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He tosses it to the bench behind him with a knowing grin. My grin fades just as fast when he tightens the whip, choking Jun. You don't get a say; you belong to me. Then there's just stinging pain. If you think about it, it'd be stupid not to go. No, only I can do that.

Viktors Letter Keira Marcos.

The Human Rayce

Matteo's pants drop to his ankles. I tap the side of my foot against his calf and he understands at once, moving to stand with his legs further apart. I love this; the way he understands my every whim and I don't have to say a single word Instant reaction like we're perfectly in sync.

I squirt some lube just over his ass, watching it trickle into the valley between see, I'm not completely heartless. He coos softly as I stroke his sensitive pucker, massaging it into his flexible tunnel. Matteo's ring dilates easily to take the girthy pink thing, moaning as he ignites a fire in my chest.

How can anyone be this hot? His hungry pucker devours the whole thing like it was nothing. I balance a finger on the base, holding the vibrator in place as I drink in the view. Matteo glances over his shoulder at me with those arresting eyes, so innocent on the surface, but there's something so, so dirty swimming in their depths What was I doing, again?

The cafeteria line is too long and I'm bored, so I rest my chin on Matteo's shoulder in front of me and grab his hip possessively. I let the naughty remote control in my pocket do the flirting for me.

He giggles when I buzz him lightly, toggling it on and off. Leaving it on mid for longer periods make his entire face change. His lips take on the natural shape of an 'O' as if begging for a cock to be holstered in it.

His eyes are closed in ecstasy. If I listen closely, I can pick up on his soft panting for air and the faint whirring of the toy just loud enough for me to hear. The high setting elicits a raw moan from the deepest part of his throat.

His member throbs with need. I let my hand slip to his crotch and grip it. Amazingly, he is holding out a sausage in a pair of tongs, and there's a huge gap in the line in front of us because we simply Complaining from behind us:.

He looks so cute when he's flustered, rushing forward to pick up food that he isn't even looking at. I can't help myself, I turn the toy up to high just as he's picking up an apple. It flies out of his hand as he yelps and stands straight at attention. Matteo slams his tray on the counter and shoots an exasperated look at me.

How can I help it that he's fun to mess with? I can't believe my luck when Flaere, the orange-haired sex goddess, sets his tray down at our lunch table and sits next to Matteo across from me. I don't know if it's bad or good luck, but I can't believe it either way Matteo sucks on his drink, looking at me coyly. I feel myself breaking out into a cold sweat. He knows he could sic his terrifying friend on me at any minute and he's enjoying the power a little too much.

His meal is made up entirely of protein and carbs; he eats like a bodybuilder. His voice lowers to a hiss. Can't you just keep your head down like everyone else? I sense history and not the good kind. Then I really feel out of the loop when I hear cheering from the other side of the cafeteria.

Twisting around in my seat, I see soldiers gathered in a group. I hate not knowing what's going on! Matteo wears a grim expression.

Damon holds an 'exhibition'. The guy from the meeting who tried to enslave me? He could've at least had the decency to wait until the second date Burning with curiosity, I push my way to the front of the crowd. No one stays indignant for too long when they see who it is. A slave stands silently beside him in the center of the ring, and damn , does he get all the beautiful ones?

Damon's victim has a pinstripe straight curtain of long violet hair that looks so shiny and smooth that I just want to run my hands through it and see if it lives up to the hype. His porcelain body is tightly secured in white leather bondage gear, but he stands straight and unafraid, resting his cuffed hands delicately over his crotch as if to preserve some tiny shred of dignity.

Even in the most humiliating situation and really, does it get much worse than standing in the cafeteria wearing bondage gear? He meets the lewd whistles and gestures of the soldiers with defiant, honey-colored eyes. Weeding out the weak, if you ask me, I love a sub with a little fire in him. The disobedient ones are always the most fun to smack around. I allow myself a long, indulgent look at that flawless body. He's easy to love.

For one week only, your first hour with him is free," says Damon. Something clicks in my head. Damon is whoring him out, and this is an advertisement. I look at my smaller partner, but he doesn't meet my gaze. Damon goes straight for the beautiful violet hair, twisting it harshly until he gets a reaction out of him: Damon's cock is out on a moment's notice. At what point do the enhancement specialists take a step back and say, 'okay, no one needs a cock that big, and more importantly, no one's got a hole for it'?

He pushes his meat into Jun's face but the purple-haired slave turns away at the last moment, letting it bump his cheek instead. But he pays for his insolence. Jun flinches away as Damon strikes the floor beside him. The next crack of the whip lands across his back. Finally , Damon gets the scream that he was looking for and it makes his devilish grin widen.

Damon makes the whip coil and sing through the air as if it has a life of its own, and all it knows is anger. He catches a break, struggling to rise on trembling arms as Damon ties a loop into his whip. He comes back with a vengeance, tossing it over Jun's head and tugging sharply to tighten it like a choke chain. This time, Jun has to follow helplessly when Damon pulls him along, crawling on all fours like a show pony. He keeps his head down, hiding his face behind his hair dragging on the floor.

Damon brings his boot down on the link between Jun's handcuffs, pinning his hands uselessly to the floor. There's a threat in his tone; the promise of more violence. Jun's tongue snakes out, trembling. He shudders as it touches the toe of Damon's boot, drawing back rapidly in disgust. Damon has to tug painfully on his leash a few more times before Jun finally submits to licking it. He closes his eyes helplessly, trying not to look as he drags his tongue over the filthy boot.

Anger flashes in Jun's brown eyes. He tugs sharply on his cuffs, throwing Damon off balance. He's got a lot of fire. I grin as the master hits the floor hard, already flipping over to glare furiously at his disobedient slave. My grin fades just as fast when he tightens the whip, choking Jun. The violet-haired rebel claws at his throat desperately. His eyelids flutter shut. I'm all for erotic asphyxiation, but the enraged look in Damon's eyes says 'death'.

Damon's eyes flash at me, dangerous. I'm not going to stand here and watch him murder this guy in cold blood, just because he signed some shitty piece of paper! He might be a monster, but you have to give him credit for being really fucking good at it. He brings it up to strike a warning against the floor before my feet. I stop in my tracks but I grip my weapon tighter. And then they're full of tears. He digs his fingers deep into Jun's hair to wrench him painfully to his feet again, drawing out a small scream.

Jun sways lightly now, weakened but still determined to stand tall. Damon can't even let him have that, shoving him into the arms of lascivious soldiers who were somehow convinced by the demonstration that he'd be a good fuck. Jun casts a pleading glance at me over his shoulder before they turn the corner out of sight. I don't think you understand how this place works.

This isn't about sex, Gunner. And you're not going to make it if you keep treating your slave like your boyfriend. Honestly, I couldn't care less. Just one more pain in the ass, loudmouth bitch that I'm eventually going to have to train It was Matteo's favorite back in my harem. He doesn't answer, more interested in Flaere at our table trying desperately to coax the floor into swallowing him. Flaere looks like he could put Damon in a full body cast in the time it would take for him to unroll his whip, so why does he look so terrified of him?

Flaere looks away quickly. Damon just laughs and leaves the cafeteria, gone as quickly as he came like a traveling demon salesman, trading good times for souls. Something that called out to me. He doesn't belong in chains; he belongs in my arms! Matteo recognizes that expression. It's bizarre hearing that come out of the so-called guardian's mouth.

So I feel like there's more to unpack there, but neither one bothers to do it for me. Wait, what are you doing- Rayce, I am not taking off my pants in the middle of the cafeteria! Jun's wet brown eyes haunt me everywhere I go. I sigh heavily, watching Matteo run his drills. He trips, crashing into three sets of hurdles, then slips in a mud slick, having to impromptu mud-wrestle the soldier he fell on. Okay - that's pretty funny. It makes me smile a little bit.

Then he slides right off the rock-climbing wall, fingernails dragging, and lands on the dusty ground as soldiers hop over him. Matteo groans as he lifts an arm to shield his face in embarrassment, all because I have access to a little well okay, a big buzzing thing in his ass.

The showers are a lot less creepy during waking hours when I'm not being stalked through the stalls by a dangerous martial artist Soldiers wearing nothing but towels around their waists walk in and out of a pleasant haze of steam, talking, laughing and drying their hair.

I shove my sweaty clothes in a locker - eh, I'll wash 'em later. I toss my towel over my shoulder. No need for decency; honestly, what've I got that no one else has aside from maybe, a huge cock? Besides, any publicity is good publicity! Unless that publicity going around is actually pubic lice, in which case you might want to cover up.

I have to tolerate looking at Damon's cocky face as he moves to block my way, standing in front of me. He wears a towel around his hips, leaving his toned chest on full display. You know, he'd be a lot easier to hate if he wasn't so hot I can't help but explore the smooth dips and curves of his abs with my eyes. Then I'm immediately uncomfortable again when I see him taking a similar tour of my crotch, amused. I take back that thing I said about publicity!

Loser gives the winner a blowjob? I glare at his receding form. Then someone taps on my back. I turn around to see a cock flying at my face. Before I can quite recover, Matteo starts to take his clothes off.

Technically, I'm even more naked than him right now so I dunno why I'm so hot and bothered by this. He teases off his shirt first, the impression of his open mouth pressed into the black cloth. He tosses it to the bench behind him with a knowing grin. That's evil; is this some kind of payback? My eyes run over his toned chest, his lean abs The sound of metal clinking to the ground draws my attention further down, where he's already disposed of his belt.

A desperate glance at his face but, thank God, his expression tells me he's kidding. Matteo drops his cement-colored briefs. I swallow hard, my eyes fixed on his crotch. There's a furnace where my own should be. Satisfied with my expression, he grabs my hand and pulls me along, laughing. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out a horny man. Matteo drags me into a shower stall; I pull the curtain shut behind us as he turns the water on.

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