Crucial MX300 750GB 2.5" SATA SSD Review - 3D NAND on a Budget

Solaris as of version 10 Update 6 released in October , and recent [ when? Prepare to be awed by some serious high-quality sound; like hearing your tunes for the very first time. Overall, Asus delivers a decent keyboard for home use here, but prolific writers should choose another device. The array microphone makes voice control more accurate, even in noisy conditions. First into the enterprise flash breech". The compact design also offers some tough choices for reservoir placement. The combination of Core-i5 processor, working memory running in dual-channel mode, and Solid-State Disk ensures a smooth running system.

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Top Rated Custom Built Computer Cases

In the high-end segment the unofficial and loosely defined XL-ATX specification appeared around It extends the length of the mainboard to accommodate four graphics cards with dual-slot coolers. While the market share of these exotic high-end mainboards is very low, almost all high-end cases and many mainstream cases support XL-ATX 10 expansion slots.

This allows customers to build a fully fledged high-end computer in a significantly smaller case. Tower cases are often categorized as mini-tower, midi-tower, mid-tower or full-tower. The terms are subjective and inconsistently defined by different manufacturers.

They can have anywhere from six to ten externally accessible drive bays, although in recent years as of , this has shifted to offering better airflow in the front by moving the drive bays elsewhere in the case.

The ratio of external to internal bays is shifting, however, as computing technology moves from floppy disks and CD-ROMs to large capacity hard drives, USB flash drives , and network-based solutions. The full tower case was developed to house file servers which would typically be tasked with serving data from expensive CD-ROM databases which held more data than the hard drives commonly available, but are moving now towards being showpiece display cases with custom water cooling, lighting, and tempered glass replacing acrylic.

Hence many full tower cases include locking doors and other physical security features to prevent theft of the discs. This is a high-end case intended for desktop systems and doesn't include security features.

A mini-tower case will typically have only one or two external bays. Recently the marketing term midi-tower has come into use, seemingly referring to based on anecdotal evidence cases smaller than mid-tower but larger than mini-tower, typically with two to three external bays. Outside of the United States the term is often used interchangeably with mid-tower. The computer case is sometimes erroneously referred to as the "CPU" or "hard drive".

Computer cases usually include sheet metal enclosures for a power supply unit and drive bays , as well as a rear panel that can accommodate peripheral connectors protruding from the motherboard and expansion slots. Most cases also have a power button or switch, a reset button , and LEDs to indicate power, hard drive activity, and network activity in some models.

Such a case will also normally include the wires needed to connect these ports, switches and indicators to the motherboard. Accessing the interior components of a modern tower case is done by removing the side panels. Looking front-to-back, accessing the motherboard, PSU, drive bays and most case fan installation points is done by removing the left side panel.

Removing the right side panel is done less often to access the space behind the motherboard mounting plate. This space is devoted to cable management, as cables routed in front of the motherboard may disrupt the flow of air within the case causing increased temperatures.

To prevent the buildup of performance-degrading dust within the case, many models feature dust filters in front of the air intake fans. While the exact method of accessing the front filters depends on the case model, it usually requires the removal of the entire front panel. Removal of the front panel itself may or may not require the removal of one or both of the side panel.

If there is any doubt, consult the user's manual if possible. Traditionally, most computer cases required computer case screws to hold components and panels in place i. From the s there is a trend towards tool-less cases, in which components are held together with snap-in plastic rails, thumbscrews, and other methods that do not require tools; this facilitates quick assembly and modification of computer hardware, and is also cheaper to manufacture.

Through the s, most computer cases had simple rectangular shapes, and were often painted beige or white with little attention given to visual design. Beige box designs are still found on a large number of budget computers assembled from generic components. This class of machines is still known as white box computers.

Case modding is the artistic styling of computer cases, often to draw attention to the use of advanced or unusual components. Since the early s, some cases have included clear side panels or acrylic windows so that users can look inside while it is operating. Modded cases may also include internal lighting, custom paint, or liquid cooling systems.

Some hobbyists build custom cases from raw materials like aluminum, steel, styrofoam, acrylic, or wood. InstantGo quickly boots up or resumes Windows while enhancements help balance memory and processor resources for maximum efficiency and Battery Saver automatically conserves power.

Windows 10 also offers more built-in security features improving protection against viruses, phishing, and malware. Solid State Drive More reliable and significantly faster than traditional spinning-platter hardrives, solid state drives work more like a large flash drive giving you quick access to your data.

With no moving parts generating heat, solid state drives use less power and keep your system cooler which helps reduce component failure. Light weight and durable, solid state drives are often found in portable devices since they are less prone to travel damage and accidents like being dropped.

In addition to innovative gaming experiences, expect up to three times the performance of previous-generation graphics cards. The GTX is well equipped to handle the latest games and virtual reality adventures. The GeForce GTX is cool from every angle of it's ultra modern design to it's advanced thermal interior, even running the most demanding games.

AMD Ryzen 7 This is unlocked multi-core processing at its finest. The Ryzen 7 has eight cores, 16 threads, a 3GHz base clock speed, and a 3. High Definition Audio You know that moment when you que up your your favorite MP3, and when the music starts it totally surrounds your senses because it's so clear and pure? Prepare to be awed by some serious high-quality sound; like hearing your tunes for the very first time.

Sense MI uses a grid of smart sensors to monitor CPU temperature by optimizing power used for any workload therefore reducing system heat and noise. SenseMI adjusts processor performance in real time based on active app or game requirements enabling clock speed changes without performance interruption.

Using up to four profiles Utility Master lets you park cores, adjust memory settings, and store CPU and memory custom clocks and voltage settings. Designed to map ho your programs use your system's CPU, and creating the fastest processor pathways to streamline performance.

AMD Smart Prefetch AMD employs algorithms to predict and pre-load data into its Ryzen processor so required data is available to ensure peak performance.

With AMD Virtualization solutions, systems simultaneously running multiple operating systems and applications perform more efficiently. In addition, responsivness is improved when switching between VMs, or performing live migrations. This fully automated feature enables CPU speeds to exceed average precision boost limits, scaling clock speed with cooling air, water, and LN2.

You'll love the high-performance media card reader in the PowerSpec B Not only does it handle a variety of formats, this high-performance tool makes managing your data a snap.

And, with the click of a single button, you can run your best slide shows on your monitor. If an item you have purchased from us is not working as expected, please visit one of our in-store Knowledge Experts for free help, where they can solve your problem or even exchange the item for a product that better suits your needs.

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