Official Phenom and AM2/AM2+ Overclocking Guide

Page The Preference tab allows you to customize sensor alerts, or change the temperature scale. What may work for one individual may or may not work for the next So if you have a card in both the 1st and 2nd slots they back down to 8x and since there is no card in the 4th slot the 3rd is at full speed 16x. For any info or feedback that you might want to give us, please contact us. Page Ratio box.

Page 87: Tlb fix [auto, Amd live! [disabled, Advanced clock caliberation [disabled

How much power can a PCIe 2.0 bus deliver?

Now then, here is what I do when beginning a new overclock: I know that it would be different for a different architecture CPU. Drop it down to a comfortable stable level decided on from the equation above. This is going to be the maximum CPU Multiplier that you're going to be able to use. I've found mine to be completely stable at MHz.

You'll have to experiment with the NB voltage to find your full-speed maximum. The secret for getting a higher MHz throughput out of the HT is because of the chipset and the options for it. Higher voltage helps in the stability for higher bandwidth - But you've GOT to pay attention to your motherboard temp now! Leave your voltage where the manufacturer recommends it don't go higher - the BIOS text goes red for a reason!

PCIE Frequency [] I wouldn't experiment much with this one, but some boards do have a 'sweet spot'.. Processor Frequency Multiplier [ Processor-NB Frequency Multiplier [11]..

Hyper Transport Volatge [1. Memory Hole Remaping [Enabled].. Power Down Enable [Disabled].. Memory Clock Mode [Manual].. Memory Clock Value [ MHz].. If tRTP is set to Auto then -2 from what the setting is. Any other tRTP setting and this is 18 no matter what the setting is. If tRTP is not on Auto this is Current Clock Skew Advance ps.. Secure Virtual Machine Mode [Disabled]..

Processor Downcore [Disabled] - this effectively shuts down between 1 and 3 cores.. GFX2 refers to the top black slot Port Port 04 through Gen2 High Speed Mode [Disabled] Port 11 Features Bottom blue slot Serial Port1 Address [Disabled] unless you use a serial device..

Front Panel Support Type [HD Audio] neither of these 2 items need to be enabled if you're using a 3rd party sound card.. WiFi [Disabled] unless you use the WiFi motherboard attachment.. Report Video on S3 Resume [No] default.. Wait for 'F1' Error [Enabled] - waits for user input in the event of an overclock failure.. When this option is enabled, it assigns the information a number, in the order it was received.

Thank you very much! Get on it Bro!! I'm chomping at the bit here!!! Really though, for a seasoned veteran of overclocking AMD since their inception, this is a 'just do it' thing, but in reality, I want you to go S L O W L Y , and take notes for every change you do. If you're methodical and take good notes, you're going to be in a better place when you have to re-do your entire overclock via a CMOS clearing Really helps to have good notes to reflect on so you can just breeze through your BIOS setting everything back to where you need it to be!!

Good luck Bro - get back with me when you're ready to move on, or if you've got questions on any settings or anything else!

Psychlone , Aug 2, Bloody missus forgot to pick up the printer ink. It won't happen until probably Tuesday now as I live in the middle of knowhere.

And like you I have to know the ins and outs of anything I do because I can't just settle for "Well it works" or "Well it doesn't work, give up! I am starting to play around a bit and want to ask a couple of?

In your infinite wisdom, what do you think the max FSB I should go with a stock heatsink? I'm getting all scared now!!: Sapphire HD Vapor-X. Temperature and instability failure to pass stress tests will tell you what your max is going to be. If you're looking for the absolute max then turn down the multipliers and ram divisor as low as possible while remaining stable. Temperature again will dictate this, but I'd say under 1. Hopefull my new case will turn up today which should help with the cooling a lot more than it is now.

I just cant wait for my new HAF to turn up! I agree with shadow's post. Even with my Phenom stock and my X2 3. I posted the series hotfix driver in one of your other posts. Did you uninstall your ATI drivers, boot into safe mode and remove the devices selecting uninstall software , and then grabing Driver Sweeper http: Joined Jul 19, Messages 42, 9. The hotfix drivers are standalone drivers.

You should uninstall the old drivers first, then install the hotfix drivers. It's a little decieving with the name. Viscarious New Member Jul 13, Joined May 17, Messages 0. Set your memory to unganged. Ganged is great but only for single core programs. Unganged helps a ton with multithread apps and multitasking.

What do I set GPP slots Power Limit to?

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