If you find inaccurate information, please update the listing. Oh the joy of victory, oh the agony of defeat. Just give credit to the website, http: Each group will get a batch of blocks. Later she rings a bell and everyone has to hunt for the bug.

Words to live by

Cards were dealt, high card drew first from the pot. From high to low quilters chose their coveted strip of fabric - "battling" for position when there was a tie. Such reckless abandonment - I've never seen anything like it.

For four games we did this. Fast paced dealing and grabbing - hoping for the best draw and not being stuck with the "ugly" fabric. Game five was winner take all! High card won the jackpot. Oh the joy of victory, oh the agony of defeat. It's not easy letting go of fabric! Smaller than bed quilts, made to be used as picnic cloths What do the following have in common: Patterns of Asian origin c.

One-patch patchwork patterns Which quilt making technique has always been done by machine? What characteristics are associated with Folk Art Quilts? They are made by people who have had no artistic training. They are made for visual impact, not quilt making excellence c. They have a spontaneity about them, often containing whimsical elements d. They have crudely shaped design elements Types of cookies b. Amish quilt patterns c.

Popular quilt styles in the early 's b. Patterns were obtained through mail order sources c. Quilts used a wide variety of fabrics d. Quilts were tied as opposed to quilted Which of the following is created by a series of fabric folds to create an origami-type pattern? Doves in the Window What are the following Tapestry, Crewel, Upholstery, Quilting? Types of yarn b. Types of fabric c. Types of needles d. Types of scissors Articles of clothing b. Paducah, KY Whoever gets the most right wins something.

It all rhymed, and I read it out loud I didn't save it on the computer, but I will try to find it again. Everyone thought it was fun. I was a bit skeptical at first I did one search, and it came up first thing! YOu can always change things around a bit for a more "quilty" theme. THis was for a bridal shower. Wonder if someone will be leaving for a while or sneaking someone in??

I'll be sure and ask that question then see who leaves or acts suspious. Can't wait will have my camera poised and ready. This game will be a hoot. Just love this web-site. It's is addictive very addictive. Angie Last edited by QuiltnNan; at You never know, though! Better safe than sorrry! Every time someone says: You could have them make a quilted item for the next retreat raffle. I think I'd pin my lips together so I could win the fabric!

Have loads of fun!!! A friend of mine was going to a retreat and she said she needed to take a roll of quarters. How the game is played each time you have to get out your seam ripper you need to go puy a quarter in a jar. You also get to puy your name in the other jar.

At the end of the retreat they draw a name and winner get's all the money in the jar!!!!! Another one is you scramble 25 quilting related words and the first to get them correct wins a prize!!!!! Everyone would stand up and then would sit down when if the answer was 'yes' to her question. You could make them quilting related The unwritten, unenforced rule is that if you win, you need to make a quilt with the strips — preferably by next year but nobody really gets tied up about any of it.

On Friday night we had our first game of strip poker. There are 3 dice that are marked dot, center, right, and left. You roll all three dice if you have in your possession 3 or more strips. Each die represents what you will do with a strip. A dot means you keep a strip. A center means a strip goes in the pot and it never comes back out. A right means you give a strip to the person to your right.

A left means you give a strip to the person on your left. When you have less that 3 strips, you only roll the number of dice that correspond to how many strips you have.

When you have no more strips, and the dice have passed you without your buddies on either side giving you any, you are out of the game.

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