Fabrizio [In Italian: Ah -- Is America as rich as they say? Stop bothering me with this rich America stuff!

By the dawn's early light? Another section of the Sicilian countryside. Michael, Calo, and Fabrizio are walking. They walk on a terraced hillside. They walk through empty streets in Corleone, Sicily. Where have all the men gone? They're dead from vendettas.

Young village girls pick flowers and sing. Unaware of Michael, Fabrizio and Calo watching them. One of the girls, Apollonia, is startled when she sees Michael. After an exchange of looks, Apollonia turns and walks away, saying something in Italian. A small village cafe. We hear "Sicilian Pastorale. Did you have a good hunt?

You know all the girls around here? Ah, I understand -- really put together Really put together, eh Calo? Such hair -- such mouth! Ah, he girls around here are beautiful -- but virtuous, ah? Do you know her? My God, I understand! Tell him to come here] Fabrizio [Something like, in Italian: You don't understand -- it's his daughter! No, no, no, no -- Call him] [Fabrizio dons his lupara before going in to get Vitelli. Fabrizio, Vitelli, and other men emerge from the cafe.

Come to my house Sunday. My name is Vitelli Michael, Calo, and Fabrizio get ready to drive to Vitelli's. The Love Theme plays. Michael, holding gifts, is introduced to each of the relatives, then to Apollonia, after she descends the steps and sits on the bench beside her mother.

Michael and his bodyguards drive up to the cafe and sit with Vitelli, who is jovial, and his family. What happened to your eye No - no - it's okay Hilltop in the village. Michael and Apollonia are walking and talking.

Behind them walk many female relatives. Behind the women, Fabrizio and Calo with their luparas. Lucy Mancini's apartment building New York City. Three bodyguards are pitching pennies outside where Sonny's car is parked.

There are others inside the lobby and on the stairs. Outside Lucy's apartment door. She pushes the door open, revealing Sonny in an embrace with her.

Sonny jumps back as though goosed. I'm gonna knock you dizzy. Connie and Carlo's apartment. Connie unlocks the door for Sonny, turning away from him as he enters. I hit him -- I started a fight with him. Please let me be -- I hit him, so he hit me. What am I gonna do -- I'm gonna make that baby an orphan before he's born or what? Carlo is seated on a stoop with two men.

You tell 'em to stop takin' action on 'em, alright? Carlo screams when Sonny bites his knuckles which are clenched to a metal fence.

The Joozians agree to this, though they decide to wipe out the truth about Earth's nature as a reality show from the memories of all humans, including those of the boys. Back on Earth, the boys have no memory of what transpired, but Kenny still has the photo, and though no one can remember what it is, Chef tells Kenny to keep it, as he feels sure that it is something very important.

The episode ends with another advertisement for Earth , promising that in the next episode the " Americans and Iraqis have an all-out brawl". Coincidentally, the invasion of Iraq was launched on March 19, , the night of this episode's original airing. The sets included brief audio commentaries by Parker and Stone for each episode. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved January 25, Retrieved from " https: South Park season 7 episodes Shapeshifting in fiction Fictional television shows Extraterrestrial life in popular culture Malware in fiction Memory erasure and alteration in fiction Comic science fiction Alien visitations in fiction.

Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 30 June , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. South Park season 7 List of South Park episodes. If a 7 is rolled beforethe number the player wins. This player is betting with that a point number willNOT roll before a 7 does. These bets win if 4, 6, 8, or 10 are thrown in pairs as pictured on the table layout.

These bets can be made on any roll of the dice. Downtown casinos pay better. F Free Odds on the Pass Line: Strip table layouts do not handle cent pieces. We have a whole separate article dedicated to the Free Odds bet. G Free Odds on Come Bets:

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