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The base is going to be interesting. Certainly interested in how this turns out. Our tables pass through Quality Control before leaving the warehouse. Join and Get PDF. The front and the back. They mean well and have a lot more going on than you do as a single player. Check our seminar schedule then book your place online!

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Dice control craps table

I want one, I wonder what the shipping would cost to get one shipped to Australia and through customs. I want to purchase a 8 foot crap table for my play room. Fact is the tables that were selling at What is the price of your 8 foot crap table?

I assume you are in the USA. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I honestly believe that a finished Craps table can be classified as a piece of art. I have limited space so I need to have a mini tub style 1. Big Jeff on April 22, at CJ on April 22, at CJ on August 14, at 6: Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Subscribe to Podcast with iTunes with Stitcher. Download my custom desk size Craps layout it's free Perfect for betting practice when you are short on space. I added some more 2x4 support to the ping pong table frame which was home made. I layed the plywood on the ping pong table frame and cut a couple of 4x4 pieces. I layed them on the concrete floor with some fence board spacers under them, as my screws protruded through a little underneath.

It was a pain, but it seemed to be somewhat rigid. I put a few splice pieces of plywood on some of the connections for added strength and tried lifting it. I managed to lean it on the long edge, scoot the frame over, and persuade the huge piece of plywood on the frame. It wasn't 30 minutes later my two oldest sons showed up to get some of their furniture out of my shop!

Man, I sure could have used their help. It was a little flimsy, so I figured some 2" 1by strips around the perimeter would help. Also a 11x11 square on each corner. That helped, but the ends were kinda saggy. Is that a word? I needed some bracing on the ends. I used some of the 2" 1by stock I had left over. This would prove to be inadequate, and would be replaced later by 2x4's. This table is going to be awesome! The object was to build a table someday, but I just never found a good reason to have that behemoth take up space in the basement.

Certainly interested in how this turns out. Find all posts by Shadow. I started on the two long pieces. The front and the back. They were going to be 10' 4 inches long.

My boards are 8' long. I doubled them up, but staggered the spliced area. This worked out well. Then I cut the sides down with a circular saw. I would later rip them to a perfect height on the table saw. Then I cut the ends, and the corners. I beveled the corner pieces 45 degrees. I didn't double them up, as the support really wasn't needed there, and the inside won't show anyway.

The diamond ends would cover that up. This was where the Sketchup drawing really helped. I was able to know exactly how wide to make the corners, to make the whole thing fit on the table with 3 inches all the way around the perimeter of the box. I toescrewed the corners in and I have the box put together! I got my new layout today. This thing is awesome!

I had to lay it on the table and check it out. Only double-double in the field? What kinda rip-off game you running? LOL Keep the updates coming. I need to make a casino run It's been a month. Originally Posted by Shadow. I got quite a bit done this weekend on the table. I started working on the top. I decided to use the 1x12 pine boards. I placed some boards on top and layed some of the chip rails from my old craps table on the boards. I kinda sized things up and decided on some dimensions.

Then I started cutting the boards down to size. Here it is with both tops on and sanded. I need to cut into the table where the dealers would stand.

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