SneakyDevil , Lord of the rings , RomanceNinja and 11 others like this. I'll notice updates much faster here. Blood Dragon borrows heavily from s movies in this genre, with cyborg and AI technology existing even After the End of a nuclear holocaust. By that we mean knowing, for example, that top two-pair is a strong hand and its likely to win the pot, but it's far less likely to win on the river, say, if there are four clubs on board and you don't have a club in your hand. Lampshaded on a few occasions, such as mentions of his Ebony Tower trilogy , and a fan's blog that proposes a conspiracy theory that he's the same person as " Stephen Bachman " Not-Actually-Cosmetic Award: Emotions can take you on a rollercoaster ride during a poker session, but maintaining control of them is absolutely vital to having a sound poker strategy.

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Isolating Limpers A lot of people without much hold'em experience will not isolate players enough. Inversely I have seen a lot of regulars take this concept too far and isolate with far too many hands. You can potentially isolate with a lot of hands Whenever you are 3 betting in cash games you need to know exactly why you are 3-betting.

You need to be either 3-betting for value or 3-betting as a bluff The first realization I made is that a correct 3 betting strategy in cash games relies on polarizing your 3 betting range when in position and merging it when out of position.

Obviously there are some exceptions and caveats to this, which I will talk about later A blind steal, or steal attempt, is when a poker player raises pre-flop hoping to win the blinds uncontested. If everyone else folds when you raise, you will win the dead money regardless of what cards you have Slow Playing Poker The following poker article aims to look at situations where I believe it is optimal to either fast play or slow play the flop and the various reasons for doing such.

We will look at which boards are best to fast play, which are best to slow play So you raised pre-flop, your opponent s called and you now head to a flop. What do you do now? The following article aims to discuss the various aspects of continuation betting c-betting in poker, including when you should bet, when you should give up Double and triple barreling is the process of continuing a bluff or semi-bluff after the flop.

For instance, you missed the flop and continuation bet. The turn is still blank for you, but you believe your opponent will fold if you bet, so you fire another bet bullet out there Poker Triple Barrel Bluff Many poker players are confused about playing the river. Often players will fire two barrels as a semi bluff, miss their draw and be totally unsure whether or not they should triple barrel to get their opponents off their hand Randomization based on equity is an important concept that you must know about.

The concept is basically bluffing or semi-bluffing in spots where you have equity or turn equity but are generally bad spots to bet You may have heard somewhere that you should raise to punish draws, or to deny your opponents correct odds for drawing. Let me first make my point quickly Betting on the River I want to take the opportunity of writing an article on this particular topic, even though it will be a short one, not because it's a particularly difficult concept, but because it's something that is easily explained, but commonly incorrectly played A block bet or blocking bet in poker is a bet made that is very small in relation to the pot.

Its usually a term used to talk about making a small bet on the river to get to a cheap showdown out of position General Cash Game Strategy. How To Beat Micro Stakes Poker Micro Stakes poker, the lowest rung on the internet poker ladder but also the most important one to conquer.

The good news is that its that the micro limits are the easiest games to beat Why Multi Table in Poker? The answer to that is relatively simple. You play more tables to win more money. It's an easy equation to follow A common complaint of new poker players who are just starting to get into poker strategy is that they can't beat all the bad poker players or "the fish.

People who are new to heads up may think heads up cash games are some sort of mystic art or a completely different form of poker. That couldn't be further from the case.

The same principals and theories that apply in regular ring games also apply in heads up cash games Rush Poker Strategy This article is basically going to go into the reasons that why if you are a winning ring game player, you will make less money playing Rush Poker compared to your standard ring game This article will cover how to balance your range in poker.

For a while I was going through a phase where I was going apeshit on the button. Basically I was 3-betting a ton The loose aggressive poker player or the "LAG" is one of the most feared types of poker players and for the most part they are winning poker players.

You will get all different types of LAG's, both good and bad Below is a list of common mistakes that you might not be aware of In part 2 I hope to highlight the mistakes I see happening in today's games and various different tips you can take away to improve your winrate Since Pokerstars has recently changed there policy and seperated short stack games to BB games I havent had to play much against short stackers.

This is a good thing and I commend Pokerstars on making these changes. However, many people still play with short stackers on a regular basis What does it mean to be "deep stacked? Fear not, for we are going to sail into this uncharted territory and help you find your way This guide is to teach you how to play small pot, tournament poker. It is meant to keep you in the tournament by not over inflating pots by betting too much too early It's pretty much the general consensus with anyone who knows anything about poker strategy that in the early stages of a mtt poker tournament you should be playing tight.

Some people recommend and ultra tight strategy where you play very few hands. I however play the early stages similar to how I would a cash game I think most of you by now will be aware that position in poker is very important. Well its everything, especially when playing against winning players Every single one of you have probably heard some of the wrong advice that I am about to spout off.

In fact, it really infuriates me that so much bad advice is out there and people who are just trying to get better and learn about poker are being led on a wild goose-chase We all know that bankroll management is incredibly important.

You need to have enough money in your poker account to avoid going bust when you inevitably experience some bad variance and go on a downswing Over the last few months I have been thinking about how the games have become tougher. However, I think cash games have got tougher in relative terms compared to tournaments.

Rebuy Poker Tournament Strategy We've all had that feeling after going broke early in a tournament; the feeling that we wish we could buy more chips and try again. Well in a rebuy tournament that's exactly what you get to do Multi Table Tournaments are treacherous things. You can play great poker for three or four hours and then seconds later the little box has popped up telling you that you finished nd of , agonizingly short of the money You register, just barely in time, to see that only people are going to be playing in this freeroll A chip and a chair is all you need, so the saying goes.

But what are your options when your stack is low and there's a long way to go in the tourney? Our guide gives you the best options with various short stack scenarios You might think it's easy to play with the big stack, right?

There are a lot of things to consider and you might be surprised how quickly someone can go from big stack to the small stack. Don't let that happen to you, read on Most strong online players use this widely accepted strategy, I read some of it from an online page, my common sense allowed me to play something close to it and a strong online friend of mine coached me into playing what they call the best sit n go strategy Everyone tries to pick on you and when you're four handed everyone has their fingers crossed that you'll go broke so they can cash in Playing four handed in a SNG when you're the big stack is great.

Not only are you very likely to make the money, but you get the chance to use your opponents' fear of getting fourth place against them Great strategy guide for basic sit n go formats. The focus of this strategy article is No Limit Hold'em single table sit n goes with the typical top 3 players being paid Limit Hold'Em was traditional the most popular variation of Texas Hold'Em before the introduction of No Limit and continues to be a popular favorite among players His postflop aggression factor Limit Hold 'em Heads-Up Strategy This is the introduction to a set of articles designed to give you some idea of what to consider when faced with flop decisions in hold 'em His postflop aggression factor, coupled with his VP, is basically through the roof This is the "Generation M" draw - M for Ed Miller, author of Small Stakes Hold 'em - where people seem to go overboard and bet, raise, 3-bet and even cap the betting with any flush draw You can miss the flop in more than one way in hold 'em.

We've already covered the basics on how to play overcards, and overcards can surely be seen as a missed flop. Here, however, we're looking at flops where even pairing up on the turn isn't going to make us feel good about our chances What that means is that if our hand currently is best, then our opponent has very little chance of outdrawing us If Hold 'Em is based on strategy, then Omaha is based on math.

At low limits, with lots of players seeing flops, reading other player's hands is largely irrelevant Here's everything you need to know about this fast paced game Either holding the nut best hand, or having a strong draw to the best hand is crucial if you're going to stay in a pot, as in low limit games more than half of a full person table will routinely be seeing flops, and with players holding 4 hole cards each there are obviously going to be strong hands out there Get involved in one of the few games that can give better action than Texas Hold'em.

We tell you everything you need to get started in PLO from hand selection to playing each round New players who are inexperienced in Holdem may as well be drawing dead when they deposit their money Poker tells expert, Zachary Elwood, shares the top 10 most useful poker tells with CardsChat.

Learn about online and off-line poker tells and use them to your advantage The Ultimate Guide to Decipher Poker Tells When I first started playing online poker I remember whenever I got it all-in ahead and someone would suck out on me, giving me a bad beat, I would always get upset, or angry, or frustrated In poker, it sometimes just feels as if the cards are conspiring against you I definitely have some sort of self perpetuating cycle going on Poker Stop Loss Strategy.

But not all thoughts are helpful. Some hurt your poker game Emotions can take you on a rollercoaster ride during a poker session, but maintaining control of them is absolutely vital to having a sound poker strategy.

Professional players devote a great deal of time and energy to maintaining a level head and a stable state of mind This may sound a bit ridiculous, and contrary to what you may be thinking, it has more to do with the gear changes, than the actual grind, no pun intended.

In poker, it sometimes just feels as if the cards are conspiring against you and that you can't win a hand When poker players refer to "meta game" they generally refer to taking a course of action in a hand, different from what they would have done if the hand had been played in a vacuum I'm sorry to break this to you, but, if you cant learn to beat these players, you will not profit from online poker As time went on, this gradually went away, I think partly because I became a better poker player and learnt to accept the realities of the game Lately my results and win rate haven't been that all that bad but I have lacked alot of consistency in my play, especially on losing days.

I definitely have some sort of self perpetuating cycle going on where running bad is linked to the feeling of failure If you're a professional poker player you know that there are many ups and downs with the job. You will go through sick downswings and feel like you can't win anymore.

You will also go through unstoppable upswings and feel like you're the top of the world Anyone can get flustered and frustrated playing online poker. However, controlling your emotions can be the difference between winning and losing! Here are our top 5 tips for beating poker tilt If you are beginning your poker career, you can take advantage of some great software that will quickly identify errors and leaks in your online play Poker Tracker 4 Review Online poker action can be fast and furious.

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The Overlook Motel, which is ground zero for a demonic invasion, with one of the rooms featuring a literal doorway into Hell. An immortal implied to be Moses or Aaron. Never says a word of dialogue, but people like to spill everything to them. At one point, Beaumont jokingly calls them, "my silent friend". The Illuminati is an enormously powerful organization run like a corporation that secretly controls the Americas.

It has surveillance everywhere, and uses every manipulative trick in the book, from simple blackmail to brokering deals with demons to controlling the Internet, to reach its goals.

Historically, the Illuminati was a short-lived secret society of intellectuals in the 18th century that was dedicated to humanist issues. The society disbanded less than ten years after its formation due to internal strife and the introduction of laws outlawing secret societies. The Knights Templar , now known as just the Templars, is a military powerhouse that secretly rules all of Europe.

They are very proud of their thousand-year-long history to the point that they barely bother to remain secret, and can tackle almost any problem just by throwing resources at it. Historically, the Knights Templar was a military order and early Christian banking organization during the Crusades. They were formally disbanded by the Pope almost two hundred years after their formation after a long decline in power as Christian influence in the Middle East waned.

King Tutankhamun, who is mostly known for merely undoing Akhenaten's impact on Egyptian culture by reintroducing polytheism following his father's death, actually went so far as to oppose him while he was still alive in the game, as the Aten is a kind of universe-threatening monstrosity.

Dracula is now a vampire hunter. Akhenaten, who is mostly known for abolishing polytheism during his reign in favour of a monotheistic religion centred on sun worship called Atenism, is upgraded to "The Black Pharaoh," an Omnicidal Maniac dedicated to the world-destroying Aten ; for good measure, he's identified as the Pharaoh who opposed Moses in the Old Testament.

Subverted; Cucuvea asks the player if they know how to use the computer she has in her tree, but it turns out she doesn't have problems with technology itself, it's just that a modern day computer is far less user-friendly than the Third Age tech she was used to. As the player leaves, she goes back to figuring it out. Surprisingly, they actually have had quite a bit of success in the past, though the Lore entries reveal that their initial successes were largely due to having an Innsmouth Academy student in their ranks and up until comparatively recently, it took a lot of effort to get them to allow girls into the league.

Unfortunately, most of the league's current membership were killed when the Fog descended on Kingsmouth, leaving only Danny Dufresne and their well-fortified treehouse base. Some characters who a deeply involved in the secret world tend to swear by Gaia. The travel nexus between major cities and locations is the fabled Agartha, in the center of the Earth.

How did you manage to find Agartha? Well, see, The World Tree just sort of stuck out its branches Sophie the barmaid is in a somewhat flirtatious relationship with the Forest God — who looks like a stag that's learned to walk upright. Sophie is unknowingly a Half-Human Hybrid of the fae kind. I Always Wanted to Say That: Templar guards in London really do try to be aloof and serious, but they're not entirely immune to a bit of silliness: I always wanted to say that.

The Bees — people who have a connection with the insects of the same name — are very difficult to kill, and the Player Characters are counted among their numbers. They can die, but their anima form soul just gets back up at the nearest Anima Well a sort of fountain of raw magic where it can either just spawn a new body, or hike its incorporeal form back to the old body and revive that. The Buzzing implies that unless they are killed deliberately, they will survive "until the heat death of the universe".

However, Word of God states despite our immortality the Bees won't stop aging, it will just happen incredibly slowly. Certain NPCs enjoy their own forms of immortality or not: If lore entries and his own claims are to be believed, Beaumont has Complete Immortality , being a former Norse God.

Scrapyard Edgar is pretty much a stereotypical hillbilly Players will rub a hand over their face while idle. The ak'ab hatchling will normally just sit up and beg every now and again, but if another player has a pet nearby, the hatchling will perform the ak'ab's signature column dash attack on it, knocking it over.

Nermegal, the "filth kitty," will open a tiny portal and jump through, not returning for about thirty seconds. Very rarely, it will return chasing down a tiny filth-infected Orochi operative like a mouse. The Orochi security drone will zap other pets with a laser. The Draug Lord Puppy will jump into the air and backflip. The mini-Djinn will disco dance. If two New Years Dragons owned by players from different factions are near each other, they'll start chasing each other while spitting fire.

If nine different Shem golem pets are near each other, they'll form a circle and perform a ritual, briefly summoning the Gatekeeper. A lot of the clothes in the microstransaction store and from event rewards fall under this, especially the full outfits. In contrast, clothes from the in-game clothing store are the normal clothes you would expect to find in a clothing store.

The Dragon have this as their hat. Whenever the player enters an area contaminated by the Filth, the screen dims slightly, and spots of black fluid coat the edges of the screen, presumably to simulate the Filth's attempts at infecting them. Additionally, when close to death the screen will be tinged red and the player will start to hear their own heartbeat. In Issue 10 just before John forces the player into reliving their memories, the screen will appear to switch off with the same sound and visuals as an old Cathode-Ray-Tube television.

On the testlive server for Issue 9, The Black Signal lore entries were categorized as the Filth and listed before picking up the first black lore. The Illuminati were responsible for the Internet's creation and have a major role in its continuing development and specifications. While they don't precisely own it, they've got the best real-time maps of it, the best monitoring of content and backdoor access to anything connected to the Internet Daniel Bach is a freelance reporter who has been obsessively chasing a particular lead for many years.

His current scoop is the open Hellmouth under the Overlook Motel. The game's HUD has a clock in the upper right-hand corner to give you the time of day, both in-universe and if you click on it in real life. On the final floor of Faust Capital in Orochi Tower, the Faust CEO Mephistopheles asks you several questions designed to see what kind of person you are, with one of them being whether you want money or power. If you choose power, you will find a battery waiting for you in the next room, which serves no purpose except to be sold for two anima shards.

Katanas Are Just Better: One of the favored weapons of the Dragon is the katana. The Templar will 'burn down a village to kill one demon'. They also created the The Knights Templar as an amusing diversion. The Player Characters never say a word or display much body language , which is occasionally brought up as a source of humour. In cut-scenes, for instance, NPCs get embarrassed when they ask a non-rhetorical question and don't get a reply, and attempting to perform handshakes only leads to awkward silences.

Toyed with so, so much. One mission intro has another Bee receiving orders, standing there in awkward silence just like the PC. For Illuminati players, at the end of the first major zone KG will sarcastically say "high five" and your character will raise their hand, but she just stares and says, "Seriously? The Marya "young warriors" of Egypt are an ancient order formed by Tutankhamen that are devoted to thwarting the Cult of Aten.

Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Apis of the mysterious Sanctuary of Secrets is fully aware of the Funcom forums for the game, and hints that the Alternate Reality Game is his organization's doing. Gear weapons and talismans are restricted by the amount of points invested in the relevant skill. Stronger gear has higher skill requirements. In Legends , talisman slots are unlocked as the player levels. Conveniently, tiers of the story mission that are expected to be completed around the level a new slot unlocks will reward the player with a talisman fitting that slot.

Additionally, the ability to enhance gear with glyphs is unlocked at level 20, the ability to enhance with signets is unlocked at level 50, and the ability to craft and use purple gear and better is also unlocked at level Like Reality Unless Noted: It's generally assumed that what is true for our world currently, is true for the world in-game as well.

Kyra Dexter in the Savage Coast fits the bill. The Sentinels, who currently guard the City of the Sun God and prevent the Black Pharaoh from rising again ; lore and character dialogue reveals that they were originally the children of Ptahmose, sacrificed by him in order to stop Akhenaten's return.

Though unable to move, they can still think and speak, and occasionally command local wildlife to do their bidding; as such, they're quest-givers. Logging onto the Fourth Wall: In some Investigation Missions, the player is required to use the in-game browser to use Google to search for information or to look for clues on special websites set up for that particular puzzle. The use of in-character twitter accounts is a growing trend among the community. Apparently plenty of it albeit not in plain sight for the most part, aside from the Agartha Custodians.

Modern Day is ostensibly considered to be the Fourth Age of our world so there were three other advanced civilizations before ours and their technology is rare but not completely gone.

Many legendary relics are implied to be remnants of a previous age such as Excalibur. And Deep Ones, of course. There are plenty of Lovecraftian beasties that can be slain by the player characters, especially among the upper ranks of the Draug, and the secret societies have all become quite adept at fighting Cthuluesque monstrosities over the centuries.

However, it eventually becomes clear that things like the ur-Draug and the Unutterable Lurker are ultimately small potatoes in comparison to the overarching menace of the game, the Dreamers.

The only thing capable of keeping them asleep are the Gaia Engines, artifacts created by beings hovering somewhere between angels and Humanoid Abomination ; if the Dreamers ever escaped from captivity, nothing in the world could ever stop them. How do we know this? Because Lilith accidentally woke up one of them, and it stayed awake just long enough to end the world before nodding off again.

And if Issue 14 is any evidence, the destruction was so thorough that the universe itself had to be reset just to recover from it! The player can choose one of three animals the Ferocious Wolf, the Egyptian Cat, or the Loyal Hound to assist him or her in combat. The Ur-Draug battle at the end of "Polaris" turns into a crapshoot if the group doesn't do enough damage to skip the "blue" phase; it's virtually impossible to figure out if he's about to smash the rock the group is hiding behind, it happens so fast that coordination if someone does see it requires voice communication and thus can't be done with a pick-up-group, and moving to a different hiding spot gives the boss plenty of time to kill at least one group member with the attack everyone is hiding behind the rock from in the first place.

The Machine Tyrant at the end of "Hell Raised"; even with a high-geared, experienced group, a lot can go wrong in this fight very quickly. Even if you manage to compensate for these things and survive, doing so can reduce the damage dealers' time on target so much that they can't bring the boss down before the time limit expires even if their damage is more than enough on paper. The Facility dungeon has several bosses who return high damage if an attack glances.

It's possible to have high enough stats to never glance, but gearing for this specifically will result in a substandard build for anything else. Most players will run with almost enough hit rating to never glance, throw on passive buffs to increase it as the fights go on, and hope for no misses while waiting for those buffs to take effect. Downplayed with Sam Krieg, the horror author living in the Innsmouth lighthouse. While not exactly insane per se , he's cynical, curmudgeonly, morbid, and borderline homicidal: Though wildly eccentric, he's quite benign — especially compared to some of the other mad scientists in the game.

Klein, one of the villains of the Ankh dungeon. A scientist working for the Orochi group, he's been exposed to the Filth so often, he's actually developed a tolerance to its normal brain-destroying effects ; unfortunately, he's also become seriously addicted to it in the process. Dr Varias and the other scientists of the Soviet-run "Red Hand" project in Transylvania; among their more ambitious works were attempts to create vampire-human hybrids, and training cosmonauts to travel through "Inner Space.

Schreber in Dream to a Kill. Would Harm A Child. Lampshaded by Kirsten Geary, who carries the belief that a mad scientist is only as dangerous as the level of lucidity they aspire to; Zurn is perfectly safe because he doesn't even pretend to be lucid. Schreber, in contrast, has an extremely high professional standard, up to insisting that "Filth" and "Gaia's Chosen" not be used to refer to those things because they're unscientific names that carry inappropriate religious connotations.

Hello, I walk into empty "My name is Sarah, I am still on this planet. Played with, as the magic has always been there, it's just that it has recently become a lot harder to hide the magic. What is on the rise are the number of Bees. The One for Sorrow, Two for Joy rhyme is delivered by ghostly white ravens as a clue in an investigation in Kingsmouth. The game is set in a world a bit darker than our own, with a secret war between the sides that know the truth. The Contact Core of the Facility 9 dungeon.

Originally in place just to run the Red Hand's experiments in sending cosmonauts across dimensions, it's developed a very unhealthy relationship with the only surviving test subject. As such, once it realises that you aren't going to leave the building, it becomes one of the bosses.

The End of Days event began on December 21st, , and parts of it recurred in Based in Tokyo with operations around the globe, it's stated to be one of the biggest and most powerful corporations on the planet, enough to start worrying the Illuminati. Teams of Orochi researchers can be found throughout combat zones, attempting to study supernatural phenomenon and trying to obtain supernatural artifacts, often without success.

Because this is the Secret World, however, lore entries imply that there's something much nastier going on behind the scenes The Templar and Illuminati have been at each other's throats since they existed, and the Dragon attempt to manipulate both sides for their own purposes.

Used by the Dragon, as part of the Art of Chaos. Mocked by Kyra , who asks her uncle why all the saviors tend to be white and male.

Features the moonwalk as an emote. In the cutscene for "the Bank Heist", Cloud Cuckoo Lander yakuza-kingpin Daimon Kiyota is caught doing cartwheels in his office and he explains that being crazy can be the edge needed to survive, doing a proper moonwalk as the player leaves. It turns out there was method behind his madness—you have to cartwheel past lasers and poorly moonwalk over pressure plates during the robbery, the reward for doing so without tripping the alarm is a perfect moonwalk emote.

Though they've progressed from their earlier days — in which they were widely known for burning down entire villages to kill a single demon — they are still extremely militant in nature, not to mention starkly traditionalist — something which has actually caused a certain degree of conflict within the faction as more liberal recruits try to change their faction's less-than-polite attitudes towards certain bloodlines. In the field, Templar agents are encouraged to avoid trying to save the world "on a case-by-case basis," and if this means leaving the entire surviving population of Kingsmouth to die or using the Illuminati's own Living Battery techniques, so be it.

However, as the game progresses, the Templar become increasingly enthusiastic about their agents' world-saving ways, and are the "whitest" faction. The power-brokering , Ultra-capitalist Illuminati.

The Illuminati way is to seize control, no-matter who you have to take out to get it. As for their approach to civilians, at least the Templars have a certain degree of compassion for the inhabitants of Kingsmouth: On the upside, violence is a last resort; it's preferable to use blackmail, bribery, and backroom politics to achieve the Illuminati's goals, and whatever their other faults, they aren't hypocrites; if you're competent and loyal, say the Illuminati, you're as accepted as any other agent.

The Dragon are unique in that they show no plans to 'rule' the world as such, but instead cause chaos to understand the underlying mathematical system upon which Chaos operates and manipulate it toward their version of a better world - while unclear, they seem to dislike stagnation the most. Agents are given "free will within parameters" and probably have the greatest degree of variety of personal beliefs; The Dragon will assign people based on whoever they predict will, left to their own devices, produce the outcome they want.

Of course, they also take their cues from a perpetually-reincarnating, prophetic eight-year-old child The Brotherhood of Phoenician Sailors aka 'The Phoenicians' who were a former ally — of sorts — to the other three factions before getting the political shaft one too many times.

They're widely regarded as pirates, thieves, and mercenaries, but even the uptight Templars admit they have their uses The multinational Orochi Group , which controls a satellite company in every industry on every continent, which even the Illuminati admit is impressive.

They're also well-known for charity work and highly-valued contributions to medical science, guaranteeing a good reputation in the legitimate world. They appear to be relatively new to 'The Secret War', as some of their actions thus far have shown, but they've also been keeping tabs on the spread of the Filth throughout Solomon Island and Egypt — for reasons that their operatives refuse to elaborate upon.

Lore entries suggest that their many satellite companies are up to no good, ranging from sinister occult research to full-blown political conspiracies, and it's implied that they aren't averse to leaving both the locals and their own research teams to die once their field work's over. The Morninglight , which is one part Church of Happyology , one part modern-day Cult of Personality, and probably has the most to hide The Council of Venice isn't so much a 'faction' as a Secret World equivalent to the United Nations, including having their own peace-keeping force which even wears blue berets.

The council was formed with good intentions, but has become so bogged down in bureaucracy that even the Templars admit they're only good from keeping the Secret War from spilling out into the streets. In Egypt, you meet The Kingdom , a faction of mummified, undead Merchant Princes from the age of the pharaohs.

They're Only in It for the Money , and offer no loyalty well, no permanent loyalty to any of the factions; for good measure, they're major players in Egypt's criminal underworld. Their only saving grace is that they're slightly more civilized and refined than either the Illuminati or the Phoenicians.

The Dreaming Ones are probably the blackest group in the game, with their end goal being rewriting reality through the Filth, and to finally wake up from their imposed slumber in this new reality and then take control. Their promises of power — and threats if you reject their offers — show much of their true nature.

Muggles Do It Better: Zig-Zagged ; as the human inhabitants of Solomon Island, Egypt and Transylvania demonstrate, muggles can hold their own against the many different breeds of monsters that attack them every other minute, provided they've got a fortified position and a few guns. The soldiers of the US military and the Orochi Group are equally effective, so long as their shields keep working. A rare few Badass Normals , like Iorgu and the Hunter, can take on various monsters by themselves; some of the Wabanaki on Solomon Island have even made a successful business out of hunting wendigo and ak'ab.

However, it's made clear that magic is much more effective in combating large groups of monsters or destroying the most powerful ones; quite apart from the many Orochi Group taskforces that have been massacred under these circumstances, locals usually ask you to help them bolster the defences from time to time.

Names to Run Away from Really Fast: There are 18 of them that are not only feared, they fundamentally break the mortal psyche' each and said together, they warp reality. And they are ALL the same person. These are her actual 17 names from Elijah's Book. Though this secret name belonging to her is regarded as fringe theory today. Actually, the list is bigger: The Kingdom, a syndicate of Ancient Egyptian noblemen that rule modern Egypt's criminal underworld; they're mainly a type 4, given that they've no desire to rule the world or destroy life, and are perfectly satisfied with sitting back and acquiring wealth.

The main villain of the Egypt section is Akenaten, changed from simply establishing a new religion into an Omnicidal Maniac. His reign is described in this style. Players fight a "sealed in a tomb" version at the end of this storyline section. No Celebrities Were Harmed: Sam Krieg bears more than a passing resemblance to Stephen King. Lampshaded on a few occasions, such as mentions of his Ebony Tower trilogy , and a fan's blog that proposes a conspiracy theory that he's the same person as " Stephen Bachman " Not-Actually-Cosmetic Award: Armor Is Useless as talismans and skill provide all of your protection , and it doesn't matter whether you travel in paramilitary fatigues, a Fur Bikini , or a tuxedo As most mission-specific tools aren't counted as clothes, and clothing disappears from your regular inventory when "used" becoming a permanent part of your available wardrobe , new players tend to get stuck on this distinction.

Not So Omniscient After All: Despite their predictive models allowing them a certain measure of precogntive ability, the Dragon are not omniscient and can be surprised on occasion, as some of their after-mission reports demonstrate. This is also the case for the Buzzing, sometimes they cannot see certain things due to interference.

Not Using the Zed Word: The narrator of the Kingsmouth trailer invokes this trope by saying he's seen enough movies to know what to call them, but refuses to do so. Averted by Ann Radcliffe, whom after calling them "Condition 17s" pauses in her report to ask her superior, "Can't we just call them zombies, sir?

When one enters the vicinity of the Black House, all sound and music is muted, save for your own footsteps and a deep moan emanating from the bowels of the house. Needless to say, it is nerve racking. Noticing the Fourth Wall: During Issue 11, an exploration of QBL Media's alpha level reveals that one unfortunate employee appears to have suffered this trope.

On one of the office whiteboards, the employee in question has written down the titles of several past issues of The Secret World, from issue seven through to eleven. Fire Jinns Ifrit ; quite apart from not living in lamps or granting wishes, they're a Proud Warrior Race of elemental spirits who utterly despise humanity - to the point that it got them banished from the world.

They're not entirely malevolent as, up until fairly recently, love for their former home kept them from trying to take revenge, but as of the beginning of the game, this truce is over. Issue 14 shows that there are other types of djinn in the world, such as the Marid and take after the other classical elements.

Our Ghosts Are Different: Spectres appear as enemies throughout the game in one form or another, either due to a particularly violent death, or due to being deliberately bound to a certain area.

Most of them appear somewhat abstractly human, but all of them are tangible enough to be dangerous. Our Ghouls Are Creepier: Squat, short-legged, long-armed, leathery-skinned humanoids with an affinity for graveyards in both Egypt and Transylvania.

More often than not, they're working alongside something much more dangerous - either the Aten Cult, or the vampires. Our Vampires Are Different: The Wampiry are predominantly human in appearance, and benefit from the usual boosts in strength and speed; however, most are little more than Mooks.

Elders are much more difficult to deal with, being capable of escaping battle by transforming into bats and - given enough time and power - are even capable of recovering from being staked, though according to Hasdatean, it hurts a lot. Actually killing vampires is fairly simple, given that most of their traditional weaknesses were myths spread by vampires themselves: Vulnerable to the sun as always, Wampiry tend to dress in skin-concealing coats and gas-masks, and only elders are resilient enough to bare skin in daylight.

However, according to the Bees, vampires aren't actually immortals: They were actually created by Lilith. Our Zombies Are Different: The ones in Kingsmouth come in two flavors. There are the expected Flesh-eaters made from the townsfolk, and the Draug: It doesn't help that being submerged in the sea for so long has made them visibly other than human. The Templar are all about hierarchy, the Illuminati are Social Darwinists with a pyramidal scheme in mind, and the Dragon The Password Is Always "Swordfish": The Morninglight movement seems to be part New Age self-help group and part doomsday Cult.

Their name should ring alarm bells, and some of their members are definitely up to no good in Kingsmouth. Person of Mass Destruction: Already a magical prodigy, Montag's notes suggest that misapplication of her powers might result in "intense thermonuclear devastation. The Forest God, a wandering incarnation of the Transylvanian Forest; given said forest's current infestation by the Filth and other monsters, he spends his days drowning his sorrows at the local tavern.

Investigation missions are built around solving puzzles, and frequently require you to do actual research using the in-game browser A quest might require the player to use in-game clues to find the entrance to a secret lair, then solve various logic puzzles, and then look up a particular reference to a classic Latin work to get the correct code.

Another quest might have a segment where Morse code needs to be transcribed and translated to reveal map coordinates for where to go next.. Some of these puzzles are difficult more because of the obtuse user interface than the mental effort involved.

Of particular note is a quest that requires activating a series of ritual circles by clicking on about a dozen runes in a specific order. Aside from one circle that is thankfully on a wall, pretty much any angle that allows you to see the whole circle at once will also cause some of the hitboxes for runes on the far side to overlap, making accurately clicking on the right rune much trickier than is truly reasonable.

Auxiliary Weapons function as this, showing up late in the game to add a small amount of specialized function to a character. The game's "decks" also count, to some extent. While there are technically no classes in the game, players can unlock specialized "decks" by taking on specific abilities from the various disciplines; even going so far as to offer one for mastering them all.

The newly released "Augments" also count. It's stated by the devs that they're more for those who have already obtained everything else in the game so far. You can't go anywhere besides your Faction Hub and Kingsmouth Town until you've completed certain parts of the central Story Mission. Powered by a Forsaken Child: Quite a few magical rituals used in the game or its backstory require particularly gruesome materials or conditions in order to work properly; given the Grey and Grey Morality at work in this game, quite a few of the perpetrators are still considered the player's allies.

For example, Innsmouth University is outfitted with magical power reserves that supply the Illuminati staff with additional mana- channelled from the magicians who'd been buried alive in the foundations, all of whom are still aware and conscious ; in one mission, the player is given the task of sealing a few escapees back into the wards in order to prevent any further occult disasters. Also from Innsmouth, the protective wards require sacrifices of Anima in their construction.

Thankfully, due to the sheer number of feral familiars roaming the grounds, no morally-ambiguous deaths are required this time. It's eventually revealed that the Atlantic Island Amusement Park was constructed as part of one of these, harvesting magical power from the deaths of workers and children alike, and infusing the energies into Nathaniel Winter- transforming him into the Boogeyman.

The Sentinels were created through one of these: For good measure, the youngest of the seven were under ten years old at the time. Kirsten Geary mentions that a prophecy pinpointed the exact time the Council of Venice would fall. That time came and went many years ago, and the Council is still around, but it is when the Council's decline into it's current near-irrelevancy began. The Bees, meanwhile, tell something very similar about predictions of the apocalypse.

The morals in both cases are to always expect this trope when dealing with prophecy, and that an "end" is not necessarily an instantaneous thing. There are several 'Defend the Perimeter'-style missions in the first area alone, which serve to help the player cut their teeth on the game's familiar-yet-different mechanics. Silviu Dimir; mildly retarded and deeply disturbed, he's the current butcher in the Dimir abbatoirs, and can only be controlled by the influence of his "mami," Olga.

Almost every single feature of the setting is a reference to a famous and sometimes not-so-famous work of some kind. Geographical features, quest storylines, characters, the background of the setting, and so on. This ties into the notion that "everything is true" — famous pieces of fiction might unknowingly have been influenced by true events.

The Cult of the Aten in Egypt; these guys don't even pretend to be benevolent - more often than not, they just abduct people of the streets and brainwash them into the cult. Plus, they're firm believers in the power of the Dreamers Most but not all of the missions you can be assigned or stumble upon can be repeated That's several hours in real-world time , mind you. A potential threat to Innsmouth Academy is a basement filled with not-yet-activated familiars of the type that are rampaging on the grounds.

A quest has you meet Carter, the surviving student who tells you that she's tougher than she looks, as she goes to clear out the basement. Though she's not quite invulnerable, she is capable of handling the enemies, though you can still pitch in in a few fights.

She, however, has control issues:

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