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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I can see how it can be a bit heavy for most but being 6'4" and having big hands is a different story than most. I recently went looking for a good mechanical pencil to take notes with, and ended up purchasing three of them. The Roulette is a lot lighter and has the neat mechanism of lead rotation. The grip is metal but the rest of the pencil is plastic.

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Pentel GraphGear and Rapid Pro are both pocket safe while the other two are not so consider that too. I personally only have the Rapid Pro out of all these and really like it. Love the black look and the full metal body. Also love how precise it feels to write. I can see how it can be a bit heavy for most but being 6'4" and having big hands is a different story than most.

I do think that the Rapid Pro would be way too heavy, I have average stature and writing with the 31 grams makes my hand cramp up if I start writing with it for too long.

The Rapid Pro 54 grams is way too heavy for the average person but as you said, 6'4" is definitely not average. If you're going to use a pencil for long periods of time then I would advise against the rOtring and the rapid pro.

I own all of these pencils except the kuru toga which I only have the plastic version of, for heavy school work I would go with the kuru toga or GG as they are both lighter and more comfortable to hold than the If you want a rotring pencil then I would recommend the rapid pro as the grip is more comfortable.

I just purchased the and the Roulette. The Roulette is a lot lighter and has the neat mechanism of lead rotation. The s build quality feels a lot better, but that may just be a result of the weight. I personally prefer the weight of the It all comes down to personal preference and what you like in a pencil.

I frequently see the Graphgear recommended as well for your purpose. The has retractable tip and as long as you're careful and remember to always retract it before you throw it in the case, the , absolutely. The Roulette doesn't have a retractable tip, the Pipe Slide has something like that? Its specialty is the famous rotating mechanism, at classic speed. If you are a fountain pen user, like me, you may be used to apply very light pressure when you write. In this case the rotating doesn't work and you need to rotate the Roulette like any other pencil.

I got it on sale and I like the grip so I don't mind. But if you know you are a light scribbler, you might want to consider the GG instead. The auto-rotation absolutely spoiled me on any other pencil for when I need to do a bunch of printing.

If you want to keep it in a pocket, I'd go with a Kuru Toga Advance instead. I disagree wrt longer period writing. The weight works for you in that regard, since you don't have to use as much pressure. Mine is stuck sadly and won't rotate, pencil works fine though. I don't know if someone already responded to this, but the color portion with the lead hardness indicator doesn't actually rotate, the sleeve around it does.

Took me a lil bit to figure it out when I first got mine, so I hope this helps! Thanks man, I eventually figured it out. Pencils have been absolutely great. Don't regret buying them one bit. I found that I really need a retracting sleeve so i narrowed it down to the rapid pro and kuru toga advance. Just have a few more questions. There is a slight vertical movement on the tip required for lead rotation, but it is smooth and not noticeable.

The self sharpening capability on this pencil is twice as fast as the Roulette, with the disadvantage of more vertical movement and a slight wobble. The lead sleeve slides back to reveal more lead while writing, reducing distraction. The tip may be retracted by holding down the actuate button and sending the lead and tip into the pencil, making it the only pencil that self sharpens and is pocket safe.

It is physically possible to put the sliding retractable tip of the Pipe Slide into the Roulette, although modification of the tip plastic to reduce the width or modification of the end cap to increase space is required. I have not attempted to do this. Thanks for your thoughts, great comparison. In eve of buying a roulette model, i just learned a model named as pipe slide. Now considering also this: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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