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Als je dit handmatig doet, dan zul je erg veel tijd kwijt zijn. Chiropractic allows sufferers to maintain as much normal function as possible, so that arthritis need not be a crippling disease. Online roulette is nu zeer realistisch vormgegeven en de speelervaring komt hierbij zo dicht mogelijk bij de echte ervaring zoals je die gewend bent van een echt casino. Ankle pain can be treated very successfully by Chiropractic treatments. Focus is my approach. Our Chiropractors understand the importance of these joints and make sure that they are moving optimally so that you remain pain free for the longest time possible and do not experience constant recurrences of pain.

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The sciatic nerve exits your spinal column from 5 different places and it joins together to form one nerve deep in the buttock muscles and runs down the back of the leg. Sciatica is a painful syndrome caused by compression or irritation of this sciatic nerve.

The pain experienced with sciatica can be dull, achy, sharp, toothache-like, pins and needles or even similar to electric shocks. Other symptoms may include burning, numbness or tingling sensations, difficulty moving the affected leg and weakness in the leg muscles.

There are numerous causes of sciatica. Often if any of the lower vertebrae in the lumbar spine or pelvis are misaligned it can cause irritation to the sciatic nerve and cause the debilitating symptoms of sciatica. Chiropractic is one of the best treatments for this form of sciatica. There are also other causes of sciatica that our Chiropractors are trained specifically to diagnose.

You can be confident in the knowledge that our Chiropractors are primary health care practitioners and we will determine the exact cause of your sciatica, which can also include bulging discs, bony growths on the spine, arthritis, or tight muscles in low back and or buttocks.

We can determine if your sciatica requires treatment by another specialist and can refer you directly so that you receive the best, most effective care for your particular condition in the shortest time possible. There are many reasons for having pain over the hip; one of the most common reasons is referred pain from the back. The referred sensation of pain is felt in an area where the nerve travels or ends, but not necessarily from the point of the back where the nerve is being irritated.

One example of referred hip pain is an irritated nerve exiting the lumbar spine, which can be caused by a misaligned vertebra. Specific location of the irritated nerve and precise correction of the misaligned vertebral complex is essential in removing the cause of your hip pain. Pain in the hip can also be due to inflammation due to injury, arthritis or infection. There is little evidence that structural changes of osteoarthritis can be changed or reversed.

Although Chiropractic treatment will help you avoid unnecessary pain and disability and slow the progression of the disease and delay possible surgery or maybe even avoid the need for it.

Not only will our Chiropractors examine the site of pain but we also understand it is important to examine your back, knee, ankle and foot as all these areas can influence a hip problem.

We can reduce the inflammation around the hip joint, improve movement of the joint by relaxing painful muscle spasm, strengthen the weakened muscles around the joint and provide lifestyle, exercise and nutritional advice to decrease pain and prevent further degeneration. Individualised treatment can involve stretching and massage techniques to tight and tender muscles, gentle adjustments of affected joints and exercises based on your personal need and fitness level.

Nutritional support is essential to allow your body to heal in the quickest time possible. We can suggest nutritional supplements or specific foods to include in your diet so that you heal from the inside out.

Hip pain whether acute or chronic, referred or true can benefit from supportive care. Our Chiropractors are trained to diagnose the precise cause of your hip pain with specific orthopaedic, neurologic, chiropractic and x-ray examination. We can correct the cause of the pain with specific and individualized treatment. Knee pain is very distressing and greatly debilitating. Despite the high incidence of knee trauma from falls and collisions most knee pain is due to altered joint and muscle mechanics.

This altering of the joint mechanics of the knee is a gradual occurrence and this is often why people may experience episodes of swelling after activities such as squatting, walking up and down stairs and running. Whether a knee condition is acute injury related or chronic wear and tear related the importance of getting a good diagnosis and receiving the proper treatment can not be understated.

Our Chiropractors are specially trained to treat these types of conditions and provide the proper corrective measures to address the underlying cause of your knee pain so that you can move around with confidence and comfort.

Ankle pain can be treated very successfully by Chiropractic treatments. Ankle injuries can be acute e. Swelling should be controlled by the application of a firm bandage, ice, rest and elevation of the leg. When you seek care at Axis Chiropractic we will perform a thorough analysis of your ankle and surrounding tissues.

Our Chiropractors have the authority to refer you for further tests to determine if you have sustained a fracture and will do so if clinically indicated. We can then assist in the rehabilitation of your ankle sprain by:. Soft tissue treatment of the ligament scar tissue to promote optimal stability and range of motion.

Active and passive mobility exercises to restore the normal range of motion to your ankle and foot complex. Balancing exercises to re-strengthen the ligaments that provide stability and improve position sense so that re-injury is less likely to occur. Chronic Ankle pain will occur if ankle injuries are not properly treated at the time of injury. At Axis Chiropractic we often see these types of problems. The shoulder is a common source of referred pain especially from the neck.

People with neck conditions may experience this type of referred pain due to the irritated nerves that travel from the neck to the shoulder. Our chiropractors are experts in corrective techniques for neck misalignments, which can remove this referred pain to the shoulder. There are other reasons for shoulder pain.

Injury to the shoulder joint can lead to many different shoulder conditions. To minimize complications from your shoulder injury, you should seek an evaluation if you have shoulder pain that lasts longer than a few days. Even though there are many causes of shoulder pain, the treatment for most conditions is similar.

It is important to keep the shoulder moving to avoid the complication of frozen shoulder. Another common shoulder complaint is the inability to raise the arms out to the side above the level of the shoulders. The reason why the arms cannot be raised above the level of the shoulders is because the spine has become kyphotic bent over forward. Even a child cannot raise her arms above her shoulders if her back is bent over. Our Chiropractors can diagnose the cause of your shoulder pain and can explain to you what shoulder motions to emphasise and which ones to avoid as your injury heal.

Therapeutic treatments, such as specific adjustment techniques and ice, can be used to remove the inflammation in the shoulder. Removing the inflammation in the joint usually results in a significant decrease in pain. Specific muscle stretching and at home exercises are used to correct any muscular imbalances between the upper back and chest. We can correct these imbalances helps to ensure smooth and even shoulder motion. Most shoulder problems respond well to restoring motion to the joint and strengthening the muscles that support the shoulder joint to help prevent future re-injury.

One of the most common elbow problems is tendonitis. This condition is due to inflammation. Sometimes called tennis elbow, this painful condition can occur when a tendon that attaches to the elbow joint becomes irritated, either from injury or from overuse.

Other common elbow problems include arthritis and problems from the wrist or the shoulder, which cause referred pain to the elbow. Our Chiropractors will examine your elbow along with your neck, shoulder and wrist to help determine the nature of the condition. Diagnostic tools such as x-rays may reveal early calcification of the tendons around the joint, which may be one reason why the problem keeps recurring.

With our proper therapy such as joint adjustments and other therapeutic measures, your condition may be markedly improved. Many practitioners can often overlook wrist pain after a fall when they have ruled out a fracture. The wrist consists of 8 different bones.

They all should move correctly. Our Chiropractors understand the importance of these joints and make sure that they are moving optimally so that you remain pain free for the longest time possible and do not experience constant recurrences of pain. Of all the biomechanical structural ailments of the spine, a disc condition can be one of the hardest to treat. It requires the longest amount of healing time, approximately twelve weeks.

In contrast, a muscle strain will usually heal in two to four weeks and a ligament strain in four to six weeks. Chiropractic care can dramatically reduce the healing time for a disc bulge. Our Chiropractors have special training in the care of the spine and intervertebral disc and frequently treat degenerative disc conditions. We will determine if you have a spinal disc condition. If so, a treatment plan that is right for you can then be established to help you recover.

This may include adjustments, ice, stretching, massage therapy and proper exercises. With proper continued care the arthritic process can be slowed or halted and if you have suffered from a disc condition previously, it is wise to take good care of your spine and consult us at Axis Chiropractic so that you do not suffer from degenerative joint disease in the future. A pinched nerve is a particular type of injury that occurs when a nerve or set of nerves have been compressed, stretched or constricted.

There are three main symptoms that you may feel when you are suffering from a pinched nerve. These include pain, numbness and the feeling of pins and needles or tingling. One or all of these symptoms may be present as well other signs like muscle weakness and changes with your reflexes.

Sometimes the effects of the pinched nerve are minor, but more permanent damage can occur if it is not assessed and corrected. Our Chiropractors can help with the pain associated with pinched nerves. Sometimes seeing a chiropractor for a pinched nerve is the best option for relief. We can gently realign your spine to ease the pressure on the nerves, resulting in relief from your pain and helping your nerves function more effectively than ever before.

After a long day of work or exercise, we have all encountered feeling tension around our shoulders or found the pain coming from a particular knot in the muscle. These knots, known as trigger points, are a result of contracted muscle fibres that are unable to relax. Trigger points are formed when muscles are either chronically overworked or injured, and are often experienced as a pinching or burning pain. Normally, muscles are able to function best when they are well nourished and have proper blood circulation.

As we get stressed or overworked, certain muscle fibers cluster together and form a knot. While these knots are initially harmless, they can eventually become painful.

This pain is referred to as a myofascial trigger point. It often takes up to 3 months before a knot actually develops. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of these knots and prevent them from coming back. Trigger points will commonly cause pain that radiates to other parts of the body, which is also known as referred pain.

Good posture helps your body function better. If you have correct posture for the activity you are doing, your body will need less effort doing it and be less likely to get injured. Good posture will give you better mechanical advantage and reduce strain on certain parts of your body that are prone to injury.

This is particularly important in physical activities, such as manual labour, gardening and sports, and that applies to athletes of all abilities.

So, why is having a bad posture so detrimental to your health? Bad posture can have a negative affect on your health. The physical side effects can be many. Sitting with poor posture can lead to back and neck pain, sciatica, shoulder and arm pain. Standing incorrectly can have the same effects including hip, knee ankle and foot pain.

Having a forward slumped posture with the shoulders rolling forward and the chin jutting forward will reduce your chest expansion and make breathing more difficult. Poor chest expansion is associated with chest infections and general fatigue and tiredness.

It will also make you more prone to shoulder pain and injuries. If you sit with your lower back in a slumped posture you put significantly more pressure on you spinal discs. It can also compress your internal organs and have an effect on bowel motility. Bad posture can be due to a number of reasons; habitual, pain, poor endurance and strength of the postural muscles and poor joint and spinal flexibility. So how can you improve your posture?

The Chiropractors Association of Australia has developed Straighten Up Australia, an ongoing community service initiative which is an easy and enjoyable everyday program to improve your health and the way your body functions. Consisting of a set of simple exercises and taking just three minutes to complete, Straighten Up Australia will help improve posture, stabilise core muscle groups, enhance health and prevent spinal disability.

The exercises can be undertaken by Australians of all ages with a special program tailored for children. Or email us at enquiries axischiropractic. Arthritis means joint inflammation and there are many different types of arthritis that can affect both young and old people.

The most common form of arthritis, osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, is a result of repetitive trauma of the joint and is more common as we get older.

Most arthritic conditions benefit greatly from Chiropractic treatment and should be considered as an adjunct to medical care, particularly osteoarthritis, which is the most common type of arthritis. The most important thing with arthritis is to maintain as much normal function as possible in the affected areas. This is where chiropractic helps. Specific chiropractic adjustments help to return normal motion to misaligned spinal and extremity joints.

These adjustments are effective in reducing pain, improving joint mobility and increasing muscle flexibility for arthritis sufferers. Our Chiropractors can also recommend stretches, exercises, and aids available to help improve mobility and range of motion in people with arthritis. Activities such as yoga, swimming and specific joint mobilisation exercises can be extremely beneficial.

Chiropractic allows sufferers to maintain as much normal function as possible, so that arthritis need not be a crippling disease. As an elite athlete or weekend warrior, it is important to have your body functioning optimally if you want to achieve the best results. Most athletes consider it important to warm up and down with stretches, however, if joints are not moving correctly, stretching on its own may not be effective in preventing injury.

When you find out you are pregnant your whole world changes. Lots of thoughts and emotions race through your mind. After the exhilaration subsides your mind can turn to the symptoms that await you for the next 9 months.

The low back pain, sciatica, joint and muscle pain all start to be part and parcel of pregnancy. Well I am here to tell you ladies this does not have to be the case. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can control and relieve back, neck and joint pain, without the need for drugs. Our chiropractors undertake a full and detailed assessment of each person prior to treatment and tailor a personalised program of care depending on the needs of the individual.

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We believe that fitness should be fun, nutrition should be delicious, and the best you can be is healthy. Heart — Focus — Power. Heart is my driving force.

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