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Wesley Yang wrote that article, and he joined us, along with Jane Hyun. She's a leadership strategist and executive coach, who's the author of "Breaking The Bamboo Ceiling.

Yang says the challenge Asian-Americans often face, is when the messages about success they learned at home conflict with the definition of success in the workplace. In many cases, Asian-Americans - even second-generation or even third-generation Asian-Americans - will come into the workplace with a set of behavioral norms and expectations that they've been trained to meet in their households, or in the ethnic enclave in which they've been raised; that are different than what - the way you're supposed to behave, to be a success in corporate America.

Jane, you're the author of the book "Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling. I think the bamboo ceiling is something that's pervasive inside these organizations, the Fortune And I talk about it as individual factors as well as organizational, because I think that there are some cultural nuances that keep Asians from really being perceived as a leader. In an organization, you do need to understand how to promote yourself - in a graceful way - to get ahead, and to let people know what you're doing.

And I think if you talk to most of the Asian individuals who are working in these organizations, most of them are uncomfortable with that because they didn't grow up with that as something that was valued; the idea that you can actually boast about your accomplishments, and talk about what you've done and really, you know, pitch yourself in a pretty open way. So have either of you had experiences crashing your own foreheads against that bamboo ceiling?

I don't think anything that happened to me had anything to do, career-wise, with my race. But - so no. I have a little story there. When I was early on in my career, I was in a job where I did a lot of spreadsheets and analysis, and I worked it with a team of people. And I noticed that a co-worker - and colleague - of mine would go into my manager's office once in a while to connect informally; engage in banter and discuss a variety of different things, work and personal-related, with him.

And so at the time, I didn't understand why she did that because for me, the message that I got about how to be successful - right - was to put your head down, work hard, and then you'll get rewarded. Somebody will see that you'll do the hard work, right. That was - I didn't know any differently, right. This was a second year inside of a Fortune company. And so I actually asked my friend - who was my peer - who tended to do this, and said, you know, why do you go in there? You can get a lot more done if you actually spend 20 minutes more at the computer, or finishing up a response to an email.

What she said was really interesting to me. She said well, you know, I just go in there to shoot the breeze, to build a relationship with the boss.

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With three queens or higher, and the singletons are both low or medium, split the three of a kind into the low and high hands, retaining the pair in the medium hand. With at least one high singleton, play the "usual way. With a pair of aces of kings, and no high singletons, split the pair between the low and medium hands, and the three of a kind in the high hand. With a three queens or higher, and a high pair, and no high singleton, split up the three of a kind between the low and high hands.

Otherwise, with at least one high singleton, play the "usual way. With no high pairs, split the three of a kind between the low and medium hands, and play the two pair in the high hand. Otherwise, play a card from the high pair in the low hand, the low pair in the medium hand, and the rest in the high hand.

With a low four of a kind, and two high cards including an ace, play the four of a kind in the high hand. With four aces or kings, and no high singletons, split the four of a kind into a pair in the high hand, and one card each in the low and medium hands.

With four queens or higher, and a low or medium three of a kind, play the three of a kind in the high hand. Game literature shows four possible pay tables for the Bonus Bet. The following four tables show the probability and return for each one. Flush with Joker 40 0. Wizard of Odds uses cookies, this enables us to provide you with a personalised experience. More Info Got It! Enter your email address below to subscribe to our weekly newsletter along with other special announcements from The Wizard of Odds!

The Wizard of Odds. Asia Poker Introduction Asia Poker is a clever variation of pai gow poker and a Chinese game called "13 cards. Rules A card deck is used, including one joker. Strategy Most hands will be obvious. For purposes of the house way, cards are defined into the following groupings: One pair With a high pair, and either no high singletons or one high singleton lower than the pair, split the pair between the medium and high hands.

Two Pairs Split the two pair between the high and medium hands. Three Pairs If one of the pairs is aces or kings, and the singleton is low or medium, then play a card from the high pair in the low, the other ace or king and the singleton in the medium hand, and the other two pair in the high hand.

Three of a Kind With three With three jacks and two high cards: Play the same way as three


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