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The idea that the universe is so willing to give everyone the chance to be better is Deals A great graphics card for budget builds. A range of car handling courses available. Give Me Your Inventory Item: I wouldn't stay if you begged me! W hether you drive a racecar, own or are about to purchase a performance vehicle, or want to drive more smoothly, more accurately, altogether at a higher level; then what we teach you will benefit you very significantly. The original Disgaea also had the EDF Soldiers, which were surprisingly powerful units with a special fondness for guns.

This series as a whole provides examples of:

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Hooked up Beast MCU and removed simulation code. Fixed word reading from non-aligned address in big endian mode. Added DIP switch locations and corrected the vsync to Figured out the memory map. Also added technical notes about the hardware. Typo in title - Cocktail mode Player 2 has no background images David Haywood - There is a bad sprite on level 7 of the game.

Pierpaolo Prazzoli - Missing lightup when enemies explode in dark - Voice samples incorrectly played hap - The pitch of the engine sound is wrong hap - Incorrect color at bottom of screen - Missing music and some sound effects Alex Jackson - Garbled screen MooglyGuy - Year should be - In Jurane stage, the whole bottom of the screen is filled with solid gray. To key press "OK" the game has only a blue screen.

Pressing F10 Step Over occasionally causes Debug menu to light up hap - Crash after OK - Various cycle timing fixups [Tim Schuerewegen] 39in1: Fix case where branch delay slot straddles a page boundary and the page check confirms that the block is paged in. This fixes garbage on level 4 of Soukyugurentai [Mariusz Wojcieszek] Added dipswitch locations to moo. Include delay slots in checksum calculations. Changed some structs to classes and most of the list processing now uses a linked list template which is type-safe.

This greatly reduces the DRC overhead on based games. The computer is unaffected by any of these. Made even more egregious in Disney Mix where attaining the unlockables can only be done by playing in the Battle mode. At least the computer has terrible accuracy, getting loads of Greats.

But of course, it also removed every song from previous versions in favor of a completely new soundtrack. The Wii version also brought an Unexpected Gameplay Change by extending its motion control integration into a new Just Dance -esque "Choreography" mode, which used special charts containing a variety of new hand motions for the Wii Remote and Nunchuck to form more varied routines Meanwhile, the PS3 version had players using the PlayStation Move wand to hit targets in the corner of the screen.

Yes it is complicated. The arcade version is also titled just "Dance Dance Revolution"; a new white cabinet design was also introduced for this version, featuring a relatively stripped down design most of the fancy lights from the X cabinet are now gone , a inch display, a more pronounced shelf under the screen, no more USB ports, and revised pads that don't light up anymore.

While it feels like the types of changes Betson would do to cheapen things, lo and behold, it was Konami who did this.

You can instead get an update if you miss your old cabinet, but Konami only promotes the new version as it is cheaper than the old one. The idea is that this is the final upgrade for the arcade DDR series, with new songs and other content distributed through Konami's e-Amusement network.

Of course, it got shot down when DDR A is announced three years later admittedly, that game is also an arcade update, but it changes the interface, the scoring system, and pretty much everything else that it might as well be a different game altogether.

The real point of this being to give you a chance to breathe before siccing what is usually the hardest challenge in that iteration of the game on you. With a nice side of This Is Gonna Suck , of course. The and succeeding versions require a connection to Konami's e-Amusement network in order to run, as it is part of Konami's shared-profit "e-Amusement Participation" network.

No connection, no DDR for you. And don't think about just simply attempting to make a connection to e-Amusement, as Konami only accepts connections from arcades officially registered with the network. The flashing danger background and crowd booing. The arcade version of Extreme was particularly notable. If the player let their lifebar drop too low, the usually cheerful background videos would be suddenly replaced with an animation of a shark swimming straight at you.

This is unlikely to help you recover. It was even more distracting on 2nd Mix, with the background blinking quickly to a flashing orange background with scrolling caution triangles. On top of that, 2ndMIX's lifebar was cruel enough that this distraction most likely contributes to your failure.

Beginning on Extreme U. DDR A complements this with the darkening of your playing line sort of like applying "dark lane" option when you haven't before and warning signs to the left and right sides of your line. Hottest Party doesn't change the background, but the announcer starts shouting at you to stop sucking.

Aside from how distracting it is, it feels like the game's mocking you. Thankfully, you can adjust that so it doesn't, or just turn him off entirely. Most of the major Konami originals were retained, but that's all they have in common. It's also one of the better games to be released in Europe having more songs than many PS2 versions and the licences weren't bad either.

Damn You, Muscle Memory! There are modifiers which re-arrange the charts using predetermined patterns i. You may find yourself stepping where there aren't any arrows.

In one of the SuperNOVA games, the game's "Master Mode" AKA Mission Mode includes a mission where three arrows at a time scroll up the screen and it's your job to step on the arrow that's not one of those aforementioned three. When there are two arrows at a time, you're supposed to step on the two others.

Cue tormented cursing of muscle memory. God help you if you initially learned how to play on "Beginner Mode" by returning to the center panel after each note. You're in for a rude awakening once you leave "Beginner Mode. While most Evolved songs do have more noticeable variations, the only thing that changes is a ridiculously high-speed jump at the end. A visual feature on some missions that merely swaps the up and down columns is enough to throw off long-time players.

Playing songs like "Ska a GO GO" on Expert can prove quite irritating after being used to hitting 4th steps ALA on the beat, or coded as red as they feature a lot of isolated 8ths Color coded as blue. Quite a few of the selectable songs are these. Oh, they're also tend to be much harder, as well. As mixes continue to get released, songs that were once bosses fall under this category because future boss songs or even regular songs have difficulties equal or higher than the mentioned, as well as the restrictions for those specific songs no longer in effect.

When higher difficulties were released, other songs with the same difficulty were just as hard. Averted in 7th Mix as the foot rating was introduced while those songs returned. While they are still re-rated a high 15 and 16, it is not uncommon for other songs that aren't boss songs to reach those levels. Extra Stage and Encore Extra Stage songs become this once unlocked or moved to the next mix. Across different eras and different regions, there have been many instances where the hardest official chart s legally available were much harder than then next hardest chart s.

The Double mode, where you use two dance controllers, has been around since the start of the series for anyone willing to spend twice the money or lucky enough to have a machine with "Joint Premium" enabled.

Older games allowed this mode for one credit, but half the songs rounded down. However, you can hit the other player's arrows, making it possible albeit Nintendo Hard to play it alone. One Self-Imposed Challenge is to play Versus mode alone. Better hope there's not many jumps. While Dance Dance Revolution itself isn't an example, some song titles consist entirely of repeated words: Used by the Xbox-exclusive Ultramix and Universe sub-series.

By SuperNova, e-Amusement online networking system has crept in to replace the unlocking codes of previous games. While its usage is at first rather harmless added and removed "Beautiful Life" for the Backdancers!

Or at least not being able to enjoy the game as it should be, as your song directory will be dumbed down, and you can't access the official events and ranking systems. Unlock codes were still given until DDR , where Konami had officially made it impossible to play the game without the network. Mugen alone means "Illusion".

Some versions, especially console versions, have contained unused charts, music, and graphics. The latter fits the song in an awkward way The "Master Song List" is a file contained in many U. Often, some of these mystery songs end up on future versions. The game had relatively few songs in comparison to the hundreds playable today, modern-day Expert charts were hidden in a "Step Step Revolution" mode on 3rd 3rd Mix Plus fixed this , the original build of 1st Mix didn't even have the arrows vanish when you hit them , Flat was your only option before 3rd Mix, two players couldn't play on different difficulties, and you didn't even have speed mods yet until DDRMAX!

DDR as most people knew it, began to appear on 5th Mix, and was mature by Extreme. The early DDR games had a very different design than current ones; originally your song selector was a giant "jukebox" wheel of discs with a distinctively clunky sound. In many beginner modes especially pre-SuperNOVA , you get, in place of the background animations and video, your character on a pad showing how to do the steps.

Unfortunately, the way they step on the panels step on panel, then return foot to the center is a very well-known mistake that stops beginners from progressing past the easiest of songs.

Recent versions dropped this feature entirely, and the tutorial levels in the Wii games then later in DDR A have used more desirable starting positions. Some of the dancers. Subverted, in that it has two boss tracks that aren't in the original 2nd MIX. A downplayed example for Extreme. While DDR was never meant to end with that game as many people believe , Bemani did want to take a break for the arcade production for some time, hence the 4-year hiatus.

Since four years are not a short time, some send-offs were thrown: The console version also boasts something tracklist, far higher than any previous game's list which range from ish. Everything's Better with Princesses: Princess Zukin Excited Show Title!

Although the point is to dance, it does burn calories. Workout Mode allows you to capitalize on this, with calorie counters and song lists designed to be workout courses, as well as a complete lack of the ability to fail out. Through e-Amusement profiles on the arcade version, players can also store their weight for calorie counts on the results screen too.

Konami released a special version of DDR intended for use in fitness centers in Japan, and also released a similar version in the U. Songs with exceptionally low BPM, to the point where you can't see the notes very well because they're so mashed together. Bag is horrible in this regard. Then there are songs that do both by having the BPM arbitrarily double or half itself at certain points and still play like the MAX series during the slow sections. Any song that tries to fake you out with sudden stops and BPM changes.

There are two flavors of these: Chaos wouldn't be that hard if the whole thing weren't a steaming pile of fake difficulty. Especially on a pad. On a keyboard, you don't have to worry about balancing or shifting your body weight. Then there's the Pluto series, which takes the speed and stamina requirements of the MAX series and packs it with BPM changes and short stops.

Some stops are the better type, but about two-thirds of the way through the original Pluto, we get a large cluster of nearly random stops "just because". While jumps are essential part of a song's difficulty, having heavy loads of them while at the same time throwing them from nowhere is just as much a Fake Difficulty as any other.

Many songs that are rated high would actually be far easier had the jumps not exist, such as NGO Challenge's infamous jump fest towards the end, which earns it the rare 18 rating, even though it actually has lesser streams than the Expert chart.

Hitting them results in losing health, your combo being broken, and the arrows becoming invisible for a split second. Get your footing wrong and say goodbye to any momentum you had going into it's BPM segment. Battle Mode is filled to the brim with Fake Difficulty mods. For example, take a song that's challenging to begin with like Moonster and throw in random, semi-applicable modifiers at times, like Sudden on some arrows and double speed on others, and try not to fail.

An interesting case is the boss songs on the Xbox games which are harder simply because no one has made a decent dance pad that's compatible with the Then again, there's also the bizarre frame rate issues the Xbox versions have too, HD lag, etc. This meant no speed mods, forced flat, and having to play a footer in the skin of a game where footers or 9-footers for that matter didn't even exist yet.

Before it was unlocked for regular play, the song could later be played on the Revolution course, where full mod control is restored to the player. It doesn't help that the song is already an 18 19 on challenge on the DDR X scale. What you get is a Level 15 Difficult chart There's a long pause between the end of the intro and the main segment, and you can only guess the timing there. In the middle, there's actually a wave effect, where the song increases and decreases gradually in BPM just to mess you up.

That's bad enough before you consider that you need to get a Perfect Full Combo or else you fail. The Basic and Beginner charts had to become available before anyone heard the whole song, and the original Difficult chart was completed AFTER it was unlocked.

Like Over The "Period", accessing it as an Encore Extra Stage involves AA'ing an exceptionally hard song Endymion, a 19 on Challenge that many would argue should be a 20 , and you have to get a Perfect Full Combo to clear it, with the charts also including BPM changes all over the place Even Konami realized how unfair the BPM gimmicks were and threw the people doing this song on lighter difficulties a bone.

Oh, and good luck with Expert, which doubles the consistent BPM. An example that's mainly one at the highest levels of play exists in the form of the Marvelous timing window. Every game-specific Extra Stage events since X2 seem to be designed to suck up a player's pocket. Collecting medals requires you to AA them on Expert keep in mind that 3 of them are 17 footers, though if you're going for VD you're most likely experienced already , and when you access VD more like being forced to do it; earning the sixth medal immediately prompts you for the next stage , all medals are thrown to the garbage can.

Before you are even allowed to open the folder, you will need to complete another event first, which is a Fake Longevity in its own right and requires at the very least 45 credits, assuming you are in Premium Play and manage to get Extra Stages every time. After you do so, you also need to AA them on Expert to get orbs one by one. Five orbs and an additional Extra Stage song will appear. AA it on Expert if you can't, too bad; the song is gone in your next credit and you have to collect the orbs again and you access Encore Extra Stage immediately, a la Valkyrie dimension.

At the very least, 32 credits are needed from the moment you first fill a vial to the EES, assuming you get all the bonuses when you fill the vials and play for a single day which you probably don't. Combined with the previous event and that's a total of 77 credits. Lesson of the day: Three weeks after the event started, an additional chapter is available.

After you clear the EES before, you must collect the medals again. Luckily, you don't need to unlock the five songs again. DDR A has one in the form of the unlock requirement for Endymion.

You need to complete two entire quests before you even have hopes to get it, which take at least around 86 credits in total give or take depending on your dedication on playing , after which you need to be on Rinon Level 3, which takes 7 credits for an upgrade that only lasts for a day.

Lasting a day or not, however, becomes moot when you find out that selecting the song demotes you to Level 1 anyway. The process to play Endymion as listed above still applies, but with Challenge being available. Good luck with that. Yuni's panties and hatless Emi. Root from Hottest Party 2. Chordia in Hottest Party 1 wears a bodice, and Harmony and Domi by themselves are fanservice. Look at their outfits! Rena manages to pull off Zettai Ryouiki in her Hottest Party 2 outfit.

The Ultramix and Universe series are the other kind of fan-service, with lots of fan-favorite songs and character revivals that the main series don't usually offer. Their respective chart orders can be seen here and here. A white or black feather-trimmed angel-themed dress in Dance Dance Revolution Wii. On Hottest Party 1's Groove Circuit Mode, you have to play a lesson song before you can play any remaining missions on any difficulty level you want.

Granted, it at least tells players to not return to the center panel this time around. Choreography mode does so too. The Dance Dance Revolution Solo sub-series, which offers a 6-panel mode that utilizes two new "up-left" and "up-right" arrows and has speed modifiers in an options menu, a few years prior to their "introduction" in DDRMAX.

Solo was later just merged back into the 4th Mix series, and went away entirely until Hottest Party 3 where a few songs had a gimmick causing some of the left or right arrows to be replaced with diagonal arrows. We've had several over the years; Arcade versions before DDR X those on PlayStation-derived hardware rounded all notes' timing to 64th notes.

This was fine for most songs, but it made "bag" and other songs using 24th notes very tricky to time perfectly. Songs with 12th notes, such as "Burning Heat", were affected to a lesser extent. Since these buttons were also mapped to directions on the dance pad, playing any song on a mat became prohibitively difficult if not impossible, as the player would constantly trigger inadvertent steps by touching the corner buttons during a song.

The worst thing about this one is that the option is in the game, and works fine if turned on, there's just no way to turn it on without hacking the save file. DDR Universe games can be affected not only by AV lag, but its engine is notorious for frame rate issues when characters and videos are turned on. How is that even possible on an Xbox ?

Poorly maintained cabinets can turn even the easiest song into a major struggle to get a decent score at all. Things go From Bad to Worse if you're playing on a "battery" meter, which only takes four combo breaks at most to kill you.

DDR has been plagued by bug after bug. First, there were the performance issues between different cabinet types particularly those which were upgraded , and then this which was temporarily fixed by disabling the stages with FMV backdrops entirely CUTIE CHASER's 6-panel Maniac chart has a jump right before the point where the player can start hitting notes, and as such it's impossible to get a Perfect on it.

Even if you play the chart perfectly, you'll still get one Great no matter what. The two console versions that feature this chart attempt to fix it in their own ways: Game Within a Game: Tokimeki" or "Yuuki no Kami-sama", is the center of Dancing Summer Vacation 's storyline, where the characters train themselves on it for the upcoming National DDR Tournament, and is the game's main mini-game.

Getting Crap Past the Radar: It did, however, mark a major hiatus in the arcade series, plus the end of the System era. Certain changes to the infrastructure on DDR with a greater reliance on online patching have made it the last arcade game to be physically released; future games are released through online patching.

This is much to the rejoice of arcade operators, of course face it, you'd rather choose constant internet service rather than buying entire cabinets. The series as a whole is made of this with their songs.

Several other Orange Lounge songs are console exclusives. He says "geki", which is Japanese for "intense" and the romanization of the kanji used to symbolize "Heavy": The current announcer seems to be fond of exclaiming "Saikou da!

Finishing every mission in Extreme 2 's Dance Master Mode. Out of all the plus missions in the game, at least 40 have secret objectives that unlock missions you couldn't otherwise get to like secret exits in Super Mario World.

The last bit of missions are also pretty damn hard, and one of them requires you to get your score into a ridiculously narrow margin. There's also a bit of a side quest involving finding hidden arrows which is not hard but somewhat tedious: Fortunately there aren't a ridiculous number of these.

The song "Memories" from DDR Extreme US also deserves special mention due to how much work was done by the community to try and find an unlock method for it. There's no Extra Stage mode that usually unlocks songs, and it doesn't appear through the usual unlock channels either.

But its existence could be confirmed in a variety of ways, such as the in-game congratulatory message for unlocking all songs in the game, which won't appear without Memories unlocked, or encountering edit data for it which proves it that its data definitely exists on the game disk, but doesn't actually unlock it. People were actually examining the disc with hex editors to try and figure it out. Ultimately, the unlock method was released Recent games feature special Extra Stages that would require you to do some kind of requirements at first.

What is this, a golf tournament? Have a Nice Death: The announcer will typically comment on you if you fail the song. Beginning with X3 , only Asia can order upgrade kits. Outside of Asia, releases are exclusive brand new white HD cabinets. The early games also gave each foot rating a one-word description. Originally, there were just seven, as the highest difficulty is rated 7.

In increasing order, they are: The Internet Ranking version mostly changed them now they are Simple, Moderate, Ordinary, Superior, Marvelous, Genuine, and Paramount, with a title for 8-foot song added: The interface was dropped before charts with footer difficulties appeared, but the DDR Universe series later established the name "Apocalyptic" for them. I Have Many Names: Several musical contributors are credited under multiple aliases sometimes associated with different types of songs , but Naoki Maeda uses the most.

These 58 songs are from older releases, newer releases, future releases or even exclusives. This is worse than a sweatshop. We have just witnessed the birth of a sweatconglomerate. On the other hand, even if Valvatorez is done with you, count your lucky stars if you get sent to Toto Bunny. The Overlords there treat their Prinnies with care and respect, and the Prinnies pay it back in kind. Some of the Bonus Boss stages in the earlier games make the implication that certain characters from other dimensions that find their way into the Disgaea realm s have a curse placed on them which robs them of their voice as a side-effect of travel.

This is probably done to justify not giving the characters battle voices. This becomes in and of itself a plot point in Disgaea 3 when Mao and his crew actually have to give Reyva a voice so she can teach at Evil Academy. One such group forms by the end of each game, though the more stubborn characters refuse to admit it. Cloned characters cannot have their items stolen. However, using a special item that steals items on death , "Dropouts" from Disgaea 3 can. In addition, it's important to note that Nippon Ichi has patched the game several times at this point and the bug has not been removed yet.

The weapon you're talking about, the Puppy Paw Stick, was intentionally added into the game to cut down on the grinding. Considering that the final challenge of the game has well over million HP and around 50 to 75 million in stats, they knew you needed every advantage, though recent patches cut down the PPS' chance to steal items.

All demons have 'em, but the humanoid non-demon characters don't. Word of God says that Adell doesn't have pointy ears, despite unknowingly being a demon.

And then there's Usalia and her mom Just super leave it at that, You can steal items from just about any monster, and taking these items away actually has a discernible effect on their performance — for example, steal an archer's bow, and they're a sitting duck.

Disgaea Thieves can even steal stats! It's pretty much the only way to level them up in the first game, since their growth and aptitude rates are far inferior to other created characters. Thieves in Disgaea 2 onward are more balanced and in some games can also use their thievery skills to inflict Standard Status Effects.

The fundamental rule that all Netherworlds thrive on. Weakened by the Light: The Prinny games confirm that demons get stronger the closer it is to midnight and that weaker demons are up at daytime and stronger demons are up at nighttime. This might indicate that weaker demons are up at daytime to avoid stronger demons. Largely averted, due to main characters choosing any weapon save for monsters being stuck with the two monster weapon types , but weapon proficiency means some characters are better at some weapons than others.

You're restricted to only 10 of your units on the field at any one time , including corpses, which you cannot revive until the end of the battle. However, the game does absolutely nothing to stop you from tossing your worn-out, beaten, nearly-dead husks of units back into your home base and bringing out new ones. A sometimes legitimate strategy is to attack with a set of fragile speedsters and glass cannons , then throw them back into the home base before they can be killed off, and bring them around for another pass next turn.

An important plot point in the first three games — in D1, you have Laharl learning to be caring — sorta — because of Flonne, and ultimately forgiving Lamington after he "kills" Flonne, as well as Etna defrosting a little after recovering her memory of King Krichevskoy, the first person to ever show her any kindness ; Disgaea 2 is essentially a love story between Adell and Rozalin, complete with Meet Cute and Slap Slap Kiss See also Even Evil Has Standards above.

Nearly any character with a name has some ability to fight and pull off some insane fancy attack that defies the laws of physics. And since demons solve nearly everything through fighting, Netherworlds quickly turn into this because of how their inhabitants keep trying to assert their dominance.

It's a miracle people in the Disgaea universe aren't deaf from all the shouting the characters do. Unfortunately, Disgaea is, for the most part, a parody of those tropes Several weapon skills have "X" at the ends of their names and have X-shaped Areas of Effect.

Yet Another Stupid Death: A common way to lose a Prinny you have and by extension a deployment slot is to throw one with the intention of getting them across the map, forgetting that Prinnies explode when tossed until you're about partway through the toss animation. You can additionally get allies killed this way if the Prinny has high enough HP as Prinny explosion damage is based on how much HP the Prinny has left when they explode , especially if they have buffs that expand the explosion's range.

You obviously don't lose a unit or deployment slot for throwing an enemy Prinny, but the risk of getting allies killed remains. Most attacks do not discriminate between friend or foe , and as such it's possible for one of your units to get caught up in the attack zone of another unit's wide-area attack and die subsequently if you're not careful. This is normally how Overlord succession works. You can capture enemy monsters by throwing them onto your base panel, at which point your party members inside beat it into submission and kill it, adding them to your party.

You Require More Vespene Gas: Mana is used for a variety of character upgrades usually as currency in the Senate, but also learning skills and stuff in later installments. A common feature of the outfits of various year old at least biologically female characters. The first special technique that zombies gain is "Zombie Puke", which can also poison the target.

This folder is dedicated to the classes and everything involving them and World Building. Skulls from Disgaea 2 onwards. A Load of Bull: All Monks Know Kung-Fu: Zombies and Maids who are also zombies come in a variety of unnatural skin colors, even before or without the option to freely change sprite palettes.

Archers , of course. Nether Nobles, by Noble Demon standards at least. Rifle Demons altered themselves with human technology to get stronger. In place of one of their arms they now have a massive cannon.

The Gunner's evil eye allows them to see the target's weaknesses. Badass in a Nice Suit: In Disgaea 1 and Makai Kingdom , the Warrior class has a bared midsection, though from the second game onward they lose that trait. Majins from Disgaea 2 onwards. Battle of the Sexes: The female Archers revolted against the male Rangers and had a war that spanned over multiple Netherworlds, eventually requiring Overlords to stop the feud.

The result of the aforementioned Battle of the Sexes. Though we don't know much about the Rangers, we do know that the baby Archers are born from a tree. Beware the Nice Ones: The former will kill you if you piss it off and Archers are still powerful huntresses that can snipe you with an arrow. Male Healers really hate being mistaken for girls in Disgaea D2 where their latest redesign pushes them into Dude Looks Like a Lady territory.

Reapers, of the Ringwraith variety in Hour of Darkness. Sludges are walking puddles of slime with what appears to be part of a skull attached to them. The more powerful monsters like Serpents and Rifle Demons love fighting.

Majins also live for combat and despise the weak. Wind is one of the three primary attack elements and tends to be used by Mages or monsters like Alraunes. Blue and Orange Morality: Sorcerors have their own brand of morality which involves bringing people despair. Also Magic Knights to a certain extent, though as their name implies, they're proficent with both magic and melee weapons.

Sages show off their well-endowed figure with their dresses and are also some of the deadliest damage dealers in the series. Martial Artists, at least in the first game. Skulls wear glasses that enhance their magic. Sages with the "Idle" personality are powerhouse spellcasters with high INT growth like other Sages, but regularly complain about being tired and think that sleeping 16 hours per day still isn't enough. Berserkers and Professors first appeared in Makai Kingdom.

Catsabers originate from Phantom Brave. Female Gunslingers are actually Merchants from both of those games. Literal Classy Cat Burglars , perhaps? There are also the Nekomata. Yeah, they look adorable and huggable, but they also have sharp claws that they're not hesitant to use on anyone who upsets them. They also have a skill, Feign Innocence, that uses the user's cuteness to bait the target into letting their guard down before taking advantage of the opportunity to strike, likely dealing Amnesia status to go with the damage.

Both Healer classes, but only really explained for the male, who believe that healing those wounded in battle is a sin. Likewise, Sinners, a Disgaea 2 class, who are dangerous convicts unleashed by the senate as necessary. Cheerleaders , naturally, though usually lacking the poor attitude.

Kunoichi sport this look. While it seems to go against their profession as ninjas, their class description mentions them charming their victims. They use their buccal cones to leech their targets' HP. Geomancers by appearance and attitude, but they're actually significantly younger.

The crystals they put inside themselves cause rapid aging until they all look old. Martial Artists and Fight Mistresses have evilities focus on powering up their counter attacks, though most classes can perform counters. The Nekomata could deal higher damage with their counters, and in Disgaea 3 could innately counter special attacks. They're even locked with a bill about 'A sunset kind of guy. Nekomata are popular for being rather cute, but are also martial artists and very physically powerful.

Succubi, Nekomata, and Alraunes. Catsabers possess evilities that reflect this effect. The Mage class also known as the Witch tends to be a lot more carefree and whimsical than the more serious skulls.

Androids have a radar in front of their eyes. Cheerleaders Denial of Diagonal Attack: Not only are Gunners unable to hit in diagonals with their Weapon of Choice , guns, their unique skills can't hit diagonals either. However, they can learn the Flying Bullets Evility, which allows their basic attack to strike in diagonal directions, but it still doesn't apply to skills. Many classes are split along gender lines, with each gender having slightly different stats and aptitudes.

Valkyries are the female version of the male Warrior class. Valkyries focus more on movement while Warriors favor defense. Skulls and Mages are both magic users, with Skulls favoring power and growth and Mages favoring conservation. Martial Artists are the male counterpart to the female Fight Mistresses.

Archers and Rangers are considered such with Rangers being the slightly darker archery class. Celestial Hosts and Angels. Male and Female Healers Dracolich: Dragon Zombies are undead dragons. They're stronger than normal dragons, but less intelligent. Alraune seem to be a One-Gender Race , but there are males.

They just happen to look exactly the same. Lampshaded in a Nether News report in 5 , where one Alraune is asked for their gender and their response is simply, "Does love care? The magic knight's evilities are built around exploiting the enemy's weakness. If a Nether Noble says something like this, be very afraid. Everything's Deader with Zombies: As their artwork and sprites imply, Maids are actually zombies, and a Nether Noble got the idea of using them to do housework.

Maids can use the Afternoon Tea skill to grant an allied unit an extra action. This only works once per turn on each unit, however. Female Healers carry it as part of their teachings. Female Healers are implied to be angels who were thrown out of Celestia for some reason and taught demons how to use healing magic. Succubus-clan demons are implied to be descended from fallen angels as well, given their innate healing skills.

Hour Of Darkness , skulls covered their faces with hoods, though after that they showed their faces. In Disgaea D2 , Thieves have a skill that mimics the stealing hands. Certain classes like the Masked Hero, Mothman, or Celestial Host can fly, meaning they can pass through enemy tiles. Fragile Speedster Valkyrie evilities focus on movement in contrast to the bulkier warriors.

Ninjas and especially Kunoichi have poor defenses, but great speed stats that make them hard to hit in the first place. Slumber Cats have great attack and speed aptitudes, but their defense and HP aptitudes are very low.

They make up for it with their evilities, which focus on raising their evasion. The same goes for Winged Warriors. The Celestial Host believe they are always right , meaning anyone who opposes them is their enemy.

And if they believe in something, it will be impossible to change their mind. Gender Flip Thieves started as male. They became female from Disgaea 2 onwards. In Disgaea 2 , the Samurai class became male, though both genders appeared in Disgaea 3 with the female being ported back into Dark Hero Days if certain conditions are met. Armor Knights in Disgaea D2 , though their bio acknowledges their male counterparts.

Striders were the first class that manipulated geo panels but were replaced in Disgaea 2 by the Geomancer, who in turn was replaced by the Onmyo Monk, who were in turn usurped by the Nine-Tails in Disgaea 5 , with the spells also going the Sage and the Pirate also introduced in Disgaea 5 for good measure.

Glass Cannon Skulls boost their offensive power rather than conserve their magic like Mages, and their evilities reflect this. Martial Artists and Fight Mistresses tend to be fairly fragile for melee classes, especially given that they focus on counters. There's the Nether Nobles as well. Golems Good Scars, Evil Scars: Bouncers have an X-Shaped scar on the forehead. They're even shown escorting Prinny souls to reincarnation.

Unlocking the Majin in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness requires having five classes at the highest rank and at level In Afternoon of Darkness , this is simplified to merely having those five classes at level Mages wear ribbons that help control their magic and update their spells. Female Healers have evilities that ensure they can heal and bolster the party's defenses. Great Wyrms and their Disgaea 3 counterparts, Fire Demons wield the flames of Hades itself, which can burn anyone to ash.

Kunoichi, with their rather revealing attire and ample bust, not to mention the variety of bright colors they dress in. Ninjas count too, especially the ones that use Gratuitous Japanese. Gunners Honor Before Reason: The Magic Knight is so honorable that they will die if they break their word.

The Samurai and Living Armors also believe in honor. The Sorceror Modus Operandi. They also worship the god of despair, Dolvalky.

The Medic Hot Scientist: The Professor Idol Singer: I Fight for the Strongest Side: Berserkers I Have the High Ground: Rabbits deal more damage if they attack enemies from higher positions. Nothing, not even the laws of physics can stop those Thieves from stealing things, from wealth and possessions to memories and emotions. A well-trained thief can put Carmen Sandiego to shame. Improbable Hairstyle Mega Twintails: The current Archer design. The Archer hairstyle in Disgaea: Their hairstyle in Disgaea 2.

One of the Nekomata's Personalities in Disgaea 4 can have her wondering why people keep staring at her chest, which she calls "lumps of fat".

Classes like the Medic or some versions of the Celestial Host have decent aptitudes in everything but one or two stats and can use a large variety of weapons. Nekomata favor kicking attacks. Kill It with Fire: Many classes specialize in fire attacks, though some of them such as Dragons have been known to switch primary elements between games.

Kill It with Ice: Ice is the third primary skill and is a common weapon for classes like the Mages. Knight in Shining Armor: The Heavy and Armor Knights are, like the name suggests, trained to be knights. The Living Armors are firm believers of chivalry. Several classes have a personality option at the bottom that is drastically different from the other ones: There's Mature and Quirky Maids, both of which make references to an unnamed "master" and the many household chores they do.

Then there's Yandere Maids, whose lines have absolutely nothing to do with maid work and who have all the creepy obsession that the trope entails. There's Long-Lived and Philosophical Sages, who respectively talk about being way older than they look and wax poetic about all the wisdom they've built up over the millenia.

And then there's Idle Sages who While Disgaea D2 nerfed the evility, his high movement range and Flight is still useful for item grinding. Majin fit this in the first game, but then their movement declined to abysmal levels. Golems seem to evoke genies a lot in their specials. The Professor from Disgaea 4 , whom later returns for Disgaea 5. The Magic Knight combines magic with their sword attacks to cause bonus damage.

Nirvam, the highest rank given only to the greatest of Fight Mistresses, means "initiation to secrets" and might be a corruption of the word Nirvana. The Healer and Medic classes from various games. After the first game, Majins had their movement reduced but kept their otherwise high stats.

Most of the bulkier monster classes like Dragons are also very slow. Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls: Downplayed with the Twin-headed Dragons from Disgaea 5. They can coordinate their thoughts to launch extra attacks. Night of the Living Mooks: Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: All Rangers are male. The Necromancer class raises the dead to fight. The Android and Majin classes are the most powerful in the game and have their own evility of the same name, which doubles their stats when they are fighting alone.

Only in It for the Money: Our Angels Are Different: Apart from the fallen angel classes Female Healers and Succubi , there are also Celestial Hosts and Angels to go with them. They're strong classes, but can be relatively tricky to unlock. Our Dragons Are Different: Dragons are a powerful race that can be summoned to help, though they won't work for people weaker than they are. However, there are also Undead Dragons as well as Serpents and Great Wyrms, which are sharklike and flaming dragons respectively.

On the other hand, there are also the respectable and honorable Holy Dragons. As mentioned above, Disgaea 5 introduces Twin-headed Dragons. Our Fairies Are Different: Both Hour of Darkness and Alliance of Vengeance have a Fairy class but the two versions are quite different.

The former's take are called "Faeries", look closer to The Fair Folk and need a cape to stop their magic from dispersing. The latter's version are called "Fairies" and look closer to the Disneyfied version small Winged Humanoids but carry around a lantern that houses their overprotective , will o'wisp-esque fathers.

Gargoyles are demons that look like a legless gargoyle statue and a chess piece. Despite this they are capable of movement. Our Ghosts Are Different: Ghosts are implied to be human souls that failed to become prinnies and are an anomaly in the netherworld. Zombies are dead humans and demons reanimated by the Netherworld's natural miasma. Some of them remember who they were before they died and their power ranges from Prinny to Majin levels of power.

Despite being zombies, Maids are clearly able to think for themselves and speak like normal humans. The Celestial Host class prides itself on its virtue, though they're also stubborn and opinionated. The highest tier for them is even called "Paladin" Petite Pride: Archers take pride in being flat. Alraunes and Lanterns Powered Armor: The Battle Suit class in Disgaea 4 uses special tech to match up to the power of demons.

The Sage's Land Decimator skill, in a weird way. It has low base power, but thanks to her Mass Blaster Evility it increases in per-target damage the more targets there are on the map, meaning that it's incredibly powerful against large hordes of enemies.

Thieves in Disgaea D2. Most of the physical classes have female counterparts. Most Reapers rarely speak. The one escorting prinny souls to the red moon in the first game spoke very haltingly as though it wasn't used to doing so. Geomancers age at an accelerated rate thanks to the crystals they put in their foreheads. Witches and female Healers. Sages are known to live extremely long lives that are millions of years old. Lampshaded by those with the "Long-Lived" personality, who brashly remind their allies that they're much older than them mind you, said allies are often demons hundreds or thousands of years old, meaning that Sages crank this trope Up to Eleven and contemplate taking advantage of senior discounts.

One of the Succubus' personalities can turn her into this. Otherwise they seem to be more the shameless type. They tend to be best with spears and swords.

Ninjas, Samurai, and Kunoichi. Male Healers search for knowledge. When the Succubus's cape dissolves to reveal her entire body during her Dazzling Stage special, the game cuts to a "technical difficulties" screen literally frames before her vital parts are shown. When the picture comes back, the dance is already over and her outfit is intact once more.

Rangers, in contrast the the kinder Archers, the rangers are cold mercenaries. Despite being ambush predators, Alraunes are quite shy. Some of the tier colors take it more literally than usual. Sea Angels are shy and only come out of the water to feed. Majins think the weak have no right to exist. Subverted with the Maid's Afternoon Tea skill. They run down the battlefield happily with a tray holding a teapot and cup, only to trip over and spill the pot of tea onto the recipient, and that's what grants the recipient an Extra Turn.

Skulls and Mages have great magic aptitude and range, but very poor defenses and HP. Their movement is also low, making it hard to escape danger. The Healer classes are also fairly squishy, though they tend to be resilient to magical attacks at least.

A few of the monster classes are also casting based and tend to suffer defensively for it, though not as much as the mages. Standard Status Effects Sorcerors have all the status ailment spells in the series except maybe Charm.

Thieves, Ninja, and Kunoichi can also inflict status ailments in some games by "stealing health" or similar things. Geomancers, and Onmyo Monks focus on star magic, which is essentially Non-Elemental magic. The specialty of the Cheerleader class. In Disgaea , Celestial Hosts were nearly emotionless in their stoicism, though later games reduced this.

Stone Wall In contrast to Valkyries, Warrior evilites revolve around defense. Heavy and Armor knights are very bulky and use defensive weapons like spears, but have mediocre stats otherwise and low movement.

Bouncers, a Disgaea 4 class, are even more defensively oriented than the two Knight classes that were already built like tanks. Granted since they were intended to be guardians since ancient times, that was a given.

Galactic Demons, a Disgaea: Hour of Darkness monster class, are the original Stone Walls as they have low movement, but god-like Defense and Resistance. Heck, they're almost immune to Standard Status Effects even without status-resisting innocents on any equipment that one of them has on through all six ranks. Beastmasters show a lot of skin. Succubi are also a given, as are the Cheerleaders.

Sages wear dresses that seem to rely on some sort of adhesive to stay on their chests. The Professor, and later the Sea Angel fulfills the same role as the Cheerleader with support magic to boosts stats, throwing range, and movement. Sinners to the Martial Artists. It is probably telling that the redesigned Martial Artist in Disgaea 3 bears slight resemblance to the Sinner.

The Sages of Disgaea 5 are stated to be able to do this. Warriors with the "Muscly" personality love to talk about their muscles, to the point of comedy. The biggest trade industry in the netherworld, and they're always looking for both new methods of stealing and things to steal. Serpents are aggressive and predatory shark dragons. Battle Suits in Disgaea 4 , until the Medic class arrived.

The original Disgaea also had the EDF Soldiers, which were surprisingly powerful units with a special fondness for guns. Valkyries are shown wearing belts around their arms, waist and chest. Martial Artists inflict very intense training on themselves. Geomancers are always thinking of ways to make other people's lives miserable. The Heavy and Armor Knight classes.

Deathsabers are a slightly darker version of the normal cute Catsabers. Undying Loyalty Generally, Beastmasters do not trust people, but when they do find somebody that they trust, they will follow them forever. Ninjas used to be very shady individuals, but they reformed and became very devoted to their master. Of course, you won't know for sure who their true master actually is. Both Samurai classes have a similar thing going on.

Rabbits are fiercely loyal to their masters, and have many lines stating their protective and benevolent intentions. In Disgaea Hour Of Darkness , Skulls made weird guttural noises that apparently indicate they're concentrating too hard to speak normally while fighting. If Nether Nobles are betrayed, they become tyrannical and kill the traitors and anyone else involved. Nekomata tend to end their sentences with "meow.

Starting with Disgaea 2 , Warriors lack shirts. Warriors follow the deity Grandell, who they must make a pact with to become warriors. Oddly enough, Grandell becomes the name of the highest tier warriors in Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness , who are likewise referred to as gods of war.

Each class tends to have one or two weapons that they specialize in, though a few, like Majins, are good with almost anything. Warriors, Berserkers, and Beastmasters use axes. Thieves, too, but they're not really suited for fighting at all. There's also the Living Armor, but they don't learn sword skills being monsters.

Martial Artists and Fight Mistresses favor fist weapons. Sinners can't use anything else decently at all. Archers and Rangers use bows , obviously. Mages are naturally gifted at magic, but Skulls have to study it at special schools, which makes them much more serious. Female Healers also attend their own school for healing. A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Alraunes look cute as a ruse to ensnare its prey in vines. The tree in the center of the village and where the young archers are born. Great Wyrms and their Disgaea 3 counterparts, Fire Demons.

The Maid's "Yandere" personality option gives them some very obsessive lines: Younger Than They Look: Geomancers age faster than other demons thanks to their abilities. It's their only option for battle, since they are as weak as prinnies. Happens if you create a Zombie in Disgaea 4.

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