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We have served in the roles of Managers, Directors, and Vice Presidents, and because we have served in these roles, we never make assumptions. Good compensation for the amount of work you put in. TalentBench Where your search begins and ends. It was purchased in two transactions on Aug 22 and 23, It will be the tribe's second casino within Delaware county.

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Advancements available with experience. A great working enviroment. Working for the CNE casino was amazing. All the other employees were friendly and helpful. My favorite part of the job was meeting with new people from all over the world,learning new things about different countries and cultures. The cne is only 6 weeks but it is insanely busy. The clientele can be very rude. But given that it is a pop up casino.

You just have to accept it. Pay is low but hours are flexible and you get paid weekly. Productive and Fun Workplace. The casino entertainment business is very versatile in life lessons. There is never a day that you will not learn something new. If you look to gain life lessons, this is the place to be. Working mostly on night shifts. The management are well organized and co workers are nice and friendly. The most enjoyable part is when a patron wins and give out some tips.

Took the full training for a month, but did not find it enjoyable 'nor fun. There was alot of pressure and the employees that were teaching us did not know how to help or made it comfortable for me. I decided to leave and find something more enjoyable and secure. Great place for summer work for students in post secondary. Once you get your licence to deal the game that your licence is for it's pretty straight forward.

The number of hours that you get will depend on how well you can deal and supervise as they want their best dealers on the floor as much as possible. Dealing roulette and working as a team environment is quite enjoyable and there are plenty of guests that are sociable and approachable.

Unfortunately good guests also come with bad guests but there are plenty of security around to deal with these guests. Most dealers are in post secondary and very friendly. A single shift consists of 40 mins on and 20 mins off on break each hour. In a 8 hour shift you will have been assigned to 8 different tables.

All breaks are paid but for security reasons they won't let staff leave the casino on breaks.


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