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The second House refers to your own money and possessions, what you value, your hidden talents, sense of self-worth, self-esteem how you value yourself , instead of describing your personality as in the 1 st House. The most obvious place to look, of course, is the 5 th house itself, and any planets that may reside there. Find out with an accurate prediction Is your relationship worth fighting for? This House rules those processes and things by which we transform and become more powerful. If this work improves our financial standing or at least our attitude towards our lives in this sense, then all the better. The reality was such that she never truly wanted for money, but she had a hard time holding on to it.

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Joyce Wehrman spend much of her astrological career investigating just this topic, and was able to go as far as to identify key times when a person was likely to be the luckiest. Her system was quite involved and required an exceptionally accurately-timed birth chart, and involved transits to and from the 5 th house cusp. I have the South Node in my 5 th house and classically, the South Node represents loss ; the ruler of my 5 th house is Venus in Virgo in Fall.

I simply do not enjoy gambling. If you do decide to pursue a gambling research project, however, feel free to use my chart in the control group of non-gamblers.

I have had three big lottery wins in the past, and I know the dates. Is it possible to determine my next big win using astrology? Harry, Unfortunately, it's not. Just because you've had luck in the past doesn't mean you can predict when you'll have luck again in the future. Login to post a comment.

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Please let us know your message. The kind of romantic you are, how you want to be courted, and the people you date and fall in love with are also ruled by the 5th house. Children are ruled by this house, the personality types and your approaches towards them. What you're most creative with. Generally, people with planets here except Saturn are highly creative people.

The 5th house is ruled by Leo and the Sun and is a succedent house. The 5th House in the Signs 5th House in Aries You need lots of physical activity in your free time, and prefer hobbies that keep you physically active. You enjoy your hobbies immensely, and need plenty of time to dedicate to them.

You may prefer hobbies that you can pursue alone, without the help of anyone. In love, you like to take charge. You can be short-tempered with children, lacking patience, and your own children can be high energy and willful.

Free time for you can consist of just lounging around and being lazy. In love, you require lots of affection, and want someone to dote on you. You can spoil your children, give them lots of material items, but have a hard time dealing with them if they turn out to be very different from you. In love, you like variety, and will date around before you decide to settle down with anyone.

You need love to be fun, light, and carefree. You can bring out the intellectual potential in your children, and they can have sharp, active minds, need variety, and have many interests.

You can have a secret creative side to you though, and can find it easier to express yourself through creative ventures. You can closely identify with your hobbies and your creative side. In love, you can be dramatic and affectionate, and need constant attention from your partner. You adore your children, and encourage them to be the best that they can be.

You do a lot of planning before you let yourself have any fun, and prefer hobbies that use up some of your mental energy. You take a logical, analytical approach to dating. You can be too critical of your children, and need to be more understanding.

You try to strike a balance between work and play. In love, you need someone who is charming and polite, but you can have a hard time choosing someone. Science can be of interest. Whatever your hobbies are, you can get obsessed with them at times. In love, too often you want to change your partner, and are overly emotional or possessive.

You need a cooler head. You want to roam free for a while. You treat your children with respect and understanding, but can spoil them at times.

Letting loose is difficult for you when young. You let your children be independent and original, and they may be rebels.

You need to remove any blocks and let yourself go. In love, you can have a hard time figuring out what you want, and be attracted to people who need to be saved or who will save you. Natal Planets in the 5th House Natal Sun in the 5th house With your natal Sun in the 5th house, expressing yourself in some way is of the utmost importance to you. You like being social, having many acquaintances you can spend time with, and love going to parties, out to dinner or shopping, and having fun.

You also want to have and be loved in your life, and that can drive you in many ways. Natal Moon in the 5th House This can be a highly creative placement. The Fifth House loves to create things, and with the Moon here, it becomes an emotional need to create. This usually manifests as artistic creativity, and many actors, singers, artists, and the like have Fifth House Moons or prominent Fifth Houses.

A Fifth House Moon is also usually good with children, though you may become attached in unhealthy ways. Those with very difficultly aspected Moons may have to watch for problems with gambling and negative risk-taking. Natal Mercury in the 5th House With your natal Mercury in the 5th house, you can be a lively communicator.

You have a great sense of humor, and are a fun person to be around. This is an excellent position for a comedian, impersonator, or actor. You can also make a good writer or speaker with your flair for words. If you have children, you want them to be intellectually talented. Mercury is a dual planet, so this can show being attracted to or in love with two people at once. You can also play the field, or be drawn to people younger than yourself.

Natal Venus in the 5th House With your natal Venus in your 5th house, love is important to you, and you crave attention and affection. You always have a crush on someone, and your approach is light and playful. The kid in you is always ready to play. You tend to be good with kids, and you give lots of affection to your children. You may love sports or have athletic ability. You can be child-like at times, competitive, and have a lively personality, always wanting to perform for people.

You could be inclined towards show business because of that. If you have children, they can have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, a little Mars energy. The 5th house also rules children, so you could have many children, be like a parent to many children, or have children that display Sagittarius traits.

Natal Saturn in the 5th House With your natal Saturn in your 5th house, you have a hard time having fun or being spontaneous.

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