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Okay - so if they are almost the same it shouldn't be that big difference. Is operating correctly HUD? Spain Alvaro Aspas Tarrazon. I used FPDB for a while a few years ago. Martin Sheen 2 4. When I say stopped working I mean I was playing 6 tables at once and the HUD would only show on one table and wouldnt update itself.

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And Ace poker drills is a poker-quiz. It places players in common pre-flop and post flop situations in a quiz style format, and provides feedback about how to improve their poker game. It also teaches people how to properly count outs and convert those outs to odds.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I'm looking for a good poker tracker to improve my game. Jurik 3 6 As far as I know, yes, those two are still the best. Also, what OS are you running? I've both - windows and mac but most time I play on windows, so HM should be fine for me too thought. Martin Sheen 2 4. But mainly I want improve my tournament play. Functionality is almost the same. Okay - so if they are almost the same it shouldn't be that big difference.

Actually I'm testing the trail version of HoldemManager2. Steve McLeod 5. Crizly 1 5. Ray Tayek 1 9. Try to use Leak buster and Ace poker drills. It's a good training software. Leak buster analyzes your game, finds leaks and helps to get rid of them. He specifically asks for tracking software. It looks like your answer is the same answer that you use for all your posts here. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

I just downloaded Free poker database and i cant figure out how to get it to work. Does anybody know where i can find some tutorials for this program. September 28th, , 7: Originally Posted by thunder Originally Posted by stevencool1. September 28th, , 8: That can't be right I know What features does this freeware tool lack? I'm going to try this out but I'm not entirely sure if my pc can handle a database..

You'll only find out if it has what you want by trying it out, and if it doesn't have what you want, then so be it, it's free. Here is the features page http: You can see that it supports the majority of Cash games, but doesn't really support tournaments yet, and the HUD really only works with Pokerstars.

If you want exactly what HEM and PT3 have then you're going to have to pay for it, but this is the only other option. September 30th, , I gave up on it.

I was way to confusing to figure out what few features it has and i couldnt find any good tutorials or tips. Even if i could figure it out it still looks like it sucks. Just gonna track my play on cardplayer.

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