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The bathrooms, stands, tunnels and much of the outside looks run down. The value of the colored chips is determined by the Player when purchasing a stack or stacks of chips. From there you decide what you would like to charge per guest. About the only realistic way to improve this game would be to play with fewer decks. You make an initial Ante bet to receive two hole cards.

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Each table offered a different game, blackjack which I tried may hand out on , 3 card poker, and baccarat. They work similar to the slots in that you put in cash or a ticket and you can sit down and play cards.

There is a large screen LCD screen behind the table, which projects an image of a dealer; the one I selected was a busty blond in a skimpy teddy. Her head and eyes move from player to player as wagers are placed, she then deals the cards and they seemingly are in the proper position on the table in front of you.

Once the cards are dealt the game progresses as normal; you can double down, split, hold and surrender. In their form of blackjack, the dealer must hit 16 and stay on all 17's. The feeling is almost as real as being in a Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino, yet it is more comparable to Online Gambling using the internet only with real people playing next to you and with you.

Those of you that have never tried online gambling games would be well served by going to Delaware Park to experience the feeling. I then went to find other slots to give it back. Now up for the morning, I decided to leave and check out the rest of the property. For your chance to score big, simply select your teams starting at noon on Wednesday through an hour before kick-off of the first game!

Winners will be displayed here the following Tuesday at 1pm. Winners have 7 days to redeem their prize. Kick-Off Time for Sunday, September 30 — 1: Winners for Week 3. To enter, simply activate your entries on October 6 by inserting your Player Rewards Card at a slot machine during the times listed below.

Then listen to hear if your name is announced as one of the finalists! Players receive one entry for every point earned 6am July 8 through 5: Photos are for illustration only.

Actual make, model and color may vary. Winner is responsible for vehicle registration and taxes if applicable. Play our thrilling Bonus Game right at a slot machine for your chance to win multiple times throughout the day! Finish with a Win, Place or Show and your winning prize amount will be automatically downloaded onto your account! Virtual races are scheduled at the top of the hour. Qualified players can only participate in one virtual race per hour.

Be sure to have your Players Rewards Card inserted at a slot machine prior to the start of each race to be successfully entered. Available on any slot machine with an iView or DM screen. Prizes valid 24 hours from the time of issuance. To enter, play at your favorite slot machine with your Player Rewards Card. Available on any game with an iView or DM Screen. Thursday, October 18, 6: Join guests and enjoy the best of our area restaurants serving unique interpretations of tailgate food.

This sophisticated yet casual event will also feature wine, spirits, cocktails, and a craft beer trail curated by Two Stones Pub, guest appearances, entertainment and more! Whether your perfect tailgate is high-end picnicking at the derby or grilling in the parking lot at a sporting event, this is for you!

The Ultimate Tailgate will feature the best of our area restaurants serving their unique interpretations of tailgate food. This sophisticated, yet casual event will also feature wine, spirits, and a craft beer trail curated by 2SP Brewing Company! All cards count at face value, except for the King, Queen and Jack which count as 10, and the Ace which counts as either 1 or Every Player gets two cards, face up.

All cards are dealt from a shoe. A winning hand pays even money. Now the Dealer acts on their hand according to the rules of the game. In the event your first two cards are an Ace and any ten-value card, the Dealer announces your hand as Blackjack. You will be paid at this time if the Dealer does not have Blackjack. In the event the Player has Blackjack 2-card 21 and the Dealer draws to 21, the Blackjack is the winning hand and will be paid at odds of 3 to 2.

You must bet the same amount as your original wager on each hand formed by splitting a pair. You must complete the play on your first hand before playing your second hand. However, you may double down on each hand. If the split pair are Aces, you will receive only one card on each.

Aces may be split one time for a total of two hands. Resplitting of Pairs A player may split pairs three times for a total of four hands, Aces may be split one time for a total of two hands. Doubling Down After you get your first two cards, you may make an additional wager up to the original amount except when your first two cards total When doubling down, you draw only one additional card.

To do this, you place a bet—no more than one-half your original bet—on the insurance line. The Dealer collects all losing insurance wagers before continuing the hand. Hand Signals The Player is responsible for the proper use of hand signals to indicate hit or stand. Other decisions may be made verbally. Bonus Craps is a set of three independent proposition wagers that seamlessly integrate with your existing Craps game. Each number is printed on the layout and is covered with a lammer as the numbers are rolled.

As soon as all the numbers are covered for a particular wager, the bets are paid and it can be reopened to new bets. Three Card Poker Progressive is a new and exciting variation to poker. Each Player and the Dealer receives three cards. Straight Flush 3 cards of the same suit in consecutive rank Three of a Kind 3 cards of the same rank, regardless of suit Straight 3 cards of consecutive rank, regardless of suit Flush 3 cards of same suit, regardless of rank Pair 2 cards of same rank, regardless of suit.

When comparing two hands that are of identical poker hand rank, the hand that contains the highest ranking card shall be considered the highest ranking hand. If the hands are identical after this application, the hand shall be considered a push. The Dealer must have Queen High or Better to play. This Pair Plus bet may be played independently and does not have to be the same amount as the ante wager. The payout for the Pair Plus wager shall be as follows: Straight Flush 5 to 1 Three-of-a-Kind 4 to 1 Straight 1 to 1.

Envy bonus will be paid to all Players at the table for AKQ suited and higher. Only Players who are seated may wager at the game. Once a Player has placed a wager and received cards, that Player must remain seated until the completion of the round of play. Chase the Flush is an exciting new card game. Players and the Dealer receive three hole cards which they combine with four community cards to make the longest possible seven-card flush.

Card rankings Ace high — 2 low are used to break ties between hands with the same number of flush cards. Make an Ante and X-Tra Bonus wager to begin the game. Both bets must be equal. After receiving three hole cards, Players can either bet 3x their Ante or check. After seeing the two-card flop, Players can either bet 2x their Ante or check. After seeing the Turn and River cards, Players can either bet 1x their Ante or fold.

The Dealer qualifies with a 9 high three-card flush or higher. If the Dealer does not qualify, all remaining Antes push. Wins when the Player wins with four or more cards of the same suit. Wins if the Player has a four-card flush or higher. Player does not have to win the hand to win the Same Suit Bonus. One of the most popular and oldest games in America today is Craps. You win on 7 and 11 and lose on 2, 3 or 12 on the come out roll.

After the come out roll, if 7 rolls before your point, you lose and the dice move to the next Player. Pass line bets cannot be placed, reduced or removed after the point is established.

This bet pays even money. You lose on the 7 and 11 and win on 2 and 3 on the come out roll. You are betting that 7 will be rolled before the point. You can try for a new point at any time. You win on 7 and 11 and lose on 2, 3 and 12 on the roll immediately following placement of the bet. If 7 rolls before your point, you lose. A come bet cannot be reduced or removed after a number is established for such bet.

You lose on the 7 and 11 and win on 2 and 3 on the roll immediately following placement of the bet. When 12 is rolled, it is a push. When 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 rolls, it is your point.

When a point is established, the bet will be placed behind that number. Odds An additional wager in support of a pass line or come bet. These wagers may be made anytime after the come out roll. Odds are listed in the payout chart. Players may wager up to 5 times their flat bet on pass line and come bet odds. Field You can bet on every roll of the dice. If 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 rolls, you win.

All the numbers pay even money except 2 and 12 which pay double. If 5, 6, 7 or 8 rolls, you lose. The field is a one roll bet. If your number rolls before 7, you win according to the odds payout chart.

Table Games Rules

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