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Cumberland has the potential to have a nice power bat and decent OPS, but is almost assuredly a future DH candidate. Trade with one of your own cities can transfer food if you have a Granary or production if you have a Workshop. Ships in DotR tend to have extremely slow hull repair, and a fleet will succumb to attrition over the course of several battles if you do not send it back for repairs at a shipyard every now and then. Emergency officials said that they responded to more than calls in the space of three hours, as people woke to the deluge coming through their front doors. Missionaries' Spread Religion action erodes existing pressure from other religions.


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Research Agreements allow two parties to jointly research a target technology. The more expensive the technology, the longer the agreement will take. At the duration of the agreement, each party earns the Boost for that technology.

Allies may not go to war, automatically have Open Borders, and each receives a Casus Belli on an aggressor civilization of one of their allies loses a city. If accepted, the recipient will be a bit friendlier, you will gain one level to Access, and the recipient's Capital will be revealed. When either member of the Alliance is attacked, all members will automatically declare war with the aggressor.

Joint War Foreign Trade: Establish a Joint War against a target civilization. Holy War Diplomatic Service: Used to declare war on a power that has religiously converted one of your cities. All warmonger penalties halved. Liberation War Diplomatic Service: Used to declare war on a power that has captured a city from one of your friends or allies.

No warmonger penalty for liberating any of those cities. Reconquest War Diplomatic Service: Used to declare war on a power that has captured one of your cities.

No warmonger penalties apply. Protectorate War Diplomatic Service: Used to declare war on a power that has attacked one of your allied city-states. No warmonger penalty for liberating that city-state. Used to declare war on a power that is two technology eras behind you. War of Territorial Expansion Mobilization: Used to declare war on a power that borders your empire. Must have 2 of your cities within 10 tiles of 2 opponents' cities.

Gossip Traders, delegations and spies can all collect gossip, similar to "intrigue" in Civ V, which may reveal clues about a rival civilization's activities and intentions and Hidden Agendas. Delegations Sending a delegation which means spending 25 gold can slightly boost relations to other civilizations and increase diplomatic visibility and provide gossip. One chief difference is that the Trader will create a road as it travels along its route. To achieve a Domination victory, you must conquer the Capital of every other civilization.

Land a human on the Moon. Establish a Martian Colony. If no civilization has achieved another victory at turns, the civilization with the overall highest score wins. User Interface The game is in an early state, but it has been confirmed that Civ VI will have the much-asked-for 2D hexmap Strategic View , as well as map data overlays called Lenses. Strategic View The top bar includes displays for science, culture, faith, currency, trade routes, counters for all resources not just strategic ones , a turn counters, real-time clock, Civilopedia and options.

Day-Night Cycle The engine has the capability to display a day-night cycle, complete with shifting shadows and lights on buildings. Fancy Fog Unexplored territory and fog of war tiles not directly in the view of your units or cities now appear with a special renderer that makes them look like a parchment map.

Map Rotation There is a feature demonstrated at Gamescom that allows free rotation of the map. Civilizations Civ VI will ship with 18 civilizations plus the Aztecs as a pre-order bonus. Special Abilities Founding Fathers America: Earn all government legacy bonuses in half the usual time. The Last Prophet Arabia: Arabia will automatically receive the last available Great Prophet if it has not already founded a religion.

Legend of the Five Suns Aztecs: Floodplains do not block placement of districts and wonders. Each Archaeology Museum holds 6 Artifacts instead of 3 and can support 2 Archaeologists at once. Tourism from wonders of any era is doubled. Free Imperial Cities Germany: Can build one more District than the population limit would normally allow. Receive an extra Wildcard policy slot no matter which government is chosen.

Receive the benefits of all Follower beliefs of Religions present in your cities, not just the one you founded. All districts receive an additional standard adjacency bonus for being adjacent to another district. Bonus Great Artist and Great Merchant points each turn. Units gain the ability to enter Ocean tiles after researching Shipbuilding. Units ignore additional Movement costs from embarking and disembarking.

All Roads Lead to Rome Rome: All cities start with a Trading Post, and Trade Routes passing through them earn additional gold. New cities within Trade Route range of the capital start with a road to it. Cities gain extra tiles when founded. People of the Steppes Scythia: Trade Routes between continents give additional yields; can combine ships into fleets.

Clearing a barbarian camp also grants a tribal village reward. Culture bomb adjacent tiles when completing an Encampment or Fort inside friendly territory. One military policy slot in the current government is converted to a Wildcard slot. Land Down Under Australia: Pastures trigger a culture bomb. Receive boost from city conquest: The worship building for Arabia's chosen religion costs less, and produces bonus Science, Faith, and Culture.

Gifts for the Tlatoani Montezuma: Luxury resources in his territory provide an Amenity to 2 extra cities. Builders receive an additional charge. When you settle on a continent other than your home continent, receive a free melee unit. Gain the Redcoat unique unit when you research the Military Science technology.

Catherine's Flying Squadron Catherine de Medici: Has 1 level of Diplomatic Visibility greater than normal with every civilization she's met. Receives capacity to build an extra Spy with the Castles technology. Receive a Faith boost for each civilization you have met that has founded a religion and with whom you are not at war. Other civilizations suffer additional happiness penalties for warring against Gandhi. Holy Roman Emperor Fredrick Barbarossa: Surrounded by Glory Pericles: Divine Wind Hojo Tokimune: Religious Convert Mvemba a Nzinga: Kongolese cities can't build Holy Sites, but they do receive the benefits of the Founder Beliefs of any religion that has established itself as the majority religion in that city.

Receives a free Apostle whenever an Mbanza or Theater District is built. Thunderbolt of the North Harald Hardrada: Norwegian naval melee units can perform coastal raids.

New cities start with a free building, usually a Monument. Grand Embassy Peter the Great: Killer of Cyrus Tomyris: When they eliminate a unit, they heal up to 50 hit points. El Escorial Philip II: Adventures with Enkidu Gilgamesh: When fighting a Join War, Sumerian units share pillage rewards and combat experience with the nearest allied unit within 5 tiles. The religion founded by Poland becomes the majority in an adjacent that loses a tile to a Polish culture bomb.

Holy Sites gain standard Faith adjacency bonus from adjacent districts. Citadel of Civilization John Curtin: To the World's End Alexander: Macedon incurs no war weariness, and gains the Hetairoi cavalry unit. Fall of Babylon Cyrus: After declaring a surprise war, all Persian units gain bonus movement.

Cyrus also incurs reduced diplomatic penalties for declaring surprise wars. Exalted Goddess of the Three Worlds Gitarja: Naval units can be purchased with Faith. Religious units pay no movement to embark or disembark. Holy Sites trigger a Culture Bomb. Likes peaceful civilizations that have a city on his home continent.

Hates civilizations starting wars against a city-state or civilization based on his continent. Wants to have his Worship building in many cities, and likes a civilization with it. Dislikes civilizations following other Religions, or civilizations waging war on followers of his Religion.

Likes civilizations who have the same Luxury resources as he does, and will try to collect every Luxury resource available. Dislikes civilizations who have a new Luxury resource he has not yet collected. Patron of the Arts Pedro II: Likes civilizations who are not competing for Great People, and will recruit Great People whenever possible. Dislikes losing a Great Person to another civilization.

Wall of 10, Li Qin Shi Huang: Dislikes anyone who builds more Wonders than him. Queen of the Nile Cleopatra: Cleopatra will respect someone with a strong military, but despise someone without one.

Sun Never Sets Victoria: Victoria wants to settle on every continent, and will dislike civilizations on other continents. Black Queen Catherine de Medici: Gains as many Spies and as much diplomatic access as possible. Does not like civilizations who ignore these espionage activities. Iron Crown Frederick Barbarossa: Likes civilizations who do not associate with city-states.

Does not like Suzerains of city-states, or civilizations who conquered city-states. Likes civilizations that aren't competing for the same city-state allegiance. Dislikes civilizations that are completing for the same city-state allegiance. Never gives up items in a peace deal. Likes civilizations who haven't yielded in a peace deal and dislikes civilizations who have surrendered in a peace deal or who have never been at war.

Never declares wars for which he can be branded a warmonger, and will try to befriend those who maintain the peace. Likes civilizations with a strong military, but only if they are also strong in Faith or Culture. Enthusiastic Disciple Mvemba a Nzinga: Likes civilizations that bring Religion to the Kongo.

Dislikes civilizations that have founded a religion but not brought it to a Kongolese city. Last Viking King Harald Hardrada: Builds a strong navy and respects civilization who follow his lead. Does not like civilizations with a weak navy. Tries to include as much territory as possible in his empire. Does not like civilizations who control little territory. Friendly to those civilizations that are ahead of him in Science and Culture. Dislikes backwards civilizations that are lacking in Science and Culture.

Likes civilizations who are her declared friend. Hates civilizations who backstab and declare surprise wars. Counter Reformer Philip II: Likes civilizations who follow the same Religion, and wants his cities to all follow the same Religion.

Hates anyone trying to spread their Religion into his empire. Ally of Enkidu Gilgamesh: Likes civilizations who are willing to form a long-term alliance. Dislikes anyone denouncing or attacking his friends and allies. Tries to build up Faith, and likes civilizations that also focus on Faith. Perpetually On Guard John Curtin: Forms Defensive Pacts with friends and likes civilizations that liberate cities. Dislikes civilizations in a war that are occupying enemy cities.

Short Life of Glory Alexander: Likes civilizations at war with major powers other than Macedon. Has disdain for civilizations at peace. Likes leaders who have declared a Surprise War.

Dismisses leaders who do not use Surprise War declarations. Always tries to keep the maximum number of districts in each city. Type " soundtrackplease " into the "Access Code" field, and click "Check Code". Select the "Soundtrack" beta from the pull-down menu. The following bonuses are available to Orbitals after enough research has been done in the Technology Web:.

There are four separate Virtue trees: Might, Prosperity, Knowledge, and Industry, each of which are divided into three tiers. You must collect a certain amount of Virtues in a specific tier to unlock the next tier. Buildings and resources that produce large amounts of Culture will help you gain Virtues. Features are elements that appear on a specific terrain hex. They can also give the following bonuses:.

Strategic resources require various improvements before they can be collected. Most of them are used by specific units. To get more Science to accelerate your research, invest in buildings for example, labs and clinics that result in more beakers.

Also, excavate as much Silica as possible, and use the following Knowledge Virtues:. Diplomatic relations with other colonies is determined by diplomatic states and any existing diplomatic agreements. Diplomatic agreements are acts or gestures that can either improve or deteriorate your relationship with a rival. Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.


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