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One of those areas is the poker arena. For regular use of any of the information, please Contact Us regarding our licensing terms. I believe the cutting edge folks tend to work with simplified versions of heads up limit hold'em, just to make the state space computationally manageable. PokerNews , Ryan Riess. Technology is infiltrating life in ways we may not even expect.

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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

This post originally appeared on the geekchicago. Technology is infiltrating life in ways we may not even expect. One of those areas is the poker arena. Technology may have just found a way to "solve" poker. What does that mean? Consider a simple game like tic-tac-toe. If player A does one move, then with the goal of winning in mind, player B has an optimal move, guaranteed to put him on a path to victory or in this game, at least a "draw".

It is a "solved" game. It seems that this new "pokerbot" artificial intelligence that provides the "brains" over Texas Hold 'Em Heads Up machines across the US basically always comes out on top.

The pokerbot uses knowledge that it has from billions of staged rounds of poker, fed through neural networks essentially a complex decision making formula , resulting in an unpredictable but virtually unbeatable poker player.

In fact, it took the developers 2 years to dumb down the system enough so that players wouldn't walk away. Even so, its estimated that only around the world will be able to beat it on a regular basis. We reached out to Dave Thornton , the CEO of Skill in Games , a company dedicated to separating out the luck component from the game of poker to measure a player's relative skill quotient to understand whether or not the game has truly been solved.

When asked, "is the game of poker solved", he had this to say:. According to the NY Times , this technology may take the leap from casino territory to day-to-day processes:. Dahl could see it being adapted to make credibility assessments , like deciding who should get a loan, for example, by analyzing applicants in comparison with databases of borrowers who repaid their loans and those who did not.

Sep 20 - Oct 8, at Kings Casino. Unibet DSO - Cannes. Oct 1 - 7, at Casino de Divonne-les-Bains. Oct 7 - 17, at Opera Casino. GPI Player of the Year Earlier this week, OneBillionHands. What Dave Thornton explains in his guest column for Deadspin. OBH measures luck by producing a Situation Score. In order to collect their data, the OBH team accumulated data from over a billion hands played on online poker platforms in early On the surface, OneBillionHands.

Adding the luck factor throughout a poker broadcast throughout an entire tournament could absolutely improve our television viewing experience. They call him Mr.

Two decades into his poker career, John Danis is better known for creating www. Danis is also known for having worked on the poker shows Poker Eh!


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