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There was a medicine man who was tired of seeing his daughter suffer from meth addiction, so he wrapped her in a white sheet and took her out to a hill where he prayed for her life. Island Air Ferries Island Airlines Dante Desiderio, the executive director of the Native American Finance Officers Association, said the benefits of the loan-guarantee program are two-pronged. Scheduled hourly passenger and parcel service from Manhattan to Philadelphia, later also to Atlantic City, with float-equipped Piper Aztecs. It would also protect individuals with opioid use disorder and their families from harmful and misleading addiction treatment programs or products.

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Schlee-Brock Corp, Winnepeg Canada. Canadian Colonial Airways Reformed as Colonial Airlines. Absorbed by Eastern Airlines. Acquired by Mojave Airlines. Cape Smythe Air Fel Air, Barrow AK.

Acquired by United Airlines. Capitol Speed Lines Carco Air Service Cardiff and Peacock Airlines c. San Joaquin Valley CA. Acquired by Mohawk Airlines c. Merger with Mesa Airlines qv. Cedar Rapids Airways c.

Cedar Rapids IA; no data. Acquired by Braniff Airlines. Acquired by Pennsylvania Central Airlines. Another Central Airlines or c. Merge with Frontier ? Also see Braniff re: Central and Mid-West qv were the first two to implement the CAB's experimental ruling permitting use of single-engine aircraft on feeder routes in VFR conditions "where the terrain is such that this type of operation can be safely conducted;" other limitations applied regarding load limits, maintenance, etc. Central Air Transport Warren E Eaton Century Pacific Lines Chalk's International Air Line Chalk's Intl Air Line.

Became Pan Am Air Bridge. The oldest continuously operating US airline. Challenge Air Cargo c. Summit Airways Inc fdr: Renamed Challenger Airlines Co.

Awarded Air Mail Route Acquired by Monarch Airlines and Arizona Airways. Chaplin Air Lines Charter One, Eastpointe MI. Scheduled service from Boston to Atlantic City. Purchased by Wexford Management. Chicago Airways ?

Acquired by Delta Airlines. Duplication of names with the previous entry came from Delta's failure to protect the name after their merger.

Chicago Express Airlines Christman Air System Christofferson Air Ferry Circle Rainbow Air c. Acquired by Eastern Air Lines. Acquired by Presidential Airways.

Colonial Air Transport Branch T Dykes Colonial Western Airways Comet Airlines Command Airways Became part of American Eagle.

Commercial Air Transport c. Served Seattle and Vancouver BC. Merged with Freedom Airlines. Commuter Airlines of Chicago Acquired by Hub Airlines. Compass stemmed a contract dispute between Northwest and its pilots union, which limited the type of mid-sized jets available to the airline and their seat capacity.

Since Northwest was unable to operate smaller aircraft as a way to avoid paying existing wage rates, Compass' operations were limited to flying seat or less aircraft.

Conner Air Lines Conquest Airlines Consolidated Air Lines c. Serviced Sacramento and Redding. Consumers Airline Continental Air Express Continental Air Lines Reorganized as Continental Air Lines.

Acquired Pioneer Air Lines. Merger agreement with Western Airlines begun. Acquired Eastern Airlines, then dissolved it. Merged with Northwest Airlines as an "alliance. Cromwell Air Lines Became a contractor for Allegheny Commuter System. Crystal Airways Was scheduled for Atlanta and Birmingham GA. Delta Air Lines Reformed and renamed Delta Air Lines. Delta Air Service c. Desert Sun Airlines Connected Blythe and Riverside, later Palmdale and Inyokern. Des Moines Airways Detroit-Chicago Air Line c.

Detroit-Cleveland Air Line c. Affiliation, if any, with the previous is unknown. Reported purchase from Germany of 2 Dornier Superwal seaplanes "with American engines" for straight-line service faster than their rail line, which had to follow shoreline paths. Dixie Flying Service c. Acquired by Ludington Air Lines. Acquired by Bar Harbor Airlines.

Scheduled hourly passenger and parcel service from Manhattan to Philadelphia, later also to Atlantic City, with float-equipped Piper Aztecs. Drummond Island Air 19??: Eagle Air Lines 19??: Eagle Canyon Airlines c. East Coast Airways c. East Coast Commuter Eagle Commuter Airlines Backed by some local businessmen with the idea of operating between Baltimore and Norfolk, plus other points along the coast, in an Aeromarine HS but there is no evidence that this was done.

Reportedly folded by Eastern Air Express c. Eastern Air Transport, Eastern Airlines Sold air mail interests to North American Aviation Corp. Name change to Eastern Airlines. Acquired Wedell-Williams Air Service. Incorporation as Eastern Airlines pres: Acquired by Continental Airlines Texas International and dissolved.

Eastern Metro Express Airlines This was the first of what would become a standard in the commuter industry, code-sharing arrangements. Eastern Provincial Airways Eric Blackwood, C A Crosbie. Scheduled flights to Greenland begun. Acquired Maritime Central Airways.

HQ ops moved to Gander. Merged with Canadian Pacific Air Lines. Flew Bs and s. Eldred Air Line c. Bankruptcy, but still operated charter service. Became part of Braniff Intl. Emery Worldwide Airlines c. Merged with Zimmerly Air Transport. Empire Airlines, Lewiston ID. Merged with West Coast Airlines. Merged with Piedmont Airlines. ERA Classic Airlines c.

Merged with Pioneer Air Lines. Part of Northwest Airlink. Federal Express, FedEx Federated Airlines Finair Express c. Fine Air Services Merged with Arrow Air. Latin America and the Caribbean. First Air, owned by Inuit tribe, Makivik Corp. Served Northern Canada and Polar regions. Jet operations began with a Boeing Fischer Brothers Aviation Became contract carrier for Allegheny Commuter System. Merged with Air South. Ended ops, merged with Air South. Florida Express Airlines c. Florida West Airlines c.

Acquired by Aeromarine Airways Inc. Flying Tiger Line Flying Tiger Line cargo only. Acquired Seaboard World cargo airlines. Jet operations began with Boeing s. Merged with Federal Express. Private freight line, with some passenger service, from Detroit to Buffalo, Cleveland, and Chicago.

Four Star Air Cargo c. They did not last 6 months, but I have newspaper ads and other documents to verify this operation Operations ended with acquisition by Peoples Express. Revival by executives from the original Frontier Airlines and backers, began operations with two Boeing s initially on midwestern routes. Routes expanded nationally and fleet increased to 25 s and 4 Airbus As by the end of Gemini Air Cargo William Stockbridge , Dulles VA.

Gem State Airlines Global International Airways c. Golden Gate Airlines Merged with Swift Aire Lines. Golden Pacific Airlines Golden State Airlines c. This Golden West had a small fleet of DHC-6 Twin Otters painted overall white with a broad blue stripe along the fuselage below the windows. At LAX they operated out of Terminal 4's ticketing building.

Unlike Twin Otters, the Hansa came equipped with a mini stewardess. The deal fell through, however, when the court denied the acquisition based on a monopoly ruling. Gorst Air Transport c. Acquired by Boeing Air Transport. Together with a couple of other regionals, they formed the basis for United Air Lines. Grand Canyon Airlines c. Evolved from Scenic Airways.

Gray Goose Airlines c. Chicago IL; no data. Great American Airways Entered scheduled flights to Oakland, ending that service around the end of Acquired a second DC-9 in and, by the time they surrendered their certificate in the late s, were operating three DCs and four MDs.

Principal owner was L A Stephan possibly through other corporate holdings. Great Lakes Airlines Renamed as Air Ontario. Ivan Simpson, Doug Voss. Moved ops to Spencer IA. Ended Arizona Airways Express. Great Lakes Aviation 19??: Great Northern Airlines 19??: Acquired by Trans North Air.

Great Western Airways c. Great Western Airlines c. Greenbrier Airlines or Airways 19??: Green Hills Aviation St Tammany Gulf Airlines. Merged with Johnson Airways. Gulfstream International Airlines c. Hanford Tri-State Airlines Acquired by Mid-Continent Airlines.

Hammond's Commuter Air Service Lake Havasu City AZ. Name changed to Hawaiian Air. Route-sharing agreement with Northwest Airlines. Charter passenger and freight service to Vancouver, Prince Rupert, and other points.

Contractor with Allegheny Airlines as the first Allegheny Commuter. Merged with Piedmont Airlines as Piedmont Commuter. Henson, who died in at age 92, used the money from his sale of the airline to establish a foundation that benefited non-profit organizations. Heussler Air Service Hiawatha Airways Holiday Airlines c. Restaurateur Robert Brooks' pet project was pretty much male oriented, but it was a popular and profitable operation offering Club Class seating at reasonable prices. Suspended ops because of the economy and a rash of devastating hurricanes, but reportedly with plans of revival at Columbus OH in Merged with Air Oregon.

Acquired by Alaska Air. When Hughes died in , the ongoing legal process over the takeover of the airline finally ended in After that last date, we operated as "one" carrier, but in reality the FAA certificate was not merged for another two years.

The seemingly "seamless" service for passengers was hardly seamless for us in Reservations. Provided service to San Diego. After deregulation it was purchased by three investors headed by Jim Harmon.

Acquired twin Cessna, Embraer E, then Shorts Las Vegas casino shuttle? Renamed from Atlantic Coast Airlines. Independence Air Transport c. Indigo Airlines Aug Charter, also scheduled service to Chicago. Inland Air Lines Acquired by Western Airlines. Inland Empire Airlines c. Acquired by Air Chaparral, but when that company lost contracts and went out of business, IAE reverted as independent operator, leasing what aircraft were available.

Inter Citiair Express July Felts Field, Spokane WA pres: Linked to Mamer Air Service. Reorganized as Hawaiian Airlines. International Cargo Express c. Interstate Air Lines Interstate Transit Lines R J Walsh, mgr: Likely is Alaska Air Transport. Island Air Ferries Island Airlines Island Helicopter Lines c.

Jetstream International Airlines Became part of Piedmont Commuter System. Route merger with Chautauqua Airlines. Jet 24 Charter Service c. Johnson Flying Service dba Johnson Airlines. Merged with Gulf Coast Airline. Jordan Intl Airlines Kaiser Air c. Key Air International c. Kitty Hawk Airways, AirCargo Kitty Hawk Airways, a Part operation, was shut down around Kitty Hawk Inc, Kitty Hawk Aircargo airline , and Kitty Hawk Cargo cargo hub network survived the bankruptcy, but filed for bankruptcy again in Oct and ceased operations in Jan Bankruptcy when President F D Roosevelt cancelled all civil air mail contracts.

Assets acquired by Pennsylvania Airlines. An enviable safety record of no serious mishaps. A spin-off from Eastern Provincial Aiways' "bush" operations. Formed on acquisition of Roscoe Turner Air Services. Acquired by Allegheny Airlines. Las Vegas Airlines Legend Airlines Apr Islip NY; no data. Metro 23 Lone Star Airlines c. Long Island Airlines Los Angeles Air Service Sold to Studebaker Corp. Acquired Saturn Airways, Oakland. Los Angeles Airways ?: Sold to Golden West Airlines.

The deal to take on LAA fell through, however, because the owners not only already had the majority in commuter traffic on those routes, they also owned the taxi cab Yellow Cab and airport bus Airport Transit , and an air cargo business. Routes between LAX and local hotels from a small terminal building shared with charter aircraft. Ludington Air Lines Ludington Exhibition Co fdrs: Ludington Line passenger service.

Acquired Dixie Flying Service Inc. Sold to Eastern Air Transport. McCulloch International Airlines 19??: Became McCulloch International Airlines. Maddux Air Lines Maine Air Transport Maine States Airways 19??: Vancouver coast BC fdr: Connected Hamilton's resort to nearby cities using a surplus Grumman Goose.

Acquired by Business Express. Mamer Air Transport Marco Island Airways Maritime Central Airways Acquired Nordair as subsidiary Montreal. Acquired by Eastern Provincial Airways.

James Magoffin , Fairbanks AK. Martz Air Lines c. Julius Fleischmann and Powel Crosley Jr were principal investors. Using Metal Aircraft's Flamingo planes, provided regular service from Cincinnati to Detroit via Dayton, with plans to serve most of southeastern US and to offer connexions to most of Canada, Central and South America, and the Caribbean, but none of that came about.

Acquired by Northeast Airlines. McCulloch International Airlines Reorganized from Vance International Airline. Became Pacific American Airlines. Mercury Air Lines Discontinued ops, sold assets to Rogers Airport Corp. Then I can be of use to the people. Because I am experiencing difficulty does not mean I have left the path or that I have done something wrong. It means I'm doing the will of the Great Spirit during these times of testing.

I need to pray constantly to keep a good attitude. Now don't feel alone here in the New Age, because there's a seeker born every minute. The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also to hate his friends. Everyone rises to their level of incompetence. Peter - , "The Peter Principle". The most dangerous strategy is to jump a chasm in two leaps. It is possible to be below flattery as well as above it. He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.

A specification that will not fit on one page of 8. In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; In practice, there is. If time flies when you're having fun, it hits the afterburners when you don't think you're having enough. Listening, not imitation, may be the sincerest form of flattery. Joyce Brothers -. Except for holidays copy to be considered for publication — news, advertising, editorial opinion letters, etc. Box 5, Wilmot, SD by FAX and e-mail submissions will be accepted until If you are writing an opinion letter, please note that it must be signed and the author's name will appear in print.

Letters must not contain libel and must be brief, ideally words or less. Letters may be edited for content. Omissions will be identified with periods. Readers who want access to unedited versions will need to contact the authors.

Earlier receipt of copy is always appreciated. So, if you are aware of a date or message that needs to be publicized or advertised, please let us know about it in advance of the weekly deadline. For more information, leave a message on the Sota production office voicemail , or send a fax to the hour dedicated line Funeral service for Phyllis D.

Father Charles Chan officiating. Phyllis Darlene Sherod passed away on September 14, in her home surrounded by her loving family. After she left the orphanage, she lived in the Sisseton area where she met her first husband. She then got divorced and had her fourth child Derrick Goette and moved to St. Paul, MN where she met her second husband and had her fifth child Dawn Kraemer. Throughout the rest of her years, she and Dennis along with the kids lived in various locations because Dennis did carpentry.

She was a very caring, loving person. Everyone that met her loved being around her, all the places she moved to, she always knew how to make it feel like home. For Phyllis's obituary and on-line registry please visit www. He was the son of Jim and Henrietta Gill Hopper. Sean got married in , having two children, Collin and Bethany, prior to divorcing.

He moved back to Waubay after a few years to live with his parents. There he worked at Roslyn Nursing Home. He enjoyed many things in life. He loved reading, fishing, watching the Minnesota Vikings, playing basketball, and his video games. He loved taking care of his residents. The following comes from the editor's column and the Sota "deadlines and policies" statement published weekly in the Sota.

Copy to be considered for publication — news, advertising, editorial opinion letters, etc. Letters must not contain libel or offensive language and must be brief, words or less. Phillips Ave which begins near 14th Street. The theme is "Honoring Our Elders" as we would like to give thanks to our elders and honor their wisdom and generosity.

We have also set up a PayPal for the Parade. This Google Doc has all the necessary information and registration form:. I am sending this information out to everyone and asking if you would please share it with others who might be interested in being a part of the parade.

I think it's a great opportunity for the SWO to get involved and showcase some of the good things that we have going on here. We have the three casinos, we have our for profit business, we have our Tribe which is one of the largest employers here in South Dakota. So, if anyone is interested, I hope that you would contact Richie Richards and think about entering a float or at least attend if you can.

George Mickelson and state lawmakers in , and is responsible for getting them to observe Native American Day. Wilbert Williams of Sisseton will present a talk and lead a meaningful conversation about heart health. World Heart Day is a part of an international campaign to spread awareness about cardiovascular diseases and stroke prevention.

To learn more and get involved in these monthly meaningful conversations, contact Rick and Mehran DeLoughery at There will be a roast beef dinner served, with mashed potatoes and gravy, veggies, salads and dessert. There will also be a raffle, games, bingo, cake walk, bake sale, quilts and a country store.

For raffle tickets contact a St. Kateri Tekakwitha parishioner or the Catholic Community Center. Everyone is invited, so come and enjoy the fun — there is something for everyone! Sioux Falls, SD — Sept. LaRon Greywater, age 44, was indicted on September 5, She appeared before U.

Restitution may also be ordered. She failed to stop at a stop sign and yield the right of way to other traffic at an intersection on the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation. A collision occurred and she allegedly made false representations about the brakes on her vehicle malfunctioning which caused the wreck.

The charges are merely accusations and Greywater is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty. Greywater was released on pretrial conditions pending trial. A jury trial date has not been set yet. This will result in an increase in the charge that appears on your monthly telephone bill.

The factor is applied to services designated as interstate by the FCC and changes from time-to-time based on the needs of the federal universal fund. The federal universal service fund was established and is maintained to ensure that all consumers, regardless of location, have access to essentially the same telecommunications services at affordable prices.

The fund also provides schools, libraries, low-income consumers and rural health care providers with assistance in obtaining telecommunications services. Please call RC Technologies at with any questions you may have on these changes.

Although we create many opportunities for people to learn, we can't reach everyone. There are still women that don't know about age appropriate screenings, such as mammograms to detect breast cancer; generally mammograms begin at age 40 unless there is a family history of cancer. A mammogram is an x-ray of a woman's breasts to detect changes that aren't normal.

Talk to a doctor about your risk for breast cancer, especially if a close family member of yours has had breast or ovarian cancer.

Your doctor can help you decide when and how often to get mammograms. This year please join us for a week of learning and activities October , The event is part of National Seat Check Saturday, and will include instruction on how to choose the right car seats for children, with an emphasis on how to install and use them correctly. Technicians will also explain the importance of registering the seats with the manufacturer so parents and caregivers can be notified if there is a recall.

No parent wants to ever get it wrong when it comes to a child's safety. That's why we're hosting this car seat check event on National Seat Check Saturday. Parents - don't think you know, know you know that your kids are secure in their car seats and are in the right seats for their ages and sizes. Car crashes are a leading killer of children, and the latest research from the U.

Sandi Bernard added that using age- and size-appropriate car seats and installing them correctly are the best ways to reduce these deaths.

Many of those kids could have survived if they had been buckled up. The week is dedicated to teaching parents and caregivers about the importance of correctly choosing, installing, and using car seats, booster seats, and seat belts.

Parents and caregivers will also be reminded of the importance of registering car seats with the manufacturer so they can be notified in the event of a recall.

NHTSA recommends keeping children rear-facing as long as possible, up to the top height or weight allowed by their particular seats. Once a child outgrows the rear-facing car seat, he or she is ready to travel in a forward-facing car seat with a harness and tether. After outgrowing the forward-facing car seat, a child should ride in a booster seat until tall enough to fit in a seat belt properly. All parents and caregivers are invited to attend this free event.

For more information on child car seat safety, as well as how to find other car seat check events, go to www. US Attorney's office hosts "Addiction and Suicide: Communities in Crisis" conference. One of the highest priorities of the United States Department of Justice, as outlined by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is to reduce drug overdose deaths. In , 72, American lost their lives to drug overdoses.

That's almost half of the population of Sioux Falls — vanishing in a single year. For Americans under the age of 50, drug overdose is now the leading cause of death. That wasn't true even five years ago," said U. Addiction and suicide touch all levels of society, in every part of our state: Suicide is also a growing problem across the nation and in South Dakota.

Suicide is third highest cause of death for children ages in the state, and the second highest cause of death for young adults ages ," said Deb Fischer-Clemens, Senior Vice President for Public Policy at Avera Health. The keynote speaker for the conference was Ryan Leaf, former NFL player and collegiate football coach, who experienced addiction to prescription opioids and now is a voice for recovery, with a mission to reach anyone in need of hope.

More than conference attendees also heard stories from individuals who had personal or family experience with the tragedies of addiction, depression and suicide.

This was the fifth annual conference sponsored by Avera and the U. Attorney's Office to explore issues of justice, well-being and safety in our state and region. Past topics have included human trafficking, living with disabilities, child sexual abuse and the opioid epidemic. The goal of the conference was to reduce overdose and suicide deaths by opening up a larger conversation between people from all walks of life in South Dakota. Attendees represented the legal system, government, health care, education, social work, ministries and more.

Attorney Parsons at the close of the conference. The opioid crisis that's plagued many areas of the country has reached epidemic levels, and it's on the rise. Last year alone, more than 72, Americans lost their lives to drug overdoses.

Of those, nearly 50, were related to opioids — a highly addictive drug that can be fatal when misused, whether in the form of a prescription drug or illicit substance. No state is immune to this battle, including South Dakota.

And while it might not have affected our state the same way it has others, I can say with certainty that one opioid-related death is one too many. Sadly, we've lost hundreds of fellow South Dakotans to this epidemic over the last decade, and nationwide, the problem is only getting worse. Today more people are dying from opioid overdoses than in motor vehicle accidents. It's now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. Taking on this crisis requires a strong and coordinated response from local communities all the way to the federal government, which has an important role to play in this battle.

In a place where politics too often rules the day, I'm glad this fight has garnered the strong bipartisan support it deserves in Washington, D. It's too important not to. In , Congress passed the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act and the 21st Century Cures Act, which devoted substantial resources to states to empower them to tackle this problem in communities around the country. All told, funding to combat this crisis has increased by nearly 1, percent over last four years.

Most recently, Congress passed the Opioid Crisis Response Act, which is the result of more than 70 proposals from senators across the ideological spectrum, myself included.

Five Senate committees, including the Senate Commerce Committee, which I chair, contributed to this effort that will help reduce use and supply, encourage recovery, and drive innovation and long-term solutions. The bill includes my Expanding Telehealth Response to Ensure Addiction Treatment Act, which will take meaningful steps toward expanding access to telehealth technology for Medicare patients being treated for substance use disorder.

Telehealth is critical for rural states like South Dakota, which is why I'm glad this particular provision was included in the broader legislation. It also includes my Fighting Opioid Abuse in Transportation Act, which would close a safety gap in railroad drug and alcohol testing regulations and require certain federal agencies to include fentanyl, an opioid drug, in the drug-testing panel.

Angela Kennecke, a journalist who is familiar to many South Dakotans, lost her daughter to the opioid crisis. Angela has bravely shared her family's experience, saying, in part, "I think it's best if I just tell my story and let everyone out there know what happened to my daughter.

Because I really believe it could happen to anyone's daughter. It can happen in anyone's family. It can happen to anyone's family. That's why Congress has taken this issue head on. When I say one opioid-related death is one too many, it's people like Angela's daughter, Emily, who I'm talking about. We can curb this epidemic, and with the tools that are being deployed nationwide, I'm confident we will. The Senate bill must now be reconciled with House-passed legislation before it can be sent to the president for his signature.

Today this bill is one step closer to the president's desk, and we are one step closer to providing much-needed assistance to those who need it the most. I hope my colleagues in the House will consider this important piece of legislation without delay. Thune has long advocated for the use of telehealth as a means to increase access to health care services in rural communities, like those throughout South Dakota approved by the Finance Committee.

It also addresses a major on-going drug abuse issue by requiring that the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Transportation include fentanyl in the drug-testing panel, subject to findings on available testing approved by the Commerce Committee. Shelley Moore Capito R-W. It would also protect individuals with opioid use disorder and their families from harmful and misleading addiction treatment programs or products.

Many times, addiction starts with a legal painkiller prescription from a doctor following surgery or to manage chronic pain. Because opioids are highly addictive, they can easily lead to abuse. When the prescription runs out, people attempt to buy them illegally on the street or turn to dangerous substances such as heroin or fentanyl. I'm pleased that we were able to pass the Opioid Crisis Response Act and I urge the president to sign it into law so those suffering from addiction can get the help they need as quickly as possible.

S Senate to pass comprehensive, bipartisan legislation to combat the ongoing, nationwide substance abuse crisis. The legislation includes provisions Heitkamp successfully fought for to address the ripple effects of North Dakota's overdose epidemic among children, families, and rural communities.

Over the past few years, drug abuse and drug-related deaths have steeply risen across rural America. In North Dakota, drug-related deaths increased by nearly percent from to And from to , opioid deaths in rural America quadrupled among year olds. The bipartisan Opioid Crisis Response Act includes key pieces from a bill Heitkamp introduced to address and mitigate the detrimental impact exposure to trauma, like opioid and methamphetamines abuse, can have on children.

Traumatic experiences such as those related to addiction can lead to severe health and behavioral complications that can impact children throughout their lives. Young people who experience four or more traumatic events are three times more at risk of heart disease or lung cancer, while those who experience six or more traumatic events are 30 times more likely to attempt suicide.

Right now, we're witnessing an entire generation of American children who could be scarred for life due to the substance abuse they've witnessed in their families. That's why it's so important that this bipartisan bill also includes my provisions to mitigate the impacts of childhood exposure to trauma, boost the mental and behavioral health workforce, and commit to evidence-based evaluations and interventions. This legislation is an important and needed step, but we must keep fighting for additional support, so all North Dakota families and communities are strong and safe.

The legislation also includes Heitkamp's provisions to improve the Opioid State Targeted Response STR grant program, which she proposed in legislation she introduced earlier this year.

It would increase flexibility, enable tribes to apply directly for grants, and create a tribal set-aside. According to the U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC , American Indians and Alaska Natives had the highest overdose death rates of any group in and the largest percentage change in the number of opioid-related deaths over time.

The provisions from Heitkamp's Trauma-Informed Care for Children and Families Act she fought to include in the Opioid Crisis Response Act would combat the crisis and boost access to trauma-informed treatment by:.

Establishing an interagency task force to identify best practices. Department of Education, U. Department of Justice, and relevant tribal agency professionals would work to identify a set of best practices that improve capacity and coordination for the identification, referral, and support of children and families that have experienced or at risk of experiencing trauma.

Understanding the prevalence of trauma. Data collection and reporting by states would be expanded to include Adverse Childhood Experiences ACEs in behavioral health surveys. Funding would provide technical assistance, direct services to communities, and would support evaluations and dissemination of best practices in trauma-informed care for children and families.

Integrating mental health practices in schools. Grants would link educational agencies with mental health systems to increase student access to evidence-based trauma support services to help prevent and mitigate trauma that children and youth experience due to substance abuse. Health professionals in the National Health Service Corps would be able to provide behavioral and mental health services in schools or other community-based settings.

Additionally, trauma-informed training would be included as part of graduate education and training programs. The bipartisan legislation also includes critical provisions that would strengthen prevention and education programs, expand access to medication assisted treatment MAT , and improve wrap-around services for those in recovery.

Additionally, this bill includes a measure that would help prevent fentanyl and other illegally-trafficked synthetic drugs from being shipped through the international mail system by strengthening federal agencies' ability to screen shipments that are coming into the country. New app and harnesses power of museums to better lives of people living with Dementia. Paul, MN — Sept. The program offers training workshops, resources and activities, including the "My House of Memories" app, the first of its kind in the world.

The app features more than interactive pages of MNHS collection items, which can help those living with dementia draw on memories to create personal connections with family, friends and caregivers.

The collection items include objects, photographs, music and video that were curated by people living with dementia and their caregivers, including African-Americans who selected items that connect to the black community. Seeing how these museum resources can create meaningful, person-centered engagement for American audiences, and African-Americans in particular, has been very rewarding. Museums can be fantastic resources at helping unlock memories, improve communication and understanding, and enrich the lives of those living with dementia.

We're excited to see how the U. MNHS will also hold training workshops across the state for professional and family caregivers, aimed at helping participants develop new skills and understanding in caring for those living with dementia. Participants will receive a toolkit and view training videos based on the real-life stories of people living with dementia. Family caregiver workshops will be held in spring To find out more about the workshops, visit mnhs.

This initiative will complement other MNHS memory loss programs, including sensory-based tours, memory cafes and a baking lab. Alliance, an organization of Minnesota and Wisconsin museums focused on serving the memory loss community.

The word "chronic" means persistent and unrelenting; something that doesn't go away quickly. When you preface that word with "pain," you have a potentially crippling condition which affects too many people in too many guises. Chronic pain can develop in a variety of conditions: The bad news is that it is often very difficult to get rid of chronic pain, like an unwanted guest who never wants to leave.

Surgery or medicines especially opioids are often minimally effective at treating chronic pain and sometimes make things worse. Even injections of steroids, which is an invasive, expensive and overused procedure, is typically useless for chronic pain.

In the end, too many people continue to suffer. The pain can eventually take control and cause the person to become helpless, inactive, and shut down completely. It is important to understand that immobility often makes the situation worse. If a joint or muscle is not used regularly, it barks and bites when called upon to be moved, the pain of which can dissuade further use. This cycle, if unbroken, can result in an increasing level of immobility, severe disability, and more time to dwell on the pain.

This is exactly the reason they say "use it or lose it! Paradoxically, one of the most effective ways of breaking people out of this cycle is for them to change negative habits and to become more active. Regular stretching, good posture, adequate sleep, a good diet, and regular exercise can work wonders where modern medicines fail.

Of course, each case is different, and sometimes a trapped nerve needs release or severe inflammation needs to be turned down and rested. However, carefully moving through stiffness and discomfort can give us considerable relief.

It will be tough in the beginning, and results may not be instantaneous, but the struggle of starting healthier habits in the face of chronic pain can be well worth the long-term benefits.

Studies show that return to function, although not easy, is the key to rehabilitation. Chronic pain doesn't have to mean progressive immobility, disability, and hopelessness. We should remember to accept the pain when we have to, and, when advised by the doctor, to move those muscles.

I am located at the Sisseton Middle School. I have two wonderful children: I choose to work with JOM students because helping children is the most rewarding job I can think of! Knowing that my job is to help kids achieve their full potential and to help them feel happier and better about themselves, brings a huge smile to my face.

The Special Olympics sports organization is for children with intellectual disabilities, and providing year-round training and competition for athletes. I feel very close to our JOM students and look forward to their successes. I strive in getting them to realize their full potential, that is my goal every school day.

This school year, she will be located at West Side Elementary School and has been there for going on a year. Alex says she's very lucky to work with such amazing and talented students throughout the school year there at Westside Elementary. She is excited and ready for this school year. I truly and whole heartedly believe in all of our tribal youth here.

I want them to be proud of who they are and where they come from. Many of our tribal youth just need that extra reminder that many of us are rooting for them. To remind them that many of our people want to see them succeed and go above and beyond their limits to achieve their goals.

I chose to be here and help support them in any way that I can. Lane Kvien -Steer Wrestling placed 3rd in the long round, tied for 1st in the short round and placed 1st over all.

The grant will be used to address community needs and to improve the sustainability of natural resources and agricultural sustainability in Indian Country. Jeremy Guinn, chair of the Environmental Science and Research Program at UTTC, says this funding is a way to reach beyond academic programs and serve the community directly. It is a broad area but these are interconnected fields and we are looking to provide research, information, and resources to the tribes in those three areas, Guinn says.

The Intertribal Research and Resource Center will be in addition to the work already happening on the college campus through the Land Grant program and the Environmental Science and Research Program that focuses on cultivating sustainable food on campus as well as research into sustaining natural resources.

The deadline to apply for internships in his Washington, D. College credit is available. Duties in the Washington, D. Capitol, handling constituent phone calls, sorting mail and providing legislative support. Duties in the South Dakota offices include researching constituent inquiries and requests, participation in outreach activities, assisting staff on special projects, handling phone calls and constituent requests and sorting mail.

In all offices, students will work closely with constituents and staff, polish their research and writing skills and gain an in-depth understanding of a Senate office. Interested college students should complete the online internship application and submit a resume no later than Oct.

Information about the internship program, along with the application, can be found online at www. The Wiyukcan ka Ecunpi Project is looking for individuals to provide guidance and mentoring sessions to various age groups of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Youth for at least 3 to 5 hours per week.

The Individual will also be responsible for providing a final report that entails a detailed overview of the Mentor's performed duties to the Wiyukcan ka Ecunpi Project's Chief Academic Officer. Contracts are for 3, 6, and 9 months - desired length of contract must be submitted with proposal. Bio-sketch or resume of academic and professional credentials, technical competence, experience, and expertise.

Two signed references that highlight the applicant's ability to perform the scope of work. Work plan to perform the scope of work delineating deliverables, timelines, costs, roles and functions of how the mentor will spend their required hours per week in contact with the youth. Incremental payment schedule that is based on completion of deliverables delineated in the work plan. Desired length of contract must be addressed within proposal. Contract lengths can be 3, 6, or 9 months.

Statement of qualifications, competence, and capacity to perform the scope of work. Current South Dakota Driver's Licenses, and willing to get a tribal driver's license if proposal is accepted. Abide by the laws, policies and courts of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation shall govern proposal, contracts and work.

To review the entire list of required documentation and what else must be submitted with the prospal please contact Collette Haase SWO Procurment Officer - her information is provided below. All interested parties acknowledge that any Agreement executed and performed within the Tribe's exclusive jurisdiction is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribal Court of Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation.

All interested parties acknowledge that they must comply with the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Ordinances: The Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate is seeking an expert consultant to develop the proposed Wellness Center on the Lake Traverse Reservation and to update previous drawings.

The Planning and Development Phase will begin in September and is expected to be completed in a 12 month period. Potential applicants interested in performing the services described below should submit proposals to the attention of Floyd Kirk Jr. Box , Agency Village, South Dakota To be considered one original and five copies of the proposal must be received no later than Friday, September 21, at 4: Facilitate multi-disciplinary project development team that will provide the guidance and expertise to make the project a reality through a phased approach.

Reactivate and reconvene a project development team composed of key stakeholders, and other partners to provide multi-disciplinary guidance, direction, and expertise to the project. Identify and develop construction financing options in consultation with the project development team.

Identify and develop revenue streams for operational programming, including the existing budgets of the programs that will occupy the facility, increases to the existing budgets that may be obtained through increases in appropriations from Congress by the Federal agencies, non-recurring grants from federal agencies.

Qualifications and requirements for organizations or individuals responding to this Request for Proposals:. Experience and expertise in architectural and engineering design and construction of wellness centers. Excellent communication, group facilitation, networking and writing skills. Good standing with the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate on past project performance. Work plan to perform the scope of work delineating deliverables, timelines, costs, roles and functions.

Itemized budget applicant will need to perform this scope of work, including all fees and reimbursable expenses such as supplies, travel, and overhead. The laws, policies and courts of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation shall govern proposal, contracts and work.

All proposals must include recognition that subsequent agreements and work shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws and courts of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate. Irrespective of any language to the contrary in the RFP, subsequent agreements or elsewhere, no right to arbitration of any controversy or claim arising out of or related to the Agreement.

The Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate shall utilize the following selective factors in determining the most responsive proposal. You are required to be at the hearing.

If you fail to appear a Warrant will be issued and Bond set at the amount of the arrears. Contact can also be at Arnold Williams or Denise Hill with questions.

Tribal preference will apply. Box , Agency Village, SD ; office Required AA or commensurate number of hours; will train if necessary. For more information about the position call or and ask for Dr. Nadine Eastman, or visit our website www. Send application, resume 3 letters of recommendation, and other credentials to: Indian Preference policies apply. This position is open until filled. Dakota Language Teacher Licensure preferred or willing to work toward certification.

Please visit our website at www. Please submit application, resume, 3 letters of recommendation and credentials to: Enemy Swim Day School has openings for a Cook's Assistant for the remainder of the school year.

Must be physically capable of standing for long periods of time and lifting up to 30 lbs. This position includes benefits. If interested please pick up an application from the business office or visit our website: Call or for more information, ask for Dr. Please submit application, 3 letters of reference and copy of education to: Indian preference policies apply.

Browns Valley School is seeking a paraprofessional for the school year. The Sisseton School District has an opening for a bus mechanic. Experience in diesel and gasoline vehicles is preferred. Must have or will obtain a CDL license.

Position eligible for health insurance and retirement contributions. If interested, contact Joe Anderson for more information at Ext. It is the policy of the Sisseton Board of Education that no otherwise qualified person will be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any district program or activity on the basis of race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, natural origin, or disability.

The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies: The Sisseton School District has openings for regular route and substitute bus drivers. Employer will fund CDL class B license. The Sisseton School District has openings for afternoon substitute route bus drivers approx. Customer service skills, prior experience with waiting on tables and working with a cash register is preferred.

Must be able to multi-task. Have the physical ability to stand for prolonged periods of time. Previous experience is preferred. Must be able to multi-task; have the ability to work under pressure; the ability to operate necessary equipment; knowledge of food preparation safety requirements and ability obtain a "Food Handlers" certification; physical ability to clean, lift heavy object up to 20 lbs. Must be very dependable.

Experience in Food Service, food handling safety, and sanitation. Mobility throughout the facility. Able to lift lbs. Good health, able to stand and walk for long periods of time. Frequent bending, stooping and twisting. Ability to obtain a "Food Handlers" certification.

Must be at least 18 years old. Apply with the Human Resources Department, call or write for job description. Volume 49 Issue No. I'd like to share just a couple of brief updates of activities of the Tribe. What are HUD home loans? Who is 1st Tribal Lending?

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